Rye and Eli

Rye and Eli

They had just come back from one of Elijah’s dad’s business dinners, and everyone wanted to sleep. Except Ryley and Elijah. The house that was closet to the Reinhardt Building was Elijah’s mom’s house, so that’s where they stayed. The sleeping arrangements were set up so that the little kids slept downstairs with the parents and the teenagers slept upstairs. Elijah’s room was up in the attic. After saying good nights, Elijah and Ryley went upstairs.

“What are you doing?” Elijah asked her. She’s been bouncing up and down since they left the dinner.

“I think I had to much coffee. I’m never gonna get to sleep now.” She pouted.

“You’ll be fine.” He grabbed her hand and opened his door and went in. Ryley had loved going in his room, at both of his parents’ houses. It was always in the attic and it was always big.

“I changed my mind…I’m sleepy now.” She yawned. She kicked off her flip-flops and sat on the couch, in front of the T.V. She put her head back against the wood. He walked over and sat next to her.

“You take the bed. I’ll sleep on the couch.” He offered. She turned her head to him and shook it.

“No. I wanna stay with you tonight.”

“We’ll be in the same room…I’ll just be a couple of feet away.” Ryley shook her head again.

“No. We can share the bed. It’s not like we haven’t done it before.”


“No buts. We are sharing the bed.”

: I have been defeated. : Elijah hung his head in defeat.

“I don’t have any clothes that you could wear. All my stuff’s at my dad’s house which is clear across town.” She thought for a moment.

“Aha! Wait, no. No go. Nevermind.” She blushed. He noticed her blushing and looked straight into her face.


: I can’t lie to save my life. Especially not to him. Come on, 6’4 four, a total hottie, all mine. I can’t do it. : She sighed.

“I was just thinking that I could sleep in my underwear…Then I remembered that I’m only wear panties under this.” She gasped and covered her mouth. The look on his face was like What-Are-You-Saying-To-Me?!?!?

“Why aren’t you wearing a bra?” He asked.

“This dress is the reason.” The dress was black and white. There was a low V in the dress for cleavage to be shown. And boy, it was really showing. Especially the way that Ryley was leaning over on Elijah. He felt himself getting hard. The back was cut so that her back was showing. That’s why she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Hm mmm. I see. Yes, yes of course.” He inspected. She blushed and pushed him away.


“Turn around, please?”

“Why? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before anyways. Just take it off and get in bed.” He laid on the bed in his t-shirt and boxers.

“Turn around, please?” She whined. She was very self-conscious about her body. This was too small, this was too big, this is too fat or ugly and so on and so forth. And the fact that Elijah wanted to see her naked all the time didn’t help either. He thought she was beautiful all over.

“Just come on.” There was a slight sound of annoyance in his voice.


“Ryley, NOW!” He yelled. She bent her head down and her bottom lip puffed out and started quivering.

“You’re so mean! You, like have no heart. I said I didn’t want you to see me…but no…You had to go and YELL at me! You jerk!” She started crying.

: Oh, shit. : He regretted yelling. Ryley turned around and headed for the door. Elijah jetted off the bed and crossed the space between the bed and Ryley in a second. Her wrapped his arms around her middle to stop her from moving.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” He said.

“Whatever. I’m sleeping downstairs.” She tried pushing his arms away; he was stronger and held her tightly to him, but very gently.

“No, you’re not. I thought we were gonna share the bed? I’ll go in the bathroom ‘til you’re under the sheets.” He compromised. Ryley felt her eyes getting foggy. She smiled to herself.

Fine. But, you don’t get under until I say you can. Got it?” He turned her around, nodded and kissed her so hard that she felt that her heart was going to fly away.

: I’m so in love. : She thought.

He walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. She walked over to the bed and reached behind to pull down the zipper. She pulled the top part down and then slid out of the dress.

Ryley folded up the dress and put it on the couch. She looked down at her feet. She was wearing her toe-socks still.

