Man with bright green umbrella

Man with bright green umbrella

Prelude: So pure, so… Innocent…

Kari shivered as she run her hands along her wet clothes. She was waiting for the bus in the hard rain that had caught her off guard. She was just returning home from after having gone to see movies for the first time all alone.

“I’m going to catch cold like this,” she mumbled to herself while rolling her arms around her sides as if hugging herself.

Suddenly as Kari looked to her side she noticed a man looking at her. The man wore completely black clothes and a hoodie that concealed his face. Everything he wore was totally black except for the umbrella, which was bright green. Bright, vomit colorful green.

“Umm may I help you?” Kari asked while trying to see if he was someone she knew.

The man did not respond but only stood in the rain. Kari felt somewhat uncomfortable. What if he was some sort of a prankster who wanted to scare her? Or even worse, some sort of a bad man wanting to harm her?

Just then the screeching sound of the bus’ doors opening broke her thoughts. Kari thanked her luck in her head while quickly entering the bus going to her home.


As soon as Kari had gotten home, she took off her clothes and got into bath so she’d not catch cold. Tai was playing video games with Agumon.

“I’m so glad I’m finally back home,” she thought to herself while starting to relax in the bathtub some more and closing her eyes.

However soon she felt someone cover her mouth with his or her hand and as she woke up she noticed it was the very same person who had observed her in the rain.

The man moved his index finger towards Kari’s lips while whispering, ”If you scream, I’ll slaughter your entire family before your eyes. Do you understand?”

Kari nodded slowly which brought a grin upon the man’s face. Kari did not recognize the man, as he seemed like a normal man in his 30’s with a small scar on his left cheek and brown eyes.

“Good girl… Now… I want to see your body better, get out from the bath,” the man commanded her.

Kari stood up to reveal her flat chest and small figure. She shivered from fear, as she didn’t know what he’d do to her. She wanted to scream but was afraid he’d hurt Tai.

The man rubbed his crotch while starting to unzip it “Now… I want to suck it like you suck a lollipop…”

“No, no, no! It’s dirty…” Kari protested but the man took strong hold of her head and forced his dick into her mouth.

He laughed while he forced her head back and forth making her almost choke to the cock “I didn’t ask, you mini bitch… Don’t you dare bite or I’ll break your teeth.”

Kari cried as she began to lick around the head of the dick. She licked underneath the foreskin and over the red tip, while the man was starting to breathe more heavily and stroke his dick off at the same time. She was starting to suck it hard when….

”Kari!! Kari wake up!!” Tai’s voice yelled.

Kari opened her eyes and screamed a bit. She had fallen asleep. The bath was over flooded and the water was running down the floor.

”Kari, are you all right??” Tai inquired while knocking on the door.

Kari turned the faucet off as she got off from the bath and covered herself with a towel “I’m fine!!”

She opened the door for Tai who was very shocked too “What happened? There’s water all over the floors.”

”I… I’m sorry… I must have fallen asleep…” she mumbled as she hurried past Tai to her room.

There she sat on the bed. Her pussy was itchy as if she’d need to pee and it felt weird. She reached her hand and rubbed it, which made her give out a small whimper.

”Why does it feel so good…?” she thought to herself while starting to rub her pussy more.

She gave a soft moan while she inserted a finger inside of her moist opening and started to roll it around, wetness dribbling onto her finger. She squeezed her eyes shut and lied down to her back as she started to pump her fingers in and out while continuously rubbing herself.

”Why did I dream of stuff like that…?” she thought to herself while the vision of a hard cock remained in her imagination.

Kari soon came with an eerie cry of pleasure for the first time in her life.


Interlude: Path to pain and…?

Lady Devimon groaned as she started to come to her senses.

“Wh… What happened? Some guy approached me and hit m….” she thought while slowly opening her eyes.

Just then she screamed as she saw her body. Her arms and legs had been cut off and she screamed as she tried to wiggle the small stumps. From the corner of her eye she could see a woman with her back turned for her. She had a long red hair that reached all the way to her butt.

“Oh you woke up too soon, I guess I should have used a stronger tranquiller,” the woman said while she turned around and Lady Devimon could see that she was wearing butcher’s outfit and some sort of a big red devil mask that completely covered her face.

“Any progress?” a voice suddenly called out to the woman.

The woman turned to face the direction of the voice “Oh it’s you. Did you do what I asked?”

