She Likes To Watch (Part 2)

She Likes To Watch (Part 2)

She Likes To Watch (Part 2)

Sara sobbed into her pillow. The room was dark and her naked body shivered and trembled. “Go to your room,” was all her mother had said and she ran upstairs without her t-shirt and threw herself onto her bed, terrified and confused. In an instant she had gone from a state of ecstasy to the depths of despair. She had only wanted to watch them, but before she knew what was what, her father was fucking her virgin pussy with his tongue. She felt betrayed. She had tried to stop him and in the end he just stood there saying nothing while her mother cast all the blame at her. What was going to happen?

A car door opened and Sara lifted her head to the window to see her Aunt Jill and Daryl tucking Kevin, the inebriated boyfriend, into the passenger seat of her car. How can she get mad at me when I saw her doing those things with her own sister? Sara asked herself. They closed the door on Kevin and Sara watched as Jill flipped open her cell phone and typed in Daryl’s number. They were kissing good night when Sara jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice rising like thunder from the foot of the stairs.

“I want you down here right now, young lady!” shouted her Mom. Sara’s heart was pounding and she fought to stop her tears. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her long dark hair was in a tangled mess and her face was puffy and red from crying. There was a scratch on her left breast and her nipples were soar from when her father had pinched them. There was even a hickey on her neck. All the evidence was there, but it seemed more like a dream that little more than half-an-hour ago her father had given the thirteen-year-old her first orgasm, and on her birthday no less.

Sara was trembling so badly she had trouble getting her foot into her panties. She tugged another t-shirt over her head and made her way down the stairs on rubbery knees.

“Out here!” barked her mother, and Sara followed her voice out onto the patio. She pulled the hem of her shirt down at the front to cover her underwear and stepped timidly out onto the porch, terrified of what was about to happen. She made it one step, and then she froze in her tracks.

Her father sat on the edge of the hot tub, naked, his feet dangling in the water. He wasn’t looking at his daughter. Instead, his attention was focused on the glass pipe in his hand as he held the lighter to it and took a long, deep drag. Her mother was sitting in the tub at her father’s side. She was also naked, but her eyes were zeroed in on her daughter. Sara took all this in in the blink of an eye, and then her gaze was immediately drawn to her mother’s hand as it lazily stroked the hard length of her father’s cock.

“This sneaking around and spying on us has been going on for almost a year now, and your father and I are about fed up with it,” declared her Mom in an authoritative tone, even as her hand slid up and down her husband cock. Sara’s jaw dropped, whether out of shock or a desire to protest she wasn’t sure, but not a sound left her mouth. She had no idea how to react to this situation, or how her parents expected her to react, but the emotion and the confusion of the evening suddenly caught up to her and she once again began trembling and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Enough with the crying,” her mother challenged her in a softer but no-nonsense scold, “If you’re old enough to go scurrying around watching us fuck, your old enough to take responsibility for it. Now climb down in here with us,” she added, motioning her daughter to the bubbling tub of water, “You’re trembling all over. Come on, the water will warm you up and we need to talk.” Her voice was softer now, calmer, but Sara just stood there. Her eyes were locked on her father’s cock as her mother absentmindedly rolled it in her hand. She heard what her Mom was saying but the young girl almost felt as if she was outside herself watching this bizarre scene instead of actually taking part in it.

“Now, Sara!” her Mom’s voice was firm again and the command jolted Sara back into her body. Her father had been focusing all his attention on the pipe in his hand up to that point, but as Sara pulled the t-shirt up over her head, she could feel his eyes on her. Her mother too was watching and Sara was aware that her naked, thirteen-year-old body was on display for them and they made no attempts to hide their interest.

Sara slipped down into the writhing bubbles and the heat did indeed feel good against her goose pimpled flesh. Her mother suddenly released her father’s cock and glided across the tub to Sara, who flinched as she approached.

