My Summer Boss 4

My Summer Boss 4

Her lips touched mine and I recoiled back into my pillow in horror. She grabbed for my head to hold me still, but I freed my own hands and grabbed her wrists.

“K-Kelly stop!” I hissed, pushing her back and sitting up.

“No please Tom?” she whined. “Just once. That’s all I need.” I got my legs out from under her as she crawled forward, coming after me.

“You’re fucking sick!” I said, pushing her head down into the sheets and jumping out of my bed. She made this pitiful groaning noise and picked herself up, sitting on my bed and giving me her best ‘please fuck me’ eyes. I snorted in disgust and left, heading down to the kitchen. I could hear her coming after me, trying to be silent but just not quite able to. I poured myself some water and downed it, I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t even thirsty. My mind just had to do something.

This was so wrong! Why would she do this to me? I knew she wasn’t normal, but I couldn’t fathom just how messed up she must actually be. I was her brother for fuck’s sake!

“Tom, please!” she pleaded, practically in tears.

“Kelly I’m your fucking brother!”

She made to get closer to me but I held up a hand, warning her to stay away from me.

“I know Tom, I know. But please it’s so bad. All the more reason, help your big sister, she needs you.” She made a desperate attempt to grab me but I spun out of her grasp and held her against the fridge, pinning her there with one hand on her back.

“Uhhn Tom, please!” she sobbed desperately. “Help your big sister!” Suddenly I was angry, I couldn’t explain why, but I was pissed. My other hand grabbed the back of her head and knocked it against the fridge, not very hard but enough to stun her. She groaned and went limp. I let her slide to the floor and watched her carefully, half making sure she was okay and half making sure she didn’t try anything sneaky.

She was my god damn older sister! And she had just tried to sleep with me!

Slowly she sat up with her back to the fridge, stretching her long legs before her. She put a hand to her forehead and peered up at me with this strange look.

“Ouch.” Was all she said.

“Kelly, get a boyfriend or something. And you will never try this again do you understand me? I am your god damned brother and I love you but this, this is wrong!” She worked her mouth for a second as if she were actually chewing on her words but said nothing as she stood up.

She looked at me for a long time before saying, “Yeah, sorry Tom.” And with that she turned and left, going back up to her room. I had a feeling this would come back to haunt me but I was simply relieved that this whole…mess was done with, for now.

I tried to go to sleep, tried to put this…shit from my mind. But I couldn’t. That night and the next day passed me by in a moody, depressed blur. I avoided my sister like the plague and she did her level best to do the same. And when our eyes did meet it was the most awkward feeling in my life. And when Sunday rolled along I was exhausted.

I was sitting at my desk staring at my blank computer screen, my mind a total void, when my cell rang. I sighed, not realizing who it could have been and picked it up.

“Morrison.” I said flatly.

“Tom, are you alright?” Brooks’s worried voice pushed through my numb head.

I cleared my throat, “Uh yeah I’m fine. Why?”

She let out a polite little cough, “Um well it’s uh. Oh man, um aren’t we going to Miss Azmano’s?”

I looked at the time and cursed, it was past ten thirty. “Oh my god I’m so sorry Brook! My mind is a little preoccupied today.” I paused. “Do you still want to go?”

“Yes.” She said in a tiny nervous voice.

“Are you sure?” I said playfully, drawing out the last word.

“Yes.” She said a bit more confidently.

“Okay then. I’ll be there in a few minutes and I’ll take you over. Okay?”

“Mhm, I’ll be waiting.” She said and I imagined her smiling.

We said our goodbyes and in no time I was in my car and hauling ass to Brook’s. I was barely stopped in front of her house before the door opened and she came out dressed in a t-shirt and short skirt. As she neared my car, she quickened her pace and tossed herself into the passenger’s seat.

“Hi Tom!” she said happily, leaning over and kissing me long and passionately on the lips. She pulled back and looked at me with a little smile on her face. If I had to say, she looked a little tired even if she didn’t show it in her voice.

“Hi Brook.” I smirked. “Last chance to say no.”

She rolled her eyes, “Yes Tom, I want to go.” I just smiled and headed off to Eve’s.

After a few minutes on the road she turned and put her hand on my knee, “So, what are we gonna do there?” I just laughed, not saying anything. She waited patiently for me to answer for at least a minute before she became frustrated.

I turned my head and made a shocked face, “Oh you’re serious?”

She pouted, “Tom! That’s not funny.” I smiled again and quickly kissed her cheek.

“You can do whatever you want.” I said quietly. She smiled a little nervous smile if I wasn’t mistaken. Before she could say anything else I pulled into Eve’s parking lot. I gave her one final questioning look which she waived off, and got out of the car. Smiling I followed her out and took her hand, leading her through the building. I stopped in front of her door and knocked twice. I heard a thud and then the door was nearly ripped off its hinges as she whipped it open.

“You little bastard! I didn’t think you were coming! Why didn’t you call me?” Eve seethed. She grabbed Brook’s hand and yanked her inside with a startled squeak. I made to follow but Eve stood in my way, glaring at me, hands on hips. I couldn’t help but smile; she couldn’t pull off angry very well, she could look stern, but not angry. And it didn’t help that she was wearing just a big shirt.

“So I’m just going to stand here?” I asked innocently, towering over her.

She narrowed her eyes at me and stepped aside, spanking me as I walked past.

I shook my head and laughed, plopping down on her couch. “You need to work on that, not quite there yet I’m afraid.”

“And you would know wouldn’t you?” she said, sitting down next to me and leaning over on me, kissing my cheek. “It’s still sore you know, you hit too hard.”

“Aw little baby. You love it and you know it.” I said putting an arm around her and pulling her over onto my lap.

She looked up at me and smiled. “I will not admit to that.” she whispered.

“Too bad I heard it.” Brook chirped from behind us.

“So when are you gonna start doing that with her?” Eve asked, pulling at my shirt.

“No that’s your thing.” I smirked.

“Yeah you’re right she would probably like it too much. Wouldn’t you brook?” We both looked up at her expectantly.

“Oh I don’t know.” Eve and I looked at each other before we broke into laughter.

“Yeah she’s full if it, she would like it too much.” I said.

“And it is my thing. Only me.” Eve giggled.

“Hey!” Brook said in mock anger, smacking the back of my head. I smiled grabbing her hand and pulling her over the back of the couch and into a little flip next to me. I leaned over and kissed her deeply, cutting off her protest.

