Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer

It was going to be a scorching summer with all of the talk about global warming. All I know is the hotter it gets the less clothing girls wear and I’m surrounded by girls!

I have a wife, two daughters, and a sister-in-law that live with me. My wife Gloria is thirty-six years old, my daughter Donna is sixteen years old, my daughter Laura is fifteen years old, and my sister-in-law Tina is thirty years old.

One day I was attacked at the dinner table. My four women wanted a swimming pool. They had it all worked out as to saving money going to the beach and tanning booths. They talked about lounging around the pool, lying in the sun, and hanging out together. My wife even suggested midnight skinny dipping after the girls are asleep.

Well I had already checked out the possibility of installing a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a privacy fence. I could afford it and had already arranged for construction to start in a couple of weeks. It was to be a surprise so they didn’t know about it yet.

Just to tease them I asked, “So what’s in it for me?”

My wife Gloria repeated, “Midnight skinny dipping after the girls are asleep!”

I didn’t say anything I just shrugged my shoulders.

My sexy sister-in-law Tina said, “What if I join you two for that midnight skinny dipping?”

My daughter Donna said, “If you let me stay up that late I’ll join you for that skinny dipping too!”

My daughter Laura said, “Me too!”

So I suggested, “Well what if we just agreed that there would be no clothes or suits in the pool area?”

Gloria and Tina agreed right away but Laura asked, “What about our friends?”

My daughter Laura said, “Suppose we are just naked in the pool area when you are home? That way we can still have friends over during the day!”

My daughter Donna said, “Suppose we are topless in the house too when you are home? Can we have the pool?”

My wife Gloria turned in her chair and patted her pussy saying, “How about this every night?”

My sister-in-law Tina turned in her chair and patted her pussy saying, “How about this every night?”

That startled me! I looked at Tina then at Gloria in disbelief. Both sisters were smiling and running their hands up and down the crotch of their blue jeans.

I had to say, “Okay! I’ll make arrangements in the morning!”

Then as an after thought I said, “That was topless in the house when I’m home? Right! Well I’m home!”

My sister-in-law Tina stood up, pulled her T-shirt up over her head, and sat back down. That surprised me. I had wanted to see her tits for years.

My daughter Donna unbuttoned her blouse and removed it then unhooked her bra and removed that too. Now that really surprised me. I never thought that Donna would let me see her tits but she really wanted that swimming pool. I was elated.

My wife Gloria looked at my daughter Laura and the two of them started to unbutton their blouses too. I had seen my wife’s tits thousands of times so I just kept watching Laura. She had a really cute red blouse on with lots of tiny buttons, only half of which were ever buttoned. She removed it without making eye contact with me unlike her sister Donna who had stared at me the whole time she removed her blouse and bra. I could see by the swell of Laura’s breasts that she probably needed some bigger bras. When she reached back to unhook it her breasts really strained at the cups and overflowed them nicely. I bet her tits were as big as Donna’s but I would know very soon. Yes! Yes, they were just as big. Oh my God my daughters had perfect breasts.

I finally said, “Thank you! I really appreciate this! Perhaps we should make a list of things that you will need for the new pool. Like those noodles, squirt guns, new bathing suits, towels, and sun block.”

Donna said, “New bikinis? Why? Aren’t we supposed to be nude in the pool area?”

Laura said, “Not when daddy’s not home! I want a new bathing suit!”

Tina said, “Perhaps we should have a few extra bikinis in the changing room for guests!”

Donna asked, “What if we have friends here when Daddy comes home?”

Gloria said, “We can post the rules! They can stay or go home! It’ll be their choice!”

Tina said, “It’ll be our very own nudists resort!”

I said, “Whatever you want!”

I patted Gloria and Tina on their pussies and said, “How about you two getting the dishes done early tonight?” Then I winked at them. “Girls lets you and I start a list. Laura, get a piece of paper and a pen! Donna, please get me another glass of wine.”

I watched as everyone started to get up and move about. I liked the topless idea that Donna suggested a lot.

Laura came back and sat next to me as she slipped the paper and pen in front of me. Donna leaned over the table to hand me my glass of wine then sat on the chair on her knees. I liked the way her tits looked as she leaned over. I looked at my two daughters as we discussed the possible layout of the new pool area. Of course I already knew what I had agreed too so it was just a formality to let the girls make suggestions and me to manipulate them into what was actually going to be built. When we were done they thought they had designed it themselves. I got to stare at their tits the whole time. The women came in after finishing the dishes and the girls showed them my sketch.