“It’s alright,” her Mom told her in almost a whisper, all the anger gone from her voice. “Here,” she said and she pulled Sara down under the water and pushed her dark hair back over her shoulders as she resurfaced. She wiped the tears from her daughter’s swollen cheeks and pulled the girl into her arms. “God, your built just like your Aunt,” she said and Sara was keenly aware of their naked bodies as her mother’s left hand slid down over her hip. “Although, I think in a few years, your boobs will be more like mine,” she added and Sara’s insides shuddered with a nervous energy as her Mom’s right hand left her cheek and traveled down, lightly caressing the curve of her daughter’s breast. Sara looked over her Mom’s shoulder to see her Dad watching them.

“I’m not really angry,” her mother smiled at her, “but we need to talk about some things. Come here,” and she took Sara by the hand and guided her over to where her father sat at the edge of the tub. Her mother resumed her spot beside her father but she pulled Sara right up between his legs. “Your Dad told me what happened tonight,” and as she spoke she took her daughter’s hand and brought it up to her husband’s prick and molded her tiny fingers around the thick shaft. Sara was stunned as she felt the hot, throbbing piece of meat in her hand. Her lips parted and her breaths came in quick, shallow bursts. Her father leaned back on his hands and looked down his chest at her.

“We’ve been talking for a while about what to do about you spying on us all the time,” her mother said. Her eyes studied her daughter as she coaxed the young girl’s hand up and down her father’s thick shaft. “Your Dad kinda took things into his own hands tonight, and that’s okay,” she added. Sara was trying her best to focus on what her mother was saying but she never took her eyes from her Daddy’s cock as it pulsed and twitched in her tiny fist. “Your Dad seemed to think you enjoyed what he did, and from what I saw, I think he’s right.” Sara blushed now but something inside her had turned from fear and confusion to excitement.

“But, whatever happened tonight, you need to make a decision now,” her Mom continued and Sara met her eyes as she looked at her earnestly. “I think you saw me and your Aunt tonight. She and I have been sharing boys since she was in the ninth grade, including your father, and we’ve shared a lot more than that since. We love playing together but a lot of people make a very big deal out of it, so our privacy is very important to us. You need to understand that, okay?” Sara was listening to her Mom with rapt attention now, her father’s cock still hard in her hand.

“If you want now, you can go up to your room and we can all forget tonight ever happened. Or you can stay down here with Daddy and me.” Sara looked from her Mom up into her father’s eyes. He was smiling softly at her with heavy, stoned eyes and she could read the pleasure on his face that her hand was causing. “But whatever you decide,” her mother continued, “There’ll be no more sneaking around and spying. If you want to join us you can join us, otherwise you’ll give us our privacy. It’s up to you.”
Sara looked back to her mother. Fear and excitement were battling it out inside her tummy and she simply sat there staring back and forth between her mother and her father’s cock in her hand. Her mother watched her, waiting for an answer. She could see the lust and fear and confusion in her daughter’s eyes.

“Your Daddy has a beautiful cock, doesn’t he?” she asked quietly, stroking her daughter’s hair. Sara looked at her Mom then back to her Dad’s cock and slowly nodded. “You like how it feels?” she added and ran her fingers over her daughter’s hand as they pumped his rigid shaft. Again, Sara nodded and a look of agreement passed between husband and wife. “Why don’t you stay down here with us,” she offered and she looked in to her daughter’s eyes.

“Okay,” Sara answered and her mother smiled.

“Here,” she said and Sara’s Mom took the pipe from her husband. She held it to her lips and drew in a breath. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to her daughter’s. Sara felt the soft wet pressure of her mother’s tongue glide over her lips and she opened them and drew the smoke from her mother’s mouth into her own. She coughed and gasped, but she could already feel the lightness spreading through her. She leaned forward and kissed her Mom softly on the lips and smiled as she continued to stroke her father’s cock.