It was when I pulled back that I realized I may have made a mistake. They were both looking at me. Four big eyes dragging my attention from one direction to another. Eve sat up and continued looking at me, while Brook sat on my other side, staring at me.

“Right, this is a problem. I’m just gonna sit here, yes just going to sit here.” I grumbled. Eve laughed, understanding my predicament immediately. Brook however, didn’t quite get it, looking at me blankly.


“He just realized he has to share sweetheart.” Eve said slowly.

I put my hands to my face, “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into? Oh god.”

“Aww look at him, that’s so cute.” She giggled. I could feel my face going red at her attention and she ‘aww-ed’ again.

“Quit it!” I groaned giving her a little shove, sending her sprawling on the rest of the couch. I looked her over and couldn’t help but grin, she was wearing just a shirt and it had hiked up.

“What’s this Eve? Aren’t you cold?” I asked quietly. Of course she wasn’t, it being summer time and all. I ran a hand up her leg and put it over her pussy. And damn she was hot, hot and wet. She closed her eyes and pushed her hips out against my hand. Brook got closer, watching intently as Eve began to squirm. She began pushing harder, arching her back and moving her entire body.

“I’ve been waiting forever.” She moaned, pushing even harder. Quickly I moved my thumb under my hand and let her next push slip it into her hot, slicked up insides. She gasped, inhaling sharply through her open mouth. I extended my thumb as far as I could into her and pushed back against her as she moved. I had a permanent grin on my face from just watching her expression and her actions. I could have done this forever.

I felt hands on my free arm and I looked away from my fun to see Brook tugging at my arm like a neglected child. She was bending her body as provocatively as she could, looking up at me with big pleading eyes.

“Yes?” I asked, drawing out the word, “Is there something I can help you with?”

She didn’t say anything but opened her mouth slightly and gave me one of those looks that only a girl can make. She took my hand and pulled it away from my body, I let my arm go loose and allowed her to do what she wanted with it. She grinned and pulled my hand up under her skirt. And lo and behold she wasn’t wearing any panties either. As soon as my fingers came in contact with her equally hot and equally wet slit she squeezed her eyes shut. Brook had been less deprived than Eve but her reaction was much more…spectacular.

She immediately let got of my hand and her arms went to her sides, clenching her fists and groaning from deep in her throat. She went stiff and pushed hard against me, her face was priceless.

“You two are so…I don’t even know what.” I said laughing. I would never forget this. Here I was sitting there with a hand on two girls’ pussies, and they loved it! I mean I never thought I would be in a position even remotely resembling this. And look at them, both sets of eyes were closed, faces set in concentration, silly little smiles on their lips.

“Y-yours.” Eve groaned through gritted teeth as my thumb managed to go particularly deep. My smile managed to get bigger. I wanted more fun too so…

Before Brook could notice, I quickly switched the position of my hand. My index and middle fingers sank into her and began curling upwards, while my thumb slowly ran over her clit. I did this without being able to see what I was doing but as they appeared to be set up in the same general manner, it wasn’t difficult. Slowly those thee fingers began describing small circles over their target areas. Her reaction to this was even better than before.

She arched her back, which only pushed my fingers harder against her. “Tom oh, OH! What are you doing?! Oh my god oh my god! Toooom don’t stop!” Again I couldn’t help but smile at this, even Eve didn’t really talk like that. She put her legs out and slammed her fists into the couch beneath her, lifting her torso up and driving my fingers further on. Though she tried to say more, all that came out were unintelligible moans and groans. I looked back at Eve, slowly grinding herself on my hand and fingers, and smiled as I noticed she had one eye open watching Brook as she quickly reached her breaking point.

Brook’s hands shot out and grabbed fistfuls of my shirt. Her face twisted for a second before going slack in a look of pure pleasure. Her whole body tensed and then jerked as more liquid flooded her already soaked pussy. She twitched for the longest time, my fingers still in her and my hand quickly becoming soaked. She squeezed her legs closed on my arm as she started to relax, barely.

“Oh my god.” She sighed contentedly, her body finally collapsing back on the couch. Eve and I were both watching her with amused looks as she closed her eyes, her chest heaving.

“Well I won’t have to share you too terribly.” Eve said quietly, a slight strain in her voice.

“What?” I asked curiously, struggling to pull my hand away from Brook but she had grabbed it and kept it up against herself.

“If she’s gonna pass out like that every time she cums, I…uhn wont have to share you too badly.”

“Hey…shut up.” Brook wheezed, “He’s not touching you like…he was doing to me.”

“You’re not!?” Eve hissed, grabbing my shirt and pulling me towards her, eyes hard.

“I-I no I was testing it first,” I stammered, trying harder to pull my hand away from Brook. Without realizing, I pulled her up with it and she fell against me, throwing her arms around me. She sagged against me and put her head on my shoulder and I could have sworn she was going to fall asleep.

“Well then, do it no-HOW!” she squeaked the last bit as I put my hand in the right position.

“There that’s what I was doing. Happy now?” I teased, starting the circles.

“That’s what you…uhg you were doing?” she practically grunted, arching her own back and pulling at her shirt.


After a few minutes she seemed to realize something and let herself drop back to the couch. “Stop. Stop!” she cried out.

“Why?” I asked pausing.

“I don’t want to cum yet.” She answered quickly, pulling her hips back.

“Keep going, this will be good.” Brook whispered in my ear. Grinning viciously, I pushed my fingers back into her and started making faster, harder circles.

“No! No, what are you do-whoing? Stop…please!” she cried out again, “Please.” She whispered the last please, her plea almost pathetically quiet.

“Come on.” Brook whispered in my ear again, sounding like she was urging me on more than anything. The circles I made over her clit and her spot became faster still and I began to put more pressure on them.

“Nooo!” Eve nearly screamed, arching her back and turning her head from side to side. I guess a week without sex and stuff had its effects because she damn near exploded. Her insides flooded like a dam breaking and a bit of her cum even squirted out past my fingers. Her body jerked violently for a few moments before falling back as she lay still, panting like she had just run a marathon.

“Well see now that wasn’t so bad was it Eve?” I asked. She put her arm over her face hiding the flush that had begun to creep up from her neck.

“B-bastard.” She breathed, sounding exhausted.

“Aww.” My face hurt I was smiling so much. I carefully removed my hand from between her legs and turned, grabbing Brook lightly and scooting myself from between them. As I got up, I gently laid brook down next to Eve. They were both semi conscious it seemed and as soon as she was down, Brook grabbed hold of Eve and hugged her close, Eve doing much the same. I resisted the urge to ‘aww’ and instead watched them for a moment before heading for the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich and sauntered happily back to the living room where I sat down in Eve’s chair and watched them continue to hug each other.

