Mr K's Favourite Student

Mr K's Favourite Student

The Point of view switch with each paragraph, it starts with Lee:

Jen had been at the school for 5 years, she was a complete brain box, she knew the answer to every question, and every teacher thought of her as a model student. I joined the school in year 8; all that time ago, we barely knew each other, we’re not that close now, just good friends. It’s year 10 now, things are getting scary as we realise it’s just a year and a half left till we sit our GCSE’s. There was one more thing about Jen, she was stunning, not so much in school, so most of the boys didn’t take a second look at her, especially as she made lessons a living hell for everyone else, but the school uniform wasn’t very flattering. Her breasts are huge, she has a fantastic figure and her face is just unexplainably beautiful. We we’re sitting in English when I first realised something was odd, my name was on the board for some reason, I had noticed but said nothing about it, but of course Jen did, “Sir, why is Lee’s name on the board?”, the English teacher didn’t hesitate, “I need to see him after the lesson, Lee, do you mind waiting?” although I wanted to get to break as soon as possible, I told him it would be fine. Apart from that the lesson was very normal, though Sir looked at Jen frequently throughout the class. When the bell went I collected my things, Sir walked up to my table, “Lee, it’s nothing that important it’s just that there are some spelling mistakes on your last piece of coursework, I thought it might be a good idea for you to go home and correct the spelling mistakes and print it out again…” I looked at him, “Are you allowed to do that?”, he smiled at me briefly, which he didn’t do often, he was a very talkative man, but rarely smiled, or gave the student any real insight into his life or his opinions, “no, not really, but they are silly mistakes, probably just typing errors so I’ll let you off, but I need to run some of the coursework by the headmaster tomorrow, is it possible you could drop it off after school today, I am running some after school clubs so I’ll be at school till 7.00…” I only lived a few minutes away from the school so told him it would be fine, as I walked out sir called me again, “Uh, could you ask Olga to come up and see me at lunch time please?”, I turned back frustrated that it was taking so long for me to get to break, “Sure thing sir…”

Lee walked up to me, “Jen, Mr K wants you to come up to his room at lunch time”, I smiled, “Thanks Lee, will do…” Lee was surprisingly late for Lunch, his chat with Mr K was longer than I expected. I sat down and began eating my lunch, wondering why Mr K wanted to see me, of all the teachers, he was the only one that didn’t seem to like me, I was the “Teachers Pet” for most lessons but in English he seemed to think of me as equal to everyone else, though I suppose that’s his job, not to be shown to like one student more than others, and with his 17 years of experience as a teacher in this school alone, it was clear he enjoyed what he did, and was good at it. At Lunch time I went up to his room, I walked in to an odd smell, it was somehow familiar, a chemical I had once smelt in the chemistry lab perhaps, Mr K didn’t seem to be in the room, “Sir?” I called, he walked out of the closet; every class room had a walk in closet which the teacher kept all their books in, though Mr K’s was always surprisingly empty, except for one cardboard box. The closet had a light switch which turned on a single florescent light bulb, which lit up the whole cupboard well. “Lee told me you wanted to see me”, Sir smiled, which he doesn’t often do, walking slowly forward, “Yes, I was taking a look at some of your coursework last night, it seems that some of it was copied from another student, your sister handed in a very similar piece of work a few years ago”, the sentence didn’t sink in, so many things we’re wrong, Mr K was a very particular man, everything was always just right, my coursework folder was already laid out on the desk, right next to where he was standing yet he had made no attempt to take out my coursework and show me which piece he was talking about, then cupboard door was open and the light still on and as I stood there thinking, and looking into empty space I quickly came back to reality as I heard a loud bang behind me, Sir had closed the classroom door, “Sorry it was letting in a draft…”. The impact of the sentence from before suddenly hit me, “Are you implying I cheated on my coursework?” He smiled, “Yes,” I was shocked, he stood back next to his desk, “On the second piece” I was confused, I moved towards his desk, picking up the folder and taking out my second piece of coursework, for the first time I realised one of Mr K’s hands was behind his back, very subtly, but he was surely hiding something, but before I could say anything, he swung his arm around with lightning speed, placing a cloth firmly over my mouth, the smell of the room intensified, it was then that I realised the room often had a hint of this smell, but it was only now as I began to drift into a sleep that I realised what it was, Chloroform, used to put people to sleep in movies and fictional stories, it dawned on me that I was in for something which I would never forget.

