last day of school_(1)

last day of school_(1)

Names and places changed for obvious reasons. Enjoy.

Wrote in present tense.

I'm Ryan; I’m thirteen and have scruffy red hair. This story takes place on the last day of my second year in high school secondary school). Amazingly I had managed to get myself a detention for lobbing a rubber at a teacher. Lol.

I had left my bags in the library, where my group had been working, at the last week of every year our school has activities week, when the normal curriculum is binned and we split into groups and do separate activities, like going to theme parks and water parks, etc.

I had chosen to go in the radio workshop activity and we had a relativity small group, about seven of us.
There was Gareth and Kirsty, although there isn’t much to describe about them. They are both a year older than me, but both are shorter and I doubt either of them has hit puberty yet.

In the same year as me there was Josie and Nathan, and again there’s not much to describe, except Josie has massive tits, I swear she must have the biggest tits in the school.

The last two are the most important ones, Holly and Amber. About half way through the year me and holly had struck up a decent kind of love/hate friendship. We took the mick whenever we could but both of us knew the other didn’t mean it. Holly was about the same height as me, with light brown hair, average size boobs and a nice ass.

Amber had been expelled from her previous school about three weeks before the end of the year for stabbing someone with a ballpoint pen when they tried to put their hand down her skirt. Despite her record amber was a real nice girl always smiling, but neither of us really spoke to each other till the last week when she joined the radio group as well. Amber was really quite small; her head was probably level with my shoulders. Again, she had light brown hair that framed her cute face perfectly and her boobs were perfectly proportioned with her body. And yet it is her eyes that I remember her by, they were a kind of cross between a brown-ish colour and gold, like hay, shining in the sun, or I suppose you could say her eyes were amber. .

Anyway, I finished my detention and went back to the library to pick up my bags; I walked through the door and saw clothes strewn across the floor. At first I thought someone had been through my bags, but then I saw a bra, hanging by a strap on the back of a chair.

I stepped towards the clothes and saw a pair of white laced panties on the floor. I bent down to look at them when I heard moans coming from the back of the library.

I stood up straight, and, if a strained my ears I could hear muffled voices coming from the back doors.
Walking slowly, through the bookshelves and glanced round the corner. There, right before my eyes, was holly sat on the floor, leaning back against a bookshelf, and, between her legs, licking her out like a demon, was amber.

Amazed, I watched, I don’t know how long for, but instinctively, I felt my hand creep between my trousers and slowly massage my rapidly hardening dick.

As I admired their bodies, I slowly rubbed my hand down the length of my 5’’ dick and up again. I saw holly with her eyes closed and her back arched, forcing her pussy into amber’s face, I stared at her naked boobs and watched her moan gently as amber came up for air and the cold air of the room drafted past her empty twat.

“Amber, Amber lick me out, oh, Amber make me cum,” holly said as amber drove her tongue back into her pussy. “Oh, oh yeah Amber, suck my juices,” she moaned.
“Only, if you be a good little girl,” said amber wickedly as she came back up.
“I’ll do anything, pleeaassee . . .” holly moaned, a hand moving towards her bare twat.
“Ah ah aah,” said amber reproaching holly as she slapped the moving hand away, “You did say anything.”
“Oh, please, tell me what to do,” holly moaned again.
“Oh I’m not sure what you sure what you should do,” Amber grinned evilly, blowing teasingly across holly’s open hole.

I decided to make my move and coughed quietly, the effect was instantaneous, holly, all thoughts of an orgasm forgotten pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her, effectively, covering herself. Amber was more slow to react; she spun around onto her butt and just sat there, staring at me.
Having not talked to her that often my affection for amber grew uncontrollably as we messed around during school hours, and I was sure that she felt the same, her reaction to me appearance was a lot less a worry about her privacy but the shock of me being there.

“That was quite a show,” I said, smiling.

“H . . . how long were you there for?” asked holly, I could have sworn she was on the verge of tears.

