Jia's Awakening, Ch 3

Jia's Awakening, Ch 3

Jia's Awakening
Chapter 3 – Jia's first time

Let me recount what's happened so far.
A few weeks ago I was seduced by a 15 year old neighbour named Erica and we've been fucking ever since. I'm bisexual myself and we've enjoyed some games together where she uses a dildo on me and I wear panties for her too. But mostly she enjoys me fucking her. She's a cute 5 foot tall Brazilian girl with B cup firm tits, and a nice shaved tight pussy.

Then one day she knocked on my door as usual after school and when I went to answer, I saw she was with a friend. Erica jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss.

"Hi Jeff, this is my girlfriend Jia. I hope you don't mind me bringing her over. I've told her about how amazing you are, and since she's never had a cock before we thought you'd be perfect. So, you want to take her cherry?"

I took a long look at this slim phillipino girl standing there shyly as my mouth hung open, and finally found the words to answer with…"Absolutely, come on it"

Once we were inside, I offered them drinks. Erica spoke up asking for 2 fuzzy navels, so I decided to oblige, as if this was going to be Jia's first time with a guy, a little alcohol to relax her might be a good idea. I also made one for myself.

As I handed her a drink, I took a close look at Jia. She was taller than Erica, about 5'3, very slender but also had a nice small round ass. I could barely make out her tits, so they must be very small. She was wearing some tight fitting 3/4 length tan pants and a loose green flowing top. Her long black hair moved gracefully with her body. She had a very beautiful and innocent looking face with lovely eyes, small nose, and slightly puffy lips. She spoke very quietly when she talked at all. Erica was very boisterous and did much of the talking.

Erica told me that she and Jia are very good friends and she's told her everything about our fun together. I was a bit upset, as I could get into trouble for fucking her and if any adults ever found out I'd be off to jail. Erica assured me that our secret was safe with Jia.

"So why do you want to get sexually active now Jia?" I asked.

She giggled and replied "What do you mean? I've been having sex for years"

"But you've never been fucked? How have you been able to fight off the guys? Have been just sucking their cocks for them or something?" I was a bit confused.

Jia smiled "No silly, I've never been with a boy, but Erica made it sound so wonderful that she finally convinced me to give it a try"

"Ummm, then I'm confused, you say you've been sexually active"

Erica answered with "Jeff, let me demonstrate for you" She leaned over to Jia and took her in her arms and the two of them kissed deeply. This got me hard immediately. Erica broke the kiss and turned to me and said "You once asked me if I liked girls, well this is your answer" Then she kissed Jia again deeply as I watched them.

"How long have you two been lovers?" I asked

Jia answered "I think almost 2 years now" in between kisses.

Damn, that means they've been having hot young lesbian sex since they were 13! My cock was nearly bursting out of my pants at this thought.

"Well girls, are you going to put on a show or does Jia still want her cherry popped"

Erica turned to me and said with a lustful look and smile "What's wrong with both?" and went back to running her hands under the front of Jia's loose top, making her moan into her mouth as the two teenage girls kissed in front of me.

"Fuck, I won't complain, I just hope I can keep from cumming too soon" so I leaned back and rubbed my cock through my pants.

Erica finally lifted Jia's top up, revealing the small swells of her breasts and the two tight brown little nipples that she had been playing with and pinching. I could see that Jia very much enjoyed the attention being paid to them. Erica licked and sucked them each, back and forth, as her hands played over Jia's tummy, sides, back, and the breast not currently receiving attention from her tongue. Jia was undulating in response to Erica's tongue and roaming hands.

Then Erica pulled back and stripped off her own top and bra so the two girls could make out and rub nipples and hug tightly as I looked on and stroked my rock hard cock.

Seeing those two young bodies writhing together on my couch, entwined and kissing, was just so incredible. Erica had a hand down Jia's pants grabbing her ass. Eventually they were both down to their panties, and each girls hands were rubbing each others pussies. Erica then lay Jia back and pulled her panties down, revealing her bare pussy. She then dove in, licking Jia deeply and exploring. She at the same time pulled her own panties down so I could look at her own ass and pussy poking up in the air.