I sat outside at the dinner table with Matt and George, “Hey, you we’re in the dinner queue for ages mate…” I smiled, “Yeah I know, fucking dinner ladies…” I began eating, “Hey, has anyone seen Jen?” George looked at me oddly, “No why? Who gives a shit about her?”, “No it’s just she was meant to go and see Mr K at the start of lunch and it’s 20 past now, she should back by now…” I told them. I didn’t realise Mr K was coming up behind me, “Jen had to go home, she wasn’t feeling to good, thanks for giving her the message though Lee…”, I smiled at him and continued with my lunch. By the time I got home it was already 4.30. I shouldn’t have stayed for that extra footy game; I was no good anyway… I began correcting the spelling on my coursework; I didn’t want to end up running to school during the night to find that no-one was there.

I woke up inside the cupboard, I was bound tightly to a school chair, my arms tied behind the spine of the chair, my mouth gagged with rope and each of my legs tied to either leg of the chair, not to mention I was completely naked apart from my bra and panties. The light was on and it hurt my eyes, the room swayed back and forth due to the dizziness brought on by the chloroform. I could hear Mr K in the classroom, just shifting papers around, I couldn’t understand why he was still here, he had no after school clubs today; it must have something to do with me. It was then that the horror of my current situation hit me, I was a virgin, I had smelt the chloroform in his room many a time, so he’d done this before, there was a cardboard box beside me, the one that was always in the cupboard, it was open and empty; it must have contained these ropes. I remember the time Sue had left school ill one day and returned a few weeks later really depressed, crying in every English lesson, she left shortly after. Maybe he did it to her too. The paper shuffling stopped, he opened the cupboard door, I heard him unlock it first. “Good, your awake” He reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a silver, metallic rod with a rounded point. He plugged it in to the plug socket to my right, which is when I realised what it was, a vibrator, a single tear toppled down my cheek falling gently onto my thigh. The vibrator was in a stand, when he plugged it in two lights turned on, a red and a green, the green light went off, and he took it out of it’s stand, it was a wireless vibrator, “This will last for one hour before it loses power, I’ll come and take it out in two hours” he stretched my panties out slightly, placing the vibrator into my vagina with reasonable speed, it hurt. He then let go of my panties and walked out of the room. It really hurt at first, I moved, shifted my body from side to side trying to prevent it from touching the walls of my vagina, as a result it dropped slightly, right onto my G-Spot, it felt amazing, I hated the fact I enjoyed it slightly, I kept squirming, it was no use, the first orgasm swept over me, causing me to moan loudly through my gag, the vibrator was relentless, it began to hurt again, I moaned again, and began squirming. I screamed as the second orgasm hit me, bigger than the last, I could feel my panties soaking and I screamed out, begging for it to stop. Another wave of orgasms caused my body to shudder, my nipples we’re so hard I could see them through my bra. I felt so many emotions, I was in pain, but feeling pleasure I had never felt before, as I moved it felt even more amazing but it hurt too, I moved my arm and hands trying to reach around to take it out but the bounds were to strong, I just wished I could take it out. My toes wiggled, I formed a fist with my toes as the next orgasm swept over me, I screamed once more as I drifted out of consciousness.

I had finally finished the corrections and I printed out my coursework, Mr K had spoken of my coursework as if it was riddled with typo’s, I checked it over and over again but there where only two or three, though I suppose when it comes to GCSE’s every spelling mistake brings you a step away from a good grade. I snatched the printed out sheet from my printer and stopped, thinking I should probably get changed out of my uniform before going back to the school, I don’t know why this thought suddenly sprang to mind but I had to disregard it anyway as I look at the clock, I ran into the living room and told my mother where I was going, I ran off to school, it was 6.30, I hope Mr K wasn’t exaggerating when he told me he would be there till 7. When I reached the school gates I was surprised to find it was completely dead, all the teachers were gone. It was spooky walking around the hallways in complete darkness; the only light flooded out from under the English room door. I opened it, covering my face with my arm as my pupils adjusted to the light. “Hi sir!” I said, smiling as I walked into class to find him biting on a sandwich, “I thought you had an after school club?” Mr K smiled once again, a sight I had never seen before, but yet had seen twice in one day, he must be in a good mood. “Hi Lee, I thought you weren’t going to make it…”

I woke up to the sound of muffled speech coming from the wall to my left, I noticed the vibrator had stopped, and as I shifted position I realised it had been removed, though the stand was gone. I concentrated on the voices coming from the classroom, Sir’s and someone else’s, a familiar voice. Friendly… Lee, it was Lee’s voice, why was he here? Was that what Mr K had been waiting for?