“Oh, oh yeah amber, suck my juices,” I mocked, mimicking holly’s voice.

“Oh . . .” she said, all hopes of any excuse lost.

“But,” I started, “Perhaps, I could help amber out,” I said grinning,

“What d’you mean?” asked amber finding her voice

“Well, you said it yourself, you didn’t know what to make holly do, and maybe I could be of assistance?”

Amber smiled, realising what I meant,

“Yes, yes you could me, thank you, Ryan,” amber smiled again and sent holly to get a chair,

“You know,” she said, unzipping my trousers and hooking her thumbs into the waistline, “I’ve always had a thing for you,”

“You know,” I replied taunting her as I pulled down my trousers slowly, “I’ve had a thing for you as well.”

Our quiet moment shattered when holly returned, she gasped and dropped the chair as she saw my dick spring from the elastic waist of my boxers and slap my stomach,

“What,” I asked, “It’s not that big,” I was puzzled, but then a smile crept across my face as realisation dawned, “You’ve never seen a dick before, have you?” I grinned as she looked at her feet, and I looked down at amber, who was on her knees, eye level with my dick.

“What, oh, ooh, oh please,” she smiled gently pulling my trousers to me ankles, “You don’t miss much with two brothers,” she said.

Amber stood and turned to holly, “Guess what, holly,” she asked as she positioned the chair behind me, “Your gonna get to see one up close now,”

Amber took control as she pushed my gently down into the seat, my cock, quivering with every moment that passed, “Now holly, you are going to suck Ryan’s cock, and, if I don’t think you’re doing a good enough job, you don’t get licked, okay?” Amber spoke with a mocking authority that conflicted with her physical appearance.

Holly got onto her knees and took my dick in her hand; slowly she began to move it up and down and gradually built up some speed with each passing stroke.

“Oh holleee,” said amber from a corner, rubbing her fingers in a circle of her clit, “that’s not licking.” Holly sighed and looked up at me, then down at my swollen dick. Agonisingly slowly she opened her mouth and took my dick, up to the hilt.

“That’s it,” I whispered encouragingly, trying not to ruin the moment, I was going to get sucked off by a girl and, nothing, was going to spoil it.

Holly gasped as a tongue flicked up her twat and she would have pulled up if I hadn’t placed my hand firmly on the top of her head. Instead, she glanced down and saw amber had wriggled between her knees and slowly began to finish what she had started earlier.

Looking over holly’s head I stared blatantly at amber’s pre pubescent vagina, the loving mound free of hair and listening in the light with her juices. I closed my eyes and let the waves of pleasure roll over me as holly took her job with determination now she herself was being simultaneously pleasured by amber’s roving tongue.

I felt my balls bulged and my cock rippled as the creamy whiteness of my cum squirted squarely into holly’s mouth. She started to choke but I held her head firmly as strings of sperm dribbled down my shaft. Holly seeing her only option, swallowed the cum in her mouth and continued to suck the last dregs out from within my slowly shrinking dick.

“Well done holly, oh, and you swallowed it all as well, for that you get an extra special reward,” Amber wiggled out from underneath holly and stood, “Lie down now holly,” the she turned to me, “Take care of my baby yeah?” she whispered in my ear.

Sliding the chair out of the way and straddling her naked body I leant down to suck her tits. I flicked my tongue rapidly across her tit and slowly rubbed her other tit between two of my fingers. She closed her eyes with moan, her eyelids flickering as she felt the pleasure come rolling in
Amber returned, with 7’’ dildo in one hand and a tub of lubricant in the other. She put a finger to her lips and I said nothing as I returned my attention to holly.

I opened my mouth wide, and bent down, holding as much of her warm, luscious flesh as I could. I inhaled and the suction caused her breast to firmly attach itself to my lips, leaving my tongue to freely tease her erect tit.

