Sister’s needs – brother’s desires – father’s nightmares I

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Sister’s Needs – Brother’s Desires – Father’s Nightmares – Part 1

The girls in all my stories will be young. No comments – criticism’s – emails – or complaints will change that. The boys in my stories will always be several years older than the girls.

Tina watched the clock tick away closer and closer to bed time. She dreaded bed time. During the day, everything was fine and she was happy, but bedtime came and she felt lonely and empty. A part of her was always missing when she climbed into the big empty bed. She never understood the emptiness, but she always wished she had someone to snuggle up to.

David was watching her tonight, and he never seemed to have a lot of patience for her. If she didn’t do what he told her to, he yelled at her then just ignored her the rest of the night. That always made her feel even more lonely and empty. She didn’t understand him, but she knew she loved her brother dearly.

Tonight, she really wanted to be cuddled. Her dad said she was getting a little old to cuddle to just anyone, and that David and he were the only ones she could cuddle up to. He understood how much she loved the physical contact of someone nearby, but even he didn’t know when bedtime came how empty and alone she always felt.

She looked at her brother who was watching the movie on TV and not paying any attention to her. She debated if she dared cuddle him, or just go to bed quietly. Her need to cuddle outweighed her fear of being yelled at by him, so she lay down on the couch next to him and put her head on his thigh lightly.

David didn’t understand the little girl next to him. She was so energetic and playful, but when bedtime came, she was so clingy and needy. He didn’t want to argue with her tonight. He didn’t really want to send her to bed either just yet because she really was such a good girl. He felt guilty sometimes for sending her off, but a growing boy needs some alone time with the TV, and all the channels a perverted teen could dream of wanting.

Tonight he had on a mellow adult movie that showed the occasional boob or butt shot, but really wanted Tina to go to bed soon so he could turn on the hard stuff and have a few moments with himself. He seemed to always be horny these days and couldn’t jerk off enough to satisfy his needs. Sometimes he wondered if there was something wrong with him.

Tina put her head on his lap and he looked down at her. She looked so sleepy, and so sad. He wondered if she missed their mother but he didn’t want to talk about it. It still hurts him to think about her. One moment she was there, and the next she was gone. All Dad told them was she went to heaven in her sleep. Being in a mellow mood just wanting her to go to bed so he could have his fun, he rested his hand on her head and lightly combed her hair with his fingers.

Tina stiffened when David put his hand on her head, but relaxed when he started combing her hair. He seemed ok with her being cuddly tonight. She adjusted her position a little so she could be a little closer and hoped he would snuggle her. Tina had no interest in the movie on TV. She just wanted to be close to someone. David was the only one in the house, so he was it. If they had a dog, she probably would have been snuggling up to the dog.

David sensed she just needed to be cuddled. Much as he didn’t like cuddling, he figured he would be nice, and offer her to come up into his lap. Picking her up gently, he silently set her on his lap and smiled down at her gently. Tina looked curiously up at her big brother and he smiled down at her. It was very seldom he was nice to her at all, and she wondered when he would get nasty and send her away. Taking advantage of his tenderness, she rested her head against his chest and snuggled close to him.

For once, David enjoyed having his little sister close. He shifted his position slightly so he was leaned back, rested his feet up on the coffee table and cradled her close. Smiling down at her, he kissed the top of her head, caressed the side of her face, slid his hands around her and settled back to watch more of the movie. He figured she would be asleep in no time by how sleepy she looked. He figured it was a good thing he had the remote control close by for when she did fall asleep.

Tina ignored the movie, slid a hand along David’s side, and the other up to his shoulder. She curled her legs up and slightly around his side pulling her legs up under her nightie. Feeling safe, and for the first time in a long time, not so alone and empty, she felt herself drifting off.

“David,” she asked tentatively, afraid he would send her away if she talked.

“What sweetie,” He asked looking down at her. Her eyes were so heavy, her pouty lips so full and wore a worried frown. David knew he was hard on her, and sometimes he felt bad. It wasn’t her fault Dad had to work so much and he had to babysit her. He hugged her a bit closer and smiled down at her suddenly wishing he wasn’t so mean to her.