“Sit down Lee, I need to talk to you for a while…” I sat down, confused, he had asked me here to give him my coursework, I really didn’t have time to chat, I told my mum I would only be a minute. “Have I ever told about my wife?” I stared at him puzzled, “I didn’t know you had one…” I replied cautiously. “Well I do, her name is Linda, or Mrs K to most. We tried for a baby about a year ago, but it didn’t work…” I didn’t understand why he was telling me this, I felt like I should interrupt and ask but he was clearly leading up to some bigger point, and telling me things which were very personal, I didn’t want to be rude, “Apparently she can’t have children, and to top it off, neither can I… something wrong with our genes, it means my sperm doesn’t work and her body can’t hold a baby, we thought about adoption, but we really want to raise the child from the moment it’s born. We’ve been in the queue for a surrogate mother for months, but when mothers look at our profile they don’t choose us to parent their children because we both have full time jobs, and unfortunately they don’t let you talk to the mothers unless they pick you so we can’t tell them I would quit my job as soon as I got a child.” The conversation had gone a little too far for my liking, and I had been trying to pluck up the courage to tell him so far the past few minutes but with a sudden burst of bravery I announced, “Sir, why are you telling me this…?” for the first time since our conversation had began it suddenly became apparent to me that Sir had one of his arms behind his back, as I looked back at his face he suddenly pulled his arm from behind his back with a cloth in his hand, it all happened so quickly but when I look back at it I plays in almost slow motion, he moved so quickly I had little time to react, but for some reason I took a deep breath and held it as he held the cloth to my face and pulled me in towards his chest, I held my breath for as long as I could hoping he would soon take the cloth away from my mouth, but he had clearly done this before, “The reason I am telling you this is because you’re gonna help me get a child…” the words echoed in my mind as I drifted into a deep sleep.

I began crying and screaming again as I saw Sir drag Lee into the closet unconscious, he walked towards me slowly, slapping me across the face then walking out, he returned with a pair of scissors and cut off my bra and panties, my hope of him cutting the ropes were dashed as he turned away and walked out, returning with the cloth. I closed my eyes, I had heard most of the conversation between Mr K and Lee, and I knew what was coming next…

I woke up in bounds, tied up in a bed, I seemed to be in Mr K’s closet; I recognised the emptiness and the single cardboard box with was now empty. I hadn’t fully come to terms with my current situation and as I looked down, the impact hit me, I was in an air bed, it had been inflated and made up in a hurry, my arms we’re tied around someone, my legs were tied to the bed somehow, my legs spread apart, and the woman beneath me had her legs wrapped around me and tied into position, as where her hands, I was completely naked, as was she, there was some kind of steel contraction around my hip, clamping my pelvis to hers, I couldn’t see her face, though it was right in front of me, as it was covered by her hair, she was familiar, but as I couldn’t use my hands, I used my face to brush the hair away, I recognised her immediately, Jen, I called out her name, Sir must have put her to sleep shortly after me. “Jen! Jen!” I was surprised we weren’t gagged, though at this time of night I doubt anyone was anywhere close to the school, let alone in it… “Jen! Jen!” she came to. “Lee? Is that you” She said in a faint voice. “Yeah it’s me, what are we doing here?” I don’t know, Mr K locked me in here at lunch, and hasn’t let me out since…” it all made sense, he wanted a child, he was going to make us have sex, so I would impregnate Jen and then they could take the baby. “Jen, I don’t know how to tell you this but…” she seemed to suddenly re-gain her memory, “I know,” she said “he’s going to try and get me pregnant, and I’m pretty sure he’s done it before, he must do it in school then take the girl back to his house and test her for pregnancy a few days later, so far it hasn’t been successful, so he must just let the girl go and threaten her by saying if she tells anyone he’ll tell the exam board she’s been cheating…” I look at her shocked, “How do you work it all out so fast…?” She didn’t take it as a compliment, “So hopefully I won’t get you pregnant, and he’ll let us go…” I said hopefully. She looked as if she was about to cry, “Well there are certain factors effecting the probability of getting pregnant, first of all, inheritance, it’s passed down in your DNA, and I know my mother got pregnant twice and those were the only two times she had unprotected sex…”, I didn’t know what else to say other than the truth, “Well I know that my father has 10 children all from different marriages…” Jen held back the tears “It’s an unsupported fact that often a shorter penis is less likely to make a woman pregnant…” for the first time I was ashamed of the size of my penis, “I’ve got like 8 inches…” a tear rolled down her cheek, “That’s a above average, also I’m not on the pill, and I’m a virgin which is meant to effect it in some way as well…” another tear slid down her cheek, as did the next, they came on after the other, I didn’t know what to do to comfort her, I lowered my head, kissing her gently on the lips, which stopped the crying, as I pulled my head bag she stared at me, then we kissed properly. We pulled apart as the door opened, Mr K walked in and plugged a socket into the wall, “Mr K, please don’t…” Jen pleaded. The contraption wrapped around our waists began to move slowly, pulling us apart and then back together slowly, “It will get gradually faster, you will have sex approximately 32 times in the next 4 hours. I'll come and turn it off a bit later…” Sir said, “Sir please don’t…” I begged. “Sorry, it may be painful but the more times you have sex the more likely you are to get pregnant…” He walked out, shutting the door behind him.