The girls went in to watch television while I took the women upstairs to my bedroom. My wife and her sister together, what a rush. I had often fantasized about making love to Tina while I was making love to her older sister. I watched Gloria undress like I had all of our married life but when Tina undressed I paid special attention. At thirty she was perfect. They sure looked like sisters but more like twins than the six years that were actually between them. My wife had to smack me to get me to stop staring at her sister. Then I undressed. There was no doubt that I had enjoyed watching them getting undressed especially Tina.

My wife said, “We have been planning this for a couple of months now! All we needed was the right opportunity to make you our offer!”

My sister-in-law said, “I haven’t gotten any in a long time! Can I be first? Please!”

I hate to see a woman beg! Bullshit! When she is begging for my hard cock I love it! I went right for her breasts and enjoyed sucking on her nipples. I couldn’t lose, my wife was all for it, and my sister-in-law wanted it really bad. I had longed for this for years. As much as I wanted it Tina wanted it even more. I was in control!

I put my wife on the edge of the bed and pushed her back. I put Tina’s mouth right at her sister’s pussy and told her to start eating. Then I put the head of my cock at Tina’s pussy and said, “When you start so will I!” Tina didn’t need to know any more than that. She dove into my wife’s pussy and I plunged into her pussy. I just watched the expression on my wife’s face as I slowly pumped into Tina. I found that if I shoved it in faster Tina did a better job and my wife enjoyed it more. Then I would slow down, relax, and steadily saw in and out of her wet pussy. Tina would slow down, my wife’s eyes would close, and she would coo in the sexiest way. I love to hear her coo. It always means that she is very close to having a wonderful orgasm. I watched as Gloria started to pant like during childbirth. It got quicker and quicker. I pumped into Tina quicker and quicker too. Then all of a sudden the three of us climaxed at the same time. It was perfect!

Tina said, “God I really needed that! Thank you!”

Gloria said, “Tina that was the best you’ve done in the last two months.”

I said, “Boy oh boy and to think I get to do this every night with the two of you!”

The three of us just put on our underwear and went down to the living room. I must say that Gloria and Tina looked very good in their G-string panties. I had the start of a lump in my underwear. Together we marched downstairs. Tina entered first and I hung back to listen.

Donna asked, “So did you finally get laid Aunt Tina?”

Gloria walked in next and said, “I’ll say she did and did she ever cum good!”

Tina said, “Me! You should have seen your mother cum!”

Donna asked, “Mom! Better than with me this morning?”

Gloria said, “I’m sorry honey but with your father’s cock in her Tina was excellent. Your father played her like a finely tuned piano!”

Donna said, “I’d sure like to try it with dad’s cock in me next time!”

Laura said, “Wait until he sees us nude around the pool.”

Donna said, “Pool hell! Why do you think I suggested topless in the house too? Dad won’t be able to resist us until the pool is completely installed! Did you see the way he kept staring at my tits when he was sketching out the pool area with us?”

Laura said, “I couldn’t even look at him when I took my blouse and bra off! But it got me so excited my panties got wet!”

Donna said, “Mine too!”

My wife said, “Why don’t you girls take off your pants and sit around in just your panties too. I think your father would love to see your wet panties. He is in his underwear so you can see his cock grow when he looks at you!”

I waited another minute before entering the room. I looked at my four girls in just their panties and said, “Wow! Nice outfits!”

Donna said, “Mom can I borrow a pair of your G-string panties? Mine are all wet!” Then Donna opened her legs, pulled her knees up to her breasts, and showed me the wet spot that had formed there. Laura did the same thing and just stared at my underwear. I watched her smile as my cock grew. Laura stayed in that position while Donna went up to raid her mother’s panty drawer. Soon Donna came back down and modeled the G-string that she had picked out. They were the smallest ones that my wife owned and showed almost all of her pubic hair. I could see where the string disappeared into the lower part of her pussy lips. As she turned around I saw where that same string came up out of her ass crack. Then she bent over to let me look at the part that had been hidden. I wanted to kiss her tiny puckered asshole so badly but I didn’t dare. She didn’t stand back up. Instead she grabbed her ankles. I looked at my wife then dropped to my knees behind Donna and kissed her asshole. She cooed like her mother so I flicked my tongue out to trace the tip around her brown crinkled opening.

Donna said, “Oh God mom you were right it is a wonderful feeling! Daddy’s tongue feels so good! My pussy is leaking again!”

I asked, “Can I help out any?”

Donna quickly slid the string panties to her ankles exposing her pussy to me from behind. I dove into her moist pussy lips with my tongue as I worked her string panties off her feet. In that position Donna pulled down my underwear, put her head between her ankles, and started to suck my cock.

