Jamie's First sexual encounter

Jamie's First sexual encounter

Marie’s friend was spending the night and Jamie wasn’t happy about it. Janette was a very sexual person that had made a few moves on her back when she was 13. However, she was her sister’s best friend and she had to put up with her. Jamie loved her sister. She would do anything for her, which included putting up with her. The reason she was sleeping over was because Jamie’s parents owned a nudist resort and occasionally went for the weekend to see how things were running and business stuff. Otherwise they themselves would not allow it either. They didn’t like Janette. They new she was a perverted girl, for they had caught her once pleasuring herself in my sister’s bed while she took a shower. Jamie personally was not there at the time or she herself would have kicked her out. Jamie along with her parents suspected that something was up with those two. They would occasionally lock themselves in Jamie’s room and turn the music up loud. They would last hours up there and then when they would finally come out, they both would have and ear to ear grin on their faces. They would always touched themselves in front of Jamie, but she being so innocent, never noticed it.
That night, they had pizza for dinner. Of course most of it was left for non of them liked eating to much of greasy foods. They took care of their bodies like if it was gold. Jamie being the youngest had the most luscious body of all. Standing at 5’3, dark hair, hazel eyes and the perfect colgate smile. They always mad fun of her for that for they told her that the only way to get such white teeth she must have had sucked lots of cock. They told her that one of the ingredients for cum was fluoride which was the reason her teeth were so white. Her D cup rack was the envy of all girls at school, which was the reason she had few friends. But on the plus side, it was a guy magnet. She always had guys around. But her best “asset” was her ass. Marie wasn’t that lucky. She had perky B cup tits, slim body, about 5’4. At age 17 she was quite experienced. After playing a few rounds of poker and twister the girls soon got bored decided to watch a movie upstairs. They went upstairs and got ready to watch a movie, but found out that they were downstairs in their parents room.
Jamie sat down on the bed along with Janette while Marie ran downstairs to get a movie.

“Hopefully it’s a romance movie” Jamie said.
“As long as it has naked women, I’m good.”
“Naked Women???”
“Well, yeah” Janette replied “Doesn’t it turn you on to see them naked? Their soft breasts bouncing as they walk? Their smooth sculpted skin fully nude in front of you?”
“Is this a trick question?” Jamie asked. “Are you trying to make me say something that would make it seem that I am a lesbian?”
“Of course not! But is it wrong to like women?”

Just then Marie walked in with a stack of DVD’s.

“Okay, I got action, drama, comedy, geek films, horror….and…some porn’s I stole from our parents’room. Now which one will it be.”
“I choose comedy” Jamie quickly yelled.
“Well, if you ask me I say a porno. Its just girls in here and we have the house to ourselves.” Janette responded.
“Well, I guess its up to me to decide then” Marie said as she looked through the DVD’s.
“I’m in the mood for something exciting and I choose……porn.”

Jamie looked at Janette with this disappointed look. She, from all of them, was the only virgin. Many guys, and girls, wanted her. However many of the guys she dated would leave her because she would just not give it up.

Marie separated the porno’s and laid them across the floor.

Fine. Which will it be. Lesbian, straight, threesomes, anal…and well the list goes on.”
“Since you guys picked a porn, then I should be allowed to pick the type. And I say straight.”

Janette, however disagreed.

“I want lesbian. I’m tired of seeing cocks.”
“I really don’t care. A porn is a porn. But I will not take sides, therefore I will just flip a coin.” Marie replied to them.
“Heads.” Jamie picked.

Marie tossed the quarter in to the air and all three girls kept eye on it. It hit the floor and rolled for a few seconds until it laid flat on the floor.

“It’s tails. I’m sorry Sis. But we can watch the other one when we’re done with this one.”

All three girls sat on the floor and began watching the porn. Jamie blushed as she saw these curvaceous women lick each other dry. Her body began to shiver as she felt her nipples getting rock solid. Her pussy began pulsating as it drip with her warm juices. She could notice of the corner of her eye that Janette wasn’t paying attention to the film. Her piercing stare was right on her chest while she slowly bit her lower lip.

“You guys, I’m really not comfy watching this. I’ll be downstairs having a drink.”
“Is it cause its turning you on Sis?” Marie asked.
“I bet her pussy is dripping wet by the looks of her nipples”
“No I’m not!!! And why are you looking at my tits!!!” Jamie answered in discomfort.
“Can’t help it, they’re gorgeous. Besides, look at your nipples, they look like they want to come out and play.”
“Well, that doesn’t mean that I’m wet. You know that when you’re body is cold you’re nipples get hard.”
So if I would go and put my hand on your pussy, you’re telling me it won’t be wet?