“Try this,” her mother said and she rose up a bit and lowered her mouth over the tip of her husband’s cock. Her lips slid down about three inches covering the dark, purple head and Sara could see her tongue swirling around the tip as she bobbed up and down. Her heart was hammering away inside her chest as her mother pulled her lips away and offered her Daddy’s cock to her.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried out above her as Sara’s thirteen-year-old lips slid over the head of his cock.

“That’s it, Sweetie,’ her Mom encouraged her, “Suck your Daddy’s cock.”

Sara loved it! Her head was floating in a mist of pot and her heart was racing. Her Daddy’s cock was in her mouth. Her jaw was stretched wide to take it’s girth. It was both hard and soft at the same time and she loved the feel and taste against her tongue. She had watched her mother do this very thing and now it was her mouth sucking her Daddy. She was the one causing him to moan as she bobbed her head up and down and sucked at his hard flesh.

“Don’t forget Daddy’s balls, Baby,” her mother instructed her, and she slid around behind Sara spooning her daughter’s young body with her own and trapping her between her father’s legs. She took Sara’s hand and guided it to her father’s balls, and leaning over her daughter’s shoulder, she pressed his cock to his belly and slid her tongue down the bulging vein running the length of his hard tool until her nose and lips were nuzzled in his fleshy sack. She sucked each ball into her mouth then sat back and offered the feast to her daughter.

As Sara explored every inch of her father’s cock and balls, she could feel her mother’s naked body pressed against hers. She could feel her Mom’s soft tits and hard nipples rubbing her back and her kisses covered her neck and shoulders. Sara rolled her Daddy’s balls across her tongue and her mother reached around between her legs and stroked her clit beneath the bubbling water. Sara groaned around her father’s cock.

“Mmm, you like Daddy’s cock in your mouth, don’t you Baby?” her mother teased.

“Yesssss,” moaned Sara holding her father’s cock against her face and looking up at him, her eyes heavy with lust. “Do you like this Daddy?” she asked kissing the tip of his cock.

“Oh fuck, Sweetie!” he growled, “You have no idea. You look so fucking sexy with my cock in your mouth,” he added and Sara blushed and grinned at him over his raging hard-on. “Jesus,” he cried, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck my Little Girl.”

The words hit Sara like a hot spark shooting volts of electricity through her young body. A sudden flash of images ripped through her mind and she imagined she could remember every time her father’s hand had lingered a second too long on her butt or his cock had twitched against her thigh as she sat in his lap. Her mother’s fingers were strumming her clit and she felt like every nerve in her body was alive solely for the purpose of pleasure.

“Do you wanna fuck your Daddy, Baby?” her Mom whispered in her ear. “Do you wanna feel Daddy’s cock inside your pussy, Sweetie?” As she asked the questions she slipped her finger’s down into the hot folds of Sara’s tight sex. Sara gripped her father’s cock for support as she nodded a yes to her mother. “Tell him, Baby,” she coaxed her, “Tell your Daddy you want his cock.”

“I want you to fuck me Daddy,” she gasped, looking up at her father with desperate eyes.

“You want Daddy’s cock, Sweetie?” her father teased and suddenly he gripped the base of his prick and spanked her cheek with the long shaft, and for whatever strange reason, it turned her on. She felt like a slut, her Daddy’s slut, and she loved it.

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned, “I want you to fuck me with your fat cock. I wanna feel you in my little pussy, Daddy.”

“Oh my God,” her mother laughed, “I think our daughter’s gonna be a little cock whore, just like her Mom!”

“Yes, Daddy! I’ll be your little whore. I wanna be your slut Daddy!” Sara had heard her mother speak like this when she watched them fuck and always thought it was strange, but with her father’s cock in her hand and her mother fingering her cunt she suddenly understood and the words just flowed out of her.

“Oh, Sweetie,” her father moaned, rubbing his cock all over his daughter’s face. To hear those words spoken in the sweet, innocent voice of his thirteen-year-old daughter ignited something in him that he could only express with action. “I’m gonna fuck you so good,” he hissed.

