My Best Friend's Brother Pt 5

My Best Friend's Brother Pt 5

We arrived at school early enough to hang out in the courtyard with the other students. For everyone else, I suppose my outfit looked normal, but I felt bared to everyone, and Brandon knew it. I was pretty modest in general.
I was told to trail Brandon everywhere he went, and meet him in between each class. But luckily for me we had a different lunch hour, so I would be able to sit with my friends.
The day went fine, got a few comments on my “pretty legs” from the older boys in the hallway. Met Brandon between classes. Then lunch came. I sat with three friends from 4th period and enjoyed my time away from Brandon.

Shortly after I sat down to eat, my friend Amanda looked upwards behind me, and a familiar deep voice spoke up. “Excuse me ladies, I need to borrow Kylie.”
Brandon, being one of the more popular, cute guys in school always got what he wanted, with no complaint.
My friends all giggled, and as I got up, Amanda said, “Have fun.” I knew whatever he had planned he would have fun. Taking me by my arm gently, he guided me towards the back of the cafeteria, and down the main hallway. He stopped in front of double old solid oak swinging doors and opened one pushing me inside in front of him. It was the main kitchen, women were cleaning up the kitchen area, preparing to leave. This was the last lunch hour, and they were ready to go home for the day. He lead me through another smaller door, the janitors room, and shoved me on the floor inside, shutting the door behind him. I landed in front of a small table with playing cards scattered around on top. He turned around after closing the door and smiled down at me.
“Get up.” He ordered. I didn’t move. “I said get up!” he yanked my hair and my arm at the same time making me cry out. “I’m not playin with you Kylie. Why do you make me hurt you worse than you need to be?” he asked rhetorically, slamming my body bent over onto the table. I felt my face press against cards.

He grabbed my hands and kept them pinned against my back with one hand, and with his other, began pulling my panties down roughly underneath my skirt, and despite my legs being tightly clenched together and my useless pleas for him not to do this, they ended up tangled around my knees.
I felt him lifting my skirt up over my lower back, and felt the warm touch of his palm running over my bare skin, then heard him unzipping his pants. Upon hearing them drop to the floor, along with his boxers, I really began to struggle, moving my abdomen around and trying to break his grasp on me, but was only met with a chuckle. “You know I love how feisty you are babydoll. I love to watch your little body fight. Haha like you think you’re actually going to win!” He let go of my hands and simply pinned me down my holding my lower back against the table.
“Brandon please!” I cried out, still moving around, “Not here, pleaseee. Everyone will know!” Warm trails of tears ran down my face.
“Oh, but we’re gonna do something new.” He said, as I felt his fingers, now wet and sticky with something, rubbing against my butthole. The realization that he was going to shove himself inside of my little bottom sent me over the edge. I started crying hard and kicking my legs, successfully making contact with his for a few seconds, before he pinned my legs together with his thighs and slapped my ass hard. “Fuckin quit it.” He spoke angrily.
I felt his big hands spread my buttcheeks open and his cockhead pressing against the tight entrance. I slammed my hands down on the table. “No! Brandon pl—“ I screamed as loudly as I could, but was quickly cut off by his big hand covering my entire mouth, as the head of his cock literally tore into my virgin ass. I continued to scream and cry helplessly, as he steadily ripped me in two, my bottom in so much pain it had literally taken my breath away, as he moaned loudly. “God DAMN, I thought your pussy was tight!”

I felt his hips press against my buttcheeks and knew I was officially dominated. He stopped for a moment, apparently needing to catch his own breath, and clenching on the sides of my ass.
“B-Brandon st-stop…” I whimpered.
I felt his starting to pull out and while extremely painful, I felt relieved. But about the time only the head was left, I felt his hand clamp down over my quivering mouth again, and immediately knew why, when a pain ten times worse than the original entry had him slamming his hips up against me again, making me scream for my life.
“Ahh fuckk baby god…mmm” he moaned, slightly losing his balance, “shit I’m gonna cum easy.”
My arms scratched into the table, knocking cards off onto the floor, feeling him pump quickly in and out of me, knowing he was making me bleed. I couldn’t see because of my tears, and could barely breathe because of Brandon’s hand over my face.

Even feeling weak from the lack of oxygen, I began to struggle pointlessly clenching down on him accidentally, causing me to cry out and a cry of pleasure from him. “Fuck I’ma bust baby,” he let go of my mouth, not caring who heard me now, and shoved in hard, pumping in short steady thrusts, making me cry out and groan as I felt him releasing hot cum. “Ohhh godd…mmm fuck…ohh yeah….” Filling my virgin bottom up completely, then laying still, leaving us both panting hard and me in terrible pain.
After a short time he began to pull out, moaning from the pressure of my bottom still clenching on him unintentionally, and actually hearing the painful pop of his cock head coming out, warm cum automatically running down my thighs and onto my smooth little pussy. I lay there crying helplessly, waiting for his permission to get up.
“Damn Kylie baby, that, was amazing.” I felt him putting my skirt back down, and leaning over me, kissing the side of my face and pulling up my tangled panties up securely over my abused bottom.

“Thank you.” He lifted my body up and spun me around into a hug. And as much as I hated him, I wrapped my arms around him and cried into his shirt, letting him run his fingers through my soft hair and soothe me. “I’m sorry babe.” He wiped my eyes and sat me down, reapplying my make up, and fixing my hair back to normal.
“Come on, lets get you back to class.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and helped me as I walked painfully out of the janitor’s room in front of him.
All of the lunch ladies had left by now, but the small TV up on the wall was playing soap operas as 4 old black men were passing a joint around, laughing and making comments on the show. They stopped and looked at us as we walked out.

“Now whatcha ‘spose this here is all about?” one said to another, still holding a joint.
“Looks like he jus broke him off some booty.” Another commented, causing the rest to crack up with laughter.
“Come ‘ere boy.” The first one spoke to Brandon, who guided me in front of him, holding me firmly by my shoulder, as if to send the message that I was his and I wasn’t gonna be leaving his side. We stopped in front of the group, who looked me up and down, a couple licking their lips, and thinking that I was the type of girl to want sex in a janitors room or bathroom, looking up and down my body.
“Now lookie here. You gon’ do, what you gon’ do, jus like we is.” He said, waving the joint around, “An it aint no business of ours, jus like dis aint.” He took a hit and handed it to another. “So you jus go ‘head an run along. An mine’ ya own business like we is.”
Brandon reached out and shook his hand, “You got it man.”

“Oh, an you got sumthin on yo leg lil missy.” He pointed out, looking at Brandon’s cum running down my leg still. Brandon spun me around and grabbed a rag, wiping up the cum, all the way under my skirt, and across my panties, right in front of the old men, then put the rag on the counter, glaring at them. My face was deep red with embarrassment, as he lead me out of the kitchen’s swinging doors, we heard the old men cracking up and talking loudly as soon as we left.
Hot tears ran down my face.
“Well Kylie, you are 100% my bitch now, and I’m gonna let it be known to everyone. Quit your cryin.” He wiped my eyes and fixed my clothes, then walked me to class. Walking was painful and I walked abnormally, people were looking at us as we proceeded down the hall. Brandon’s glares deterred those looks quickly though.
He walked me to my class and gave the teacher a clinic pass, explaining why I was late, and watched me walk to my seat.
I sat down and yelped in pain unexpectently, everyone turning around and staring at me, but I kept my eyes glued on Brandon, who smiled deviously at me and winked, walking out of the room and leaving me to my embarrassment.
No matter what, people knew something was up, and Brandon had made it successfully known I belonged to him.

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