I'm sitting in my history class, listening to Mr. Markusen droning on about events leading up to the Civil War. It's my first year here at the Clark School for Girls, a private school my parents sent me to, probably to keep me out of trouble. My name is Lori Travers, and I'm 14. I always sit in the front row in history class, because…well, because Mr. Markusen is bar none the most gorgeous man I've ever seen in my life. He's tall and tan and well-built, with an unruly shock of curly brown hair, and the deepest, most probing brown eyes in the world. All the girls are madly in love with him. They talk about fucking him every night in the dorm. I don't know that much about sex, being a virgin, and I don't understand everything the older girls say, but I know one thing: Mr. Markusen can have me any time he wants me. I'll bet he could teach me about a lot of things besides history.

"Now girls, what legislation, passed in 1820, had a direct bearing on the lead-up to the Civil War? Anyone?"

Melanie Thompson raises her hand, and Mr. Markusen calls on her. "The Missouri Compromise?"

"That's correct, Melanie," he says, smiling.

Melanie beams back at him, basking in his approval. Melanie's got the biggest boobs in our class, always straining against her white starched shirt. We all have to wear them, along with our pleated plaid skirts, white sox and tennis shoes. But we don't all look like she does.

Mr. Markusen continues, boring us all to death. "The Missouri Compromise was an agreement between anti-slavery and pro-slavery factions in Congress, which determined which territories in the west would enter the union as slave states…"

There's a game I play sometimes with him, trying to attract his attention. I like to see if I can kind of throw him off. At the moment, I'm sucking on the end of my pencil, my lips forming a tight little "O" around it. He glances over at me, and his eyes meet mine for a moment. I release the pencil, and sneak the tip of my tongue out to touch the end of it. I see his eyes widen just a little bit…I know he's looking at my mouth. Maybe he's thinking of my tongue caressing his cock. I hope he is.

I'm not really as pretty as some of the other girls. At least, I don't think I am. I mean, I have braces, and I have to wear these clunky glasses, because my dad won't spring for contact lenses. My dark hair is usually in a pony tail, or parted in the middle with two braids, like today. My breasts aren't very big, at least not yet, but at least they're firm, with little perky nipples. I guess I'm sort of cute, but not really sexy like Melanie. But still, Mr. Markusen seems to like me, and I like to tease him.

Slowly, as casually as I can, I part my legs, allowing him a glimpse of my white panties. His eyes linger for a moment, then look away quickly. I wonder what it's like to be him, surrounded by a bevy of teenage girls, most of whom would love to fuck his brains out. I know Melanie would — she never stops talking about it. And he's single, too. He must live near the campus, because I see him walking to and from class all the time.

My mind begins to wander. Most of my daydreams are about sex, and the talk in the dorm at night gives me lots to think about. I find myself staring at Mr. Markusen, wondering what his cock is like. Is it big? What would it feel like to have it in my mouth, or in my virginal pussy. Or even in my tight little ass. I've heard the girls talk about that, and a few of them say they've actually done it. The idea scares me, though.

Just the thought of being fucked in so many different ways makes me wet, and I squirm in my seat. I can feel my panties clinging to my pussy lips, rubbing against my little clit. God, I want him so bad! Without thinking, my hand slips downward, and before I even realize what I'm doing, I press the tip of my finger against my clit, through my panties. A powerful jolt of pleasure surges through me, and I moan softly. I look up, hoping that he didn't see me, or hear me, but he's back to his lecture. Relieved, I drift back into my daydreams.


I don't know what's come over me. It's like I can't stop myself, like I'm outside my body, watching helplessly. Mr. Markusen is still droning on interminably. I see myself rise hesitently to my feet, and walk slowly forward, to where Mr. Markusen is standing in front of the blackboard. He continues to talk, as if he doesn't even see me. Slowly, I descend to my knees in front of him, my hands rising to the front of his pants. He's still talking, not even acknowledging my presence. There's not a sound from my classmates, but I sense all their eyes on me.