: I’ll keep these on. My feet get cold. : She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. She had a small shape to her, but that didn’t mean that everything else was small. Her breasts and her ass were huge. 42D were the size of her milky white tits and for her ass, just too damn big. She took out her earrings and her belly ring. 14 piercings all together. 5 in each ear, one in her belly button, 2 in her nipples and one on her clit. There was a small draft through the room. Her nipples stood out taking the piercings with them.

“Oh…” She moaned quietly. She looked down at her panties. Green with a frog on the front.

“Ribbit.” She smiled and pulled back the covers on the bed and got in. She covered herself up and called for Elijah.

“It’s about time, Rye. What were you doing?” He opened the door.

“Nothing!” She said quickly. She felt herself blushing from her chest to the top of her forehead. Before Elijah got in bed, he turned off the lights. The moon was out tonight; it shown brightly through the windows, lighting up the room. He walked over to the bed and got in.

“You still awake?” Ryley asked him. She looked over at the clock.

: My gosh! It’s only 9:30! : Her eyes widened.

“Hmm. Can’t sleep. Wait! I know why. My girlfriend’s totally naked and she won’t let me see her.” He got up and sat on the edge of the bed. She got up and crawled up to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck; her breasts smashing up against his back. His cock slowly rose in his boxers.

“Am I torturing you that much?” She whispered seductively in his ear. He nodded.

“Yes.” He groaned.

“Ok. I have an idea.”

“What?” He almost turned around. She moved out of his line of sight and bopped him on the head.

“Wait, until I say it first. If you wanna see me naked, you have to do something for me first.”

“And what might that be?” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“Nothing too spectacular, but I want you to kiss me first.” He smiled and nodded his head. Ryley got off the bed and stood in front of him, covering her chest completely. She twiddled her toes nervously. She looked down at him , her raven, long, black hair fell over her face.

: He’s making me feel so crazy right now, and I’m totally lovin’ it. : She thought unaware that she was red all over.

He looked up at her and smiled. He got up and walked up to her. He put his hands up on her cheeks and he bent his head down and kissed her. She placed her hands on his arms. His rough lips, moved with the soft ones he was kissing. She didn’t know why it happened, but when his tongue ran over hers, she moaned into his mouth. He pulled away and looked down at her.

His eyes widened at the sight. Ryley put her arms down and Elijah could get a clear view of her body.

:…TT_TT…I’m going to die a happy, happy man…: He thought.

“You’re all red.” He laughed as he pointed at her face. She was moaning, panting and sweating uncontrollably. He knew what was happening to her. This had happened a couple of times before, but it had never gotten to this far.. She stated shivering. She felt her pussy get hot. Before you knew what she said, it came out.

“I want you.” She looked up at him. It shocked them both.

“…what?” His eyes widened. She’d never said anything like that to him before.

“I didn’t stutter, did I? I said that I want you. Right now.” She stepped forward.

“But, you…” He started. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I know what I said before…I’m ready now. I want to do it now. I’m with you. I love you.” She said into his chest.

“Really? I didn’t want to rush you or anything. Do you mean that?” He looked down at her. His eyes glowed. She nodded her head and kissed his chest.

Elijah had laid her out on the bed and laid himself on top of her.

“You scared? Nervous? Anything?” He asked her. She shook her head and smiled up at him. He took that as an Ok-To-Go sign and he bent his head down and kissed her neck. Down to her collarbone, then her shoulders then her arms and fingers. He then moved back up to her breasts. He kissed the whole breast and then went to the other one, sucking on each nipple equally, so they didn’t fell neglected.

Elijah enjoyed the sight of his girlfriend squirming under him. This was her first time and her wanted to make it special for her. He slid his fingers up and down her sides and her back.

“This tickles…and it hurts at the…same time…” She groaned. She reached up and grabbed his arms and squeezed.

“How do you feel?” He rubbed the small of her back, which made her arch up to him.

“I don’t…know how to d-d-describe it…I just know…that I-I-It’s really…good.” She squeezed harder on his arm. He like the way she was squeezing his arm. It was so much different from the other girls that he had slept with.