”Indeed, I held my part of the bargain. I just came here to see how you were doing before continuing on with the plan,” the male voice continued to speak.

The woman laughed and shook her head “Don’t worry about me, I am more than capable of carrying out on my own. You just go and continue doing your thing.”


Chapter 1: Mind is a terrible thing to waste

“… And then the boy returned home. The End,“ Nancy closured the bedtime story she was reading for TK whom had fallen asleep. She smiled while closing the book and kissing him on the forehead “Sweet dreams my lovely son.”

Nancy walked out of the room and carefully closed the door so she’d not wake him up. She gave a yawn and stretched her arms while walking over to the sofa and turning up the TV. There was still thirty minutes left before her favorite show would air and she felt almost as tired as TK was.

“I probably will have to miss the episode, “ she thought when she could swear she felt a breeze which made her shiver.

Just then she saw from her corner of the eye a man, wearing black clothes and holding a green umbrella. Nancy blinked and the man was gone.

”W…. What? I… Must be more tired than I think,” she thought to herself while she started to make her bed.

TK… TK do you hear me?

TK slowly opened his eyes hearing strange voices “Uhmm…What a weird dream…”

TK… TK do you know that your mother loves you very much?

TK looked left and right while he asked “What? Who’s talking?”

[i]TK…TK your mother would love it if you’d eat her.

Now the blonde boy was starting to shiver while he crawled underneath the blanket covering him “I am just imagining the voices…”

Eat me TK.

Eat me.

Eat… Me…

The voice had changed to the voice of her mother.

Eat me… You know you want to…

“My mom… Is so cute…” TK thought while he licked his lips.

He got up and carefully opened the door. Her mother was asleep in the sofa, so he made his way to the kitchen and placed the chair so he could stand on it. He then picked up a meat cleaver from its holding place and started to walk towards his mother.

Eat me TK… Feast on my tender flesh and tear the meat off from around the bones…

TK gave a yell and swung the meat cleaver at Nancy’s right hand. It made a sickening noise as the bones were crushed and there began to come tons of blood out from the sides of the cleaver. Just then, the mother woke up and realized what had happened. But she did not scream, instead she smiled a loving smile, while she moved her blanket away so TK could see her sexy underwear. She moved the healthy hand towards the panties and began to rub her pussy through them while starting to breathe harder. TK pulled the cleaver up and looked at the gushing mess of what was once an arm. He swung the meat cleaver again; this time the hand was totally amputated, which made Nancy moan as she inserted two fingers inside her moist pussy. TK raised the separated hand and took a bite out from the blood leaking part.

“How does it taste? Do you like how I taste you son of a bitch?” Nancy moaned.

“I love it mommy, you taste lovely!!” TK moaned while he held the arm over his mouth and squeezed the arm making the blood drip down into his mouth. He then moved the arm over to her mom’s head and let some of the blood drip down her face which she licked while she was starting to finger herself faster and harder, as her wet cunt started to make loud noises.

“Eat me TK, eat me whole…” she murmured.

TK swung the meat cleaver directly at the mom’s throat. She gagged and started to gasp for air as TK pulled the cleaver off and lowered his head while beginning to eat the gore and the fleshy remains. Just the moment before she died, Nancy reached her orgasm.

“TK!!!! What are you doing!??!” voice suddenly exclaimed to him.

TK turned around and saw it was Patamon who had his mouth wide open in shock “It’s not what it looks like! She wanted me to eat her!!”

“TK, how could you kill your mother??!!” Patamon screamed while he was in a total shock and not knowing how to react.

TK suddenly came to his senses, as his pupils shrank while tears ran down his eyes and she exclaimed, “What have I done??!”

“Still… She looks kind of cute, doesn’t she? “Patamon asked while a smile came to his face.

TK smiled too and the two giggled. Then they began laughing. The laugh continued to grow to the point where you could question the sanity of the two.

Just then TK gasped as he woke up. His pajamas were covered with some sticky substance and his penis felt bigger than it usually was…

”What’s this?” TK wondered while he brought some of the substance to his mouth. It tasted a bit of salty and he kind of liked it.

TK started to rub his small erection, hoping that he’d get more of the sticky substance out from it…

“Mmm tasty stuff…” he murmured while continuing to beat off.


