Rh'aan – Debt of Honor (two)

Rh'aan – Debt of Honor (two)

Rh’aan danced about in short, swift, sensuous circles. She remained oblivious to most of the watchers in the street, as they often crashed into one another at the glance of her in the shops window.

Her shapely, tightly honed muscles of those legs, tanned to a finer brown than before, tantalized from under the flows and swirls of a short robe – dyed sapphire blue, and woven with cherry blossoms in pink and white.

Her eyes gleam playfully in the glow-lights inside the shop as she saunters over to a lone figure, just visible inside the large street facing window. A grin, equally as filled with a mischief as her eyes, spreads over slim lips.

The smallish swells under her robes, on which braided hair the color of dishwater-blond rested, hints that there is still more treasures awaiting discovery beneath. Mysteries yet in a state of development, flush with promises of beauties such as flawless gemstones set into jewelry demonstrate.

The shops matron and her three apprentice seamstresses also watch with mixed feelings; not of jealousy, but of a great hope that good fortunes are at last here.

The matrons eyes follow Rh’aan’s every movement, keen on those fine cat-like ears; spirit-catts are exceedingly rare, and much speculation has occurred about some kind of a spell-battle a few nights back.

“Oh well, as long as business keeps going…”

Rh’aan reaches to the figure, bending downwards with a grace of a ballerina; pulling arms around his neck, face just a breath away from contact. Strong arms reach about her body, and pull her swiftly the rest of the short distance to the chair, atop of him.

* * * * * *

Outside the store though, the reactions were fairly even, if not unexpected.

The males of nearly all species looked upon that sight of raw, total sexuality as yet unexplored or touched; in purest of wild, animal born, hormone raging, back-into- the-past Neanderthalic jaw dropping lust.

As a matter of fact, three actually did lose their jaws, for as ghostly undead they were not immune to the sights; just a memory of long lost desires sent shutters of joy along what passes for their spines.
Somewhat embarrassed, these ghostly apparitions placed the dropped appendages back into place; dissipating into a series of foggy clouds, they continued onwards to fulfill the missions they could not while alive.

Among the women watching her, and the figure as well, a few grow jealous of such unrestrained sexuality displayed with the ease of youth. Others hunger for such experiences as could be known of, to build upon to fortunes, passions, and loves.

Some wish, both males and females, and others, to have a hold of her in their bed or sleeping areas; to awaken and to bind such primal energies. To claim the title of one who has awakened or deflowered such a soon-to-be house of power.

* * * * * *

Even the Viewer, watching such a sight in a mirror came to two surprising conclusions at the same instant.

First, is this lass Rh’aan is going to bear watching; deep to the core of consciousness and psyche, the Viewer sensed a deeper destiny entwined about her, something playing and tugging at lines and webs so subtly, most shorter lived life would not comprehend.

Second, is the sight of the scrying mirror suddenly melting away as an ancient voice decried, politely, yet in a tone of emphatic saturation to, “Butt out.”

As the slag fell onto the Viewer, new experiences enfolded it, the pain of being rendered lanced up to the depths of memory storage; tendrils of heat, of flesh that falls away and such too graphic to describe bring a strange smile to the Viewers face.

Cooing in delight, examining each moment and experience in all its exquisite savors, flavors, and tastes the Viewer is content, for the moment.

The ancient game played out by both beings, one being the Viewer, the other Master Lu-Bu, is long and deep, with a multitude of layers, twists, turns and plans.

Unknown to them though, a new set of players has entered into to the game.

One whose plans and the resulting consequences will be dire indeed for one of the pair in the time to come.

Not to mention, most likely fatal as well.

* * * * * *

Rh’aan sat curled up in Master Lu-Bu’s lap, legs pulled up and arms wrapped loosely about his neck. For one of those rare moments in her life, she felt completely safe, alive, and able to be free of her curse.

