My Sister in Law Ch 1

My Sister in Law Ch 1

My Sister in Law
By Dunchad©

My wife and I just got home after shopping when the phone rang. As I was near the phone I picked it up. It was my sister in law. My wife, Belinda, is the younger of the two sisters in their family. She has a nice body with big breasts and as she works out a lot she is in perfect shape. Her sister, Susan, is a little bit thinner than my wife is but she has almost as big breasts as my wife have.

Susan greeted me with a "Hello there big boy!" and then a great laugh.

I replied "Hello little girl!" and then waited for her to calm down. We did the usual conversation about how everyone in the families was. Then she got to her actual errand, she told me that they had just bought a modem and that they needed some help with the Internet connection. Her husband Tom had not been able to make it work and since they knew that I was pretty good at these kinds of things they asked me for some help. I decided the day that I would come over myself so as Belinda was going to visit a friend on Saturday, so we decided that I would come over on Saturday, the time didn't matter, they where going to be home all day.

My wife's friend Karen lives on a farm a bit outside town so she took the Jeep when she left Saturday morning. I thought that I could get the errand at Susan's done so I took the Saab just half an hour after Belinda had left. Now my sister in law lives with her husband Tom in an old big white stone house in a nice residential district. They don’t have any kids yet so they still go to a lot of parties.

As I drove up to the house I noticed that Tom's Mercedes was gone, their garage only has room for one car so they keep Susan's Mazda convertible there. I parked my car and rang the doorbell. I stood there for some time; in fact I was just starting to wonder if anybody was home when the door opened. There stood Susan all wet with just a towel wrapped around her.

“I was in the shower excuse me,” she said, as I couldn't figure that out by myself. I told her that it was okay and she asked me in. "The computer is in the study, you can start without me, I'm just going to dress, just give me a minute," Susan said.

I was a little embarrassed being alone with my almost naked sister in law so I said, "Okay, where is Tom?"

"Oh, Tom had to go into the office one of his clients called yesterday and wanted a meeting with him. I'm getting used to it by now, lawyers working on
Saturday I mean" said Susan.

As I didn't know what to say and I didn't want her to know that I was embarrassed I just nodded my head and smiled. "Okay, you go on now big boy" Susan said with laughter and then turned around and started to run up the stairs. I followed her with my eyes for the first steps and just when I was going to bend over to untie my shoelaces I saw that the towel started to fall off her. Of course I couldn't move my eyes now. Susan noticed what was going on and she managed to catch the towel before she was naked but she didn't manage to cover her butt anymore and that was a real great sight. She had this perfectly shaped butt and I have to admit that my cock started to come alive. Even after
Susan had got out of sight I kept seeing her cute butt in front of me, but after a while I remembered what I was there to do so I took off my shoes and went into the study.

I sat down at the computer I noticed that there was a digital camera on the bookshelf. I got a little surprised because Tom was not the type to be interested in these modern technical things. In fact when I showed him my camera a couple of months ago he didn't seem interested. The computer was on so I got to work. In thirty minutes I got them all connected to the Internet and the wireless working as well. When I was finished my curiosity overwhelmed me so I started to search the computer for pictures.

I have to admit that maybe somewhere in my mind I was thinking that maybe I could find some interesting pictures here. I guess that that thought stemmed from the fact that my wife and I have taken some nude pictures of each other and even some pictures of us when we have fucked. I ran a search on the hard drive and yes, there where some pictures on the drive. In fact I found pictures named, House, Garden and stuff like that, all in a folder called Photos. But more interesting, I found some pictures called S1, S2 and so on in a folder called Diff under the Office folder.

For some reason these pictures got my attention and when I got to see the first one my heart started to beat a lot faster and my cock got hard again. In fact he had never been real still after that sight of Susan. There on the screen was Susan lying naked in her bed. Her one hand was on her left thigh and the other one on her big breasts and her legs where spread wide apart.

