Meeting A Friend For The First Time In Person

Meeting A Friend For The First Time In Person

Ok so to start out about this wonderful story of two people making passionate love I’ll first tell you the basics about them… First there is me, my names Nick, I’m 18, 6’6”, 190lbs, and I have a build that’s between skinny and muscle, and I have about 7in penis. Then there is Karys she is 16, 5’6”, 115lbs, she has a petite build and her bust size is 32 A.

So this story begins on a day like any other, a nice cloud free day these two meet up in person for the first time at Karys house. I finally get to Karys after a five hour drive, “I am nervous yet excited to meet her” I think as I walk to the front door. As I knock I think “I could be making a big mistake, she might not even like me in person.” As the front door opens I cannot help but smile as I see it is infact Karys who has opened the door. As we sit on the couch and exchange hellos and talk a little bit as to get to know one another more than we already do we stop talking and look into each others eyes as if they were magnetically attracted to one another. As if by some magical force we lean towards each other and our lips embrace in a magnificent kiss as if fireworks started going off in our heads when our lips touched.

After sometime of making out and a little bit of groping we break the kiss and we both turn red with embarrassment as we still cannot look away from the others eyes. As we are home alone and we know we will be for the next 12hours we take full advantage of the situation. With Karys being a virgin I took the lead as I slowly started kissing her while I lifted her shirt up, she caught on quickly and started to do the same with mine. As I get her shirt over her head I start kissing her again as I reach behind her to unhook her bra, she stops me right as I am about to take it off and pushes me so my backs agenst the back of the couch and she stands up and sits on my lap with her legs on the outside of mine then she slowly almost as if she’s teasing me takes her bra off and aggressively starts to make out with me.

Within the lustful making out I start to undo her pants, and she stops me and says “lets go to my room” so I carry her while I make out with her to her room and I lay her on her bed and slide her pants off as she undoes mine and they fall to the floor. She’s wearing a sexy little g-string and I start nibbling and sucking on her neck and it drives her crazy as I can tell because her breathing quickened and she started digging her nails into my back. I slowly make my way down from her neck to her tits as I am sucking and nibbling on one I am playing with the other as I switch from time to time. She stops me and pulls my head to hers as we embrace with a sweet kiss, I slide her g-string off as I lightly rub my fingers over her dripping wet pussy and she makes a sharp inhale as I do so. I get on my knees next to the bed and I first just gaze at the wonderful sight in front of me for a second then I start kissing her thigh up to her pussy and I lightly lick the length of it and I feel her shudder with excitement then I find her clit as I start an all out assault on it as she starts to moan wildly. At that moment as if some hidden beast in me comes out and I start going at it like it’s the last thing I’ll ever eat again. She starts panting as if she had lost her breath and she quickly wraps her legs around my head as a violent orgasm comes over her and I get to reap the rewards of my good doing.

After she catches her breath and has regained composure she pulls me up, pulls my boxers down and looks at my extremely hard cock with a look of delight. With that she stands up pushes me on the bed and says “time to return the favor” and with that she grabs my cock and puts her mouth around the head and slowly starts taking more in and when she finally gets it all the way in without gagging she starts bobbing her head like she was a pro. She knows all the sensitive spots by trial and error and so she uses them to her advantage, as she works the spots I suddenly say “I’m going to cum” with that she moans to bring it on as I unleash a violent orgasm down her throat and she tries to swallow it all but a little bit overflows out of the corners of her mouth. She stands up wipes her chin and licks it off her hand climbs on top of me and we start passionately making out while I regain composure.

Once we rest a bit I start fingering her as I kiss her neck and then she stops me and looks straight into my eyes and says “please take my virginity now” I don’t need to be told twice as I look deep into her eyes I lean down to passionately kiss Karys as I slowly slide my cock into her tight wet pussy as she winces with a little bit of pain she soon relaxes and then with one hard push I break her hymen she inhales sharply and closes her eyes tight as a single tear rolls down her face as I am all the way in her waiting for her to give me the ok to continue.

Once she gets over the pain she looks back into my eyes as I slowly start to slide out but right as the head of my cock is about to come out I slowly push it back in, she locks her legs behind me so she can match my thrusts as she moans for me to go faster. I do just that I start to increase the speed and she starts moaning out for me to make her cum again, so I go as fast as I can without hurting her or myself and she screams out that’s she’s Cumming and her pussy contracts around my cock making me cum as well.

I collapse next to her as I turn my head to look at her our eyes lock and we can see the lust and passion in them as she sits up she notices the small amount of blood that has come out from her hymen breaking and she suggests a shower so we walk to the shower and turn it on to just the right temperature. Once the shower starts we cannot keep our hands off each other and our tongues from the others mouth as I go from her mouth to nibbling on her neck and fingering her she says she wants to fuck again, and she looks down and grabs my hard cock and says looks like you are too.

I pick her up and use the wall as support as I slowly fuck her agenst the wall she starts scratching my back again as she says she’s getting close to another orgasm as I push harder and harder with each time she squeezes me tight with her legs and lets out a loud scream of pleasure and she starts breathing really hard so I lay down with her on top of me as she lays on top of me with my cock still deep inside her and the water from the shower head still beating down on us she sits up and starts to slowly gyrate her hips and starts going up and down before I flip us over so I’m on top now as I start to feel my own orgasm start to build up she starts moaning she’s getting close again and with that I start pushing harder as she starts to shudder with another orgasm it results in making me cum as I lay down next to her and hold her tight agenst me and I whisper in her ear “that was wonderful I think I love you” and with that we both gently drift off to sleep with the shower still running.

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