Playfully she stroked his chin with one hand, feeling there the recent trim of his beard. Those short, coal-black hairs stood at sharp attention; each as if of hard-iron as found on a bristle brush used by shoe shiners.

Two highlights of iridescent mother-of-pearl mingled upon his thick sideburns; the next part stroked by her hand, in a slow, swirling motion with the tips of her fingers. So soft it is, and focused on it she failed to note the affects achieved upon her sensei.

His one hand came up to her hair, tousling about one braid, while avoiding the other – Patches, the little raggamoffyn familiar often shaped himself as one. Lately that one has gotten testy with the both of them.

Giggling of a soft, melodious level escaped her lips in one moment. The sounds carried like a scene of a waterfall on a small pond, around which deer frolic and play. One ear flinches briefly at his touch, flattening down to the hairline and trembling slightly.

The stroking touch of a fingertip at the base of her ear sets off a chain reaction of events. Sensations moved down the nerves, along her neck, cheeks, and spine. Each step of the way; this message echoes across each member of her own muscles, fibers, organs and the very psyche of her being.

It builds in intensity, a small shiver building into a mix of emotional response, caught up in the echoes feeding back many times the original intensity. Swiftly its passage is met with anticipation and desires of the DNA, hoping for fulfillment of their purpose.

Reaching the base of her being, the echoes flooded back to the brain, in less time than it takes for the touch to register in her consciousness. Only a momentary shiver, so she and others would think, save for two there; the seamstress, and Lu-Bu, who knew something was about to happen.

From the areas of her deepest subconscious mind, there are parts of the message revealed only to it. A symphony of melodies unfolded, a cornucopia of nature’s schemes now started to unfold, seeking the revelations of passions meant to be experienced, and a union to be made.

Rh’aan felt something deep inside of her being shifting; a sensation she knew of, often keeping it clamped down with a grip of iron discipline. Yet, as he once again triggered off a shiver through her body, she recalled him saying that a tempered and directed focus of passion is also needed.

A third shiver; this time greater than the others shot across her whole being, down to the very fibers of her living soul and psyche.

Looking at him, deep into his face and those wellsprings of his eyes; pools of an inner fire that belies his centuries of life, passion and discipline, love, hope, joy, laughter all in a mix she sought.

Shifting slightly upon his lap, pressing more firmly onto his well honed frame, she kissed gently the top of his own forehead. Once again, twice and then a third time this did happen; moving downwards ever so slowly.

Both hands of his moved to the back of her head, feather touching the tanned skin soft as the newest fur of a fawn at birth. Each fingertip moved independently, swirling within a meshing of total control and patterns, finding and fixing on tender spots that triggered fires of delight, moments of laughter, and bubbles of sheer giddiness to her.

Her eyes softly closed at these moments, letting herself for the time take delight in each one; still not taking the hand of discipline away, yet daring a bit to savor the flavoring and sensations palatable within.

As they flowed the length of her neck, side to side, up and down, a series of shivers, plus pulses of heat and electrical bliss shot throughout her body; into deep places she did not know existed, and felt also the tingling of her breasts.

Though she has felt its like before, from meditations and practices of focus for control; this time there appeared in it a desire and a deep yearning, almost a desperate longing of something more.

A deep gulp, audible to Lu-Bu and herself, marked a point of transition; a choice is to be made.

And she does.

* * * * * *

People outside the window gather to watch this budding of young passion. Most are of mixed outlook, describing it as a matter of a ‘winter-spring’ union; many chiding her as a vamp, a vixen, or hussy.

The sight of her apprentice scarf, gained only in these few days past, enhances this story telling. For it marks her as a special student – aide, confidant, and trustee in delicate matters. One who is emphatically trusted by him.

Most of the mages are jealous, or envious due to him being her teacher, and her the student. Deep sighs escape some; others almost explode from the raptures of lust undefined burning deep inside themselves.

One middle age warrior, a Holder of the Order of Sensates is unable to bear it any longer. With a shout and roar made of primordial lusts and hungers, his body steams and turns bright red – exploding into a flash of pure light and energy that leaves all within a 100 step sphere feeling alive and vigorous.