I couldn't resist anymore and I went up behind Erica, and slowly slid my entire cock up her teenage cunt. She moan a deep sound of satisfaction into her girlfriend and Jia looked up to stare at me as she shuddered from Erica's sensual tongue play.

Erica pulled away for a moment and turned to me and warned "Make sure you don't cum, I want you to do her still"

"Yes boss!" I laughed as I gave her a couple hard thrusts. She let out some more moans of pleasure as I did that.

I proceeded to slowly fuck Erica's tight teenage pussy as she licked Jia's bare phillipino pussy. Erica began using her fingers along with her tongue, and Jia began letting out sharp squeals as those fingers pushed deep, giving her more thrill. Several times I had to stop and pull out as I was in danger of spilling my load early.

I couldn't help myself but to lick one of my fingers and tease Erica's ass while I was fucking her slowly. She purred her appreciation and enjoyment, so I kept it up. After a long time of us 3 going at this, Erica began to cry out as my slow but constant fucking brought her to a powerful orgasm, during which I slipped half my finger up her ass, and she cried out loudly as her body shook and quaked.

After, she pulled herself away from Jia's pussy "Fuck that was a powerful orgasm! Want to see me set Jia off now?"

"Go for it!" I encouraged her.

Erica dived back in with her tongue, and did something with her hand that she was fingering the girls pussy with, and suddenly Jia's occasional squeals turned into a louder constant higher pitched howl and she arched tightly and still managed to grab Erica's head to push her hard into her pussy. Jia's orgasm seemed to last for nearly a solid minute as her taunt body was shaking as waves of pleasure washed over her. Finally she collapsed against the couch, going limp but breathing heavily.

Erica got up and said to her lover "You just love it when I set you off like that! I'll never grow tired of seeing you cum so hard from my finger up your ass"

Ah, so that was the secret to it! It make me even harder! And I noticed I was the only one yet to cum.

Erica turned to me and said "OK, she's as ready as she'll ever be Jeff. I want to watch you take Jia's virginity"

"Hold on for just a sec" I said and I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I came back and laid it on the couch, and then guided Jia to sit down on it. I wasn't sure if this might get a bit messy with blood, so I thought I'd like to not ruin my couch.

I then got on my knees and leaned in to kiss Jia on the lips. She was still breathing heavy and recovering from her powerful orgasm with Erica, seemingly almost in a trance. She kissed me back deeply, as out tongues entwined, exploring each others mouths. My hands ran up and down her body, and as I reached her small young breasts, my breath caught.

I almost shot my load just feeling them. I knew I had always appreciated small breasts, but feeling such tiny ones on such a young teenager was more than I had ever expected to enjoy. I couldn't help myself and I bent down to lick her nipples, suck her entire breast into my mouth, run my tongue all over those tiny swells, and also massage them with my hands.

Jia obviously was enjoying this as she arched her back to push back against my mouth. Eventually one of my hands found it's way down between her slim thighs, and found a very wet bare slit. As she felt my hand begin to explore, she also started thrusting back against it, wanting me to continue further. After a few minutes I slipped a finger inside her warm tight hole. As I began to slowly finger fuck her, Jia went rigid again and let out a cry as my finger and tongue brought her another orgasm. Her whole body shook and shuddered as she came down from that pleasure peak.

Jia grabbed my head and pulled me up to kiss me deeply and then said "Jeff, fuck me now, I so need to be filled and feel your big cock in me" and she lay back and spread her legs.

"Come on Jeff, let's see you take her cherry!" Erica encouraged us from the chair.

I looked over at her and smiled. It was only then that I saw she was sitting there with one of my cock shaped dildos, fucking herself as she watched us. She was sitting down on it, grinding her own pussy against the base and all I could see was the fake balls peeking out.