“I know something that will make you feel even better.” He whispered in her ear, knowing that she was going out of her mind.

“…W-w-what is it?” She opened her green eyes to look up at his blue ones. He smiled.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.


“Do you trust me?” He asked again.

“Of course, I…” She gasped. There was something green in his hands; he dangled them over her face and dropped them.

“When did you have time to take those off?!” Her eyes widened.

: My froggy panties. Now I’m completely naked. :

“Now you’re completely naked.” He smiled with no shame at all.

“Now I’m completely naked.” She sighed.

“Open your legs.” He moved down the bed to her legs. She clenched them tighter and looked down at him.


“Please? Just open them. I’ve never seen here before on you.” He scowled like it was a bad thing.

“You’ve had other girlfriends. You Man-Whore.” She scoffed.

“You know it…But that’s them. This is you. I’ve never seen yours before.” He pouted. The face he was giving her, she knew it was a practiced one. She would have usually said no right away, but she sighed and opened them. His eyes widened.

: My piercing, isn’t it? : In like two seconds, what she had just thought was confirmed.

“When the hell did you get this pierced?” He asked. What was he getting show shocked over? She couldn’t even answer; Elijah was flicking it and she wanted to explode. He shrugged and put his head down.

“What are you…” Her legs closed over his head as his tongue licked her pierced clit. A sharp tingle went up her back then down again to her pussy.

“Ow…I’ll forgive you for that this time.” He reached up and tweaked one of her nipples. She stifled a moan.

“Ohmigosh…” Ryley opened her eyes to look down at his dark head, moving over her clit. Elijah licked with his tongue, but he rubbed the outside of her pussy with two of his fingers. They were quickly covered in girl-cum; he licked off his fingers and went back for more. He gently slid one of his fingers into her pussy. Her eyes squeezed together tightly. He only slid his finger in far enough to pleasure her, not hurt her. Her hymen was still intact, which he felt as he quickened his pace. Ryley’s body felt so hot all over she didn’t even want to move. Then she felt it coming. Elijah swore that she let out the longest stifled moan he had ever heard in his life. He gritted his teeth and moved his fingers faster. Her pussy clenched over his fingers as she came.


Cum gushed out of her pussy; all over his fingers, her legs, and the bed.

“…mmm…” She let out quietly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Elijah had noticed that she’d been stifling her moans.

“You can make noises, you know?” He stuck in another finger and used that pad of his thumb to rub her swollen clit.

“I know…but, I-I-I’m embarrassed.” Ryley looked down at him, bringing her hands to her face.

: She only brings her hands up like when she’s embarrassed. She only does that with me… : He smiled. He moved up her body and moved her hands.

“Not with me, your not.” He kissed her.

“I’ll have you moan, my love. I swear it!” He said. Ryley smiled up at him. He took off his t-shirt and waited for a minute before he took of his boxers.

“Aren’t you gonna take off your boxers?” She asked innocently with her eyes closed; her breathing heavy.

“I will. I just don’t wanna freak you out.” He kissed her neck; trailing kisses to her cleavage.

“What do you mean by freak out? Are you that big?” She took his head in her hands and stared up at him. He nodded his head. He inhaled and then exhaled and then pulled down his boxers. She felt something hard and heavy on her stomach; her face expression went from, It-Can’t-Be-That-Big to Ohmigawd!-It’s-Huge.

: Oh, God. :

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He saw the worried look on her face.

“I know…It’s just…It’s so big.”

“I know…9 inches.” Her jaw dropped.

“It’s a curse…” He held his head down.

: I’m getting so horny just thinking about him slamming it me… : Her face turned red and she started laughing.

“What’s so funny? Are you laughing at me?” He panicked.

“No, I promise. I was thinking about something else.” She continued laughing. Her legs opened as she laughed. His head was at the opening of her pussy, now covered in Ryley’s cum.

“Now, now. I know how much you want me, but I have to put a condom on first.” He was so happy when she smiled.

The condom was on, Ryley was hot and ready, and Elijah was hot, horny and ready. Elijah was between her legs, ready to take her; just looking at her hot, sweaty body made him want to cum.