Jamie sat there in complete silence as Janette approached her on her knees. She slowly led her hand to Jamie’s chest and ran it down her solid abs, through her shorts into her wet, warm pussy. Jamie let out a soft moan as Janette slid her hand in.

“If you ask me, I think she likes it” Marie told Janette.
“I think so too.”

Janette leaned in slowly and gave Jamie a slow passionate kiss. Suddenly to anyone’s surprise, Jamie lifted Janette’s shirt and took it off. By this time, Jamie’s shorts were already down by her thighs as Janette slowly fingered her. Her hips began moving in a circular motion as Janette inserted one, then two fingers inside of her. Jamie was totally exited and any little rubbing would make her go off in a second. But she didn’t want that. She knew that the her friends were far more experienced than her and she wanted to last for them. Jamie pushed Janette off and stood up. She took of her shorts and her shirt, showing the off her firm D cup breasts that she was so proud of. She walked on over to where Marie was sitting and pulled her up to her feet.

“Take it off Sis!!!” she demanded in this seductive voice.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “The sexual beast inside her has awakened..”
Fuck Me.” Jamie told her.

Jamie had longed for her sister for quite a while now. First time she felt this way was one day that they were fighting for the shower. Their Mom, not knowing what to do, told them to shower together. They both disagreed but still did it. In the shower, she noticed that the sight of her sister naked turned her on. She felt disgusted by this, and told no one. Not even her best friend, which was her sister. Marie had also gotten turned on by this, and she herself dram of her sister as her lover, but she was a little more daring about it. She would invite her Jamie to the pool, and once she had her in there, she would often rip her bathing suit off. She herself would strip her bathing suit off and would often exclaim that it was natural for girls to be nude around each other. Sometimes even convincing Jamie during the summer to sleep in nothing but a thong, or sometimes even naked. They were very open about their bodies, but never made a move on each other. The closest was once when Jamie walked in on Marie pleasuring her self in the shower with a cucumber. Jamie stunned tried to run away, but Marie stopped her. She told her that women had urges that they had to please. She had offered Jamie that she could teach her, bet being so secretive about her sexuality, she refused. She only explored her body in the shower, or in bed when her sister was sound asleep.

Marie, with out even thinking, quickly dropped her skirt and lifted her tube top off. Her perky B cup breasts bounced as they were released. Jamie pulled her by the waist closer to her while Marie wrapped her arms around her neck. As they locked their lips together like there was no tomorrow. Janette walked up to Jamie from behind. She pressed her swollen pussy up against her ass and began rubbing it as she worked her hands on her pussy. Jamie moaned in pleasure as she herself worked her hands on Marie’s ass. Each second Janette rubbed herself against Jamie harder and harder. Jamie squirmed as she was being sandwiched in between these two gorgeous bitches. Her moans began to get louder and closer by the second.

“Oh God!!!. Don’t stop.” Jamie moaned.
“Don’t worry. I have no intention until your juices run down my fingers.” Janette whispered in her ear.

Jamie ran her hands down from Marie’s ass to her thighs, then around until they met with her pussy. She vigorously rubbed her thumb against Marie’s clit as she tried to insert her middle finger through her swollen wet cunt. She could feel Marie breathing heavily as her body shivered up close to hers. Janette feeling ignored rubbed herself with one hand as she continued to finger Jamie with the other. Jamie’s DDcups dripped in sweat as she began loosing control of her lower body. Her pussy began pulsating harder by the second, constricting the cum covered fingers insider of her.


Her first, real, orgasm was unbearable. She had caused some on her self before, but they didn’t count. Actually they were never as intense as this one. She dropped to her knees in tears caused by the agonizing pain her pussy was experiencing. She could feel her cum running down her soft legs. She was totally inexperienced. Marie looked at Janette and nodded. They wanted to take this a step further. Although she thought she was ready, it was totally clear she wasn’t. She opened her eyes to find everything out of focus. By the door she could barely make out the figures of her friends standing there with something in their hands. Her chest rapidly rose up and down as she tried to catch a breath and regain all of her consciousness back. However for some twisted reason, she still wanted more. She wanted to prove to these 17 year old vixens that she was up to the challenge. Jamie, barely 15, wanted the full experience of pleasure. She just couldn’t walk away with only a pussy rub. Oh no. She wanted to remember this for the rest of her life. She had deprived her sexual hunger for quite a while, and now that it was out, she needed not just to taste, but the fullness of it. Janette walked over to where she kneeled and lifted her face up by her chin, then ran her fingers through her dark hair; removing it away from her face.