But what was most interesting and what made me real horny was the fact that her pussy was clean-shaven. There was not a single hair on her pussy and it looked real wet as her pussy reflected the light. My cock got harder within two seconds after I saw this really sexy picture of Susan and yet there where more pictures to have a look at. I figured that Susan still would be away for some time so I randomly selected another photo. This was even better than the first one Susan was still positioned on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, but this time the hand that earlier had been positioned on her breast was now holding a big dildo and the dildo was half way in her wet pussy. I had taken some similar pictures of my wife, but not with a dildo that big.

It seemed to be as big as a wine bottle and the fact that I saw my sister in law positioned like that made me horny. I had just got a quick glimpse of the second photo when I heard Susan coming down the stairs. I could not believe that she had gotten dressed that quick. I just managed to close the pictures before she got into the room saying "I didn't want you to sit here all by yourself so I just dressed in the necessary stuff, I'll go up and dress the rest later."

When I heard her coming down the stairs with me looking at her nude photos I got a little scared so my cock was on its way down, but when I turned my head and saw what Susan meant she changed quickly I got real hard again. Susan had just dressed in panties and a T-shirt, the T-shirt being a little wet, forming tight over her breasts and a black g-string panties. I didn't know what to say, my pulse was already high from the fright when hearing her on the stairs and it didn't slow down from this sight either. So I just turned my concentration to the computer instead. I guess Susan must have seen that I was my normal self because she continued, "If it’s okay with you I mean, I don't want to make you embarrassed."

Of course it was okay with me, I didn't want her to be dressed at all. I just loved this sight, her long slim legs and those small panties over a pussy I now knew was totally shaved and the semi wet T-shirt not to be forgotten. "No, that's all right with me, Susan" I replied when I had managed to straighten out my thoughts.

"So what do you think is the problem with the connection?" asked Susan. This question got me back to the real world so I managed to answer in a more relaxed way, "Well, it was just one of the settings that were wrong, and I got the wireless connected and working as well."

Susan answered while pointing to an envelope to my right. I asked Susan, in the most innocent way I could "I noticed that you have a digital camera, didn't know that you and Tom were interested in modern technical developments?" After this question I took my eyes off the computer and took a quick glimpse at her. I could see that she hesitated about what to say now but after a while she answered, "Well, Belinda told me what fun things that you can do with a digital camera so I bought one too." Now it was my turn to hesitate, what did she mean? Before I had made up my mind how to answer she said "You naughty boy." What was this? I could not believe that Belinda had actually told Susan about our little fun with the camera, but obviously she had. Now I didn't want to be in the defensive position so I said "And was it as much fun as you expected?" Now Susan showed me a big smile and said "Oh yes, I thought it is so fun and it makes me real excited too you know, the only bad thing is that Tom isn't as keen as I on them." I knew that Susan had an open mind about a lot of things but I didn't expect her to be this open about her sexual activities. "Oh I see" was the only thing I managed to say.

Susan now gave me an even bigger smile, saying, "Hey do you want to see our pictures?" How should I answer now? "Well" I said, "that would be real interesting but I don't know what Belinda would think about it."

"Oh, that's okay" Susan replied "I have already seen yours" and then she burst out into a big laugh. Now I was in a defensive position and the only thing I could say was "So, did you like them?" Susan stopped laughing and said "Oh yes,
I got real horny when I saw you fucking my sister, especially that picture where you cum all over her face made me real hot; it’s too bad that Tom doesn't want to be photographed when we have sex." I was now beginning to fell more comfortable with the conversation, in fact knowing that Susan had been horny seeing me fuck my wife made me horny or should I say hornier. "So then it’s only you that has been photographed?" I asked. "Yes" she answered "and since I have seen you naked it's only fair that you see me naked." I could not argue with that logic so I said "Okay, show me what you've got honey." She then explained, while she was smiling, in which directory I could find her pictures. Of course I pretended to not know that and when I asked if they had tried to hide them there she answered
"Yes, it was Tom's idea, he didn't want anybody else to see them, but why have pictures this nice when you can't show them to anyone?"

