Rapist at 14 #6

Rapist at 14 #6

Rapist at 14 #6

When I realized I could not get out of the back door I duct back into the bathroom. A woman came in who I recognized as her mother from the restaurant. When she saw her daughter lying on the bed naked and tied up, she cried “Marian, my god what happened?” I slipped up behind her and quickly placed a tape over mouth and shoved her face down on top of her daughter. I told her to be quiet and not struggle or I would cut her daughters throat. She stopped squirming and I pulled her arms behind her back and taped them.

I pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down and threw them on the floor. She started to get up so I gave her a wrap on the side of her head and told her to lay still. I shoved three fingers up her pussy and shoved them in and out a couple of times and smelled my fingers. I said my god doesn’t this family know how to keep their cunt clean? I pulled her to her feet and took her skirt off and led her into the bathroom. I shoved the shower head up her pussy cleaning it good, and for good measure I shoved it into her ass and douched it. I kept that up until all her shit was out and her ass cavity was clean. I toweled her off and brought her back into the bedroom.

I cut her arms loose and removed her blouse and bra before re-taping her hands. I looked at her daughter and said; looks like you are going to get all your fantasies taken care of. I took a good look at her mother. She was a little plump with a nice round ass. She had smaller tits than her daughter but surprisingly they did not sag much. She looked to be in her late 40’s or early 50’s. About 5’4” and maybe 130lbs. she had some flesh around her belly but still was not bad to look at. Her hair was dark brown with streaks of grey.

I sat her down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, inserting a couple of fingers into her pussy. She was dry from the douching. Her eyes were wide with fear. I began to finger fuck her. She was squirming trying to pull away from my fingers, but I just kept it up. I found her “G” spot and rubbed it good. It took about five minutes before she started to lubricate. Within eight minutes she was moaning and I knew she was ready to cum.

I withdrew the tape from Marian’s mouth saying, its time to find out what pussy tastes like. Both mother and daughter’s eyes grew wide and both started shaking their heads no. I lifted her mother up and sat her down on Marian’s chest with her knees on each side of her daughters face. I scooted her ass forward so her mother’s pussy was right over her mouth. Within about thirty seconds Marian began licking her mother’s cunt. Then she really got into it and was tonguing her and sucking her cunt like she was starved.

Her mother was trying to sit up and get away but I held he in place. After about five minutes of getting her pussy eaten she began to moan and grind her pussy into her daughter’s mouth. She began to murmur through her tape and it sounded like she was saying oh god honey don’t stop. She rose up just a little and started whipping her ass across her daughters face and then became ridged as she came. She squirted her water pussy juice all over her daughters face and bed. She rolled off her daughter and then just collapsed. Marian was coughing and choking a little, but she had a great big grin and said, WOW that was wonderful mother.

I let them rest for a little while and then I said, OK, now its Marians turn. I picked up the mother and laid her between Marian’s legs. She tried to protest and push away. I shoved her head between her legs and said eat your daughter. Marian said, “Oh please mother I want to feel what its like to have a women eat my pussy. She scooted her pussy into her mothers face and waited. Finally the mother began to lick her daughter. She was pretty good at it as she slid her tongue up and down her daughters vagina and found her daughters little clit. She began to rub her tongue over that clit and suck on it. Marian was squirming and moaning, OH GOD mom that feels so good, Oh you are making me cum, OH yes, yes that’s it mother just like that, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and you could tell she came because her face was contorted and she was shoving her pussy up into her mothers mouth.

Her mother just kept on eating her daughter. She had her ass raised in the air and I took my hard dick and shove it into her cunt. I slid into her easily and I heard her moan. The inside of her pussy was soft and smooth as I began to slide in and out of her. I felt her pussy lips grip my cock. Both women were moaning and the mother was now shoving her pussy back at me each time I entered her. I fucked that pussy hard and fast. I could tell she had not had a good fucking like this in a long, long time. I fucked her for about twenty minutes and she came five or six times. Her pussy was dripping with her cum. I felt that feeling in my balls and I started hammering her as fast as I could on my knees. I grabbed her around the waste and buried my cock deep inside her and shot my load into her hot box.

Finally Marian screamed, no more mother, I can’t stand any more. She grabbed her mothers head and shoved it hard into her pussy. Her ass was pumping her pussy into her mother as she came. Her mother rolled to her side with me still inside her and we laid like that for quite a while. We were exhausted.

I made sure they were both tied and went into the kitchen to see what they had to eat. I asked them if they were hungry. They both nodded their heads in the affirmative. I heard Marian tell her mother that if she promised not to scream I would take her tape off. She also told her mother that I had made her feel like a women and I had made her happy. She told her mother not to screw things up because she wanted me to fuck her as often as possible before I left. She told her mother that she had told me I could come back anytime and she would not call the police.