“Ca-Can I stay here with you until you go to bed?” She stammered then rushed trying to ask and stiffened waiting for him to yell at her.

“Sure, Squirt,” he smiled down at her. Suddenly he had the desire to kiss her very red full lips instead of the top of her head like usual. Tilting her face to his, he lightly pressed his lips to hers. Neither of them closed their eyes. Tina held her breath shocked, and surprised. She felt something jump deep in her belly when their lips met and liked how it felt. David was surprised at how soft and sweet her lips tasted, and how his body reacted to the contact. He felt a slight jump in his trousers beneath her, and hoped she didn’t.

“Get some sleep,” he said a little sharper than he wanted to feeling her tense in his lap. Feeling remorseful, and very protective of the frail body in his arms, he lightly stroked her arm with one hand, and where his supporting hand could reach, he caressed her thigh. Feeling her relax again, he settled down and went back to watching the movie.

His attention was only half on the screen. He wished she were in bed by now so he could watch what he wanted, but, he also wanted her to feel safe and loved. Her tension and fear to talk to him bothered him tonight and he wanted to change that. He wanted her to have confidence and feel comfortable in her own home no matter who was here. His attitude toward the little girl in his lap changed in moments, and he felt so guilty for treating her as poorly as he had. He wanted to do anything he could to make up for it.

Right now, all he could think of to do that would be to hold her and cradle her whenever she wanted. To spend more time doing the things she wanted to do instead of always pushing her away and sending her to her room to be alone. As Tina’s breathing became more regular and she relaxed fading off to dreamland, David smiled, and caressed her hair.

Whispering softly, hoping not to wake her, he said, “I love you Squirt, I’m sorry for being such a jerk. I’ll try harder from now on to be better.”

A soft and gently murmur was the only response he got as her body went limp in his arms. Shifting more on the sofa so they were both a bit more comfortable, he stretched her legs out next to him. The contact of his hand on her bare leg caused more of a lurch from his groin, and he held his breath surprised, slightly confused, but intrigued as his baby sister started to turn him on like the well formed adult women in the movies he watched.

Pulling the light throw from the back of the sofa, he lightly covered her figuring she would get cold as she slept. He knew he should bring her to bed where she would be more comfortable, but he wanted to explore these new feelings and sensations. He wondered how soundly she would sleep and if he could turn on the porn he really wanted to watch. Deciding to tempt fate, he turned the volume down a bit, and flipped to the adult channels.

On the screen was a woman and a guy very hard into their passion. David’s penis lurched seeing the woman’s boobs bouncing, and the guy’s dick ramming hard and fast in her wet pink pussy. He looked down at Tina, to make sure she was sound asleep, and shifted his position slightly. His hardening teenage cock was bent under his kid sister and starting to ache. He groaned softly as he shifted under her weight feeling more turned on at the little girl’s bottom resting against his growing lump.

Tina must have been very exhausted because she seemed to be sleeping very soundly in his lap. Hoping she was, he slid his in his pants under her unbending his cock and taking the moment to stroke it just a little. She didn’t stir at all. David felt confident he could give his cock some breathing room and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans moaning quietly as the cooler air enveloped it.

Watching the screen with one eye, and his baby sister with the other, he slowly began to stroke his cock which was getting harder and harder by the second. He reached his hand down further to cup and massage his balls lifting his lips slightly to meet his hand. His breath caught in his chest as Tina cooed in her sleep and shifted position pressing against his belly and chest again. If she woke up, she would feel his bare cock through the thin fabric of her nightie.

Slowly removing his hand he embraced her again holding her close trying to ignore how nice it felt to have his cock caressed by something other than his own hand. Gently he rubbed her belly around to her back cradling her close soothing her back to sleep. Feeling her relax completely again in his lap he relaxed slightly enjoying the feeling of her thigh pressing against his hardness.

Watching the couple on the TV, he noticed they were joined now by another man and the woman seemed eager to swallow the newcomer’s cock while her pussy was pummeled brutally from behind. His cock started to throb wishing he were either of the two men at that moment. His hand caressed down Tina’s belly to her legs lightly rubbing them up and down hardly paying attention to the sleeping child in his lap as his hips rocked slowly under her.