Then in one smooth motion I reached my arms between her legs lifting her knees up over my shoulders as I leaned back taking Donna with me. We were locked in the same sixty-nine but now lying comfortably on the rug. I could really get my tongue into her now as she sucked my cock.

Donna said, “Aunt Tina you were right! Daddy’s beard is just rough enough to give me that added sensation! Your face is way too smooth for this kind of effect!”

My wife said, “Yes sweetheart, I love it when he eats me at night! That so-called five o’clock shadow is like sandpaper on my clit too! I love it!”

Laura asked, “When can I try it?”

Donna said, “Right now if you want too! You can take my place!”

Soon Laura was kneeling behind Donna and pushing her ass out of the way. Laura sat on my face and engulfed as much of cock as she could. Then I tasted her honey pot! Oh my God, Laura tasted so good! I couldn’t believe how sweet my baby girl tasted! I’m going to have to start calling her Pooh Bear because Honey Pot might not be appropriate! I feasted on her pussy until she was dry and begged me to stop.

Tina pulled Donna into her pussy with Donna’s ass up in the air. Tina said, “Do her just like you did me upstairs!”

I asked, “Donna are you a virgin?”

Donna pulled away from her Aunt’s pussy and said, “Yes! If bananas, cucumbers, and dildos don’t count!”

Laura said, “Don’t forget about the candle, hair brush, and that rocket thing!”

Donna said, “Okay! But no cocks Daddy! Promise! We just sucked Bobby’s cock a few times. He really likes it too!”

As I slipped my cock into her virgin pussy I said, “Start eating your Aunt’s pussy and shut up!”

I found that I could control Donna’s speed of eating pussy with the speed of me fucking her just like I had when Tina ate my wife. I played with her just like I had Tina only this time had I had already cum once and had even more control.

I looked over at my wife and saw that she had Laura eating her pussy. I wondered just how long all this had been taking place. I assumed that it started a few months ago when Tina started living with us.

Tina had a boyfriend before that but he had dumped her, threw her out, and there was no notice. She came home one day, her stuff was all packed, and some other girl had taken her place. Of course my wife took her in with no questions asked. At first I resented it but Tina made sure to dress sexy around me so to keep my interest. She looked too damn good to throw out! And now? There’s no way after fucking her that I could give her up. I had just inherited a second wife. Not to mention that I still had my cock in my oldest daughter.

Soon Tina was begging for Donna to stop so I sped up, fucked Donna for all I was worth, and then filled her pussy with Daddy’s cum!

My wife pushed Laura away and said, “Eat your sister! Daddy’s cum is a lot better than Bobby’s is!”

I looked at my wife and asked, “How would you know?”

My wife blushed and said, “Donna blindfolded him once and I took her place! He doesn’t know that it was me! Honest!”

Donna said, “He thinks I’m the greatest cock sucker ever!”

Laura stopped eating Donna’s pussy and said, “You said a bad word!”

Aunt Tina said, “Cock sucker isn’t a bad word it’s just a really good woman!” Then she laughed!

I just smiled then said, “Okay! If we are going to be naked and have sex together I guess it is okay to say all those dirty woods that you were told not to say! However only around us! Don’t go to school Monday and call your teacher a cock sucker even she is she is one!”

Donna smiled and said, “Daddy you can fuck my cunt anytime that you want too!”

Laura said, “Mommy and I shared a double-ended dildo! Does that make me a mother fucker?”

I said, “Okay! Okay! I think we have the idea!”

My wife said, “Careful girls! Daddy likes it when I talk dirty in the bedroom! See!” Then she pointed at my semi-erect cock.

I said, “Hold on! About these girls that might want to stick around after I come home! For my safety I think they should be at least sixteen years old! I can’t be hanging around with minors and get arrested!”

Laura said, “I’m a minor! Aren’t I?”

Gloria said, “Yes honey but you are our child, under our supervision, and Daddy hasn’t fucked you yet! He probably shouldn’t either until your sixteenth birthday!”

Aunt Tina said, “And no nude pictures of any girls that aren’t eighteen years old either! That’s considered child porn!”

Laura asked, “What if another child took the pictures? Like me for instance!”

I said, “Well I’m not sure but I don’t think I’m supposed to see them either!”

Laura said, “I could put them on a disc and hide it in plain sight. I wouldn’t know if you saw it or not. Perhaps it could be stored someplace so secret that only Daddy and I knew where I hide them!”

I said, “Lets not get too excited about nude photography with girls under eighteen!”

Laura said, “Okay Daddy! I understand!” Then she smiled and winked at me. I knew she was going to do it but officially I had told her not too and I had three witnesses to that!