“You have to relax. You’re too tense.” His head was already inside her pussy.

“I am relaxed.” She stared up at him. The look that she was giving him made him even hornier. He sighed and pushed.

“Ahh…ahh…” She moaned.

“Almost there, baby. Almost…” He groaned.

“It hurts…but it feels so good.” She reached up and held his head in her hands. It slid in. She arched up and pulled him down on her, digging her fingernails into his back. They both groaned, filling the room with their cries. A thin trickle of blood dripped from her pussy, stating that her hymen was now broken.

“Is…it all the way in?” Ryley asked innocently, tears falling from her eyes. She opened her eyes to see Elijah’s head touching her forehead. He licked her cheeks to stop the tears from falling.

“Yes. All of me is now in you.” She smiled and turned her face up for the kiss she knew that was coming.

“I’m gonna move now, ok?” She nodded her head. The first thrust hurt a little; he went a little slowly so her body could get used to his thickness.

“Ahh…so tight it hurts…” Elijah whispered in her ear. She slid her hands down his back to his butt and gently dug her fingernails in to make him go faster.

“Ahh…Eli…Elijah…” His eye lit up and he moved pumped in and out of her hot, cunt. As he moved, Elijah moved down and sucked on her nipples, biting and rolling them between his teeth.

Ryley lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, forcing him to go deeper.

: She’s gonna cum soon…I can feel it…: Elijah thought. The sweat from their bodies had mingled with the tears that they’d cried. He’d stopped for only a second to moved her legs from around his waist, to over his shoulders.

:So deep…:

“This position is for maximum penetration. Tell me how it feels.” He fucked her pussy, harder and harder.

“So good…it feels…so…ahh…ahh…ahh…ahh!” She moaned. His hair fell over her face as he kissed her. He drew back, panting for breath, his body quivering with excitement as he stared down at the writhing, whining dark haired girl, her flesh glowing with heat, glistening with sweat, her eyes cluttering, nipples sticking out straight from her hard round breasts.

Elijah slammed his hips forward, driving his boner into her with a powerful thrust. Instantly he pulled back, then rammed forward again, then ripped his tool out and sheathed it once more. He pounded his dick down into Ryley with all the force he could manage.

“I’m gonna…cum…I’m gonna cum…” She whispered in his ear.

“Me too.” Sweat fell from his face to her cheeks.

He rammed her pussy, sending cum flying all over themselves and the bed. Then she felt pressure in her cunt.

“I think…I think you hit…my…G-Spot…” He looked right into his eyes. His eyebrows arched and he smiled.

“Really? How do you feel?” He quickened his pace, slowing down only occasionally. The bed started creaking and hitting the wall. The both laughed, but not for long. Their laughs turned to loud, long moans. Her pussy lips, her entire crotch, even her inner thighs were covered in her cunt drool. He was slicing his cock back and forth between her pussy lips with savage delight, forcing their mixed fuck milk out with each hard, deep thrust.

“Like…I’m about to pee…I think…” She felt tears in her eyes, but it wasn’t from pain at all. She’d never felt this good in her life. Then the wave of pleasure hit them both.

“Oh god…oh god…Ohmigod!!!” He pumped one last thrust as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. Her hips bucked even though he wasn’t fucking her anymore. She moaned loudly in his neck, sending shivers up and down his spine. Their breathing slowly dropped to a gentle breath. There was an occasional moan that came from Ryley. He opened his eyes to look down at the moaning, writing girl beneath him. She had tears falling from her eyes and her mouth was wide open. He moved her legs down so she could stretch them out. It was only a quick moment; neither of them saw it coming. He slid out of her for only a moment; a thick line of cum flew from her pussy, covering his dick, chest, and the bed beneath them.

“Lookie, lookie. I have a squirter!” He grinned.

It just kept coming out. She opened her eyes to look up at Elijah. Her eyes widened when she saw his girl-cum splattered body. She sat up in the bed and stared and pointed.

“Is that my fault?” She asked.