Sara’s pulse leapt, but before she could react her mother tugged her out from between her father’s legs, spun her around and kissed her hard with passionate lips and tongue. She lifted her daughter and sat her back on the edge of the tub, pushing her onto her back so she lay on top of her. Their pussies ground against each other’s, Sara’s Mom’s shaved as bald as hers, and their tits mashed together. Sara was still a few inches shorter than her Mom but their bodies fit nicely together. Sara’s head swam in a sea of pleasure as her Mom’s tongue slid across her own, her lips softer than anything Sara could imagine.

“Mommy’s gonna teach you every thing you need to know about being Daddy’s Little Slut,” she said, finally breaking the kiss. Her lips slid down to Sara’s neck and the girl gasped as her mother’s tongue twirled around her aching nipples.

“Oh fuck, Mom,” she cried and the kisses fell across her impossibly flat thirteen-year-old belly.

“Oh my God, Baby,” her mother answered as her lips met the silky smooth skin of her daughter’s hairless mound. Both mother and daughter were in a haze of lust and passion. And then, just as her father had done less than an hour ago, Sara’s mother buried her tongue deep into her daughter’s virgin cunt and sucked and lapped at the juices there. Her mother teased and stroked her electric clit in a way she never dreamed possible, and just when her body was on the edge, her back arching up from the patio, her mother’s lips pulled away.

Sara opened her eyes and for a moment was lost. There was movement and a clang of metal and it took her a second to realize she was looking up into the lens of her father’s video camera. He was setting it on the tripod.

“Are you ready for Daddy’s cock, Baby?” her mother asked. She had moved to Sara’s side and was rubbing her open slit with her fingers, spreading the lips. Sara nodded nervously looking directly into the camera lens. Her father crawled down into the tub and between his daughter’s spread thighs.

“Goddamn, you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” her father said, and Sara’s whole body flushed red as he bent down over her with the weight of his body pressing into hers. His cock slid against her anxious cunt, his chest pressed against her breasts and she could feel both their hearts pounding. His mouth covered hers and she kissed her Daddy, her tongue dancing and curling around his, breathing in his breath and tasting him.

“I love you, Sweetie,” her father whispered to her and his lips moved quickly down her quivering body.

“I love you, Daddy,” she replied and her body arched up to meet his kisses, her hands tangled in his dark hair. His tongue crawled down into her dripping sex and she brought her knees up high, her heels finding the edge of the tub. She spread herself open for her Daddy.

“Please, Daddy,” she wailed as he devoured her burning slit, “Fuck me. Please, Daddy! I can’t wait.” She pleaded and he moved to oblige, standing up and pressing himself between her spread thighs.

“I think she’s ready,” her mother smiled and she slid her hand over her daughter’s taught belly and silky mound, down into the wetness of her sex.

“I wanna feel your cock inside me, Daddy,” Sara moaned as her mother’s fingers pried apart the petals of her virgin flower. Her father stepped closer running his hands the length of her inner thighs, his senses reeling with the softness of her young flesh.

“You promise to be a good little slut for Daddy?” her mother teased, and as she did she took her husband’s cock in her hand and slid the tip up and down the length of her daughter’s fiery gash.

“Yes, ohhhh yes, I promise I’ll be a good little slut, Daddy!” Sara cried and her pink lips bulged around the head of her father’s cock as her mother teased and probed her little cunt. “Please fuck me, Daddy! Please! I’ll be your little whore, Daddy!”

“I know you will, Sweetie,” her father moaned and he shifted his weight forward pushing the tip of his eager cock into the tight crevasse of his daughter’s young cunt.

“Ugnnnn!” Sara cried out and her Daddy’s cock opened her sex and penetrated her body. Her mother’s fingers guided and massaged and teased. Sara closed her eyes as an explosion of sensations, pleasure and pain, coursed through her. Lips found her hard nipples, fingers seemed to caress her everywhere, kisses covered her and at the center of it all was her Daddy’s cock, filling her up, opening her, fucking her.