I fixed scrambled eggs and fried some ham. I said if you behave yourself and promise not to scream I will take the tape off. She nodded yes so I removed the tape. I went back in the kitchen and I heard her mother say you must be crazy, he raped you and me. “I don’t care, he has made me so happy, and I never knew that sex could be so good. Don’t tell me you didn’t like it I saw you fucking him back while he was fucking you. When was the last time you felt like that? she said,” I must admit it has been a long time and I don’t ever remember cumming as much as I did. He does have a big cock doesn’t he?”

When I came back I said I would cut them loose if I had their word they wouldn’t try to get away. Marian’s eyes got as big as saucers when she heard her mother say. “I won’t if you promise to fuck me again like you just did.” I laughed and said you can count on it. We all laughed and I took the tapes off their arms and we ate. I asked her what her name was and she told me Lettie. After eating we all went back and laid down and rested.

I decided it was time to let Lettie see her daughter get fucked. I started by eating Marians pussy. Her pussy was full of her own cum as well as mine. I made her cum a couple of times before I inserted my cock into her. In spite of all that lubrication she was still very tight and she felt wonderful. I told her again what a great cunt she had and I thought her tits were magnificent as I kneaded, kissed and sucked them.

I had fucked her for about ten minutes when she whispered she wanted me in her ass. I told her that it would hurt because she had never had anything in there before. She said she didn’t care, she wanted to experience every form of sex she could. She said she had some KY jelly in the bathroom cupboard. I asked her if she owned a vibrator and she pointed to the bed stand next to the bed.

I got the Jelly from the bathroom and the vibrator from the stand. I took the jelly and squirted it up her ass and smeared her butt hole with some. I spread some on the vibrator and inserted my finger in her pussy lubricating two of them and then shoved my forefinger into her rectum. Her sphincter muscle resisted and it took a minute or two before I could push my finger in and out of her. I soon inserted two fingers than the vibrator. She grunted and said nothing until the vibrator than she said oh that feels good.

I fucked her with the vibrator for several minutes until I felt she had learned to relax her muscles in her ass. I inserted the head of my cock at her entrance after lubricating my cock with a lot of that jelly. I Shoved about two inched in and she cried, Stop, Stop, oh shit it really hurts. I stopped and eased about a half inch back out and waited. I said you do the pushing. She began to push. She got three than four inches inside. She said oh shit that hurts. I feel a pain clear through my back. I said, take your time. It takes some effort to relax those muscled enough to allow entry. It took another couple of minutes but she finally got all seven plus inches up her ass.

She held me there for another minute and than started moving back and forth allowing my cock to slide in and out of her velvet ass hole. I began to move myself in and out in long slow motion. She said, “I can’t believe I can have pain and pleasure at the same time, go faster.” I picked up the tempo. Lettie suddenly moved in front of Marian and shoved her pussy into her face and said, “Eat my pussy honey, watching you get your ass fucked made me horny. I made sure I didn’t cause Marian to hurt her mother by jamming her teeth into her pussy.

What a sight, here I was fucking this gal and watching her eat her mother’s pussy at the same time. I again picked up the tempo and began to fuck that tight ass in earnest. I fucked her for a good half hour and than shot a load of cum up her ass. She continued to eat her mom’s pussy and her mom was groaning and moaning and cumming one orgasm after the other. Finally she cried UNCLE, UNCLE, I can’t cum any more. Marian looked up and there was pussy juice all over her face neck and tits. She said, “Oh mom you taste so good I could eat your pussy all day long.” Lettie said, “Easy for you to say but you made me cum so much I thought I would lose my mind.

I fucked Lettie two more times in her pussy, and once in her ass. I also had her suck my cock. I only came once and that was down her throat. She was able to take all of me in her throat and the sensation of having the tip of my cock in her throat made me cum. I fucked Marian four times, she seemed to love it in her ass so I fucked her there three times and her pussy only once more but I fucked her for three quarters of and hour in that beautiful tight pussy of hers.

It was 2 AM and I told them it was time to go. Both of them protested and Marian said, “Come and live with me. I want you to fuck me for the rest of my life. Lettie Said you have made me feel like a young women again. I have not had this much pleasure in a long time maybe ever. I said I’m sorry but the act of rape is what turns me on. The possibility of getting caught I think is what causes it. Like I said leave a key somewhere near the back door and who knows I may come back. I have enjoyed fucking you both, and now you have each other. I told them to wait a half hour and then untie themselves and I left.

I did come back two years to the day and spent two days with them. Marian had a son a year and a half old and Lettie a baby girl the same age. They told me I had made them the happiest people in the world. Marian had gotten everything she ever wished for and Lettie said her daughter made her young again. When I left Marian said I hope I’m pregnant again and smiled. Crazy, who knows maybe I’ll come back again in a couple of years? I still wore my mask and gloves on that return visit.
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