"Well" I answered, "I can see what you mean, and I already like the thought that you have seen our pictures." When I got to see the first picture, now for the second time, I didn't have to act surprised, the picture was still making my pulse rise and Susan saw it. "So, what do you think?" she asked.

"Well" I answered, "I am stunned."

"Just wait until you have seen the best pics" Susan continued "then you will be even more stunned." I then continued to open the pictures in order. First there where more of the same kind with Susan naked on her back on her bed, some where she used her fingers to hold her sweet pussy open. Then she stood up, leaning on the end of the bed and using her hands to open up her butt so you could see her pussy and butt hole from behind. Of course when I got this far my dick was so hard and big that it threatened to jump out through my pants.

Susan saw that something was swelling in my pants and said, while looking at the bump, "I take it that you like what you see."

"Oh yes ma'am" I said with a laugh "so far, it only gets better and better."

"Continue," Susan said, "You are just about to look at the best part." I did continue and now it was time for the dildo pics. At first she just held it, and kissed it on one pic, and then she started to insert it. "Oh that is a huge dildo,"

I said. Susan smiled and said "Well, Tom doesn't have a dick your size so I guess I compensate it with a huge dildo." Oh, I loved hearing her say that I had a big dick so I said, "I know mine is big, but it's not that great."

"No," She replied with a smile, "but the real thing is the best and that compensates it." I continued with the pics and on the last ones she had a great part of the huge dildo inserted. I was a bit disappointed when there where no more pics for me to see and in fact I even told Susan this, maybe to be polite. Susan's reaction was not what I expected, she took my hands and laid them on her breasts and said "But again the real thing is the best right?" I didn't know what to do, what would Belinda do if she found out about this. "I can't do this," I said, "think about Belinda."

"Its okay" she replied "In fact Belinda has told me that she sometimes dreams about watching you fuck me real hard, so I was thinking we could practice a bit before we show her what we can." Of course I could not know for certain that this was true, but my wife has surprised me a lot of times when it comes to her sexual thoughts and by now my cock was going to explode if it didn't get any relief.

I therefore gave Susan a big smile and started to massage her breasts. She moaned and smiled at me and then said "I have been dreaming about this for a while now." Well, I had been dreaming of fucking her sometimes and this I told her. This made her moan even louder. I than rose and took off her T-shirt so that I could see those nice tits and feel them better. They was just as firm as my wife's and as I said almost as big. While doing this I bent down and gave her a kiss on her lips. I then whispered "I have never fucked a totally shaved pussy before." My wife is only semi shaved so this was going to be a real interesting day. She smiled and started to unbutton my pants. Then she slowly removed them and the boxers so that my dick sprung out, happy to be free. As she sat in the chair and I stood up in front of her, she had her face only inches from my cock. "Oh," she said, "it's even bigger than it looked in the pics." Then she took him in her hands and began to stroke the shaft slowly. Now it was my turn to moan, after all, my dick had been rock hard for a while now.

Susan then bent a little forward and began to lightly lick the top of my cock while she speeded up her stroking. My moan grew to a groan and I lay my hands on her head and began to stroke her hair. Susan looked up and smiled at me and then took some of my cock in her mouth and began to suck it. She sucked the top of my cock so nice that it was hard for me to control myself, so I began pushing her head gently towards me. Susan then stopped sucking and looked at me saying, "Take it easy stud, you will get deeper when you are ready for it." Well, I had to follow her orders so I stopped pushing her and began stroking her hair again. Susan continued to suck my cock and after a while she took it a little deeper. She sucked it there for a while and then took it deeper. This scenario repeated for a while until she couldn't take any more of my cock in her mouth. It was amazing how similar the two sisters sucked, Susan sucked in exactly the same way as my wife and they could even take it to the exactly the same depth, and that is deep I can assure you. I have never fucked a girl that can take it deeper than my wife. After all that sucking I felt that my cock was ready to shot a load and my groan grew louder. But Susan noticed this and stopped the sucking and said; "Not now honey, I’ll take that later, for now I’ll settle with the precum." She then rose and we started to kiss. While kissing her I started to remove her panties with one hand and stroke her breasts with the other. By now her nipples were hard and stood out. I bent down a little and got the panties off her and started to suck a nipple while I put one hand at her pussy. Oh boy was her pussy smooth and wet. I continued to suck her nipple and slid one finger in her pussy. This made Susan groan and after a while I put another finger in her pussy. I was determined to make a good impression on my sister in law so I didn't hurry at all. I started to kiss her again and slid my third finger in her sweet pussy. We stood this way for a while and when Susan began to groan louder I took her and sat her in the chair again.