“Indeed.” He bent down and kissed her. He pulled away and saw the mess all over the sheets.

“Holy shit. This is your fault too.” He pointed.

“No, it’s not.” She smiled; she bent her head down, her hair fell over her face and body.

“And look, I’m still cuming.” She said. There was a puddle of sticky cum flowing from her pussy.

“And we will use that to the fullest. Get on your stomach.” He said, taking off the old condom for a new one.


“Trust me. Get on your stomach.” She shrugged her shoulders and turned over in the bed.

“Now what?”

“Put your ass up in the air.”

“Why…” She started but was quickly cut off.

“No one else is here except me and you. No one’s seeing this except me.” She blushed and sheepishly raised her butt up in the air. The cold draft the she had felt before had come back. To her, it felt like it was forcing itself in her pussy. Involuntarily, she opened her legs and began rocking. She moaned into the pillow under her arms. She reached back and started fingering herself.

At that moment, she didn’t know what she was doing. She even forgot that Elijah was sitting on the bed right behind her. She flicked her clit with one finger and slid two others into her pussy.

“Oh…yeah…ahh…fuck…yeah…” She moaned. She twisted her fingers inside her pussy, making herself moan even louder. Elijah stared at his girlfriend as she played with herself in front of him.

: Is she doing this one purpose, or did she really forget that I’m here…watching all of this? : He felt himself getting hard again; he grasped his dick in his hand and squeezed. He slid his hands up and down his hard shaft, stifling a groan.

“E-E-Elijah…oh…fuck…me…yes…fuck…” Her voice went up about three octaves. He had to restrain himself. Her movements quickened and she fell back on her fingers and she felt herself coming.

And right before he’d even shoved his cock in her pussy, Ryley came. Elijah had in her in doggy style, and it was her first time in the position. And having sex at all. 20 years old, and it was her first time having sex. Her boyfriend, Elijah was 21 and a pro. Elijah looked down and his eyes widened. Ryley had squirted a stream of cum from her pussy all over Elijah’s chest, dick and the bed. She moaned, grabbing onto his pillow in front of her.

“Ooo…lubrication…I haven’t even done anything to you yet. You must be really horny.” Elijah said smiling, leaning over her writing body. He kissed her shoulder blade. He moved back and opened her legs for his entry.

“It’s all…your fault…You’re…making me…h-horny.” She could barely say. Her cunt was on fire. They had just done it in missionary and Ryley was anxious, but ready for more. He kissed her back. She arched her back downwards. Elijah was driving her crazy.

“Ahh…gently…please…Elijah…gen…AHHHHHH…” He swiftly, but as gently as possible slid his 9 inch, hard cock into her dripping pussy. She screamed into the pillow.

Her moans got louder and louder.

“It’s ok, baby. It’s ok.” He kissed her back again.

“Ah…ah…E-E-Elijah…” She moaned, unaware that she said his name. He smiled. Before she had time to think, he began to move.

“I’m here. I’m here.”

“Oh…fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…” She groaned. Her grip on the pillow became tighter.

“I do believe that’s what I’m doing…” She heard what he had said and to make sure that he knew she heard, she put her butt up more to meet his thrust. He groaned and put his hands on her waist and pulled her back further on his cock. They both moaned and prayed to God that no one heard them downstairs.

“It’s…so deep…now…so…deep…” She whispered. He leaned over her back, putting his right hand down to hold himself up and the other, he placed on her clit. He put his cheek next to her ear.

“AHH!” She arched her back up. She hadn’t expected him to do that. Ryley leaned her head back so she could look at him. His blue eyes met up with her green ones. They both blushed.

: My Cod. He’s making me feel so good. I wonder if he’s feeling good. I wanna do something for him. :

He rubbed her clit rhythmically and gently. Her mouth closed to an ‘O’. She moaned. Loudly. What made that more sensitive was the fact that her clit was pierced. She wanted to scream so loud, but remembered where they were.

“Baby, do you want everyone to hear you?” He asked her. He pumped his hips faster and faster, in and out of her pussy.

