She Likes To Watch

She Likes To Watch

She Likes To Watch

Sara Taylor’s parents liked to party, she had always known that. So it was no surprise when her thirteenth birthday turned into their celebration and she was shuffled off to bed. Sara’s birthday had fallen on a school night, so it was agreed that they would just have family over for cake and ice cream and Sara could have a sleep over party on Saturday with all her friends.

Sara’s Grampa and Grama were there, along with an assortment of aunts, uncles and cousins. There was also one other guest who stood out among the Taylor crowd. He was a tall, muscular back man named Daryl. Sara’s father explained that Daryl was new in his office and he had invited him over to meet the family. He was welcomed by all, and as cake and ice cream vanished from plates, soon wine, vodka and rum were brought out for the adults and the kids were encouraged to play in the yard or watch a movie.

Sara went to bed at ten. Those family members with kids had packed them up and headed home, and as Sara climbed the stairs to her bedroom, she saw the last of the revelers settling into the living room. They plopped down on sofas and recliners as her Dad broke the seal on a fifth of tequila and arranged limes and shot glasses around the coffee table. Her Mom’s sister, Aunt Jill, slid in next to Sara’s Dad on the floor in front of the coffee table eager to move on to shots. Her boyfriend, Kevin, sat back in a recliner while Daryl, her Dad’s new friend from the office, sat forward on the sofa. Sara’s Mom stumbled into the room, already a bit tipsy, and noticing her daughter lingering on the stairs, made a bad attempt to hide what she was carrying.

“Time for bed, Sweetie,” she said and she giggled drunkenly and dropped down on the sofa, nearly falling into Daryl’s lap. Sara was not supposed to know that the glass ornament in her Mom’s hand was a pipe, but she did. She found it in the bottom of a drawer while snooping through her parents’ things, along with a bag of what looked like green herbs, and an assortment of plastic vibrating toys. Sara wasn’t supposed to know what the pipe and herbs were for, but her friend Kelly had an older sister who smoked weed. Kelly told Sara all about the little bag of herbs. Sara didn’t need anyone to tell her what the toys were for.

The clock read 1:37 am when Sara woke up. It was a noise that woke her, she was sure. She shook the fuzziness of sleep out of her head and listened intently in the dark. During the past year, Sara often woke in the night to noises, and her parents were often careless about closing their bedroom door at night. Sara liked watching them fuck.

A hot energy tore through Sara’s body and focused its power between her slender thighs. She slid her damp underwear off and climbed out of bed in her t-shirt, pulling the hem down to cover her naked bottom. She slipped out into the hallway and listened. It was dark and she could see that her parents’ bedroom was empty. This wasn’t surprising. Over the past year Sara had spied on them fucking in many parts of the house. What was surprising was finding Kevin, her Aunt Jill’s boyfriend, asleep, or rather, passed out on the sofa downstairs.

Sara stopped on the top step surveying the site below her; Kevin, an empty bottle of tequila, a half empty bag of herbs, and most intriguingly, a pile of abandoned clothes; blouses, jeans, bras, a skirt and panties, all of which Sara recognized as having been worn by her mother and aunt that evening. Music was on the stereo, but suddenly, above the bump and grind of Avril Levine (Sara’s CD) was the sound of laughter, and something else Sara recognized, coming from the patio out back.

Sara tiptoed across the cold hardwood of the kitchen floor. The door to the patio was open and the light was on. Sara could hear the jets of the hot tub purring and the water boiling, and something else…

“Oh, fuck, yes, oh fuck, oh God, ugnnnn…” Sara recognized her mother’s voice as she crept to the window over the kitchen sink for a peak, but it took her a moment to make sense of what she was seeing out on the patio.

The water was bubbling and writhing and his tall, black, muscular figure rose up out of the center of it, his hips thrusting powerfully and slapping a violent rhythm against her mother’s upturned ass. Sara saw them in profile and her mother’s creamy white cheeks stood out in stark contrast to his ebony skin. She was bent forward over the edge of the tub, her body stretched out over a towel on the patio, her legs in the water, her ass in the air. His fist was tangled in her blonde hair pulling her head back as he fucked her hard and deep.

