Janes humiliation

Janes humiliation

A story of two sisters, three friends and thier punishment.

Jane was 17, 5’9” and model good looking. She was a very attractive, popular girl at school, always turning the heads of other pupils, both boys and girls.
Her sister Steph wasn't in the same 'click' as her but was still popular. She probably wasn’t quite as attractive as her sister, but Jane really was beautiful!
Steph was 5’8” with short cropped hair. Her breasts were a 36D. As she was only 19 they were large but pert. Her little nipples pointing high from her breasts

They were from a small town in Queensland Australia. Their life revolved around college, drinking and weekend jobs. They still lived with their parents but were allowed to come and go as they pleased often staying at friend’s houses for full weekends.

It was a Saturday night in April and the two sisters were out in town with their respective friends. Steph was with her two best friends Helen and Sarah and Jane was with Claire.
The two groups of girls didn’t go out together but often bumped into each other as there were only really 5 bars they drank in.

It was a hot musty evening and the alcohol was running freely.

It was late and the girls had all had plenty to drink and were all in the same bar at the end of the night . Jane couldn't keep her eyes or hands off Helens boyfriend Graig. She kept touching his bum on the dance floor trying to keep his attention.

Steph hated it as she knew Craig probably liked her as she was so cute!

The bar closed and the doormen began to usher people out
As Steph and her two best friends left the club they saw Jane and Graig kissing at the front of the Pizza shop.
Other girls were walking past and noticing it was Helens boyfriend turned to her and started laughing and pointing!

Jane and Craig broke the kiss before they realized Steph had seen them.

All that night Steph, Helen and Claire were thinking up ways to get Jane back.
They decided to teach her a lesson. One she would never forget and that would embarrass her as she had embarrassed Helen.

They organised a spoof party at Helens house and Steph made sure Jane got to hear about it. She knew her sister well and was sure she wouldn't miss out on a house party, especially at Helens as she knew Graig would be there!

The three girls, Steph, Helen and Claire laid in wait at Helens house on the Friday night. They were all drinking vodka to build up their courage for what they were about to do to the slut, Jane.

Sure enough Jane turned up just after nine with her friend Dawn. Dawn was nearly as beautiful as Jane, she was slim and a very young looking 16 year old.

As Jane entered the house she noticed the lack of noise, music and people!

She called out as she walked around the big house.

As she searched the house Helen crept around locking the door Jane and Dawn had come through. Now all the doors and windows were locked and the keys removed. Jane and Dawn were trapped. They had no way out and some where in the house was her sister, Helen and Claire, all who wanted revenge by humiliation.

The three girls found Jane and Dawn in the kitchen both chatting, trying to figure out what was going on.

Hey sis Jane said as she saw Steph. Jane still didn’t know that she had been caught kissing Graig so was very unsuspecting and naive!

Without saying a word Helen bent down at Janes feet and snapped a set of handcuffs around her ankles.
Jane, still unsuspecting just said "hey stop fooling around and take these things off me!"
At that moment Steph and Claire grabbed Dawn, and Helen applied another pair of cuffs to Dawns ankles!
The two girls were now getting fustrated and confused. "What the fuck is going on they both cried?"
"Dawn its your unlucky night." Steph told her. "This wasn't supposed to involve you, but as you’re here with my slut of a sister I’m afraid it's just bad luck for you!"

Jane and Dawn stood there motionless, unable to really move. Janes heart was now pounding as she realised the girls were pissed off and apolgising to Dawn for her 'bad luck'?! What did she mean by that?

Dawn was a very shy girl who didn’t like to cause a scene or be on bad terms with anybody. So when Helen told her to take off her skirt and knickers she was totally dumb struck as what to do. The order had come very unexpectedly. She blushed deeply and looked for support from Jane.
"Dont worry Dawn, my slut of a sister is next. You wont be the only naked girl in a minute!" As Steph finished her senteance she stepped forward and slapped Dawn across her face and shouted in her face "SKIRT AND KNICKERS, OFF NOW!!"

Dawn, still blushing, heart pounding, fingers shaking, started to undo her dress almost subconsciously. Before she knew it her skirt was off and her slight fingers were slowly, nervously removing her knickers from around her pert bum. She got them to just above her knees and Helen pulled her hands away and gently put them around Dawns own back and gestured for her to keep them there.
Dawn felt so foolish and humiliated. Her private parts had not been seen by anybody since she was a small child. Now they were in full view of her friend and three other young attractive girls she barely knew. She wanted to cover herself with her hands but feared she would be told off. So she just stood there, semi naked, exposed and her ankles bound by heavy metal cuffs.