“No…I-I-I don’t want anyone t-t-to hear m-m-me. ” She gasped.

“Aaahhhh…ahh…ahh…ahh.” She moaned. Her head went up and down as Elijah slowed down. Only just a little bit. He started going deeper, doing harder, longer thrusts.

“Oh…God…” He groaned in her ear. Hearing him do that made Ryley even hornier. She reached back and put her right hand on his left hand, which was rubbing her pierced clit. She bucked her hips, meeting all of his thrusts.

“…fuck…me…harder…” She moaned over and over. He rammed her cunt, sending cum flying all over themselves and the bed. Her thighs and his balls were covered in her cum; it just kept coming out.

“Ahh…ahh…ahh…AAAHHHHH!” Ryley screamed, trying to stifle it. Elijah slammed himself in her dripping pussy one last time before he came. He groaned and fell over her back. Both of their arms gave away, sending them both to the bed.

“Ugnh….nngh…haa….” They both panted.

“I’ve never felt like this before…” Her breathing had slowed.

“It’s your first time…Of course.” He kissed her nose. He braced himself on the bed and pulled out, causing Ryley to moan quietly into the pillow. He pulled the condom off and tied it up and threw it in the trash. Ryley turned her head and looked at the clock.

“It’s only a little after midnight.” She got up and sat crisscrossed on the bed with her back to the headboard. She watched Elijah’s naked ass walk to the bathroom. She reached up and twisted her nipple in her finger. She slid her fingers down her stomach to her clit and rubbed it. It was still swollen. She looked down and saw the shiny metal sticking out from under the hood.

“What are you doing? Are you having fun without me?” Elijah ran from the bathroom and jumped on the bed.

“Just entertaining myself until you got back.” She smiled. He crawled forward on the bed and took her head in his hand and pulled her forward, making him fall back so that she was on top. He pulled her head down and kissed her. Their tongues attacked each other, making the kiss wet and messy.

“How you feeling?”

“Absolutely wonderful.” She smiled down at him.

“Good. I’d really hate to think that I was hurting you.”

“Hurting me? Did you or did you not hear me?” She asked him, blushing madly.

“Trust me, love. I heard you.”

: I’m having a thought… : She looked at his head.

“What? Is there something on my face?”
“I don’t know why, but I wanna sit on you head…Face actually.” She leaned her head to one side and then to the other.

“Really?” He had a devilish grin on his face.

“Yes. I was just thinking t…” Elijah and reached back and wrapped his arms around Ryley and pulled her forward on his chest.

“What are you doing?” She tried pushing his arms away, but alas, he was stronger than her. He picked her up and sat her on his face.

“You said…you wanted to sit…on my…face…so you are…now.” He said. She tried not to fall of the bed, for she was right on the edge. He blew lightly on her pussy lips. His tongue snaked out on familiar territory, flicking her clit back and forth.

“Elijah! I said I was just…” She tried getting up; his arms wrapped themselves around her legs to keep her down. He began sticking his tongue up in her pussy. Little by little until all of it was inside.

His nose rubbed against her pussy as he licked. Ryley looked down into his bright blue ones, who were staring her straight in the face. She felt even hornier when she saw him watching. She reached up and started playing with her nipples. She turned and twisted them between her fingers and wished that Elijah was sucking on them.

“Oh…yes…” She started out quietly. He cautiously reached up and grabbed her tits, moving her hands out of the way so he could have his fun. He moaned as he felt his dick starting to rise again.

“You feel good, baby?” She nodded her head back and forth sending her hair flying everywhere. She was getting so into it, she started rocking her hips. She held the blanket behind her to hold her balance.

“Elijah…ahh…E-Elijah…”She moaned loudly, closing her eyes.

“I hear you.” He wished he could take hold of his dick and jack off like there was no tomorrow. Hell, he wished she would jack him off. She opened her eyes and looked behind her. His cock stood straight up staring at the ceiling with it’s one eye.

: I want that. : She eyed his cock greedily. She looked down at Elijah, who was enjoying himself, indeed.