They were so adorable it was almost painful and my only regret was that I didn’t have a camera. But wait! I did have a camera! I pulled out my cell phone and quickly snapped a few shots of this incredible event. And it just got better as they slowly started to wake up.

“Hey! What the hell is this?” Eve started, jerking away from Brook and franticly looking around for me. Unfortunately she jerked too far and toppled off the couch and to the floor with a girly squeak. Brook meanwhile sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily, squinting around the room. I got up again, walking past them back to the kitchen

“You two are so adorable it’s not even funny.” I laughed. Eve glared at me as I walked past and ran a hand through her blond hair. I stood in the kitchen for a second trying to get that damned persistent smile off my face, as I put the stuff I used to make the sandwich away. So I was a little startled when a pair of hands wrapped around my middle and began undoing the buttons of my shirt.

“Quick come on lets go to my room before she notices.” I heard Eve whisper as she pulled herself tight to my back and her hands started to go lower as they finished with the buttons.

“Oo Eve uh I oohh.” I gasped as her small hands slipped down into my shorts.

“Is that a yes?” she purred. I turned around and held her close to me, but not before stealing a glance back towards the couch. Brook wasn’t sitting up anymore, instead, she was lying back down and curled up into a ball as if sleeping.

“Yeah sure.” I responded, dragging my attention back to Eve. She grinned fiercely and took my hand, pulling me hard as she headed for her room. I slipped out of my shirt as we went, letting it drop to the floor. She seemed to lose ten years as she did so, tossing a huge, excited smile over her shoulder at me. She slung me forward as we charged through her door, closing it as we did. I flew onto her bed and barely had time to turn and face her before she was on me, all grabbing hands and soft lips.

“Oh Tom you have no idea how much I missed you.” She gasped as I lay back with her on top of me.

I looked at her with a wry smile on my face, “Or did you miss what I do to you?” She paused for a second before a big smile spread her lips.

“Maybe both.” She giggled before kissing me hard, pushing her body roughly against my own. I put my arms around her, one over her back and the other hand on her now bare ass, pulling her tighter to me. Now I’ve pretty much been hard since I walked through the door, but this was just getting painful as she tried to crush her crotch into mine. She breathed my name again in between rough kisses and began making these small little begging like noises that were just driving me insane.

“What?” I asked, my head felt heavy, she was really…really getting to me.

She smirked, “Touch me.”

“I am.” I responded and proved it by giving one perfect cheek a squeeze, not knowing it was the cheek that I had been spanking so frequently. She put her face into my neck and moaned.

“Then touch me somewhere else.” She said, her voice muffled by my neck. I smiled, pulling her gently up my body a few more inches so I could reach. She sighed as she was moved, her hands coming up and cradling my head. I extended the fingers of the hand I had on her ass and ran a few fingers down the crack of her perfect rear. She let out a little a squeak and a giggle as they passed over her little backdoor. I couldn’t help but smile at her reaction but kept going and I began to push my fingers into her pussy once more.

She sighed in utter satisfaction and nuzzled deeper against my neck.

“Silly girl,” I said, “why do you like this so much?” I didn’t stop though, my fingers working into her as deep as I could manage.

She took a couple deep shuddering breaths before simply saying, “Stupid question baby.”

“Oh yeah of course.” I said rather more sarcastically than I meant to. I made a rather jerky movement with my fingers, causing her to jump a little.

“Uhn, not so rough Tommy. I’m delicate.” She said, picking her head up and looking at me with her sparkling blue eyes. My smile spread, got bigger, broke and I began to laugh. I couldn’t control it and I had to roll over and curl up into a ball as I laughed and laughed.

“Oh you bastard!” She said, trying desperately not to smile as she slapped at me.

“Nah you love this.” I choked, getting control of myself.

“What? You laughing at me? Not too much.” She said, smiling and touching my face. I laid back and sighed, just looking at her lying next to me. She blushed when she realized I was staring at her and quickly kissed me. “Stop it.” She whispered.

“I can’t help it, you’re too beautiful.” I said with a sheepish smile.

“Noo.” She squealed, jumping on top of me.

“Aww what’s the matter? A little self-conscious?” I teased.

She pouted, “No.” her eyes flicked over to the clock and she then looked back at me with wide eyes.

“What?” Her hands shot to my shorts and fumbled for a second before she managed to rip them and my boxers off of me.

“Wow! What’s the matter?” I asked, a little startled.

“Now! She’s gonna figure out what’s up soon!” she said quickly, rolling me flat on my back and throwing her leg over my waist.

“Oh come on Eve can’t we…mmph.” I was cut off as she kissed me hard and moved her shirt aside, quickly slipping all of my cock into her soaked cunt. We both gasped in shock. She settled down on my waist, my length completely embedded in her. She smiled evilly and grabbed me by my shirt with both hands.

I let myself be pulled up until her face was inches from my own, “If you think you’re just going to lay there and enjoy the ride, you’re wrong.”

“Bu-hut!” I grunted as she jerked her hips forward to shut me up. She got down as flat on top of me as she could before giving me an expectant look.

“Laziness.” I muttered, shooting a quick smile at her when she glared at me. I put my arms around her back and rolled over, taking her with me.

“Ahh,” she sighed, “I love when you’re on top of me.” I slowly pushed my hips against her, driving my shaft deep into her. She closed her eyes and kissed me again, “But I love that more.”

I rolled my eyes and kept going, I think a little more slowly than she would have liked, but she wasn’t complaining. Instead she put her own arms around me and held me tighter to her as I continued to slowly pump my hips.

“Oh how did I live before this?” she whispered, a little smile on her face.

“Alright look, now you’re just being ridiculous.” I said, stopping what I was doing to look at her. She jerked like she had been physically struck and glared at me accusingly. I couldn’t help but smile at the sudden lack of movement, because now I could really feel what her inner muscles were doing to me. I don’t think I’d actually felt it like this before, and I was disappointed that I hadn’t because it was amazing. I wondered how something so soft could squeeze me so hard. It felt like little ripples of pressure going from one end of my cock to the other. I closed my eyes and let a little more of my weight down on top of her. She groaned and worked her legs up behind my thighs managing to push my hips harder against her, driving me deeper still.