Chapter 2: Crappy Halloween

Several days had passed with the weird ‘dreams’ repeating themselves upon TK and Kari over and over again, bringing them both closer towards a total mental break down. Despite all of this they had still decided to come to the party where the Digi Destined would be gathered to have a Halloween party with their Digimon. Unknown to all of them however was the fact that there was something sinister about to happen.

“Okay everyone! Our parents have been kind enough to actually pay for us to have this place to ourselves for tonight, so let’s make sure it’ll not be damaged!” Tai spoke while he opened the doors leading to the ballroom.

Mimi ran inside and looked around surprised “This is amazing!! I knew they had something planned for us but I couldn’t ever expect this!!”

”Maybe this is their thanks for us saving the world?” Tai jokingly replied.

Joe pulled a snack bar out from his backpack while he sat down “You want some Gomamon?”

“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” the Digimon replied.

At the same time, TK was unloading his pack when suddenly Kari walked to front of him “TK, can you please come with me? I need to talk to you in private.”

“What’s this about Kari?” he replied while turning his attention away from the bag.

Kari bit her lip and looked to her side “Can you please just come with me to somewhere private…?”

“Well I guess we could go to the bathroom… “ TK pondered out loud.

Kari immediately turned her vision back to him “Yes, that’ll do perfectly.”

The two walked into the bathroom with Kari leading the way and when getting inside, they locked the door and TK almost immediately asked, “So what did you want to talk about?”

“For past these days… I’ve been thinking non-stop about you TK… Or rather… A part of you…” Kari murmured while she moved her hand over to his crotch and starting to gently rub it.

TK gasped from shock “What are you doing??”

“I want to feel your penis… And see it hard…” Kari cooed while she unbuttoned TK’s pants.

Eat me TK… I want you to… Eat me…

Just then, TK moved his head forward and bit Kari on her shoulder through her shirt. She screamed a bit and pushed him away.

“That hurt TK!!” she exclaimed but TK moved forward and placed his hand on her mouth.

She looked at his eyes that were filled with desire as he spoke “Shut up slut. You’re going to get it only this way. If you struggle I’ll eat through your throat but if you’ll co operate, I’ll be gentle.”

Kari was silent but finally gave a weak nod as TK smiled and moved forward and gently placed his teeth on Kari’s smooth skin. He gently nibbled on it and saw Kari squeeze her eyes shut. How she was giving herself for him made him very much aroused and he felt the same excitement as before. He moved his hand down to stroke his cock as he pulled his mouth away. There was just a tiny biting mark.

The two stared at each other, both breathing heavily with their eyes filled with a pure passion. Kari realized that the idea of him dominating her during their first time was starting to arouse her. She closed her eyes and leaned towards TK while putting her lips to kissing position. He did the same and their lips met as they shared their first kiss.

And with that TK came back to his senses and began to mumble “I… I’m so…” only to be interrupted by Kari.

“TK… I feel so hot down there…” Kari whimpered while she rubbed her pussy through her dress.

The boy moved his hand underneath the hemline of the dress and touched her wet pussy “Oh Kari……”

“Mmmm TK” Kari murmured while she raised her hemline so high that he could see her tiny tummy and the panties that had some cat’s picture at front.

He moved the panties a bit down and started to rub on the entrance of the pussy while she rolled her hand around the dick and began to move her hand up and down as she had in the dream seen the man do. TK let out a slight moan while a little amount of precum came to Kari’s hand, while he inserted his finger into her pussy and began circling around it.

“I want more than a finger… I want you inside of me…” Kari moaned while licking her lips.

TK nodded and took hold of his penis and tried to find the entrance and insert it in. Kari moved her hand to help get the dick into her virgin pussy. Finally the two succeeded in finding the spot and the tip of TK’s cock successfully went inside. Kari bit her teeth together as she leaned against the toilet bowl and TK began to push his penis into her pussy. He soon met some resistance, Kari’s hymen. He pushed forward which made Kari give a whimper of pain as her cherry was popped and the blood lubed the cock.

”Don’t stop… Don’t stop…” Kari groaned while shaking her head back and forth from both the pain and the excitement.

TK moaned while he began to move in and out of the pussy “Oh Kari…. Kari….”

Soon TK groaned as he came into the pussy of Kari. Kari opened her mouth as she felt some of his semen enter her.

”I want more… It just started to feel good…” she moaned while looking back at him with dreamy eyes.

TK pondered what to do before he got an idea “How about you get on me?”