"Hmm, after Jia, I'll have to take care of you again I see, you little fuckslut" I teased her.

"Fuck, don't make promises unless you can keep them" Erica chided back.

Then I turned my attention back to the slim body in front of me, wanting me to be her first fuck. I dove down and gave her sexy pussy a quick lick, and found it nearly dripping with her excitement. I realized I wouldn't need the lube that I had brought out with me, and that made me even want her more.

"Are you ready, Jia? I'll go slow and let you control things, so if it hurts too much you can just stop me"

"Yes, I'm more than ready. Fuck me! Make me a woman" Jia begged me.

I didn't need any more assurance, and at that I began rubbing my cock head along her soaking wet little slit. Up and down over and over, making Jia squirm and moan and squeal. Then I reached down and parted her little lips slightly and placed my cock head at her entrance.

She realized what was about to come, and she whispered "Do it"

I pushed my cock against her tiny slit, looking much too big to fit in her. She grunted as I met resistance, but I kept pushing gently but firmly. Suddenly her lips parted and about 1/4 of my cock slid in.

Jia let out a little yelp as I let out a moan. I had never felt anything as tight as her pussy was at this moment. I wasn't even sure how it had taken me in, as it felt like I couldn't pull out even if I wanted to to. Jia laid there panting heavily with wide eyes whispering "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck"

I reached down and played with her nearly flat chest and nipples as we both got used to feeling between our legs. After a few minutes, Erica appeared beside me, caressing my ass with one hand while leaning down to kiss her girlfriend and sooth her.

Erica told her "Just get used to it baby and then start moving your hips. He won't hurt you like I was hurt. Jeff wants to make you happy and so do I. If it's too much, just let him know to back off a bit."

I appreciated Erica educating her and helping Jia relax. She took over playing with Jia's nipples and she was licking them and also snaking a hand down between Jia's legs to play with her clit while my cock was filling her pussy. Eventually that got Jia going again and she did begin to move herself on my cock. Just a tiny bit at first, but it grew more as several minutes went by.

I could feel her pussy squeezing and spasming around my shaft, her little girl squeals and moans driving me mad with passion. I wanted to pin her to the couch and pound away at her with my cock to drive her as wild as she was doing to me, but I had to gentle with this slight-framed first-timer.

Somehow she even got more wet between the legs, and I was eventually sliding my cock in and out of her still-tight pussy, though only about 3/4 of my total length. Erica was keeping up the rubbing of her clit and sucking on nipples to give extra stimulation. At one point my cock slipped out of her pussy and there was almost an audible 'pop' sound. I wasted no time in getting my cock back into her tightness, and she groaned happily as I did stretch her open again to take me.

I was starting to pick up the pace, when Jia began to make that now-familiar sound as her orgasm approached. She began to let out a long squeal that turned into a wordless howl as her little pussy started to spasm wildly, sometimes almost crushing my cock.

That was simply more than I could take. As Jia was in the throws of her own orgasm, I shot over the edge and finally came like a cannon, exploding inside her crushing pussy. I was shouting myself as I came and I was lost in the intense pleasure of the scene before me.

After what seemed like several minutes we both came back to ourselves, and I bent down to kiss her and thank her. Erica was lying beside Jia, still idly playing with her as the two of us were catching our breath.

Then just as I was going to pull back and my cock was about to slip out, Erica got up and crawled down under me and took my cock into her mouth as it came out of Jia's juicy pussy, and after a quick lick, she turned and began in earnest to lick Jia's cum-soaked little slit. That set her off on another round of oooh-ing and aaaaaaah-ing. Watching Erica so eagerly licking up our combined juices got my softening cock to being getting hard again.

After watching that for a few minutes I suggested we all go and shower together and get cleaned up. The girls agreed and we headed off the the washroom.

As it turned out, Jia's 'firsts' and her education still had some more surprises for me that night, but that's going to be the next chapter.

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