“Tom, noo! Please I want you all to myself and…ehr…if she busts in on us it’ll ruin it for me.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and ran a hand lovingly over my cheek, looking me in the eye, “You don’t want that do you?”

I rolled my eyes again and picked myself up, roughly jamming the rest of my length into her. “Good boy.” She moaned quietly, almost to herself. I shook my head and continued on, gentle no longer. Soon I was moving much faster, practically slamming my hips against hers. I was astounded that I realized I was already getting close, I suppose a week without her had had an effect on me as well. Just then she stiffened under me and her grip on my back and on my thighs tightened. She pulled away from me and slammed her head back against her girly pillows.

“Tooom!” she nearly screamed, her body twitching as she came hard. I don’t know why she was so concerned with not cumming earlier, it was much more impressive this time. She pushed her hips up so hard against mine it almost hurt. I let myself completely down on top of her and wrapped my arms around her before rolling over once more. I then grabbed her shoulders as she lay on top of me gasping for breath, and propped her up. I was a little disappointed that she still had her shirt on, denying me the full view, but I really didn’t have time to think about that. I guessed I had a minute before I lost it and even less when Eve began moving her hips, albeit a little drunkenly and uncoordinated, but it still had the same effect.

Her head lolled to the side and she had to put a hand on my chest to keep herself up, but she managed to gently rock her hips back and forth. A simple motion for her but I suppose she had a good excuse. Her hair had fallen in front of her face and all I could see of it was her mouth which, as she began to get control of herself, started to grow into a wicked smile. She began moving faster and harder, along with my own upward thrusts, combined to make for an insanely good feeling. I knew she could tell I was really close because she started moving more deliberately, instead of wild frenzied bucks and thrusts, she made precise pushes and twists.

I was going to explode! I could actually feel it building up. Her smile broadened and she leaned down until our faces were nearly touching.

“Guess what.” She breathed. Somehow she was still making the exact same movements with her hips, how that was even possible eluded me. I was right there and I was well aware of it, but it was how she could tell, that's what I wanted to know.

“Wha?” I groaned.

“Brook’s next.” She replied softly, quickly mashing her lips against mine as I cried out loudly into her mouth when I came, no one beyond the door would have heard. I couldn’t believe how I exploded like I did. I closed my eyes and sighed as I fell back, my face contorting as I blew my pent up load deep into her boiling insides. She giggled quietly and shifted her hips as my cock kept pumping inside of her.

“I knew that would send you over the edge.” She laughed, still shifting her hips as she sat up straight. She tilted her head up and looked down her nose at me, “Does she do that much for you Tommy.” She was pouting now as if she was hurt by the thought.

The last jet of cum blasted into her just then and I gasped, I felt exhausted, almost ridiculously so.

My eyes closed and I put my arm over them as I said, “Oh please Eve, it’s not what she does for me, it’s what you are able to do to me. I mean good god! How did you do that?”

She wasn’t stupid, not by a long shot, and she saw right through that but said nothing. Instead she took a deep breath and flicked the hair out of her eyes, before looking back down at me with a little smile.

She shifted her hips again, almost uncomfortably so, “Why such a big one today Tommy?” I wasn’t sure why she was calling me Tommy all of a sudden, but I liked it when she did.

I smiled and pulled her down to me, and kissed her passionately for a few moments. She slipped off of me and wormed her body tight next to me. “Because I haven’t seen you in a week and I missed you.” I said truthfully.

“You saved yourself for me?” she asked incredulously.


She blinked rapidly a few times, “B-but I caught you two.”

“I wasn’t going to let that go very far you know.” I said, looking her in the eye, it was true, I really wasn’t going to go all the way then as much as I may have wanted to. “I was planning on welcoming you back properly. I didn’t expect her to do that really, and I didn’t expect you to be back so soon.”

She didn’t say anything, just continued to look at me, I don’t think her eyes wavered from my own the entire time. No lie, I believed she was actually scanning my soul to see if I was lying to her. After an eternity she closed her eyes and sighed, rolling over onto her stomach.

“I feel old.”

“Aw, why?” I asked, rolling over onto my side and running my hand up and down her back. I let it rest on the back of her neck, gently massaging with the tips of my fingers.

“I just do. You two make me feel old. It’s not fair.” She said, turning her head away from me. I put both my hands on her shoulders now, my fingers pushing hard to get rid of the knots she must have built up during her trip. She sighed but didn’t move.

“What’s not fair Eve?” I asked.

“Why couldn’t I have met you…when I was eighteen?” she said haltingly, all of a sudden her back started hiccupping, and she sniffed repeatedly. Was she crying? She was!

“Eve?” concern riddled my voice as I gently tried to turn her so I could see her. “Eve what’s wrong?” I finally managed to turn her enough to see her face. Tears streaked her face, her eyes were red, and her lip quivered badly. It felt like my chest was being crushed. I had only seen her cry once and that was when her boyfriend left her a year ago. When she looked at me she broke out into fresh tears and a new fit of sobs.

“No.” I said reaching out and pulling her tightly to me. She curled up into a ball and buried her head in my chest. “Eve, please don’t cry. Please.” I was begging her. I couldn’t take her crying like this, I really couldn’t, it just killed me. It made me feel like it was partly my fault, like I should have known her when she was eighteen.

“I’m sorry Tom.” She choked. She suddenly grabbed my arm tightly, “Don’t leave me Tom! Don’t leave me!”

I tucked her head back into my chest and held her tightly, “I’ll never leave you Eve. Don’t you dare think I will.” I paused to stop myself from crying as well. “I’ll always be there for you.” I whispered so quietly I doubt she heard me. Slowly she stopped crying but she didn’t move otherwise. It felt like the longest time before she calmed down completely. I didn’t care, that I could comfort her at all, in my mind, was a miracle. The fact that I was still naked and that she might as well have been, didn’t even give me a seconds thought.

“Tom I love you.” She whispered with a sigh, relaxing her body slightly but still staying locked up in a tight ball.

“I love you too Eve.” I said, kissing the top of her head. After a moment or two she let out a pleased little sigh and relaxed totally. Her body tipped away from me and I risked tipping her completely over onto her back. She had actually fallen asleep, or passed out, or something because she wasn’t conscious. I couldn’t believe it, one second she was awake and the next she was out. I watched her for a second making sure there wasn’t anything wrong. But she was breathing normally and the fingers of her left hand were twitching slightly, as far as I could tell she was fine, just asleep. I sighed and kissed her forehead again before scooting back from her and getting off the bed. I pulled my boxers and shorts on before pulling the covers carefully out from under her and tucking her in.