The woman on the screen changed position and lay on her side and the guys lay down both in front of her and behind her. This was one of David’s favorite positions and he hoped he could find a woman and another guy to try this with one day. The woman opened herself lifting her leg very high and resting it on the thigh of the man behind her. Both men started pressing their cocks against her holes, and the camera zoomed in from below. David groaned louder as his cock ached watching the two cocks on TV disappear into the woman’s body.

His hand unconsciously had wandered up Tina’s sleeping body under her nightie and his breath caught again as his fingertips touched her panties. She seemed unaware of his caresses in her sleep, but her legs opened slightly. Holding still, he waited to ensure she was in fact asleep, but his attention was completely gone from the TV to the new prospect lying in his lap. He hadn’t considered before this very moment doing anything with the frail insecure little girl, but her sleeping form and her parted legs became a curious and inviting proposition.

Tina sighed softly in her sleep, but didn’t wake. Her sleeping and relaxed body responded to David’s wandering hand subconsciously. Tentatively, David slid a finger between her thighs and moaned more audibly when her legs opened a little more for him. Testing her awareness and permissive levels, he slid his fingers up a little so his fingertips brushed her little girl pussy lips. Her hips involuntarily moved to meet his fingers and her legs started to open a little more.

Realizing she was so soundly asleep and relaxed in his arms, he had a desire and need to feel and see more of her 4′ 2″ thin as a rail form. He wanted to feel her bare pussy lips with his fingers, and wondered just how far he could go with this sleeping child. She was so young, and so small, and so tempting being so soundly asleep and yet accepting of his touch. Sliding his hand up to her belly, he slid his fingers inside the band of her panties and around her bottom lifting her slightly.

She shifted a little, reached her hand up to his chest and started to roll onto her side. David rocked her gently making soft shushing sounds hoping to soothe her back into a deep sleep, or at least to the relaxed state she was in just a short time ago letting him touch and explore her body. Her breathing settled back to the even rhythmic pattern, and he felt confident in being able to explore her body again. Sliding his hand entirely inside her panties, he cupped her tiny firm ass in his hand feeling the smooth soft skin of her cheeks against his warm skin.

Groaning slightly, he slowly lowered her panties and moaned audibly as he felt them slide over her hips and buttocks with ease. Sliding his fingers under her lifting her just a little, he slid them down a little and rested her bare hip back down on his thigh. His breathing was beginning to come faster as he was feeling more of the little one’s bare body with his fingers, and getting no resistance from her sleeping form.

Sliding his hand around the front of her, he pulled them down a little and felt them catch between her thighs. His heart was pounding in his chest and he was certain that alone would wake her if none of his attentions did. Slipping his fingers between her legs inside her panties, he gasped feeling the heat from her closed baby lips. He wiggled his finger slowly pressing and probing lightly to get inside her folds. He was rewarded by her laying slightly back and opening her legs to him again.

Taking that moment, he slid her panties down her thighs to her knees. She opened her legs further bending her knees up so he decided to slide her panties completely off. David’s jeans were suddenly very tights and uncomfortable, so he tried to wiggle out of them carefully trying not to wake her. Tina stirred again as her brother wiggled and shifted beneath her. She opened her eyes, looked up at him through a sleepy haze, and his heart and breath froze in his chest.

Her eyes were questions, but her mind was not processing that she was half bare, and her brother was also half bare. Her thought was, ‘Is he gonna send me to bed? Is he gonna yell at me? Am I in trouble again?’ As she opened her mouth to talk, David smiled down at her, caressed her face and hair and reassured her hoping not to alarm her.

“It’s ok, Squirt. I’m just uncomfortable, and you looked so peaceful laying here with me, I was just trying to lay down next to you.” He fibbed a little. His ultimate goal was in fact to lay next to her, but to have his pants off to feel her skin against his pulsing aching needing cock. “Is that ok?”