I bent over her and kissed her on her mouth, down to her tits and further down, slowing down as I approached her clean shaved pussy. Susan was real hot now and as I got closer to her pussy her breath got heavier. I started to gently kiss her pussy while I stroked the inside of her thighs with my hands. Then I moved one hand to her pussy and parted it so I could start licking her clit. While licking her sweet pussy I put one of my fingers as deep as I could in her. Now Susan was real hot and started to move by the satisfaction, I had some trouble keeping my tongue on her clit. Her pussy juices tasted just as my wife's, a taste that always makes me real horny.

As before I slipped more fingers in her pussy after a while and when I put my third finger in her while still licking, she started to call "Yes, Yes, Yes give me more you big stud." Of course I did that and I even put a fourth finger up her pussy, I guessed that she could probably take my hole hand in her from the pics of that big dildo. With that fourth finger Susan was on the edge and started scream "Oh yes, I'm cumming, Oh yes." This made me intensify the licking and soon she came in real long and wet orgasm. She screamed during it so loud that I was afraid the neighbors would hear her. When she came her pussy became even wetter, a thing that made me even hotter than I already was and it gave me the opportunity to taste even more of her sweet juices. When she came to her senses again she pulled me up from her pussy to her mouth and started to kiss me. "Well, big boy," she asked, "how did you like to lick a totally shaved pussy?" I told her that I loved it and that I was going to ask my wife if she could do it too.

"You where a real good pussy eater, too bad Tom doesn't like to lick my pussy" she then said. "Well," I said, "it's his loss; he really misses some great sweet juices." Susan laughed at this and then turned her attention to my dick again. "I guess you are ready for some hard pussy fucking now, you big stud" Susan said. I quickly answered "Yes ma’am." She rose and told me to lie down on the floor. I did and Susan came right after sitting down on me. She then leaned forward and kissed me while she put my dick in her pussy. She was still real wet so my cock slipped easily in. As she started to move up and down I began to suck her nipples again. "Oh, your cock is so big and nice, fuck me hard please" screamed Susan. I started to thrust my hips against her and she groaned loud. Susan then leaned backwards so I could see the shaft of my big hard cock slide in and out of her shaved pussy. I continued to thrust my cock hard in her pussy. This made her big tits jump up and down, a sight that made me ready to shoot and I could tell that Susan was close to cumming again. But I didn't want to cum yet so I stopped and told her that I wanted to fuck her from behind, doggy style. She just groaned and get down on the floor. I got up behind her and thrust my cock into her pussy. Susan screamed with satisfaction when I did this. Susan was close to cumming now so I started to fuck her hard and fast, I was still close to cumming myself but I could take a couple of more minutes.

The sight of her cute butt made me wild and I parted her ass to get a view of her butt hole. Susan seamed to like this so I kept on fucking her real hard with her ass parted. Within a couple of seconds she screamed "Oh god, I'm coming again." I continued and she came for the second time while she thrust her ass against me. I almost cummed myself but I managed to stop in time for this. "Oh my god," Susan said, "you are just a real fucking machine, but now it's your turn to get some real pleasure, sit down in the armchair" I did this and Susan then knelt before me while she gave me a smile. She then bent forward and took my cook in her mouth; she knew that I didn't have much time until I would cum so she took it as deep as possible immediately. While I groaned she sucked and stroked my dick. I couldn't take this treatment for long and soon I needed to unload. Susan noticed this and started stroking my cock with the tip of it against her tongue. I screamed "I'm cumming" and started to shoot my load on her tongue, some cum went into her mouth and some got on her cheeks and some on her chin. When I had shot my whole load at her face she took my cock in her mouth again and sucked out the last cum there was. Then she used my cock to collect the sperm at her cheeks and chin licking it off my cock afterwards. I had only fucked one girl before Susan that was that fond of eating my sperm and that was my wife. Susan smiled at me, still licking my dick and said, "I guess my sister was right, your sperm does taste real nice."