I turned to leave her room when I remembered something, mentally slapping my forehead. I dug into my pocket and pulled out the present I had bought for her earlier this week. It was a simple little necklace I had purchased at the mall, with a small heart shaped pendant. I padded back to her bed and leaned over, carefully putting it around her neck, and letting the heart rest between her small breasts, over her shirt. I kissed her on the forehead and turned to go, shutting off the lights and closing the door behind me. I stood just outside her door and sighed, taking a deep breath after. I’m sure what she said would sink in eventually but right now I just felt good and a little bit anxious, I think I was nervous about Brook. I picked up my shirt from where it lay on the floor and simply put it over my shoulder as I walked to the couch. I looked over the back of it and suppressed a little laugh as I saw she was stretched out and asleep.

“Sheesh didn’t you sleep last night?” I asked out loud.

“Mo.” She mumbled sleepily, her face was pushed into frilly pillow which muffled her voice.

I shook my head, “Why.”

“Nervous.” She replied turning her head to look up at me with hooded eyes.

“Silly girl.” I said quietly, reaching down and gingerly tucking away a stray lock of her hair out of her face.

She smiled meekly. “I’m going out to get some air for a second ok. Give me a kiss.” She grinned and sat up to give me a quick kiss on the lips.

“I’ll be right back.” I said just as softly.

“To take care of me?” she asked, a little sparkle in her brilliant, captivating, oh-my-god grey eyes. I blinked a few times before replying.

“Brook baby, anything you want.” I said, reaching down to run a tender hand along her smooth cheek. She grinned and made this little excited squeak, laying back on the couch and stretching.

“I can’t wait.” God her voice! It made me want to leap on her right now but I needed to clear my head first. I put my arms on the back of the couch and rested my chin on them.

“You’ve done this before right?” I asked.

She turned bright red. “Right?” I asked again, a little worried.

“I uh…I…no.” she stammered. “I haven’t.”

“B-but you’re uh…you’re.” I stuttered, my eyes flicking down to her skirt.

“Four years of cheerleading. If it didn’t break there would have been something wrong, don’t you think?” she said with a sheepish smile.

I chuckled, “Well in that case we’ll have to do something special.”

She made that excited noise again and smiled, “Yay.”

“I’ll be right back though ok. I just need to go clear my head.”

“Ok.” She chirped, her mind immediately consumed with what she thought was going to happen when I came back. I leaned over the couch and kissed her again, much more passionately and for way longer. I pulled back and she was still smiling as I straightened and headed for the door, pulling on my shirt as I went.

I strode out into the hall and was halfway down the staircase when I realized my shirt was open. Shaking my head I kept going, my fingers fumbling with the buttons.

I headed out the front door into the bright summer afternoon. It was gorgeous out, not too hot and a nice breeze. A low wall ran the length of the building, maybe four feet tall, and a pair of stone globes topped the wall at the entranceway that lead into the building. I hopped up on the wall and sat down with my back against one of the globes, stretching out my legs. I let the sun do its work, soothing my mind and clearing it of any worries.

It must have been five minutes before I felt something move against my thigh. I was startled at first, thinking it was an animal or a bug, when I realized it was my cell. I had put it on vibrate when I came over and I now pulled it out of the cargo pocket of my shorts. I looked at the display and groaned, it was my sister.

“What Kelly?” I growled, flipping it open.

“It’s now my mission to expose your stupid ass.” She hissed from the other end.

“Cool Kel! That’s really mature of you. Expose me of what by the way?”

“That you’re fucking your boss.” Her voice breezed into my other ear from right next to me. I jumped and turned to look at my damnable sister standing with her hands on her hips, folded cell in one hand, looking down at me with the sun directly behind her.

I squinted up at her and grimaced, “Miss Azmano? What the fuck are you talking about? She’s like thirty!”

Unfortunately Kelly was not an idiot either and simply snorted, “I saw you two at the beach and I’m damned sure no one you know lives here.” She looked me over and shook her head. “You missed a button genius.” I looked down and realized I had indeed skipped a button and one side of my shirt was crooked.

“Hmm now I wonder what mom and dad will think of all this? I know you’d both be fired for sure.” I glared at her as I swung my legs over and stood up in front of her, nose to nose. As I said before we were the same height but she was stick thin and I had at least sixty or seventy pounds on her, she couldn’t hurt me, unless she told our parents with some measure of proof.

“And what would you tell anyone? They won’t believe you princess, not a damn one. You did this in high school, everybody knows you’re a liar.”

She smirked, “You’re going to take me to her.”

“Take you to who?” a new voice asked, a familiar voice, one of my favorite voices. I turned to see Brook sauntering over to us. Her skirt swished around her thighs and her shirt was somehow tucked up, exposing her flat stomach. She came up to me and kissed me on my stunned lips, hooking an arm around me. I looked back at my sister who seemed just as shocked as I was.

“W-who the hell are you?” she managed.

“I’m Brook, your brother’s girlfriend. He hasn’t told you about me?” She turned to me and smiled so Kelly couldn’t see, “Tom how could you?”

“I-I but, um…you live here?” Kelly asked.

“God no!” Brook scoffed, “But my aunt does.” She paused to giggle sneakily and put both arms around me hugging me tightly and turning us sideways to my sister and looking at her, “And she’s away for the weekend.” Kelly made this choking noise and turned her head to the side for a second.

“Wait, how long have you been going out?”

“Oh god it seems like forever!” Brook giggled again, standing on the tips of her toes to kiss me.

“But I…” Kelly started.

“No. There’s nothing Kelly! You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just go home.” She seemed to deflate right then and there, her shoulders slumping and her mouth twisting into a frown. She turned and headed to her car, when she was opening her door I called out to her.

She turned and looked at me. Smiling evilly I reached down behind Brook and lifted up the back of her skirt, mooning my sister with my girlfriends exposed ass. Kelly snarled something I didn’t catch and got into her car, slamming the door.

“You pain!” Brook yelled, reaching back and slapping my hands away so they dropped her skirt. She glared up at me but I could tell she was trying desperately to hold back a smile. “Here I am saving your sorry ass and you go and show my rear to everyone and their mother.”

I made a show of looking around, there was no one around, we were completely alone. “Really? It looks like it's just you and me.” I said, my hands going back down and grabbing handfuls of her supple bottom. I couldn’t really do that with Eve, her ass wasn’t big enough. She threw her arms around me and held herself close, still looking up at me.