“I…I…want to…I want to suck your cock.” She said quietly. He stopped licking and he blinked.


“Don’t make me say it again.” She blushed.

: Oh, glorious, happy day! : She lifted herself up and then turned on her stomach. She sat down on his face again and she stared at the 9 inch cock in front of her.

: I’m going to gobble you up. : She thought. She reached up and grabbed it in her hands. Elijah groaned and bit down on her clit. She involuntarily lifted up her hips and dropped back on his face. He nose went straight up her pussy, taking in that intoxicating smell of girl pussy.

“Ahh…” She moaned. She slowly slid her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. She pulled his dick towards her mouth and she licked the head lightly.

Fuck…” He groaned. She twirled her tongue around the head and put it all in her mouth. She sucked on the top, taking in and out of her mouth ever so often. She slid her head down all the way to the base and back again. She gagged for only a second. She pumped his shaft with her hand and got excited with when she saw pre-cum flying from the top. She bent her head down and licked it all up, savoring the taste.

“Nngh…Ryley…ahh” He held down her ass as he flicked her tongue over her swollen clit. He bit down again, this time on purpose and watched as her ass went up and then down again on his face.

She liked the feeling of his hard cock sliding over her tongue, out to the tip with her lips kissing the head of his cock, then down the length of his cock shaft until her lips were buried into the hairy end of his cock. He moaned into her now dripping pussy.

She reached forward and gently grabbed his balls, rubbing them hard and fast. Ryley used her free hand and tickled gently the underside of his cock, making Elijah moan louder. She took his cock in her mouth, wrapping her tongue around his length. She pumped his cock up and down faster, and faster making him buck his hips. She put her mouth over his dick as her fucked her face. He opened his eyes to Ryley’s ass going up and down over his face.

“Am I…making…you…feel…good, Elijah?” She asked, panting.

“…fuck yes…” Was his reply. She smiled to herself and bit down gently on his cock head. He moaned loudly into her pussy, sending vibrations through her cunt. He felt pressure in his cock and he knew he was about to cum.

“…fuck…nngh…aagh…ah…ah…ah…” He moaned as he exploded in her mouth and all over her face. She licked it all up, trying not to miss any cum from the explosion. She clenched her pussy lips together and squirted into Elijah’s mouth.

“Oh…shit…ahh…” She licked up and swallowed all of the cum. She got up and turned around so that she face him. They both had cum on their faces.

“You look hella funny.” He laughed.

“So do you.” She kissed his, licking up all of her cum from his mouth.

“We’re both so dirty now.”

“I’m comfortable.” They both sighed and held each other. He inhaled and exhaled and then he said it.

“Ryley, I love you.” She gasped and looked down at him. She smiled and bent her head down and kissed him.

“I love you, too.” He wrapped him his hands around her small waist and held her. She got up and walked to the bathroom. Ryley had come back with a wet rag. She’d already wiped off her face and now went to work on his.

“So that was sex.” She sighed.

“We didn’t have sex.” He said very quickly.

“Then what did we just do?”

“We made love. Sex and making love are two different things.” He saw the confused look on her face and then went to explain.

“Sex is just something that benefits only the man. He just has his way and doesn’t wait for his woman to cum. Making love benefits both the man and the woman. They both feel good before and after. Like, how you are right now. You’re totally glowing.” He smiled and kissed her on the nose.

“So, we made love?” She wiped off a small line of cum from his forehead and dropped the rag on the floor.

“Yes. We just made love. I don’t pay for sex. I don’t buy love. I just make it.” He looked straight in her eyes. She felt like she was about to cry.

“Gosh! You’re gonna make me cry now.” She wiped her eyes.

“That means I did something right, yes?” He cocked his eyebrows.

“Yes. You did everything right.” He reached over and pulled down covers over the both of them. He kissed her forehead and then she fell asleep.

“Tonight, I am the happiest man alive.” He smiled at the ceiling. The last thing that he remembered was Ryley’s soft snoring in his ear as he closed his eyes to sleep.

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