Smiling happily, she nodded and sat up so he could change position. She noticed then that his pants were half off and looked up at him curiously. She didn’t see a penis in a long time, and didn’t remember one being that big ever. She used to take baths with her brother until he started to hate her. She remembered when they took baths together how silly she thought it looked and how she used to grab it and pull it.

“It’s big now,” Tina said reaching up to touch David’s cock. He had forgotten those bath times from long ago, but the memories came flooding back as her fingers touched his purple headed monster.

“It doesn’t scare you?” He asked cautiously covering her hand with his.

“No, I used to play with it all the time,” She answered matter of factly. New thoughts suddenly began forming in his head as he wondered if she realized what was on the TV.

“It’s very uncomfortable in my jeans. Is it ok if I lay next to you without my pants on?” He asked. He also wondered if she realized she had no panties on and her nightie was up to her thighs.

“Yes,” Tina nodded and yawned sleepily. She studied his penis curiously and touched a finger to the tip where a drop of precum was forming. He gasped out loud and his hips moved forward at her tender touch. She jumped a little thinking she hurt him, but he squeezed her other hand reassuringly and guided her tiny fingers up and down his length in a steady slow stroke.

“I like how that feels,” David breathed quietly. She looked up at him and saw him smiling at her like he used to do. She was very happy to see that at least tonight, he didn’t hate her. Tina wanted to keep touching him because she liked how it felt, hard, yet soft and smooth, but she was very tired and wanted to go to sleep again too.

“Me too,” she murmured yawning again. David couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to feel those pouty yawning lips around the tip of his cock.

“Ya want to know what else I bet we would both like?” David asked leaning slightly more forward.

“What?” Tina asked almost asleep again trying to keep her eyes open.

“I know I would like if you kissed it. Wanna try?” David asked hopefully knowing she was so sleepy and felt a little guilty, but he didn’t want to lose the moment either.

Sitting up a little, the little girl leaned forward and licked her lips pulling him closer. She would do anything to keep him happy and liking her, and if he wanted her to kiss his penis, she would kiss his penis. As he got closer to her lips, he slid his hands to either side of her face and brushed her hair back gently guiding her forward.

“Oooooh” David exhaled heavily feeling her warm breath across the ultra sensitive tip of his cock. As her lips touched him, sparks raced through his cock causing it to jump and his legs weaken as shivers ran up and down his spine. “Yesss, I do like that, very much,” he whispered softly holding her close.

Tina tried not to yawn, but couldn’t help it and only wanted to close her eyes, and lay back down to sleep. She wanted to feel him close to her again and hear his heartbeat, and feel his arms around her, holding her close. Yawning widely, David pressed forward so the head of his cock pressed between her full open lips. Tina looked up at him in surprise stretching her lips wider to fit him in her mouth.

“MMMmmmmm,” David moaned as the moist heat of her mouth surrounded the head of his cock. It looked huge filling her very small mouth and he knew she wouldn’t be able to take it in the way the woman on TV could, but just feeling that much inside her mouth was heaven, and he felt sooo close to cumming.

Tina was surprised when he pressed his cock in her mouth, but she like it. Kinda like a very big lollipop. Testing, she snaked her tongue to feel the tip of his penis in her mouth. She was very surprised at how soft and smooth it felt even when it felt hard and solid. As her tongue traced its head, David moaned, leaned his head back and his hips involuntarily pressed forward. Her tongue sent electric impulses through his cock and he couldn’t help but try to press further between her lips.

He pulled her forward feeling his cock hit the back of her throat and her teeth graze the little bit he could fit. That sent new waves of sensation through him. His knees began to buckle, his balls began to tighten, and the familiar sensation of near explosion began to fill his cock. He could feel his cock expanding and stretching her lips even further as he pulled out just a bit keeping the very tip inside her lips but pulling out just past the ridge.

Tina was relieved when he pulled his big penis out of her mouth so her jaw could relax. It started to hurt being open so wide, but something inside of her wanted to feel that strain, wanted his penis back inside her mouth. Sleepy as she was, she pressed forward sliding her lips over the ridge feeling his penis pop into her mouth. David groaned and she tensed again thinking she did something wrong. She tried looking up at him, but it was hard because she was so little and he was so big.