Kari nodded so TK pulled his penis out and moved to sit on the bowl. Kari climbed over him and then slowly started to lower herself on the penis. She gasped as it entered her pussy and she started to move herself gently up and down the erection that while being small was just big enough for her.

”Mmm it feel so good…” she moaned while rocking her hips against TK’s.

TK moaned as he hugged onto Kari tightly “Oh Kari… It’s going to come again…. The white stuff is going to come again…”

“Mmm yes…… Do it…. Do it again…” she moaned while she was closing her own orgasm as well.

TK gave a small cry of pleasure as he ejaculated inside Kari again, making her cum as well.

After staying in the position for several moments while trying to catch breath, Kari finally stood up from the dick with a trail of her juices leading down to his cock. She pulled her panties up while smiling “I don’t know why but I really needed to do that… I hope you don’t think I’m weird or anything.”

“Oh no… I am sorry if I hurt you… It was just like something was drawing me and making me do it…” he replied.

Long moment of silence passed between the two.

“Let’s get back to where the others are,” Kari finally responded.


Final Chapter: HEAR MY NIGHTMARE!!!

Several hours passed. The atmosphere between TK and Kari was awkward to say the least and they could barely look at each other. The primal passion the two had shared before felt now like an embarrassing and stupid mistake.

“I hope Kari won’t hate me,” TK thought to himself.

Just then someone knocked on the door. Joe went to open it and behind it stood the man in dark costume.

”May I help you?” Joe asked the stranger but there was no response.

Instead the man took hold of his umbrella and slapped with its end at both of the cheeks of Joe before kicking him into chest which made him fly on his back and gasp for breath.

“Joe!!!” Gomamon exclaimed as he rushed towards his partner who was knocked unconscious.

Everyone were shocked and angered, and just as the Digimon were ready to pummel the intruder with all their might they heard laughing noise from the other side of the ballroom. Having come from a back entrance was a woman wearing a devil mask. With her was what seemed like a Lady Devimon but this one was different from the one who had served Piedmon. She didn’t have the dark helmet, there were two bolts attached to her forehead, and her long silver hair was running down freely. Her right hand was missing and instead there was some huge gun like arm while the other arm resembled a claw. Her feet were more muscular and seemed like they’d belong to WarGreymon. These new limbs seemed to have been stitched together and they looked really out of place on her otherwise beautiful body. She had a glassy expression on her face and it seemed like she had drooled on herself.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?!” Tai questioned the person.

The mysterious woman lowered her masked head “The time of retribution for humanity has come for all that they did for me and you’re the only possible people able to posses a threat for our plan! I’m the most brilliant scientist ever to live! I still am treated like a complete scum and filth just because I was born… Bit different,” she spoke while she raised her hemline a bit and revealed a flaccid penis hanging underneath.

”You’re a guy!!” Kari exclaimed.

The mysterious person shook her head while caressing the soft dick “I’m not a guy. I am nothing. I’m neither of the two but I’m rather a complete one sex. I was born with both the genitalia and my parents had my pussy stitched up and closed hoping I’d become a normal male. But it didn’t stop my hormone growth of this cursed body… “ she spoke and was silent for a moment. She then continued to talk but with a voice of a man “My boobs began to grow while I kept growing a beard and sounding like a guy. Anywhere I went all I ever got was pure hatred. Then I met my only friend in the world…” she spoke while pointing at the man on the other side of the room who bowed his head a bit. “He’s a Digimon by the name Slendamon, a true born mutant by being neither human nor a Digimon. Each Digimon cast him aside just as all humans abandoned me. Together we realized that if the world wouldn’t accept us as we are, we would kill each and everyone normal person or Digimon. Leaving only the ones who share the similar fate of ours.”

Sora looked at Slendamon “I don’t understand, he doesn’t seem like no one would accept his looks.”

Slendamon smiled and dropped his umbrella. He tilted his head to other side while his lower abdomen started moving around as if something was underneath the outfit alive. Just then his clothes were torn apart as underneath was revealed 6 hands, which were attached to an orange seething mass of pulsating flesh. The upper part seemed really tiny compared to the lower part and the horrible Digimon grinned as Mimi was so disgusted by the horrendous sight that she threw up.

“Agumon!!! Digivolve now!!!” Tai screamed once the shock wore off him.