“That was quite a squirt you gave me. What do you say if we now try a different method.”
“Or we can stop if you want” Marie told Jamie.

Jamie looked straight into Janette’s eyes with this lustful look and said “Fuck me you slut. Fuck me like no other bitch.”

“That’s the spirit. I knew you’d want more.”

They lifted Jamie of the floor and led her to the bed right beside her. Marie, now with a 10 inch strap-on on, laid on her back and led Jamie in slowly down the 2 inch wide cock. She could feel it tearing her inexperienced pussy apart. Three inches were barely inside and she could all ready fell Jamie quivering from the rugged sensation. The lubrication was not great, so the rubber cock wouldn’t slide that smooth. Janette quickly poured some K-Y in her hands and rubbed it on the remaining 7 inches. Jamie lifted herself and each time she lowered herself with the help of Janette, she took in another inch as Marie fondled with tits. In no time she got her rhythm and began going up and down the shaft, occasionally taking it all in. Her beautiful tits flopped as she bounced in ecstasy. Underneath, Marie squirmed as she felt the pressure each time Jamie would come down with such force, hitting her pubic area harder and harder. Once she had it all in her, she began rhythmically rocking herself in a circular motion as if she was rubbing her pussy against Marie’s. Marie spread her ass and began rubbing her asshole, trying to get her ready for what they had in plan. Meanwhile, Janette was preparing the other 8 inch dong she was wearing around her waist. She softly rolled a condom around it and added more lubrication to it. At the head, she squirted some K-Y but didn’t spread it. She would let Jamie’s ass do that for her. She snuck up behind her and began massaging her ass as she whispered dirty words in her ear, trying to distract her from what was about to happen. With the remaining lubricant that was in her hand, she began spreading it all inside of her ass cheeks. As she did this, she tried to decide whether she would slide it in slowly, or slide as much as she could in on fast hard move. If Jamie felt the cock around the tip of her ass, she would not allow it. She had heard before that double penetration was brutal, and would rid of your bowel movements for a week or two. Janette quickly slid in the cock and covered Jamie’s mouth with her hand, for she knew that her yelling would be heard through out the neighborhood. Jamie bit her lower lip as now her pussy and ass were getting pounded by the two bitches. She leaned herself forward so that her tits again where rubbing against Marie’s. Their tongues danced as she got rocked by the massive rubbers. Janette, being the most experienced, wanted to be fucked as well. And to Marie’s surprise did something that had never been done before. Hidden underneath she pulled out the 16 inch double dong and slid half of it in her pussy. She fucked herself with it for a few minutes, to get it wet, then pulled it out and rammed it inside of Marie’s hungry cunt. This took Marie by surprise and let out a loud moan as the 8 inches went in all the way. Janette quickly grabbed the other end and shoved it in, her now ready, pussy. Now all three sluts were getting fucked by each other. Janette fucked Marie through the pussy and Jamie through the ass; Marie fucked both Janette and Jamie through the pussy, and Jamie just enjoyed the rest. All three girls moaned in satisfaction as they pounded each other. Jamie’s tears ran down her cheeks as they tore through her ass and pussy, with suck brute force. Soon, Jamie began again to loose control of her body, but now for the second time now, she knew what was coming. She started rocking her body faster, vigorously gyrating her hip with both cocks all the way in so that the balls were pressing right against her fuck holes. Next door, upstairs a 19 year old guy pleasured himself to the scenery visible through his window. He could hear Jamie’s loud moans along with the two other girls’ moans and wished that he was enjoying himself with their company. All three girls were aware that they were being watched, but they were so fucking horny that it didn’t matter. On the contrary, it turned them on even more. Jamie lowered herself even more as the convulsions got stronger let out even louder moans. Marie’s pussy dripped with her cum as Janette’s pounding slow down to a complete stop. She too had an unbearable orgasm that she let herself drop on Jamie’s back. Jamie, however, still wanted more. She was the only one that hadn’t reach orgasm. Janette slowly rocked Jamie for a few minutes until, with out warning, Jamie unleashed her load. It was amazing. She pierced her nails on Marie’s chest as cunt squirted with such force about half of cup worth of cum. Both girl were surprised to see this and new that they had to do this another time. Next morning they woke up still attached to each other. They looked at the bed and found the sheets stiff from cum and realized that even in their sleep, the action had continued.

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