David moaned in surprised delight when the sexy little girl half sitting on the sofa pressed her face onto his cock again. He knew he was going to cum soon if she let him slide in and out of her mouth like that. He wanted to feel what it was like to have his cock buried somewhere other than a sock or his hand when he came. Pressing forward he pulled her close as he could until his cock hit the back of her throat. Her teeth grazing his cock did hurt, but not enough for him to stop. It actually added to his desire. Pressing a little farther in, he looked down at the little one whose eyes were starting to bulge a little as she tried to look up at him. He saw only about two inches of his cock was inside her mouth but that image would forever be burned in his memory as one of the sexiest things he ever saw.

Pulling out again till just the tip of his cock rested between her lips he saw her saliva drip from around the ridge of his mushroom capped purple head. She brought her two hands up to wrap around his pulsing cock. Her fingers barely reached each other when they wrapped around his shaft. His balls lurched and his cock jumped again as she squeezed him with her hands.

Tina didn’t know if she should pull him inside her mouth again or not by the way he kept pulling out of her mouth and just looking down at her. She knew he liked it when her hand was sliding along his penis so she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly started stroking his length. David pulled her head forward a little more roughly than before so she eagerly slid her lips as far as she could down his length.

His penis filled her mouth so much she didn’t have room to move her tongue, but she wanted to feel all of him with it. She liked how his penis felt so soft and bumpy and hard at the same time. She liked the funny feeling in her belly all the way down to between her legs when his penis was in her mouth. It was kinda like a tickling deep inside her body. David pressed further this time trying to get more of him inside her mouth and felt her throat blocking him.

He wanted to know what it was like to have his cock buried to his balls just like the men on TV with that woman. Rocking gently he tried pulling her further and further onto him without pulling out. He slid the head of his cock along the roof of her mouth to her throat and kept trying to press further and further.

Tina didn’t really know what David wanted, but knew he must like how it felt with his penis in her mouth. When he pressed to the back of her throat, she couldn’t breathe, and instinct made her try to pull away while squeezing his penis tight. Each time she squeezed, he groaned, pulled back a little and rocked forward again. Feeling the tickling get stronger between her legs, she reached down to try to rub where it tickled. It was then she realized her undies were gone and she looked up at him again.

David felt his balls trying to climb up inside him as he watched the little girl reach down between her legs to find her panties missing. David saw the questions in her eyes that she couldn’t ask with her mouth full and smiled down at her. Wanting to see her touch herself, he leaned down a little and started to pull the nightie up so he could see her hairless creamy skin and her curious probing exploring fingers.

Tightening his fingers in her hair and pulling her forward more, he felt something finally give in the back of her throat and felt her gag on his cock. Looking as her face he saw how red it was getting very fast and both her hands flew to his cock and squeezed it so hard he saw stars. The tightness around the head of his penis and her squeezing was too much for his teenage balls to handle.

His vision got dark as if the lights in the room suddenly went out and he felt his cock exploding down her throat. Her gagging on his cock sent spasms through him and he felt himself falling. Pressing her head forward further burying himself deeper in her throat he caught himself on the back of the sofa and his knees rested against the front as he collapsed.

He could feel Tina start to go limp beneath him and tried to pull out of her feeling his cock pop out of her throat. She wretched and wretched as the air rushed into her lungs and she tried not to choke on the cum caught between up and down. Collapsing to the floor on his knees in front of her, he wanted to reassure her he wasn’t angry, and try to calm her from panicking and never wanting to let him do that again. Pulling her close in his arms, she draped her arms weakly over his shoulders and rested her head against him.

“Oh god Squirt,” David panted as he tried to regain his breathing, “That was sooo good. You can suck my cock whenever you want to. It felt sooo good going deep in your throat like that.”

“I- I- I couldn’t br-br-breath” the little girl sobbed trying to relax.

“But, that didn’t last long, did it?” David asked leaning her back a little. He knew she almost passed out and she was very scared, but he also knew that was the best orgasm he had yet. He had been jacking off for 6 years now, and never once had he ever felt his whole body go weak like that. It felt as if his entire life force was pumping down her throat. He enjoyed it so much his cock hadn’t’ gotten soft yet and couldn’t wait to do it more.

