My First_(0)

My First_(0)

I was a virgin and pretty proud of it for being a modern day 17 year old. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was gorgeous but I will allow a small victory by saying that I am fairly pretty. I am 5’5”with long black hair and green eyes; an athletic body and about 110lbs.

I was nervous when he told me that his parents were gone for the day but I knew that I wanted to do this. I was scared and unsure of exactly what was going to go down but I knew that whatever it was it would be good.

I told my parents that I was going to go over to his house for the day. Little did they know that it was just going to be me and him. When he pulled up in front of my house I started to shake a little at what we were going to do. But I didn’t let it show and I walked out of that house for the last time as a virgin.

I walked up to his car in my tight jeans and white t-shirt. I wasn’t going to dress up for this; I wanted it to be special but I didn’t want to have to struggle with clothes. We had wanted each other for quite some time and it was the first opportunity that we ever had to do this and we weren’t going to let this just slip away.

We drove to his house having casual conversation. We didn’t try to avoid the topic of what we were going to do because we were comfortable with that subject. I even let him know that I was nervous and not all too sure on what exactly to do. He simply looked at me and said. “It doesn’t matter what you do, I know you’ll be fine. Trust me; it is a big fear of mine that you would get hurt by me.” That meant a lot and I told him so.

When we got to his house we sort of strolled into his house not wanting to seem too reluctant or too eager. We simply talked knowing that it would help to keep us relaxed. I was still shaking a little bit but what he had said in the car made me think that this was going to go really well.

We got to his room and my heart really started to race. I was so nervous about what he would think of me that it took me almost an extra minute to get my shoes off. Then I just sat on the edge of his really comfy bed sort of staring into space. I knew that I wanted to do this but I also knew that I wanted to do this right. We were both virgins so I think we were really concerned with making the other one happy.

He sat down next to me on his bed and took my hand in his. He looked me right in the eyes with his, a green color that matched my own, and said, “I know you’re nervous, so am I,” as he said this he took my sweating hand and put it up against his chest and that was when I could feel that his heartbeat was racing almost as bad as mine. I swallowed and tried in vain to wet my dried out throat. I touched his cheek and kissed him, and then I whispered to him, “I’m ready, I love you,” He smiled and said, “So am I, I love you too.”

We began to kiss a little more boldly and let our hands wander on each other. I stuck my hand up his shirt running my hands across his toned stomach that I loved. And he, taking my moves as sign for permission, began to let his hands wander to my breasts and my nipples which were getting harder by the second. I let out a small moan as his fingertips hit the first sensitive part of my nipple. He let a small smile come to his lips as he saw me beginning to relax and enjoy myself and pulled my shirt and already undone bra off.

I let my hands wander down to his belt now and knew that I was sure that I didn’t want to stop and by his noise of happiness as to where I was going was certain that he didn’t want to either. I started to play with his belt buckle; signaling him to undo it for me because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to. He stood up and undid his belt in front of me. I put my hands lightly on his hips and helped him guide his pants down, showing him that I was not afraid.

His blue plaid boxers were tented by his penis which stuck out and almost touched my nose. I smiled, this was familiar territory; I had blown him before. And if I started with that I knew that things would go much smoother. I pulled down his boxers and took his shaft into my hands and kissed the head, and then I stuck the 7 ½” shaft in my mouth as far as it would go and almost gagged, but I held back that reflex and began to suck his dick slowly, making it get harder and harder, licking and kissing it as well.

Then I knew, by his moans, that he wanted the real thing, and I realized that so did I. I was getting more confident. “Undo your pants,” he almost growled. I was turned on by his assertiveness and quickly began to unbutton my pants. I started to pull them down when he growled, “Not quick enough.” and he took a hold of my pants and began to pull them off. By the way he was smiling I knew that he was only being aggressive because he knew that I wanted this just as bad but he was terrible at waiting.

When he finally got those off and grinned at me. “Only one thing left. May I?” and I knew what he was asking for. He had expressed to me on an earlier occasion that he wanted to take my underwear off with his teeth. I nodded in affirmation.

He grinned and went after my underwear, being careful not to bite me. It was making me wet watching him, naked, with my underwear in his mouth, trying to get them over my hips. When he finally got them off he dove after my pussy like it was treasure and began to lick and suck me so hard. It felt so good and I knew that I wasn’t going to last too long. I gasped as I felt myself getting closer, my body tensed up, and I let out a long moan of pleasure. My breathing started to get very short and I tensed up again and moaned as loud as I could to let him know that I was coming because I surely couldn’t form coherent words at this point.

Stars were in front of my eyes. It felt so good. Then he got up from my pussy and was licking his lips. Then he took his index finger and began to circle it around my pussy and said in a low voice, “Let’s see how ready you are for me.” Boy was I ready, I was so wet and his finger slid right in. I let out a small moan as I felt his finger explore me from the inside. “I think you are ready for two fingers,” and with that he slid the second one into me, I moaned a little louder, and he began searching me and found pretty quickly that one spot that always sends me over the edge instantly. I let out a small scream and came again.

Once he pulled his fingers out. He licked them and took in a deep breath, “Okay, ready?” as he positioned himself, missionary style, over my pussy. I nodded eagerly, I was ready, and I wanted him. He nodded back at me and started to slide the head into my tight pussy, it hurt a little bit but the pleasure overrode the pain a million times over. I was getting more and more excited and I knew that this was going to be tough for me to handle him, but I would do it.
“Go all of the way into me, please.” I begged.
He saw that I was earnest and not in too much pain, so he pulled out almost all of the way and I was going to ask him what he was doing when he pushed all of him in me as far as it would go, his balls hitting my ass. I screamed and moaned, it hurt and I knew that I would be sore tomorrow, but I loved this feeling of being full of him. I told, or rather yelled at him, to start fucking me. I was a tough girl I could handle the pain.
He nodded, and smiled. Then he began to move, fairly slow at first, but when I started to buck my hips into him, he began to fuck me faster.
“Please, fuck me harder,” I pleaded with him. And boy did he oblige.

He started to slam into me, his balls slamming against my ass and sweat beginning to form on his brow. He was looking down at me but I didn’t even notice. I was in such a state of ecstasy that I had no idea what was going on around me. He was fucking me so hard and it was so good. I knew I was getting close again, and by the way that he was starting to moan himself, I think that he was getting close as well.
“I am getting close.” He said.
“Me too, don’t stop! Please!”
“Never.” He said and slammed all the harder into me, making me scream even louder.
“Cum with me baby.”
“O-Okay” I shakily replied. “I can’t hold out much longer though.”
“Me neither.” He grunted.

Our breathing began to get very short and we both tensed up, I raked my nails down his back and screamed in ecstasy. He moaned but I drowned him out. I felt him shoot in me, it felt so good. Thank goodness that I was on the pill.

We both collapsed on the bed and held each other close. “You aren’t a virgin anymore.” He said to me
“Well, neither are you.” I replied.
We both laughed and fell asleep with him still in me. I was glad that his parents weren’t going to be home all weekend. We were going to have some fun.

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