Aunt Jill suddenly burst up from underneath the foaming water. Sara’s mother was only thirty-years-old and she was stunningly beautiful with a firm, youthful body. Jill was simply a younger version of her sister at twenty-two. They were both petite, no more than 5’4”, and when they walked down the street together, with their slender legs and perfect bubble butts packed into tight jeans, short shorts, or tiny skirts, they could cause traffic accidents. Sara’s Mom had slightly larger breasts, a full C cup, but Sara always thought her aunt’s small boobs looked perfect and sexy on her small frame. Sara had blossomed earlier then most of her friends and her breasts had already reached a full B cup, but she wasn’t sure if she would take after her Mom or her Aunt yet.

Jill pushed the water back through her long blonde hair and slipped up next to Daryl as he fucked her sister from behind. She rubbed her hard nipples against his muscular arm and her hand slid down over his tight, pumping ass. Her other hand reached around and caressed the round cheeks of her sister’s ass before sliding down between the two lovers. She gripped his thick cock with her thumb and forefinger as it slid in and out of her sister’s cunt. Her other hand slipped down between the crack of Daryl’s cheeks and he stepped his legs further apart, missing a stroke but quickly finding his rhythm again, as Jill cupped and fondled his heavy black balls.

Sara stood stunned and motionless watching them. She was leaning forward over the kitchen sink with her nose nearly touching the window. She felt her body temperature rising and was first aware of her dry mouth, then the intense heat radiating from between her legs. She had bent so far over the sink to look out the window that her t-shirt had pulled up over her hips and her naked ass and pussy were completely exposed. A rush of intense desire tore through her as she realized she was practically in the same position as her mother bent over the edge of the tub. She reached behind her and ran her hands over the silky smooth skin of her round bottom and imagined Daryl’s hips slamming into her, his cock stretching and filling her virgin cunt, hammering away inside her. She tickled her naked slit from behind then brought her hand around front and stroked the swollen lips of her sex as she watched her mother get fucked by this stranger.

Daryl pulled his cock from her Mom’s cunt and Sara’s jaw fell open as her aunt sank down in the water and sucked his hard black cock into her mouth, dripping with her mother’s cum. Sara’s father had a beautiful cock. She had seen it many times, about eight inches, she guessed, and powerful looking… solid. It never failed to excite her imagination and ignite the furnace between her thighs. Daryl’s cock frightened her. It was not big, it was huge and thick and angry looking. It looked dangerous as he moved it from her mother’s cunt to her aunt’s mouth. Her mother looked like a worn out rag doll lying there begging for him to put it back inside her and her aunt was like a woman possessed as she worked her lips and tongue over the monster.

“Don’t stop yet,” her mother begged, “Fuck my cunt with that monster.”

“God, where did Michael go?” Jill laughed as she guided Daryl’s cock back to her sister’s cunt, “Your little sister needs some more attention.”

At the mention of her father’s name it suddenly occurred to Sara, Where’s Daddy? And, as if she had asked the question out loud, the answer came in the form of a hand suddenly slipping over Sara’s mouth and a body pinning her against the kitchen counter.

“Shhh, shhh…” came the whisper of her father’s voice in her ear as she tried to jump and scream. His body held her in place and his hand muffled the cries. “It’s okay, it’s just me, it’s okay…” he kept repeating the words in his calm, soft way until she relaxed. She understood that it was her father and the immediate shock had left her, but now she was all too aware of the situation he had caught her in. For a moment she thought she was going to cry. Then she began to hear the words he was whispering to her.

“It’s okay,” he repeated in a soothing voice, “I like watching your Mom, too.” His lips were brushing against her ear as he spoke the words. A chill ran through Sara’s body as she tried to latch on to some sense of understanding of the situation. “And your Mom likes to be watched,” he added and he let his hand slip from her mouth and moved it down the length of her arm in a long, slow caress. “Here,” he said taking her hand in his, “Don’t stop…” and he guided her fingers back down between her legs.

Sara suddenly became aware, not only of the weight of her father’s body against hers, but that his body was naked. She could feel his cock, hot and thick, pressing into the side of her hip. “Don’t stop,” he repeated and his fingers covered hers working them over her electric clit and wet lips until she resumed her strokes. “Don’t stop…” and he kissed her neck, pulling her hair (long but dark like her father’s) to the side. His fingers left hers and his hand moved around her hip until he was cupping her round little ass, squeezing and caressing it. “Don’t stop…” and as his left hand slipped up under her shirt and massaged her aching tits, his right slid down into the crack of her ass until his fingers joined hers inside the folds of her dripping cunt.