“Why does that feel so good?” she sighed as I began kneading her cheeks.

“Because it’s someone else, and well, I’m just amazing at it.” I chuckled. “But seriously when Eve touched me for the first time it felt like my skin was on fire.”

“Mm. Can we go back inside? Someone’s gonna see us.” She asked quietly.

“Ok.” I replied. She took her arms from around my waist and made to walk back into the building. But I had other ideas. I bent from the waist and put one arm behind her knees and the other behind her back and managed to pick her up. I held her to me as she screamed in surprise and mild annoyance. Her skirt had fallen down as her knees went up, I couldn’t see anything because it bunched up but if anyone happened to be looking in that direction they would get the full view.

“What is this? Mess with Brook day?” she muttered, managing to position her skirt so she wasn’t so completely exposed and then folded her arms over her chest. She had on a scowl that was just barely there.

“Aww you’re so picked on aren’t you?” she nodded, pouting. “Well it’s not my fault, you’re too cute and I can’t help myself.” As I was talking I walked back into the building and got into the elevator, light as she was I wasn’t carrying her up the stairs. Neither of us made a sound as we went up to the next floor, just stared into each others eyes, which may or may not have been a mistake on my part, because it felt like all of my blood flooded to one part of my body that really could have waited until we got back to Eve’s apartment. Fortunately Brook was high up enough not to feel it, or if she did, she made no sign of it. The doors opened and I walked out into the hall, still carrying my beautiful burden. She squeaked when I adjusted my hold on her and she dropped fractionally.

“Thomas! Drop me and I will kill you.” She was serious too but that didn’t stop me from grinning.

“Perish the thought my dear, perish the thought.” We reached the door and she opened it for us. I had taken maybe ten steps inside the room before my knees suddenly gave out. I yelped in shock as I hit the carpet hard on my knees. Fortunately I managed not to drop her and put her down on her feet. I couldn’t believe I had done that!

“Is my boy toy in need of some more exercise?” Eve giggled, sticking her head up over the back of the couch, blue eyes twinkling.

“I didn’t ask for a comment from the peanut gallery Eveline.” I gasped in pain. Brook stood by me with her hands on my head, and her thigh pressed against my shoulder.

Eve giggled girlishly and stood up, coming around the couch and standing in front of me. Now, they were short compared to me, but being on my knees they loomed over me. “I’m sorry Tommy.” She purred and I couldn’t help but notice she was fingering the pendant I had given her. She saw where I was looking and smiled and I could have sworn tears started to form in her eyes. Without a word and without warning she tossed herself on me, knocking me onto my back and driving the air from my lungs.

“Thank you Tom.” She whispered, kissing my gasping lips tenderly.

“Welcome.” I croaked, putting my hands on her back and giving her a little hug.

“Stop hogging him Ms. Azmano! It’s my turn.” Brook whined, shaking Eve’s shoulder. Eve wrapped her arms around my neck and wiggled her body tighter to me. She made a protesting noise and shrugged Brook’s hands off of her shoulder. I put a hand on the back of Eve’s head and gently pushed it down next to mine so I could look at Brook. I mouthed ‘Eve’ and gestured with my eyes.

“Eve…Please, I’m so…please.” Brook pleaded. Eve forced her head away from my hand and looked at me mischievously before twisting to look back at Brook.

“You’re so what?” Eve purred, sitting up on my stomach. Apparently she either didn’t realize or didn’t care that I could barely breathe. But I too was entertained by where she was going with this, so I didn’t mention it. Brook shifted her legs uncomfortably and flexed her hands, turning a bright shade of red.

“Oh I see.” Eve cooed, shifting so that she sat straddling my waist with her back to me. She quickly undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled it open, and I couldn’t help but shift under her as I felt her bare pussy on my skin. Her big shirt had hiked up but still covered everything from sight. I slowly ran a hand up one of her thighs before letting it slip under her shirt. My fingers just barely brushed over her moist outer lips and grazed her clit.

She sighed contentedly and leaned back for a moment before focusing back on Brook, who was still shifting her legs uncomfortably. “So you want this?” She began, grabbing my cock through my shorts and slowly rubbing it back into full hardness. I closed my eyes and lay my head back but keep gently rubbing Eve’s clit and outer area.

“You think you can take this?” Eve asked quietly as she began opening up my shorts and pushing down my boxers. She pulled out my now stiff dick and slowly began pumping and rubbing it. I rubbed her a little harder and she began having trouble speaking.

“He’s not small you know. You want this thing stuffed into you?” I heard Brook gasp and I tried and failed to hold back a smile.

“You make it sound so horrible.” I said to Eve, suddenly cramming a few of my fingers into her pussy. “You seem to like it well enough.”

“Uhhn I dooHHUU!” She cried out in ecstasy as my fingers touched a particularly sensitive spot and she came for the third time today.

“You son of a…” she moaned quietly, her chin dropping to her chest as her inner muscles continued to twitch around my fingers. I slowly pulled them from her gripping confines and took her hand, which she squeezed tightly. Slowly, rigidly, she scooted back up my body until she was sitting on my stomach again.

She sighed deeply, “Come here Brook, I’ll help you.”

“Eve ple…” I began before she twisted her head and shot me a look from one eye that stopped my protest.

“Be quiet Tommy, you’d hurt her and you know it. And you said it yourself I have to be nice, this is me being nice.” She turned and waved Brook over. It looked like she couldn’t wait to move because she dropped to her knees and scrambled over, stopping between my legs in front of Eve. Eve’s small hand still held onto my cock, very slowly rubbing it as she talked.

“So what do you want to do? Anything special or do you want to just go all the way?”

Brook didn’t say anything but I felt another hand on my shaft, tentatively touching with the tips of her fingers.

Eve’s hand retreated and Brook’s took over, “Oh my god it’s so hard.” She whispered. I cringed as she squeezed hard, her fingertips brushing over the head of my cock.

“You really never have done this before.” Eve said in a sort of awed voice.

“No, and I plan on making up for it.” She said, emphasizing her words by squeezing me again, hard. I sighed and closed my eyes, letting my head drop back onto the carpet.

“Oh my god how did I get to this?” I asked no one in particular.

“You’re just a lucky boy aren’t you Tommy?” Eve purred.

“Yeah I suppo…” I trailed off as I felt a tongue run the length of my shaft.

“Are you gonna try sucking him off?” Eve asked.

“I don’t think I can take it anymore.” Brook gasped breathlessly. “I want him in me.”