Many hastily head home, or to nearby locations to find any partners for a quick tryst, or two, or maybe even three.

A sergeant of the constables led his men pass the scene of the explosion; used to such after decades in a mage-filled town. But the going’s on in the window made him whistle, and turn to his men.

“Now there gentlemen, is something worth fighting for.”

All of them indeed agree to the truth of his statement.

No one inside the shop though paid any attention to these events.

* * * * * *

Head held high at an upward angle, she crooned softly as his lips caressed her neck. Soft nibbles and pecks done just so on the right places, brought her to the edge of madness from these lustful sensations. Just as quickly, he would let her come down nearly to where she started; only to once again send her upwards.

His hands stroked and rubbed her ears, the backside of her head, and along her jaw and chin. At one point, she got so caught up, her lower leg started to gyrate wildly seemingly of its own accord.

Her own hands explored over his head, ears, and firm set jaw; teasingly, she – as she could find the ability to do so – tried nibbling on his ears and side of his neck. The sheer scents picked up from him swept her up in a rainbow.

She reveled in how his own scent, body, hair, body soap, and oiled hair; mixed with each of them upon his shirt, undershirt, sash, vest, and mantle. Each one distinct, cloy and mixed in unique patterns.

For the first time, she reveled in the sheer joy and pleasure they contained; the growing desires they awakened within her mind.

Her robe fell away slightly on one shoulder.
She moved one arm, letting that side fall away, leaving the arm and shoulder exposed; sweet patterns of freckles lined in patterns, firmer in development than before.

Another movement loosened the robe away completely of the other side. Revealed were a smallish set of breasts, on each is smallish freckles, and rich tanned. Her breasts felt alive, larger, firmer, and more sensitive than ever before.

He pulled her closer to himself, bodily lifting her slightly higher; and caressed her chest from neck down to just at the breast tops with soft pecking and light nibbles. Minute puffs of air sent squeals of giggling from her mouth.

Hands explored just to the sides, above and below each of them; refrained from direct touch, yet causing movement by circling the muscles about with his fingers. He let out a long, gentle puff of air from above her breasts unto her neck, and returned again. Once again, twice and thrice he repeated this method.

Then returned to kissing away at the base of her neck, he felt her breath rapidly speeding up, becoming shallower; most muscles tightened and relaxed in rapid succession.

Her chin rested on top of his head, with those eyes shut for the time. A grand mixture of sensations feelings of lights, lightning, flames, storms, ocean and tides warred within the mind and body.

Then, to all her shock, his lips touched her bared nipple in a gentle kiss. All reason fled her completely, as it dawned suddenly, clearly what she had denied or refused to believe for such a long time.

Her body was made for these moments, for the actions of two beings becoming of one union.

For the uniting of passions, of emotions, of all manner of things yet not found; yet still very close at hand.

All other things did not matter, just the ‘hear and now’ of this instant, with one holding her close, willing to teach and share with her in a special way.

As he continued his work, tongue, lips, breath and hands made magic happen of their own accord; no arcane spells needed, just the experience of one well practiced.

One hand slid to her back at the spine; gently swirling in a series of circles, upwards and down, easing away the robe gathered about her hips. He reminded himself to slow on the pace, letting her get comfortable each step of the way.

* * * * * *

A young group of knights, paladins followed along by the mass of retainers, guards, grooms, etc. passed by the shop in time to see the ongoing events.

Full suits of plated mail glistening like mirrors of highest polish in the sun; the leader snorts in disgust at this show of unbridled passions. He turns to the sergeant nearby and demands this “unseemly and revolting perversion of what is to be held in highest of honorable conduct…(fill in the rest with whatever pompous words such a cuckold would most likely continue with.)”

The sergeant tried to explain that under city laws, there is nothing he can do. “Tis the law sir, and as you and your own are law abiding knights you should already have an understanding of this.”