I could feel his member growing inside me, I knew there was no way that I wasn’t going to end up pregnant, his cock slowly slid out of my cunt, I had never though of using such language before but I was so fucking angry, I could feel an orgasm slowly growing, I didn’t know what to do, here I was opposite someone I barely know, I had never thought about Lee in this way and we were having sex, I couldn’t think of any way this could be more awkward and painful, I leant forward with my head and kissed him, dragging his lips down to my level as I had my first small orgasm, I stopped kissing him as I moaned quietly, he began kissing my cheek and my neck, I could feel my nipples hardening against his firm chest, it was obvious he was the kind of person who went to the gym regularly. I squealed as I felt a burst of cum fill my vagina, Lee had ejaculated, a tried to hold back the tears, I knew I was in for much worse, “I’m sorry…” he said, looking at my in the eye, I just kissed him again, I knew it wasn’t his fault, I could feel another orgasm coming, my vaginal walls contracting and I used my legs to pull his body towards me, I felt amazing good, I tried to forget the repercussions that would take place afterwards.

I had just ejaculated, I felt terrible, she would be going through so much because of it, I wonder what he would do with me after this, threatening me with GCSE’s won’t work… It really hurt, my cock was throbbing, after ejaculating having sex was just painful, though after a minute I had another weak orgasm, it felt good though, having her pressed against my body, kissing me, I could feel her firm rounded breasts against my chest. I kissed her harder, gently sliding my tongue between her teeth as she had another orgasm, and then another shortly after. I pulled back for a moment, as she smiled at me, “It’s okay, we’ll deal with the rest later, for now lets just make the most of it…” I kissed her again, as I ejaculated into her once more, I began kissing her neck; I knew the evening would continue much like this.

Half an hour later I was exhausted, I felt as if I was going to faint any minute, we we’re both sweating and panting heavily, I moaned in pain as an orgasm cause my toes to form a fist, it was something that happened with most of my orgasms, if felt good, but my pussy was getting sore, as was his penis. He kissed me gently on the cheek, I realised for the first time how much I liked Lee, although we weren’t that close, he was always there when I needed him, even now when he was in as much pain as I, he was attempting to comfort me, I whispered in his ear, “I love you…”

Why would she say that? Now? I mean, I’ve always liked her, though today I love her more than ever, she’s such a strong person behind that teachers pet charade she keeps up every day in school, no-one else see’s how much of a nice person she really is, and so beautiful beyond compare to any other girl I’ve ever seen, I hesitated, “I love you too…” I kissed her hard on the lips again as I felt her have another orgasm, as her vaginal wall massaged my member I came again, flooding cum inside her cunt. I drifted off to sleep.

He fell asleep on top of me, I didn’t notice the weight; just that he was pressed even closer to me than before, it felt nice. I nestled my head into his shoulder and tried to drift off to sleep as well, it happened faster than I thought.

I woke up at school, in the cupboard, fully clothed in school uniform, I walked out into the English room and looked at my watch, I was exhausted, it was 7 in the morning, school starts in just 2 hours, Mr K walked into the room, “Where is she?” I asked. He smiled, “She’s safe, in the next few weeks I’ll check to see if she’s pregnant, if she is, I’ll be looking after her for the next nine months” I summed up the few scraps of energy left in my body and swung my arm towards his face, punching him hard in the nose, it began to bleed. “I’ll pretend that didn’t happen, he took a tissue from his pocket and wiped away the red liquid as it reached his upper lip, “Here are the rules, there’s no point in fighting me, if you harm me or make any attempt to inform the police or anyone else I will kill her, if I don’t return home one night my wife will kill her and dispose of the evidence, it’s happened before… don’t make any attempt to follow me home, apart from the fact I am not keeping her at my house, if I spot you she will suffer severe pain you understand?” I fell to my knees, I didn’t know what to do, “If you want to see her at any point, tell me and I’ll take you to her when I can, tell your friends she has gone on holiday to France, the school have been informed” I shook my head in disgust, “What about her parents?” he looked almost surprised to hear me talk, “She has been dealt with, here father died many years ago but her mum will be heavily sedated and I’ll look after her, now you’re probably exhausted, go home and get some rest but be in for school tomorrow.” I used to a table to pull myself back to my feet, “Tell your mother that you went to school to give me the papers but I had already gone home and the cleaners accidentally locked you in. Oh, and that you couldn’t get mobile phone signal in the school.” I looked at him disgusted as I walked past him, out the door and headed home. I felt so helpless, so useless, I missed Jen already. I began to sob, but the nightmare had just begun…

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