More just 2 girlfriends.

More just 2 girlfriends.

Amy and Brandy had always been close friends. Since they were kids they always did crazy shit together. Like that one time when they were 12 and played ding dong ditch at 3 am. Or at school when they hung a dummy from the flagpole to make it look like a body. Everyone though it was so cool.
But once they were both 16 everything changed.

"Brandy.. Am I ugly?" Amy asked.

"Of course not. Your tits are so incredible I'd kill for them. All the boys stare. They WISH they could get in your pants. Like — nevermind." Brandy ended abruptly. Brandy never told Amy that she always liked her. Always wanted to get into her pants and fuck her. But she was sure she didnt want to do just that.

"Like who? What did you say?"

"Nothing nevermind". Brandy felt herself blush and her nipples became erect.


"Y- Yes.."

"No fucking way!" Amy yelled. they were both at her house. Amy in a big chair and Brandy in another. "Shes gotta be joking." Amy though. Although Amy felt kind of horny by it. She knew she wanted her pussy. They were both virgins. And they both wanted to change it that night. Amy knew she wanted it.

"Yeah. Its true. It's always been this way. Since 7th grade." Brandy thought of how sexy Amy was. She became wet. But she closed her legs so Amy couldn't see.

Amy was shocked. But at the same time happy and scared. She liked Brandy too. Ever since they changed together in 7th grade gym. Shed always take looks. But shed make sure Brandy couldn't see.

"I never had the balls to tell you." Brandy said.

"I hope you dont have balls." They both laughed. "But I never did either." Amy confessed.


"Yeah. Im not lying either." Amy looked deep into Brandys eyes. She then Stood up and walked to Brandy.

"What are you doing?" Brandy asked.

"Shh…" She leaned over to Brandy and kissed her. Full on the lips. Brandy was surprised at first. But then kissed back. Tongue and all. Brandy stood up and started to unzip her tight jeans. Amy looked down. "Brandy… Lets go to my room."

"I'd be glad to!" Brandy said with excitement. They were home alone and Brandys parents along with Amys were out of town. Both were the only kids in the family. So they knew they wouldn't be disturbed.

Brandy then unzipped her jeans all the way when Amy threw he on her bed. She threw them off exposing her red thong that was wet in the front. Amy then took off her shirt showing her round 32c tits. She wore no bra because she hated having them on because they itched. Brandy stared.

"Wow theyre so sexy." Brandy did the same but it showed her black push up bra. She unhooked it and was topless along with Amy. Amy got on the bed and began kissing Brandy. A long loving kiss. Brandy became wet and couldn't take it. She took off her panties and fingered herself.

Amy pulled away and took off her shorts. Showing her black thong. She was wet too and threw off her panties as well. She was just about as wet as Brandy.

"Brandy… Im going to do something I saw in a porno flick." She leaned down to Brandys pussy and began lapping up her juices like a cat. Brandy having no idea she was going to do this began moaning and felt a wave of orgasmic blasts through her body.

"HOLY SHIT AMY! Yes! Oh my god yes!" Brandy had never had her pussy licked. She only fingered herself. This was her first time ever being eaten out. She couldn't have picked a better person either.

After a few minutes of moaning and licking Brandy had her first orgasm. "Oh…. Jesus Christ…… Yes!!! Amy that…. That was amazing!!"

Amy lay on the bed legs spread pussy wet and said "Now you do me.."

Brandy smiled. "I'd be glad to." Brandy began licking her warm cunt.

"OH MY GOD!!" This was Amys first time too. But she had a much louder reaction. She screamed and moaned because her orgasm was going to come so fast. After about 45 seconds she came. And had her first orgasm. She writhed with an amazing orgasmic feeling while cumming in Brandys mouth. Brandy swallowed her cunty juices.

"How was it?" Brandy asked.

"Amazing" Amy said. "Now we do something more… erotic." Amy dug into her drawer and pulled out a vibrator. Amy turned it on high and began stuffing it into her pussy and collapsed. "It feels…. so…. goooood……" Amy moaned.

Brandy being very excited about this watched and fingered herself. After Amy got done having a jolly ole time with her vibrator it was Brandys turn. She hapily accepted. "Ive never used one." she said.

"Hell I have." She laughed and watched.

Brandy pushed it far into her pussy. She moaned and yelled "Amy! Come here… Suck my rock hard nipples… Please…."

Amy walked over to her and began sucking her nipple feeling it get a little harder when she first put her mouth on it. Rolling her tounge on it and hearing Brandy moan was like heaven for her. She playfully bit it and went over to the other one. This time she licked it. She kept her tongue out and licked. Brandy in the meantime had yet another orgasm due to the vibrator and Amys sucking. After she had came Amy stopped.

She came up from her breasts and kissed her. Eventually Brandy fell asleep due to exhaustion. Amy held her in her arms and fell asleep as well. That night was the beginning of two best friends very sexual relationship.

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