The leader orders his men to “bring this to an end NOW!”

As they head for the shops front door, those folks watching and on the street swiftly move out of range. The sergeant and his men do the same – adding an extra half block for a extra bit of safety.

“You know boss,” a private says unto the sergeant, “I bet there is going to be a mess of paperwork to fill out shortly, don’t know about survivors…”

The sergeant and most of his troops agreed.

* * * * * *

She knew something was about to happen, deep inside of her body, sensations, emotions, passions, joys and tidings build upwards; soon all will burst forth as water does from behind a sundered dam.

A series of noises tried to pierce this veil about her, to try and take her away from the inevitable. Sudden jerking and pain shattered her moment of sustained beauty.

Slowly vision cleared, mind focused to reveal several sets of knights, and their retainers – blades and bows out – in a heated discussion with the seamstress and Master Lu-Bu as to “proper decorum and behaviors.”

Something in her snapped, forces as dark and cold from her vampyre heritage as the other half is of light and heat, flowed forward; her focus locked onto their leader, whom now stupidly tapped the swords point on Lu-Bu’s chest.

Eyes turned to a sudden movement, a blade slamming into her familiar – Patches. Squealing, he slumped down to the floor in a heap.

* * * * * *
Listening to this young pup droning on and on about how the “right way things should be done,” is getting rather a bit tiresome. So thought Lu-Bu; all the while biding his time until the knight ran out of wind.

A movement to one side, toward the shops back, caught his attention. Patches trying to protect the apprentices of the seamstress, and a knight apprentice slashing it with the blade in his hands; injuring – possibly mortally – the one familiar, and dearest friend, Rh’aan has.

His own growl was swiftly replaced by a deeper one, each letter of the words following it sounded like a death knell over an open grave. So cold and void of emotion is was; it declared the deepest doom descending.

“Damn you all!!!”

Heads and bodies turned to face Rh’aan and shuttered at the sight of her eyes, iridescent pools of mother-of-pearl only offset by the set of smallish fangs descending from the upper jaw of her mouth.

The seamstress with her apprentices ran for the back door, while knights and retainers gulped, prayed, or gave one final salute of defiance – preparing to face a ‘unspeakable horror of the dark’ (or similar nonsense, just add any of the normal idiotic terms they use – just before dying) in battle.

Master Lu-Bu smiled, preparing to unleash a greater word of power upon them; to his surprise, she beat him to it.

* * * * * *

The front of the shop exploded outward in a torrent of raw fury; the storm called into being sent lightning, thunders, and winds with rain about the area.

Knights, retainers, guards, and all furnishings, clothing and raw materials swiftly went outbound; bouncing down the roadway from various altitudes and angels into new, more painful positions.

None killed, so the sergeant swiftly saw, but each will be in a major pain for many a day.

“Okay boys, lets go collect these holier-than-thou men and see them to the jails. They are to be charged with assault and attempted murder of a mage-apprentice; along with a whole host of others we think up.”

Inside the shop, or what was left of it, Lu-Bu chuckled in a surprising way; so seldom caught off guard like this, a lass of her potential is so rare, and so deadly. Just needs some more tempering in the right manner.

Looking about for her, he realized just how expensive it is going to be training her.

And then one more revelation is made…

She is truly a female.


In a moment of pure feminine pique she flips her chin upwards at a sharp angle and walks out the door; fleeing the moment she is no longer in sight of anyone.

A message whispers in his mind from a long friend.

Concerned, a single word moves him between paths of the worlds, bringing him near to where he figures she is at.

* * * * * *

“Listen Rh’aan today was not your fault.”

Sitting next to where she lay on the futon, many hours are passed. Her crying has been long, hard, and frustrating to the both of them – especially himself as other matters are pressing on him, just when she needs his training.

“Sensei, I’m a freak, a monstrosity, and an abomination! I should not even exist; I came so close to killing them all, I just wanted them dead!!!”