Slowly, I ease Mr. Markusen's zipper down, and then slide my slim hand into the opening. He's wearing boxer shorts underneath his slacks, and my fingers reach through the gap in them and slide around the shaft of his cock. I can feel the blood pumping into it as it lengthens and thickens, and I ease it out where I can see it. Oh my God, it's magnficent! Big and thick, perfectly shaped, smooth and sleek, with a flared head that seems to beg to be engulfed in my mouth. It's sticking straight out now, and my fingertips are on either side of the shaft, caressing it lightly as it seems to reach toward my lips, engorged with blood. I lean forward just a little bit, and extend my tongue, touching it experimentally. I've never sucked a cock before, never even seen one, except in pictures some of the girls have. But I know the general idea. My tongue explores the spongy head, tracing all around it, encircling it, fluttering lightly against it. I love it's texture. Mr. Markusen is still talking to the class, as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening, not stopping even as my lips slide slowly over the head of his cock, taking him into my eager young mouth. He's so big, I can barely get him into my mouth, and my lips are stretched taut around it. My tongue caresses it in my mouth as I begin to move to and fro. My fingers glide up and down the shaft as I suck on him, getting him all wet with my saliva. I want to see how deep I can take him in my mouth. My lips slide down the thick shaft, until I feel the head of his cock pressing against the back of my thoat. I struggle to take even more of it, almost choking on it, my mouth flooding with wetness. Finally, i'm forced to back off, releasing him from my mouth for a moment as I gasp for air, coughing a little. My fingers close around the base of his dripping cock, stroking him slowly.

His balls are big and tight in their sack as I gently drag them through the opening in his slacks. I'm inexorably drawn to them…I've heard that men love to have girls make love to their balls. I want to make Mr. Markusen happy, along with satisfying my own curiousity. I lower my head, lifting his cock, and slowly begin to lick all around his swollen balls, encircling them with my tongue. He's still calmly talking to the class about the Dred Scott decision or something. I don't care…I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. Having bathed his balls with my lips and tongue, I gently take one of them into my mouth, suckling on it, teasing the hard orb with my tongue. Releasing it, I capture the other one, ministering to it in turn. I continue this way as the clock on the wall clicks off the minutes, one by one. If it weren't for that sound, I would think that time was standing still.

At last, I provoke a reaction from Mr. Markusen. He moans softly, reaching down and grabbing the back of my head. His other hand reaches for his aching cock, and he guides it back between my parted lips, sinking it deep into the warm wetness of my mouth. Both of his hands are on my head, holding it steady as he fucks my face with long, slow thrusts of his hips. I've never experienced anything so exciting! I find myself wondering if he's going to come, and what it will taste like. I want to find out, but the idea scares me a little. How much will there be? Will I like it?

Even as he fucks his cock in and out, he's still calmly lecturing the class. But I sense something happening to him. His thighs are trembling, as if he's getting weak in the knees. My hand reaches up and begins to caress and fondle his heavy, sopping-wet balls, wanting to coax them into giving up their accumulated semen. I want to make him come.

Suddenly, I hear Mr. Markusen groan out loud, his voice catching in his throat. And then a powerful spurt of his thick come jets into my mouth, flooding it with it's warmth. Surprised, I back away, releasing his cock from between my lips. A second, even heavier pulse splatters against my lips and cheek. It's as if I'm watching in slow motion as his cock erupts, sending viscous ropes of come forth to burst against my face! Quickly, he grabs his flourishing cock and stuffs it back into my mouth,and I suck eagerly on it as it continues to spew hot come. I look up into his eyes as his balls empty themselves, my head bobbing slowly, my fingers squeezing his balls to give him as much pleasure as I possibly can.

At last, the furious spurts of semen begin to wane, and it's all over. I continue to make love to his spent cock, my lips and tongue caressing it, not wanting this to end yet. Finally, I let his come slide slowly down into the back of my throat, and swallow it. I continue to nurse on his flagging cock, licking and sucking and cleaning the semen from it. Mr. Markenson pauses in his lecture and looks down at my face, glistening with his sperm. He reaches down and and gathers a gob of it from my chin, and brings it up to my mouth. I realize what he wants, and I extend my tongue and lick it off.

Evidently Mr. Markusen doesn't want it to end here, either. He reaches down and closes his fingers around my braids, slowly pulling me upward. I let go of his cock, and rise unsteadily to my feet. He gazes down at me, my face still wet with his come…and then he kneels before me. His hands slide slowly up my slim thighs, up under my skirt, up to my hips. Looking up into my eyes, his fingers grab my panties, and he eases them down, until they're down around my ankles. I know what he wants me to do…I step out of them, first one foot, then the other. Without a word, he wads them up and stuffs them into one of his pockets. I wonder if he has a whole collection of girls' panties somewhere.

Without a word, he takes my hand and leads me to his desk. I follow him obediently, wondering what he has in store for me now. Whatever it is, I want it! Gently, he presses me down on his desk, bent forward, so that I'm looking at the class. They're staring at me, but none of them have said a word or moved the entire time. I know they can see Mr. Markusen's fresh come on my face. I know they're all wishing they were me — I can see the envy in their eyes.