Slowly I eased of her breast, releasing itself with an audible pop. Holly opened her mouth to complain but I leant forward to kiss her and our tongues engaged in a twisting, chaotic motion as we made out.
Shuffling for a better position I grabbed her boobs with both hands and began to caress them and squeeze her tits between my forefinger and thumb. I lifted myself away from her embrace, gently moving her arms that had been weakly draped across my back; I glanced back and saw amber gently forcing her smallest finger into holly’s cunt, widening the hole for the immanent penetration of the dildo.

Holly’s arms gently wrapped themselves around me and I leant back down into a second passionate kiss, our tongues entwined and I rubbed her tits, rolling them between my fingers, suddenly she gasped, a rush of air forcing our mouths apart. I rolled off of her and looked towards holly’s cunt, where amber had rammed home the dildo and was slowly moving it back and forwards.

“Oh my god amber,” holly gasped and forced herself not to clench her legs and squeeze the dildo out.
“Yeah I know, my mum keeps ‘em along with the condoms and dad’s porno mags under their mattress,” she grinned at me cheekily as she waved an unopened packet of durex condoms in front of me.
Amber reached across holly’s bare chest and pulled a hand down level with her cunt, placing it over the dildo amber pushed it back and forwards and soon holly had followed and the movements and had taken over the dildo, shoving it more forcefully up her twat, almost screaming when amber flicked a switch at the base and the shaft of the dildo began to vibrate within her.

Grabbing my hand, amber stood and pulled me away, “Dildo’s are alright, I s’pose, but y’know what I really want inside me?” she placed her hand delicately onto my readily swollen dick, “A virgin, flesh and blood cock, ruthlessly fucking my virgin cunt senseless,” she whispered in my ear, massaging my dick with every word.

“Gladly,” I whispered back. She giggled and threw the packet of condoms to me as she reached a table and lay on her back with her legs spread wide.

Rolling the condom over my dick and stepping towards her I remembered a porno I had seen stashed in one of my dad’s cupboards.

Lifting her legs up and over my shoulders I stepped up and aimed the tip of my dick towards her gaping hole.

“Now, Ryan, GO!” she yelled. Gladly I complied and brutally ripped into her wet hole and forced my way through her cherry. She screamed again and I pulled out looking to see if I’d hurt her.

“Again!” she yelled through ragged breaths, and so I complied. Thrusting in and out I gathered momentum and set a steady rhythm. I felt her vaginal muscles clasp my cock but I pulled out and ruthlessly forced my way back in, amber screamed again but this time I stopped. I relaxed and nearly collapsed as my seed gushed out and pooled at the bottom of my condom, oblivious to its plastic wrapping, amber’s cunt continued to milk every last drop out of my slowly diminishing dick.

Amber moaned as I pulled out, releasing the pent up pressure inside her and I watched fascinated as her juices gushed out of her unplugged hole.

Holly had finished with her new toy and had wandered over to watch us finish off.
“Have I been a good girl?” she asked in a young voice,
“Oh god, yes holly,” she said through short breaths, “We all have,”

* * * * *
Pulling her low-cut top over her shoulders she pulled a marker pen out of her back pocket and wrote two numbers on my hand with an A and a H next to each one.

“Call me,” she said quietly, “Today was, fun” she said after pausing to smile.

Amber passed me and Holly stepped towards me and wrapped her arms around my back as we kissed passionately, I felt one of her hands creep down to the waist of my trousers and tuck something between my skin and my boxers. She followed Amber out of the door and through the glass panel I saw her say something to Amber and they both giggled as they glanced back and walked down the corridor.
I put my hand around my waist and pulled out the thing Holly had tucked there.

They felt like silk and seemed a little moist. Pulling them out so I could see I saw two pairs of laced silk panties with wet stains on the crotch. One was white, had loose frills along the edges and in gold thread had Amber embroidered on the front, just below the waist. The other was a light lilac colour and in darker purple lettering had Holly written a similar place as Amber’s, I lifted them both to my nose and inhaled . . .

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