Pulling her against himself, he took the time to calm her down.

“Lass, this is all so new to you, from what I understand of your past, you’ve been alone for so long without others…it is going to take some time.”

“Your path is not going to be easy, the discipline is yours already…hush, don’t doubt it, what is needed now is that tempering of the passions. Your first major taste of it has awakened another part of the magic you seek.”

“Your major challenge is this…you have another side to a mixed heritage; being a vampyre is going to be hard upon you, especially as its secret is now out – so to speak.”

Seeing she was waiting, trying to reign in her emotional state, he motioned her to say what was on her mind. For an hour or more he listened to her past, all of the horrors she has gone through, inflicted upon her one after another.

Events described suddenly clicked into place, in part, and he realized she is more special than ever.

* * * * * *

Their dinner this night, prepared for him by Rh’aan, turned out to be simple and very good – sizzled meat, veggies and salad.

They discussed topics ranging from arts, crafts, proper use of arcane items, spell lore and mystical theories, practices and an esoteric range of such matters.

He quickly judged her more knowledgeable and learned in these fields, compared to many master-mages. Indeed with what he has learned this night, it is to be expected.

“Now then Rh’aan, to things of interest concerning what a future you have,” a look of pure terror clung to her face, as she prepared for the inevitable response she knew was to be declared…as so often it has been.

“I am appointing you to take care of special assignments for me personally. Among these will be doing simple study and teaching of apprentices. Cooking, cleaning, studies of your own; when I am not personally able to do so – rarely if I have anything to say about it.”

So stunned was her look, she still could not speak or think for some time.

“Rh’aan listen, yes you are staying, and will be playing an important role soon in major events. A old, long due debt is to be paid; many times over.”

“Go tomorrow to the mage-fair, and see what talented ones can be found. Two others will join you, and soon shall one more who is not yet in place.”

* * * * * *

That night she fell asleep securely snuggled in his arms, he had entertained her with such stories of deeds done. Softly her snores rose, punctuated by an image of dark times past dredged up in dreams.

Each hair of his arm about her danced and quivered from the raw power she could contact; when she developed the full control over it, even he, Master Lu-Bu, shuttered at a dream of facing her in battle.

Fortunately, those who walked the darkest of paths would be even more scared.

A thought message from another existence touched into his mind momentarily.

“Try if you wish…”


Jun looked up from her books as her mother, Thallie and Linda walked into the library. The smile and greetings on her lips died instantly upon gazing at her mothers face. She tried to recall anything wrong or troubling she had done in the past days and hours.

Nothing came to mind, as she has spent the last days at the school practicing her blade-work. Unlike most whom take up studies of magic, she seeks to be a blade master as well.

Her mother explained a situation having happened where Linda was almost killed, and then saved.

“Jun, Master Lu-Bu has charged Linda with a special task, and myself with seeing a part of it to completion as well. I need your help for this end of it.”

I agreed instantly, for mom rarely asked for help of me. It never occurred what the price will be; yet I found out soon enough.

One Mega-Gulp followed.


The two cloaked figures moved like shadows among these buildings about the bookstore. No lights seemed able to hold their forms, no shadows revealed their ghostly shapes.

Julian looked to his twin sister – Fox is now her name – who held the little book like precious water in the desert. In it lay the formula for a most sinister revenge; all that is needed is time.

Time to prepare for action; and with it revenge.

For now, only two things matter.

First and foremost is revenge.

The second, his sister, who’s calming touch he feels on his upper arm; smiling, he feels her understanding shared by a mystic, psychic link between them.

Soon the very town; the surrounding lands and the heavens shall shake under the orders of these two.


Movement caught their eyes, two living shadows pulling out of the darkness.

They are human, or near-humans, warrior-monks, standing before the twins.

“We seek to join you, seeking revenge upon one near and dear to your probable target.”

After a short negotiation, the two men, Shadow and Night, joined.

So two now become four.

Fin…for this part.

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