Megan`s Birthday Wish

Megan`s Birthday Wish

“OH, Daddy!” Megan moaned as her father`s tongue worked over her clit. “That feels so good.”

“Shh, you`ll wake the neighbors.” Daddy whispered, popping his head out from under his daughter`s nightgown.

“But it feels so good, I can`t help it.” She pouted, her tiny rosebud lips cute even when upset.

“Just try to keep it down, ok?” Daddy ducked back down and returned to licking and suckling the little nub that drove his daughter insane with pleasure. It didn`t take long before she was writhing under him, biting her hand to keep from shrieking as an orgasm ripped through her tiny body.

It had only been a month after Mama left them for a traveling salesman that Daddy had found himself leaning on his daughter, just eight years old, to fill her mother`s shoes. Those early days, he`d contented himself with jerking off while she was in the tub, the shower curtain half pulled so she couldn`t see. But when she HAD seen, by accident once, she`d demanded to touch his cock and make him come herself.
Such had been her delight that he had allowed his little girl to run her tiny hands up and down his shaft every night, bringing him to climax. Then, feeling bad for being the only one getting any pleasure out of the deal, he`d carried her in to bed after her bath one night, still damp and spread her skinny legs and given her her very first orgasm with his tongue.

In the two years since then, the pair had spent countless hours licking and sucking each other. Daddy had never gone further, he didn`t want to hurt his baby.

“Daddy?” Megan pulled him up so he could kiss her with his mouth full of her juices. “Remember that tomorrow is my birthday?”

“Of course, darling.”

“And you said I could have anything I wanted.”

“That`s right. If I can afford it, it`s yours.”

“Well. . . “ She hesitated.

“Well, what?” he smiled down at his baby girl and she bit her lip.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“No, honey, not yet, I don`t want to hurt you.” He protested.

“Please, Daddy. It`s ALL I want . . . to feel your cock inside me, to feel your come shooting into me . . . really. PLEASE!”

He couldn`t resist his daughter`s big blue eyes and with a sigh, he agreed to take her virginity the following day.

Megan was very excited when she woke up. But Daddy wasn`t ready. He made her shower while he suckled her clit and made her come three times in the shower. Then he had her dress up and they went out for breakfast. He stroked her leg under the table where no one could see and Megan nearly wet herself with excitement.

They went for a walk in the park and then for ice cream and Megan was getting impatient. Finally, late afternoon, they returned home.

“I got you something very special.” Daddy said, as they went up to his room. Megan pulled her dress off and lay down on the bed and Daddy got out a gift.

“What is it? I want you to fuck me.”

“I will, I will, but this will help.”

Inside the brightly adorned gift bag was a little pink vibrator, slender and about 4” long.

Daddy turned it on and ran it over her clit . . . Megan was already so excited that she orgasmed immediately. He slid the vibrator inside her tiny pussy and gently pushed it in until it hit her hymen and then back out. After another minute, she had her second orgasm.

“Daddy, this is nice, but I want your cock. Now!” Megan snapped. He laughed and set the vibrator aside.

“I just wanted to get you ready for me.” He said, kissing those rosebud lips. He grasped his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, which was soaking wet. Then he pressed it against the entrance of her cunt. “Are you ready?”

“Just put it in already.” She said, exasperated. He thrust himself in hard, ripping through the hymen and ramming hard into her cervix, the pain making his little girl`s eyes pop with surprise.

“Are you ok? We can stop now, if you want.”

“No, just a minute.” She breathed slowly for a moment and then began to move slowly under her father.

Daddy took that as a sign and began to pump slowly in and out of her little cunt, relishing the feel of a pussy on his dick after more than two years. He knew he wouldn`t last long.
“Honey, Daddy`s going to come.”

“Come inside me, I want to feel your sperm in me.” She said eagerly, eyes bright with excitement. That was all he needed to hear. Daddy began to pump hard and fast, his dick bumping her cervix with every thrust of his hips and bringing him closer. He moved faster and faster, feeling the orgasm building up in his balls until he exploded inside his little girl. Megan moaned in ecstasy and came at the same time, her cunt muscles milking his dick of every last drop of cum.

“Ohhh, that was amazing.” Daddy sighed, falling back on the bed. He lifted his head to watch the trickle of semen run out of his daughter`s pussy. “Are you ok?”

“I LOVE it. I love you.” Megan beamed. “When can we do it again?”

Daddy laughed. “Well, you might want to take some time to recover, but I`ll be good to go in another hour.” Megan smiled and cuddled up to him.

“Thank you for granting my birthday wish, Daddy.”

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