I reach out and grab the edge of the desk with my hands as Mr. Markusen kneels behind me. He raises my skirt again, until it's up around my waist. I can almost feel his gaze on my glistening pussy, those marvelous brown eyes of his. His hands gently enclose the firm cheeks of my ass, and I feel him spread them apart. And then I feel his tongue caressing me…gliding up and down the cleft of my pussy, parting my lips…slithering slowly over my exposed ass, worming against it for a moment, then moving lower and spearing up into my virginal vagina. I gasp with pleasure, my breaths coming short and fast as pleasure slams through my young, eager body. I'm so close to coming!

Mr. Markusen slowly rises to his feet, and positions his cock at the entrance to my pussy, moving it up and down in my wet folds a few times. This is the moment I've yearned for for so long! The moment that he tears away the last remnant of my virginity, my girlhood, and makes me a woman at last!

Without a word, he thrusts forward, not viciously, but firmly, and somehow, gently. His cock sinks into me, penetrating me deeply. I don't know why, but I feel no pain at all, only an intense pleasure, and fulfillment. His cock fills me completely, stretching me deliciously. God, it's so GOOD!! Better than I ever imagined it would be! His cock is heavenly, as it slowly slides in and out, fucking me. Still gripping the edge of the desk, I squirm against him, working with him. He fucks me slowly, methodically, maintaining the same deliberate pace. And then I hear his voice. Once again, he is speaking to the class, about the Lincoln-Douglas debates, about abolitionists, the ineffectiveness of President Buchanan. It's as though it was a normal day in class, as if he wasn't fucking me on his desk right in front of twenty-five teenage girls.

I'm whimpering and moaning as I feel my orgasm welling up from deep within me. I know I'm going to come hard, and I don't care who sees or hears me! I feel the waves of pleasure building up inside me, I feel the quickening of Mr. Markusen's pace. He's jolting me now with each hard thrust, his balls bouncing against my clit. He grabs my ass cheeks in his hands and squeezes them as he thrusts into me relentlessly, driving me higher and higher and higher….and suddenly, I'm COMING, squealing out loud as he slams his cock into me, tears streaming down my flushed face as my shattering climax holds me in it's exquisite grip! And then I hear Mr. Markusen's strangled groan, and I feel the warm, heavy pulses of his sperm as they flood my vagina for the first time, flooding it and making it still slipperier for his cock as it moves in and out, slowly now. I savor each spurt of his come inside me, reveling in it's creamy warmth. I want to keep his cock in my pussy forever.


"Now, what was the purpose of John Brown's raid in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia? Miss……Travers?"

The mention of my name jolts me out of the fog and back into reality, and I look up, blinking. I'm back in my seat, and Mr. Markusen is gazing questioningly at me.

"Ummm…..I'm sorry, Mr. Markusen. I must have been daydreaming. What was the question?"

"That's because you weren't paying attention, young lady," he says sternly. "There's a test next week, so you'd better not be daydreaming in my class."

So it was all a dream, I think to myself. Just a very intense dream. And that's when the bell rings, signalling the end of the period. The kids start gathering up their things.

"All right, class, we'll continue with John Brown tomorrow," says Mr. Markusen over the din. "Read Chapter 12 of your text, and answer the questions at the end. Goodbye."

I stand up slowly, my legs weak, and follow my classmates out the door. I'm outside, feeling the cool Autumn breeze against my skin, when the realization hits me: my panties are gone, and something wet is oozing down my inner thigh! I look around quickly to make sure no one can see, and reach under my skirt, gathering some of the wetness on my finger. Raising my hand, I can see that it's a thick, slightly off-white fluid. I bring it to my lips and tast it experimentally. It's my first taste of a man's come. But how can that be?

I turn back toward the classroom just as Mr. Markusen walks out the door. He pauses and favors me with a friendly smile. Walking over to me, and looking around quickly, then he pulls something from the pocket of his slacks. It's my panties. "You don't mind if I keep these, do you, Miss Travers?"

I stare at him, completely bewildered. But I feel myself blushing. "Oh no, Mr. Markusen, I…I…I don't mind," I stammer.

He smiles again, and stuffs them back into his pants. "Thank you, Miss Travers. And if you ever want them back…"

He pauses, takes a card out of his pocket, and writes something on it. He hands it to me. "If you ever want them back, there's my address. It's very close to campus. I know you're not supposed to be out of the dorms after lights out…but I know you girls have your ways. I'll be expecting you. Shall we say….tonight? About ten?" He smiles again, turns and walks away without another word.

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