Thankfully it was bedtime and I was exhausted.

The next day was Monday and I went to work while the girls went to school. I had a great day and thought about getting home. Work flew by and suddenly I was on my way home. As I pulled into the driveway I hit the garage door opener and drove right in as usual. I hit the close button but the girls didn’t wait to run out to greet me. The door to the kitchen opened and all four girls ran out naked before the garage door got even halfway down. I looked in the rearview mirror but didn’t see anyone. Thank God!

That evening in complete nudity I informed them of my conversation with the contractor that was going to start construction in less than two weeks on our new pool area. They were very excited hearing the news. Construction was to be completed by the end of May. It would be filled with water and heated too!

The rest of the evening was devoted to sex, dinner, and more sex! Tina had moved into my bed with my wife and I. Laura moved into Donna’s bed! Again I slept very peacefully.

That weekend Donna had a sleepover with two of her sixteen-year-old girlfriends. They knew all about the nudity in the house rule and were prepared for it when I came home that Friday. As I entered my garage six naked girls were standing in front of me against the far wall. I hit the button to close the garage and looked back first to see no one around. They were lucky once again.

I got out of my car and said hello to two girls that I have known for several years. I had watched them mature right along with my daughters. Now I was able to stare at their breasts and pussies with their full cooperation. They even smiled and tried to give me better views. I followed them all into the house and into the living room. I watched as the four girls sat on the couches, spread their legs wide open, and gave me full access to look at their pussies as I undressed for them. I was fully hard when I got to my underwear. The girls were delighted.

Laura came over to me and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and said, “Welcome home Daddy!”

Donna sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and asked, “Did you have a good day at work?”

Jill sucked on the head of my cock and said, “Thanks for letting me spend the weekend here! You can fuck me if you want too! I’m sixteen and I give you my permission!”

Judy sucked the head of my cock and said, “Thank you for building us all a place to get an over all tan! I love the idea of skinny dipping with you too! You can fuck me too if you want too!”

Just them my wife and sister-in-law came in to tell us that dinner was ready. We were having spaghetti, meatballs, and plenty of sauce. I had to laugh as every one of the girls managed to drip sauce on themselves. I think it was because when Donna dripped some on her tit I sucked it off. Then I licked a spill that Laura had. I watched as Jill took a spoonful of sauce off her plate and put the spoon down to her lap. I smiled and went over to her. Then I licked her pussy clean. I licked Judy’s pussy clean too along with one of her tits. As it turned out I didn’t actually need a plate of my own. Tina placed Judy on the table, covered her with food, and invited us to feast on Judy! We were all standing and eating from Judy’s body.

Jill said, “This is great. I never get bored at your house!”

Judy said, “Somebody want to feed me!”

With that I put some sauce on my cock and fed it to Judy. She was feeling my wife’s and my sister-in-law’s pussies as they sucked Judy’s tits clean. Donna, Laura, and Jill were working on Judy’s pussy, belly, and legs. I just kept feeding her my sauce-covered cock.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer I got up on the table between Judy’s legs. She knew exactly what I wanted and opened her legs for me. I slid right in thanks to the sauce and the girl’s saliva. Jill watched intently as I pounded down into Judy. The dinning room table was hard with no give so I got the full effect of thrusting into her pussy. Judy said that she wasn’t a virgin but Bobby had only fucked her twice. This Bobby sure gets around! He had my wife and daughters sucking his cock and he was fucking Judy. Jill had let him fuck her too but three times. Judy told her that I was a hundred times better than Bobby had been. Laura made sure to tell Jill that I could take of her in an hour or so. Jill liked that! Later I did make love to Jill and to Donna before taking my wife and sister-in-law to bed.

Saturday started out with my cock being drawn in a lottery. I was being rationed off to the five fuckable girls but I had to orally satisfy Laura twice during the day. In addition the girls took care of themselves as often as they wanted too.

Sunday however the three girls ganged up on me and insisted that I fuck Laura! Even Gloria and Tina agreed with them. Hell yes! I wanted to fuck her so badly in the past several days that it actually hurt. So having these five girls insist kind of made me out to be the good guy. So I let them force me into it. Reluctantly I took my youngest daughter’s virginity. It was everything that I had expected it to be. I had just taken Donna’s virginity a week ago and now I was taking Laura’s too. I had never had a virgin before and I really liked this. Laura was nice and tight. Not so tight that it hurt her but a nice tight to slip into over and over again. It was one of the best fucks ever. Both Laura and I would remember this for the rest of our lives.