“Ok come here Brook.” Eve instructed. “Come on, up on your knees. That’s it, a little closer and a little higher.” I felt hands on my dick again, pulling it straight up. “Take a couple deep breaths and let yourself down really slow.” I heard Brook take those deep breaths and then I felt a slowly building heat at the tip of my cock. I cringed as the head of my dick was slowly enveloped by an intense wet heat, god almighty she was so tight. I said as much and they both laughed, making me blush even harder.

And inch or two more was crammed up into her before she stopped. “Ah it hurts.” Brook whimpered, I felt a tight hand on my thigh and I felt Eve move so I assumed she was holding Brook’s other hand. “Oh my god it hurts.”

“Just sit still for a second and you’ll get used to it.” Eve soothed.

“I can’t stay like this Eve! My legs are gonna give out!” Brook cried, she knew what she was going to happen.

“Back up! Back up Brook!” Eve shouted in vain. I couldn’t scoot out from under her because Eve was sitting on me and I grimaced as I felt Brook fall. She hit hard and I was in to the hilt, the impact not feeling as good as one might imagine. She screamed in pain and I felt Eve’s weight shift lower and I looked up. Eve was clutching Brook in a tight embrace as tears streamed from her grey eyes, my chest twisted as I looked at her and she looked back at me.

“Brook.” I said in a pained whisper. I felt horrible, like it was my fault completely. She would be fine in awhile, I knew that, but for the time being it was tearing me apart to look into her eyes.

The three of us stayed in that position for the longest time. All the while Eve held onto Brook and whispered in her ear until she calmed down. I tried my hardest to fight the urge to push upwards and remain perfectly still, which was difficult to say the least.

After the longest time Brook sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, “Ok, alright I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Eve and I asked at the same time.

Brook smiled wearily, “Yeah I’m sure.” She looked down, “Is it in all the way?”

“No it’s only halfway.” Eve said evenly.

“What!?” Brook gasped incredulously.

“She’s kidding.” I groaned. Eve picked herself off of me and sat next to us.

“Well just scooch this way a little bit,” Eve said, pulling Brook’s hips forward a little. “And now it’s in all the way.” I put my arms behind my head to prop it up and looked at her with questioning eyes.

Brook now had a full view of what was going on with Eve off to one side, and she looked down with wide eyes. She poked her stomach below her belly button and a little smile crept onto her lips. I just barely pushed my hips upward to see what she would do.

She gasped, her eyes shooting up and locking on mine. “Thomas!” Eve cautioned, slapping my stomach hard with the back of her hand. “Behave.”

I pouted and gave her my best innocent eyes, before looking back at Brook. She was poking at her pussy, especially around the area where I was stretching her most. I thought it was adorable how curious she was about all this and how still she kept herself.

Eve leaned down and whispered in my ear, “She’s cute inst she? I wish I had it this easy my first time.”


She sat up straight next to my head and idly stroked my hair as her eyes unfocused. “Yeah…I wasn’t on top. And he was a big boy too, god did that hurt.”

“Awww poor Eve.” I teased, “All those years and you still remember.”

She narrowed her eyes at me, “Listen you…hey!” she squeaked as I pulled her shirt up as far as I could.

“Oh come on Eve, you haven’t taken that damn thing off since I got here.”

“Oh? And you want me to take it off? You want to see what’s under here?” she asked, putting her hands over her breasts, her fingertips seeking out the pendant again. I nodded and she cast a glance at Brook who was paying us no attention at all, before looking a back at me and smirking. “Say please.”

I reached up and pulled her down by a hand, kissing her deeply. I accidentally shifted my hips, eliciting a moan from Brook.

“Please.” I whispered after she broke away to gasp when I gently pinched one of her nipples through her shirt.

“How are you able to do this to me?” she breathed, lifting her big shirt up over her head and letting her small breasts jiggle into freedom. The shiny gold pendant hung directly between them.

“Maybe I’m just a natural.” I said, running the back of my hand over her smooth stomach.

She let out a juddering sigh and tossed her leg over my chest, facing me this time. I was a little concerned that I couldn’t see Brook anymore but my immediate concern was Eve’s pussy in my face. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it, and more surprisingly, my mouth flooded from just looking at it. Her outer lips were shiny with moisture, a little puffed out and rosy.

“Oh my god Eve.” I breathed.

She reached down and grabbed my chin and lifted my eyes up her perfect body. Her face was bright red, embarrassed perhaps? I didn’t have a chance to think on it further because Brook chose that moment to move for the first time. She slowly pulled herself up and after so much inactivity it felt amazing. She was so damn tight it felt like a soft wet vice was being pulled slowly off of my cock.

I groaned loudly and arched my back sharply, lifting Eve up and tumbling her over my head. Brook stopped moving with about half of my shaft still locked in her. I struggled to pick my head up and look down my body at her.

She was grinning smugly and brought her hand up to bite one of her fingers, “Oops did I do that?” She asked innocently.

“I’m not gonna make it…I’m just not gonna make it.” I said breathlessly, letting my head fall back again. Eve’s beautiful face filled my vision as she knelt behind my head.

“Awww, why won’t you make it bucking bronco?” she teased. I didn’t get a chance to respond because Brook let herself back down and my cock was once again consumed by the fleshy vice.

“Brook!” I cried out as she twisted her hips. She was moving all the time now and I couldn’t focus enough to move more than to flex my body.

Eve was giggling uncontrollably, “Look what you’re doing to him Brook! Look at his face!” Well I couldn’t see it but I’m sure my face was all scrunched up and comical.

“Ehhr…ho-how long uhh, do you th-think he’ll last?” Brook could barely ask.

“Well going on what you’re doing to him now…not long at all.” Eve paused, looking down at me with an evil grin. “In fact, can you go faster?”

“I was just…going to do that.” Brook purred.

“Wonderful.” Eve giggled again. “He’s gonna blow big, be ready for it.” Brook’s response was to quickly lift her hips up, somehow judging it so well as to leave only the head of my cock inside of her, and then slam back down. I almost screamed. Brook grabbed fistfuls of my open shirt and struggled to lift me into a sitting position. I put my shaky arms under me and managed to pull it off, performing a painful crunch to get into a sitting position with her impaled in my lap.

I could barely manage to kiss her as she twisted her hips sharply. “Cum baby. Cum in me.” She whispered huskily in my ear. I whimpered when she swiveled her hips in a figure eight and I dropped my head onto her shoulder. It was only then that I realized she too had taken her shirt off, I couldn’t believe how unfocused I was! She put her arms solidly around my neck and shoulders, using them and my back to support her weight. She was now able to lift her hips quite far, which she proceeded to do quite often and quite roughly. Her cunt was griping me so tightly I was sure no part of my cock was untouched by her wet pressure.