“Jesus!” gasped her father as his cock slid deeper and deeper into his daughter’s pussy. The barrage of sensations was more than he had expected; her vice-like cunt gripping his manhood, the look of her body, so tiny beneath him, her hips still narrow, her long slender torso and budding breast. She had already grown into a beautiful young woman, but as his cock disappeared into her young body and she twisted and wiggled under him, her face adorably contorted with pleasure, she looked more like a little girl than a woman, and it sparked a demon in him that he had been long trying to contain. He was fucking his daughter, his little girl, and he was going to turn her into a slut like he had only imagined in his most depraved dreams. He was in a state of ecstasy.

Sara’s mother stared wide-eyed at the juncture where her husband’s cock met her daughter’s cunt. His balls were flush against her ass. He was buried to the hilt and he rolled his pelvis in tiny circles, prying her open, stretching her to fit his prick. Her daughter’s body trembled. Her slender legs were wrapped tight around her Daddy’s hips, pulling him in to her. He pulled back and his cock reappeared from the sheath of her cunt stained in virgin blood. She slid her fingers down between them to touch the union of father and daughter and in her mind she thought of her own father and how she had secretly longed for him. She thought of her sister and her first taste of incest. And she thought of the slut she had always wanted to be in her most depraved dreams and knew that her daughter was going to become that slut.

“Is this what you dreamed of when you watched us fuck? That it was you your Daddy was fucking? That Daddy’s cock was inside of you?” her mother whispered into her ear as she stroked her daughter’s clit, covering it in blood.

“Mmm, yessss,” Sara moaned as her father’s thick cock slid slowly, inch after incestuous inch, in and out of her pussy. Her mother raised her bloody finger to her daughter’s full, bee-stung lips and painted them crimson. Sara’s tongue darted out and caught her mother’s finger. She suckled it between her blood stained lips before her mother bent over her and kissed her deeply.

“Fuck my little girl, Daddy,” her mother ordered and he was happy to oblige. He held her legs to his chest and leaned into them as he pulled his cock out to the tip then pressed it back to the hilt, filling his daughter’s tight cunt. Sara cried out again and again as he thrust harder and faster with each stroke.

“Fucking Christ! Oh fuck! Jesus God! Fuck!” the stream of obscenities was all her father could manage as he jackhammered his cock into his little girl, his balls slapping wildly against her ass. There was no finesse, no style. It was pure animalistic fucking.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” was Sara’s fractured retort as she tried desperately to catch her breath. The feeling of her father’s cock pounding her tiny cunt was more intense than she could ever have imagined. Her body was on fire, trembling, aching, every inch of her alive and wanting more. Then darkness.

For a moment, just a moment, the young girl had forgotten to breath and the world around her slipped away and there was only pain and pleasure radiating from between her legs. It was his yell that brought her back.

“Fuckkkkk!” he cried and he yanked his raging cock from his daughter’s cunt. Thick ropes of hot cum gushed from the tip and showered her face, tits and belly. Creamy white mixed with fiery red and cum and blood covered the thirteen year old as her father towered over her, panting and sweating. He rubbed her dripping slit with the length of his still hard cock and bent over her kissing her lips and face and neck. Her body went limp beneath him and they lay there in each other’s arms.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen your father cum so fast,” came her Mom’s voice from what seemed like very far away. Sara opened her eyes to see her mother peaking at them from behind the video camera. Her father could only grunt above her as he held her and kissed her neck. “I think maybe we should continue this up in the bedroom,” she added setting the camera to the side.

Sara’s Mom and Dad lifted her down into the pool and washed her young body between them. “Did you like that, Sweetie?” her father asked as he picked her up in his strong arms and carried her out of the tub.

“Mmm, that was perfect Daddy,” she sighed, her exhausted body melting into his arms. “Are we gonna do it again?” she giggled.

“Mmm Baby,” her mother practically moaned, “You have no idea how much fun we’re gonna have from now on.” And she picked up the camera and followed them up to the bedroom.

The End… maybe;)

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