“Daddy…” she moaned in a weak protest, but his body had her pinned over the sink and his fingers felt good inside her. She didn’t stop.

“Shh,” he told her, “just watch your Mom.” Sara had nearly forgotten about the scene outside the window. She tried to focus her attention there again. She saw that her mother was now on her back. Daryl was still standing at the edge of the tub between her legs. He held them apart at the ankles and worked his cock like a piston in and out of her cunt. Her mother’s voice was muffled however as Aunt Jill had straddled her face and was pushing her cunt down onto her sister’s mouth and tongue. Sara felt as if she was in a dream.

“Your Mom loves to fuck,” her father whispered in her ear.

“Daddy…” Sara tried again, her voice heavy and her protest betrayed by her hips, which were now working in tiny circles, pushing back against her father’s probing fingers.

“She’ll do anything for a cock,” he added, cutting her off, “I wonder if you’ll be just like her.”

“Daddy…” she said again, but this protest was different. He had pulled his fingers from her slit and his hand from her breast.
“Don’t stop,” she cried.

“Keeping watching your Mom,” he ordered and he grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. She was naked now and she wanted to turn and see him. She wanted to see his naked body and she wanted him to see her, but he pushed himself on top of her again and she gasped as he guided his cock between her thighs and she felt the hard, thick length of his shaft against the lips of her pussy.

“Oh, Daddy,” she gasped and his arms encircled her, one hand at her breasts pinching her nipples, the other rubbing his cock against her fiery slit. He kissed her neck passionately and held her tiny body tightly against his.

“Shh, Baby,” he breathed into her ear, “Tell me what Mommy’s doing.” And Sara offered her father a play-by play of the action outside the window as he humped the length of his cock against her splayed pussy lips.

“He’s on his back now, Daddy, and Mommy’s on top of him,” she groaned as her body wiggled in his arms.

“What’s she doing on top of him?”

“She’s fucking him, Daddy.”

“Where’s his cock, Baby?”

“Inside Mommy… in her pussy. She’s riding his cock, Daddy.”

“Do you like that, Baby? Do you like watching your Mom fuck that big, black cock?”


“You like that?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Suddenly his weight lifted off her and his cock slipped from between her legs. She wanted it back but a new sensation replaced the old and his hands groped and stroked her long, slender torso and his kisses painted a trail down the length of her spine. Sara leaned forward on her elbows and her father knelt behind her. His hands pulled apart the firm cheeks of her ass and she gasped as her father’s tongue snaked its way into the tight crack, over the puckered rosette of her anus, and down into the wetness of her burning cunt.

“Oh my God, Daddy!” she cried and his lips and tongue devoured her tender pussy from behind. She gripped the counter for support as the soft muscle of his tongue burrowed in and out of her hungry cunt and slid up and down between the cheeks of her ass, tickling and teasing her tiny hole. His fingers chased his tongue and he kneaded, probed, stroked and caressed every inch of her young body he could reach, inside and out, while he sucked hard at her cunt.

Sara’s head was practically in the sink and she clutched at the faucet for support, turning the cold tap off and on and loving the feel of the icy water running over her neck and shoulders as her body burned at her father’s touch. She pushed her hips back to meet her father’s hungry mouth and something inside her erupted. She bit her lip and her body tensed and a flood of heat and wetness rushed to her cunt. She could hear her father slurping loudly behind her, his mouth clamped down over her naked ass, and somewhere in the distance she thought she recognized the sound of her Mom reaching her own climax.

Sara’s body lay limp across the counter. Her father’s kisses grew softer, his tongue lapping up the juices dripping down her inner thighs and his hands caressing her ass and legs. Her mind was reeling and the thought that she was in a dream returned. Was it really her Daddy who had done this to her? Was it his tongue that had driven her mad with desire? Had her Daddy just given his daughter her first orgasm? What happens now?

The questions were all spinning inside Sara’s fuzzy head when she realized she could no longer feel her Daddy’s lips and hands on her ass. The music on the stereo had stopped and the kitchen was eerily quiet. Sara opened her eyes and looked back over her shoulder. Her father was standing there but he wasn’t looking at her. Sara followed his gaze to the open door of the patio where her mother stood, her eyes fixed on her daughter.

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