Soon her hips were smacking against my own with a force and a wonderful sound. She put the side of her head against my own and screamed, her whole body jerking and twitching as she came. Her cunt went absolutely crazy, twitching just as much as her body but so much better. Her insides flooded so much that I felt her cum leak out onto my crotch. She didn’t stop though, which amazed me considering this was her first time and how hard she came. Her hips continued to gyrate in crazy patterns and wild jerks. All that extra liquid flooding her only barely made it easier to move inside her, but the feeling it generated was phenomenal. And with a halting realization I knew it was a matter of seconds before I absolutely exploded.

I could feel it building up, and god it was huge. “Are you close baby?” She asked exhaustedly.

I moaned an affirmative. She pulled her head back and looked into my eyes and that’s when I lost it. I gritted my teeth and exploded into her. She gasped and stared at me with a shocked look. It felt like half of my body mass was shoved through my cock and into her hot, tight confines. I felt light headed and it was possible I blacked out for a second as I kept pumping jet after jet of cum into her.

I forced so much into her it began to spill back out. I finally stopped dumping cum into her and fell hard back onto the carpet. Brook’s startled eyes flicked up and stared wide eyed at Eve. They then fell down to my own eyes and then down at her pussy. My cum was seeping out of her as my cock began softening, creating a little bit of space.

“So much,” she whispered in awe, “it’s hot.” She began shakily lifting herself up and quickly put a hand under her pussy to stop a deluge of mixed cum. “I uh, I’ll be right back.” She groaned as she got to her feet and walked awkwardly into Eve’s room. I lay there trying to catch my breath and stretched my back. I couldn’t see Eve, but I wasn’t really looking, assuming she was behind me.

This was insane, I was absolutely exhausted. The girl had drained me completely and I would be surprised if I ever got hard or came again. After a few minutes I caught my breath sufficiently to sit up straight. I took a deep breath and looked around,

She was indeed behind me, though she was backed up against a chair, her fingers slowly rubbing her clit and occasionally slipping inside her. When I turned around and saw her, her fingers picked up speed.

“Hi Eve! Whatcha doing?” I asked happily. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed as she leaned back against the chair. She must have cum again because she let her hand fall away from her pussy; she’d obviously been at it for awhile because most of her hand was soaked.

“What…does it look like I’m doing?” she panted. I just laughed; there was nothing else to say to that. I got shakily to my feet and pulled up my shorts, holding out my hand to help my naked goddess to her feet. She grabbed it with her slick hand and grinned wickedly as she gained her feet. I looked at my hand as she gathered her loose hair up and tucked it back behind her head.

“Did you seriously do that Miss Azmano?” I asked in mock shock.

“I did. Whatcha gonna do about it?” she dared, backing up with a bouncy step. She made a ‘come on’ gesture and I jerked forward, hoping she would turn and run away squealing. She didn’t. Instead, she just grinned and cocked an eyebrow.

“You’re gonna get it tiny.” I menaced with a smile, narrowing my eyes at her and taking a step towards her. Now she broke, turning and scampering away from me trying to make a sharp turn around the side of the couch. I took two long steps and intercepted her as one end of the couch. She let out a laughing scream (you know what I mean) as I tackled her onto the couch. I was spread on top of her while she laid kicking and screaming on her stomach.

“Now now Eveline. Don’t be stubborn, clean up your mess.” I said bringing the hand she had grabbed close to her mouth.

“That’s it?” she asked, “You’re not going to have your way with me?” I snorted and pushed my fingers against her lips. She sighed in disappointment and grabbed my hand, selecting my middle finger first and sucking it into her mouth. I grinned as her tongue did things that she couldn’t normally manage when her mouth was filled with my cock. She did this to all of my fingers and finished it off by sticking out her small tongue and licking up the rest of her juices from my hand.

“Oh you're such a good girl, yes you are yes you are.” I teased.

“Oh shut up Tommy.” She giggled.

“Shut up Tommy?” I gasped in in a hurt voice, “Well if you’re going to speak to me like that I don’t know if I’ll go on with what I was going to do to you next.”

“Yeah and what’s that?” she asked, her curiosity piqued, that, or she was still horny as hell like usual.

“Oh, not much.” As I said that my hand slipped back and slid over her sculpted ass, and down to rub over her pussy once more. She sighed deeply and contentedly, looking back over her shoulder at me with a mischievous grin. She pushed her body forward as I pushed into her thoroughly soaked confines with my index and middle fingers.

“Oh god,” she moaned letting her head fall onto a pillow, but still looking back at me, “can you do it again?”

I sighed, “Perhaps, that is, if you’re a good girl.”

“I’m good! I’m gooood!” she cried out. I grinned broadly, but it didn’t last because the gods conspired against me by allowing the doorbell buzzer thing to go off. And I knew exactly who it was somehow. Maybe it was some deep bond that my sister and I shared or it was some dawn of man sense of evil approaching that told me Kelly was at the door.

“Stay perfectly still and don’t make a sound.” I whispered in Eve’s ear as I got off of her.

“Nooo Tom, please! Just forget it!” She pleaded, her hips were moving now, the poor thing. I put my finger to my lips and motioned her down with my hand, if she lay flat on the couch she couldn’t be seen from the door. I made sure to pull my shirt wide apart as I opened the door. Lo and behold I was right, the devil herself stood before me, peering past my shoulder.

“What Kelly? Did you seriously follow us up here?”

“Where is she?”

“Who? Brook? She’s in the other room.” I said, turning and shouting back into the apartment, “Brook! My sister’s here! Can you come here for a sec?” After a second Eve’s door opened and Brook leaned around the corner clutching a towel to her clearly naked body.

“What now?” she sighed.

Kelly looked back at me, examining my state of dishevelment. “I’ll find her, mark my words little brother.”

“Nothing little about your brother!” Brook called before retreating back into Eve’s room.

I grinned triumphantly as my sister turned bright red and started shaking with rage. “Bye Kelly.” I said quietly, closing the door in her face. I heard her hiss curses as her voice disappeared down the hall. I was chuckling as I walked back to the couch and looked over the side down at Eve.

“Now, where was I?” Her hands shot up and grabbed my head. She pulled herself up and kissed me deeply.

“Oh right, now I remember.”


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