About mid-week the construction began for our pool area. A backhoe dug a pretty good size hole for the fiberglass pool that was on its way and another one for the large Jacuzzi. They dug a trench for water, electricity, and sewer to the house and connected it all in. When the pool itself arrived it was huge. It came in two pieces that needed to be glued together. There was a special seam to facilitate that connection. The pool was placed on a sandy bottom then more sand filled in the space between the hard dirt walls and the fiberglass pool. The same was done for the Jacuzzi. A large redwood deck was built around the pool to allow plenty of room for a party. A twelve-foot tall privacy fence was put up around that to keep any neighbors from looking in. A dressing room was built at one of the doors for the girls to use.

Two weeks later we were putting the patio tables, chairs, chase lounge chairs, and safety equipment around the deck and walls. The girls changing room was stocked with towels, lotions, and extra bikinis.

A couple of days later the water was heated and ready to use. It just so happened to be a Saturday. It was early in the season and apparently the first pool to be opened up and heated. The girls had several requests from their girlfriends to come over. Donna and Laura told then that there were special rules for when I was home and suggested that they come over after school for an hour every night.

Jill and Judy told everyone that they were coming on Saturday and that being naked in front of me was not all that bad and no big deal. Jill even talked her mother into coming over Saturday. She was single and thought that the idea was as interesting as Jill did.

Saturday we were up and out to the pool area early. As I walked through the girl’s dressing room I saw a nice sign that read, “Total nudity required if the man of the house is home” under it was another sign that read; “He is home.” When I turned that second sign over it read, “He is NOT home.” I smiled at my wife and she smiled back.

We all undressed and went it. I jumped in the water with my wife and we did a couple of laps before Jill and her mother came in. Jill’s mother looked good naked and didn’t seem at all embarrassed about it. Then again she really didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about. A while later Judy stopped by with two friends. I knew the two girls but sure took in their sweet bodies. Soon I was rubbing suntan oil and sun block on everyone. Two girls called over the fence and were told to come in. They were shyer than the other girls until they saw that the sign really did mean nude and a little time went by. In an hour you never would have know they were shy. They were both lying on their backs, knees up, and legs opening and closing like a swinging door. I was in heaven.

Gloria called for a pizza delivery and then she and Tina brought out a cooler full of soda and ice cubes. I was going to put on my shorts and greet the pizza delivery boy but Tina insisted on taking care of him herself. I gave her the money plus a nice tit. She said she was going to give him a nice tip herself. Tina folded the bills and tucked them in between her pussy lips.

The kid came into the backyard as instructed and called out. Tina rushed out to greet him. It was a few minutes before she came back in carrying the big box of pizza. She wiped her mouth, licked her lips, and said that the delivery boy tasted real good. The other girls laughed.

Two more girls arrived and Laura went to show them in. I had ten girls and three women around me and they were all naked. Most of them headed home for dinner with a promise to come back tomorrow. Jill and her mother joined us in the house for dinner. Before dinner was over Jill’s mother had been filled in on the sex that seems to naturally take place. It seems that Jill’s mother had not had sex in a few months and was dying to get fucked good and hard. That’s when Laura told her about me fucking Judy on top of the dinning room table. Judy had told Laura that it was the hardest fuck she had ever had, which was only a few really.

Right after the dinner dishes were done Jill’s mother lay out on the dinning room table face up. My wife and sister-in-law squirted a whole can of whipped cream on her body and limbs. My daughters poured chocolate syrup on top of that while Jill put cherries on her tits, belly button, and on her pussy.

Jill’s mother said, “Desert anyone?”

I knew that she was talking to me so I got on the table, opened her legs, and tried to lick my way to her pussy. Shortly I said fuck it and did just that. I damn near fell off of her because of all that whipped cream but I managed to catch myself. It helped that Jill’s mother held on to me. I tried to remember what I was supposed to do even though I wanted to relax and enjoy this. I couldn’t help but want to savor ever pussy that I enter. However as Jill’s mother encouraged me to ram her into the table I did. I was sure that her pubic bone would be bruised tomorrow as well as my own. I was actually afraid that I was hurting her especially when she cried out during her orgasm. She couldn’t thank me enough afterwards. Gloria and Tina invited her to sleep with us and for Jill to sleep with Donna and Laura. That way they would already be here for the pool party tomorrow.

We slept through our midnight skinny-dipping. We had breakfast in the pool area right after I fucked Jill’s mother on the nice hard deck. Judy and the six girls from yesterday showed up as well as four more girls. I had now seen twelve of my daughter’s girlfriends completely naked. Jill’s mother talked Judy’s mother into joining us adults. It was an amazing first weekend to celebrate the opening of the pool. I was already considering putting a roof over it for the winter months.

The End

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