I now had to ask her "Do you and Belinda talk about everything or what?" She took a last suck on my now softened dick and said, "Yes, especially about sex, you didn't think that that horny wife of yours could keep her mouth shut about your adventures in bed."

"And as I am as horny as her we always have talked about our sexual life, we started that as kids." This was new to me, but I liked the thought of Susan knowing about our sex life. "I even know that Belinda and you are thinking of making a movie when you fuck, I hope I get to see it when it's ready" Susan continued. I found the thought of Susan watching us fuck real interesting and said, "I'm sure you will." I then remembered Tom and asked her how much he knew about all this. "Oh, that boring man," Susan said, "he doesn't know anything of this, he is so boring that I'm thinking of getting me a lover." She then continued, "But I like his money and he is nice in all other things than in bed so I guess I have to think a little more about it." I just nodded my head and smiled at here and then asked her if this was the first time she cheated on Tom. "Well," she answered, "it depends; it was the first time I was with a man."

"Do you mean that you have fucked another woman?" I asked her a bit stunned. "Yes, once but I it was not a woman, rather a girl" Susan replied. I just looked at her, waiting for her to continue. "Do you remember our maid?" she asked.

I asked her if she meant that young Malaysian girl that they hired. "Yes," she said, "It was one day when I was real horny and Tom was at work, so I started to ask Jo, about her sexual experiences." Susan then continued and told me that Jo at first didn't like to talk about her experiences but later when Susan had told her about hers, she said that she was a virgin but she used to masturbate. Of course Susan continued and asked if she used to use a dildo and then Jo said that she sometimes used candles but that she never had used a dildo and also admitted that she had seen Susan's dildos when she cleaned their bedroom. As all this sex talk didn't make Susan any cooler and she thus asked Jo if she wanted to watch her use her dildo. Susan told me that Jo agreed with a smile and they went up to the bedroom. Susan admitted to me that she loved when other people watched her in bed and that it made her even hotter. At first Jo had just watched her play with herself with an ordinary dildo but when Susan changed to the big dildo, she wanted to show Jo what she could do with that one, Susan offered Jo to use the ordinary one.

As Jo had became real horny from watching Susan she accepted, undressed and lay down beside Susan. One thing then lead to another, first they played with themselves, and then Susan asked Jo if she would like to handle the big dildo inside Susan. Jo accepted and after a while Susan used the smaller dildo on Jo. Susan thought about trying the big dildo on Jo, but Jo's pussy was so tight that she realized that there was no chance that it could fit in that little pussy hole. Susan then tried a thing that she had always wanted to try; she started to lick Jo's pussy. Jo liked this and so did Susan and after a while Jo was licking Susan. They played like this a long time until they both came at once in a great orgasm.

I must say that her story made me excited and my cock would have come alive again if Susan hadn't sucked all the power out of it. But thinking of that young Malaysian girl, with a thin and slim body, very small breasts and, as I now knew a real tight pussy, in that sex act made me hot. I know that I love big tits, but thinking of fucking this young virgin girl made me think that small breasts can be nice too. I then asked, "Isn't Jo a little young for this sort of action?"

Susan blinked at me and said "Well, she was just seventeen then but she is eighteen now, why are you interested of fucking her virgin pussy?"

I was not prepared for this question but I could as well admit it so I said, "I guess your story made me a little hot for her." Susan then gave me a big smile and said "Maybe we can arrange something for you two one day." She then rose and said that I could go and take a shower and that she would make us some ice tea.

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