"Now Jane it’s your turn" said Helen calmly.
Jane refused. She was stubborn at the best of times. This was to be no exception.
"Come on Janey." Said Claire. "Dawn has shown you how easy it is. Look, she's standing there half naked."

Steph knew her sister would refuse and this was why they had bought several pairs of cuffs, amongst other things, from the local adult shop.

"OK. No problem" said Helen "We will manage without your cooperation." She moved behind Jane as Steph and Claire grabbed her arms. They pushed her arms behind her and Helen snapped on her second pair of cuffs around her wrists.

Whilst Jane was struggling and trying to fight free Helen popped a blindfold around her head making her motionless and sightless.

Knowing Dawn was a walk over Helen told her that as long as she did as she was told they wouldn’t tell anybody about this experience and that they wouldn’t post her picture over the internet. With that Helen pulled out a camera and took a picture of Dawn in her half naked state.
Dawn blushed again and shyly nodded agreement.

Jane shouted at Dawn and told her not to believe them and not to do anything they said.
Because of this outburst Helen went to her bag of goodies and pulled out a ball gag with leather strap. As Jane was bound and blindfolded she was defenseless to having the horrible thing fastened tightly in her mouth. All she could do now was moan and shake her head.

“Now Dawn” Said Steph. “Before you undress my sister will you please remove your t-shirt and Bra?”

Dawn was coming to terms with the fact that she had no option but to obey the orders of these three girls. She obliged and slowly removed the rest of her clothing. Now she was stood there in a strange house feeling deeply humiliated with her knickers around her thighs and not knowing what else was expected of her other than the fact she was about to undress another girl!
She had kissed a couple of guys before but that was it. Her naked skin had never been seen or touched and she had never seen another naked person and definitely not a girl!

Helen gave Dawn the nod to begin undressing Jane. Dawn shuffled awkwardly with her ankles cuffed to face Jane. She began with Janes yellow vest top. She pulled it over her neck and down to the cuffs on Janes wrists. With it hanging from her wrists Helen opened a kitchen draw and pulled out a pair of scissors and fully removed the vest by cutting it. She did the same with her bra as Dawn slid it down her bronzed arms to reveal Jane’s 34C breasts. Although she was not turned on by being stripped naked by another girl, just humiliated, her nipples were bullet hard.

Next Jane’s pink dress was pulled down her legs by her friend to show off her toned thighs and calves. All the time Jane was wriggling and writhing, trying to delay the inevitable.
Dawn now looked up for reassurance as she knew that she now had to remove her friends knickers. Helen told her to carry on but as she told her she came around behind Dawn and restrained her hands with hers and whispered “with your mouth!”

Dawn took in a short gasp of air in shock! She blushed again and her eyes watered at what she knew she had to do.

She dropped to her knees and moved closer to her friends private parts.
She started on Janes left side. She pushed her nose into Janes hip and managed to get a grip of her knicker waist band with her front teeth. She pulled the waist band down about an inch then moved to Janes right and did the same. She continued this procedure three more times, pulling Janes knickers down an inch at a time. Each time she bit onto the knickers she left a small damp patch of saliva on Janes soft skin. Now the thin cotton gusset of Janes knickers had parted from her labia so Dawn nuzzled her face into the gap between Janes inner thighs. She hooked the gusset with her soft pink tongue and managed to pull it into her mouth so she was able to get a grip with her teeth. She pulled down and the cotton stretched. She couldn’t pull the knickers down any further. Janes pert bum was holding the back of her kickers up. Dawn shuffled around on her hands and knees so she was now behind her friend looking at her silky smooth bum cheeks. She repeated the process of hooking the thin cotton between Janes bum cheeks with her tongue and gripping it with her teeth. This time as she pulled down, Janes knickers slipped down easily and came to rest on her ankles.
It was at his point Dawn realized she could taste a musky sweet something on her tongue. She licked her lips and then she realised it was the taste of her friends most private parts. It wouldn’t have been a horrible taste she thought, if only she didn’t know what it was!