Agumon nodded and yelled as he Warp Digivolved to WarGreymon, while Gabumon Warp Digivolved to MetalGarumon, while everyone else Digivolved to their Ultimate form aside Patamon and Gatomon who for some reason remained same.

“Daliamon, kill them all,” the hermaphrodite ordered while she was starting to masturbate her growing erection.

The mysterious female Digimon’s eyes lit up from joy and she pointed her gun arm towards WarGreymon while she screamed “Gore Nightmare!!”

Immediately from the cannon there flew a lot of pinkish liquid that covered WarGreymon. As WarGreymon looked down to see what happened he saw that the liquid was starting form into tiny heads whom all began laughing and staring directly into eyes of him.

”Get them off! Get them off!!!!” WarGreymon screamed while starting to claw himself and devolving into Koromon.

“Metal blaster!!” MetalGarumon chanted as the icy flames shot from his mouth towards the mysterious female Digimon who blocked the attack with the gun arm.

At the same time, Garudamon used her Wing Blade against Slendamon as the fiery bird exploded and one of the arms fell off. Just then the huge Digimon’s eyes lit up bright red and Garudamon screamed. Soon she turned away from Slendamon and suddenly shot Wing Blade at Zudomon.

”Slendamon has powers to affect a person’s mind,” the hermaphrodite laughed. “Your pathetic Digimons' won’t stand a chance, only holy Digimon can destroy them. And you have lost your purity and innocence and cannot become Angels again! You succumbed to please your carnal needs,” she moaned while she reached her orgasm, sending her semen flying all over the blood and gore covered Koromon who was twitching in agony.

TK was silent for a long time but then spoke “I did what I did because…. I love Kari… Ever since I met her, I’ve loved her.”

“TK…” Kari silently said while she was almost smiling.

The two walked towards each other and shared a lover’s kiss, which at the same time made Patamon become MagnaAngemon and Gatomon Angewomon whom both floated towards the ceiling.

”This poor Digimon has gone insane. We are doing her a favor by granting her a swift death,” MagnaAngemon spoke while he casted Magna Antidote which cured the mind of Garudamon.

Angewomon moved her fingers as she prepared her trademark attack “Celestial Arrow!!”

The arrow flew straight at Daliamon who tried to block the attack with her gun arm. There came a small explosion and some electricity was shot from the arm as it fell off.

“Soul Banish!!” MagnaAngemon yelled while he threw his blade directly through Daliamon.

Daliamon blinked twice. Then she collapsed on the floor with some blood starting to come from her mouth.

The devil mask-wearing woman was shocked beyond words, as she screamed, “NO!! This can’t be happening!! Our plan was flawless!!”

At the same time MetalGarumon dove forward and took a big bite of Slendamon who screamed in agony.

“MetalGarumon, get out of the way,” MagnaAngemon yelled which the furry Digimon gladly did while the angel was starting to make his biggest move. “Gate of Destiny!!”

The huge gate opened before Slendamon and began to suck the being inside. While being sucked forward, MagnaAngemon suddenly shot an aurora beam that hit directly against the belly of the horrible monster making two more arms fall off to floor. The mutant Digimon screamed as he was pulled into the endless Gate of Destiny that proceeded to disintegrate.

“No! Nooo!!” the evil woman screamed as she tried to run away only to run straight against Angewomon.

The female angel eyed the human from head and toe “You’ve done so much evil and all just for your petty revenge. You shouldn’t try to give into the path of despair, that’s exactly what the people who bully you would want you to do. You need to take a new set in your life and prove to other people that they were wrong judging you.”

“I… I…” the woman began to talk when she reached into her cloak and suddenly pulled a butcher knife out “Die you whore!!!”

Angewomon ducked the attack and flew a bit higher “I was going to give you a chance but I now understand you’ve gone beyond help…. Celestial Arrow!!”

The arrow flew directly into the chest of the woman. She gasped and took hold of her chest while dropping the knife and falling to her knees. She then fell on her face first on the floor and she died.

“I… Have never killed a human before…” Angewomon muttered silently.

TK walked towards the corpse and began to remove the mask when MagnaAngemon placed his hand over his shoulder “No. She wore that for some reason. Let her keep her dignity in her death.”

TK was silent but nodded and left the mask to cover the mysterious person’s face. Everyone was shocked and confused because of the amount of hatred and madness the woman had possessed. It had finally reached the point where something in her head must have snapped. Now all that was left was ask a question…

Could this happen to any us?

The end…?

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