Helen instructed Dawn to stand and led her into another room along with Claire.
Steph was left alone in the kitchen now with her little sister. She hated the fact that she was more popular than her, but as she studied her body she couldn’t help but understand why the boys liked her so much. She was tall and slim, her breasts were a perfect size and shape. Her bum was pert, her vagina, which was clean shaved, looked pretty and her labia puffy. She felt stirs in her loins as she studied Jane. She wanted to touch her, she wanted to taste her, but most of all she wanted to be touched and tasted by her! That would be so humiliating to her sister. To have to please and pleasure her older sister.

Dawn was instructed to stand in the living room. Helen asked “If we take off your cuffs do you promise to behave? To do as you are told without question?”

Dawn knew she had no other option. Disagree and she would be left with her cuffs on and still forced to do horrible things. Agree and at least whatever she had to do could be done with the freedom of not being bound at the ankles.
She nodded her agreement and Helen keyed the cuffs and removed them, giving Dawns ankles a soft smoothing rub as she did.

Now she stood there naked but not bound. She felt weird. She was stood there infront of two other girls. They were fully clothed and she was completely naked. That made her feel very vulnerable. She was tense and uncomfortable. Helen noticed this and as Dawn hadn’t done her any miss-justice she felt responsible. She wanted to help her relax and enjoy her first lesbian experiences. She took Dawns left hand, pulled her towards her and then spun her around so she was stood with the sofa behind her. She steadied Dawn down into the middle of three seats on the sofa. Helen crouched down between her legs and put a hand on each of Dawns knees, encouraging her to open her legs for her. Dawn was almost speechless. She anticipated what Helen intended to do to her. She didn’t want a lesbian experience to be her first sexual encounter. All she could manage was a weak, pathetic “No. Please. No!”

Helen made her tongue into a hardened point and leaned into Dawns crutch. She placed her tongue onto Dawns anus and slid it upwards to just below her clitoris. She continued this 5,6,7 times, anus, labia to clitoris or just below. She could taste Dawns sweet juices. Dawn whimpered and again only managed a soft “no, please.” Steph came through from the kitchen, leaving Jane in her misery. She and Claire approached the sofa silently. Dawn had her eyes closed and head back, daring not to enjoy Helens tongue, when the two girls sat down either side of her. They locked there soft lips onto Dawns nipples and began a slow and gentle rhythmic suckle.
The feeling confused Dawn. It was immense. So many feelings all at once for the first time. The girls hands roamed her skin for the first time. Dawn boiled up, her skin felt electric and her loins felt on fire. She thought she may explode. She gave up trying to object and gave herself to the three girls mouths. Helen flattened her tongue and began to put pressure on the young girls virgin clitoris. She kept this up for almost a minute then dipped her tongue for another taste of flowing juices. Dawn was sodden. A stream of cum was escaping her sex. Helen again made her tongue long and from around three inches out began plunging it in to young Dawns fresh pink hole. She screamed. First in panic and uncertainty and then in terrible pleasure. Helen plunged and plunged again. Her tongue bringing out a string of cum each time she pulled away.

She then went back to her new friends clitoris. Pressuring it gently, slowly and steadily faster and faster and faster. Dawn could hide her first orgasm no more! She took in a short gasp of air with a whimper. She held it for ten seconds and exhaled. Then another deeper gasp of air and a louder whimper of pleasure. Her hips raised off the sofa by 12 inches, pushing her sex into Helens mouth. As the butterflies and burning in her tummy and loin heightened she let out a loud gasp and exhaled deeply. Her bum buckled and pushed back down into the sofa and Helen moved back as Dawn squeezed her legs together and took the full force of her first orgasm. Steph and Claire eased off her nipples and gently caressed her chest and stomach as Helen ran her nails up and down the top of her thighs.

Dawn relaxed her body and opened her eyes. She saw the three girls looking back, almost mesmeric. Her emotions were everywhere. She had lost her virginity, orgasmed for the first time and had sex with three girls she barely knew. A tear departed her right eye and she whimpered and began to cry softly.
Steph bent round and held Dawns face in her hands, she told her it was ok and put her lips to hers and gave her a short but luxurious kiss. Dawn broke the kiss and shyly thanked the girls and begged them not to tell anybody of what she had done.
“Its our secret” the other three agreed.

They stood up together.
Dawn plucked up the courage to ask if she could get dressed and leave now.

Helen, remembering the real reason all this was happening and the fact that Jane was still naked in her kitchen said “Erm…there is one more thing we would like you to do before we can release you!”

To be continued…?

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