Tina looked at him with tears streaming down her face. She was scared cause she couldn’t breathe. Her throat hurt from being stretched open so far. She still had a bit of tickle between her legs though, and it didn’t last very long. She did like it up until the end. A thought struck her, and she started to feel sick.

“D-did you p-p-pee in me?” She asked starting to feel like she was going to throw up still tasting something kinda salty and thick in the back of her mouth.

“No, Squirt! I wouldn’t ever do that! That’s just gross!” David firmly said shivering sick at the thought. He realized his baby sister really was a baby and didn’t’ have a clue he shot sperm down her throat.

“When a guy really really likes something that’s happening to his penis, his penis spits cum to show how much he likes it,” David tried to explain in a way that would help her want to do it again and again. “I really really liked how it felt my cock pressed real far down your throat,” David traced his fingers down her neck lightly to emphasize his words “and when it went that far, it was soo happy it wanted to share with you how happy it was, so it came for you.”

“Oh,” she said looking at him, tilting her head, and looking down at his penis again. It looked very red and very sticky right now. “So, every time it gets really really happy, or every time you really really like what someone is doing to it, he squirts? And you’re sure it’s not pee?” She looked back up at him dubiously. Her eyes looked so tired and dark and he felt bad a bit for keeping her up but he couldn’t wait to do it again.

“Right!” he said nodding hoping she liked it too. “Your body does the same thing.”

“Huh?” She looked at him not understanding. There were lots of things she’s done and liked having done, but her body never spit anything.

“You liked when you put your fingers down here?” David asked sliding his fingers down her body to press between her legs. She opened her legs instinctively, and looked down watching his fingers gently open her lips down there. She felt that tickling a little stronger like an itch that wanted to be scratched.

“Yes,” She said watching him. He opened her lips a little and felt his cock start to jump again seeing a real live pussy for the first time. She wasn’t sure if she should open her legs more, or open her lips, or what she should do, but that itching was getting a little stronger. Hoping he would find it and scratch it, but not sure where it was herself, she just watched.

Emboldened by her reaction, knowing she needed to sleep desperately, but not willing to let the moment slip away, he used both hands, one to open her lips and the other to probe her very pink opening. She looked on curiously, feeling funny fluttering in her belly, but liking how it felt to be touched there. On a deeper level, a part of her realized this is what she had been missing. A very special relationship with someone where this part of her was touched. Leaning back a little, she opened her legs farther, pulling her feet up to rest on the edge of the sofa.

“You like me touching you here?” David asked smiling happy for her reaction. Remembering all the movies on TV, he found her clit and started rolling that in his fingers slowly and gently at first.

“Yes,” Tina breathed feeling like that strange tickle itch was finally being scratched the way it wanted to be. Her hips started moving up and down by themselves and she looked at David not understanding why her body was moving.

“I can see you like it,” He smiled seeing the confusion on her face. “Your body is asking me to do more.”

“More?” Tina asked. She didn’t understand but she knew he was right. She wanted more of something, she just didn’t understand what.

“Yes,” David said feeling wise and still very horny he wondered how far he could push her yet again. He desperately wanted to feel his cock down her throat again, but now, playing with her pussy, he wanted to feel it buried up inside her. It looked so tight and hot there and he could only imagine if her mouth felt that good just how good her pussy must feel. “Your body likes what I am doing, but it’s asking me to go inside you, like this,” he explained sliding a finger inside her.

“Ooooh,” Tina sighed feeling his finger press inside her, and her body clamp tight around it. The way he rubbed her little pee hole, and wiggled his finger inside her felt real good and her hips started pressing harder against him. She thought she understood what he was explaining about how his body really liked when his penis was inside her mouth because she really liked his finger inside her vagina.

“Yess, that’s a girl Squirt. See how your body really likes this?” David asked. His cock was starting to ache again and he really wanted to just ram it deep inside her tight little hole, but wanted to lead up to it gently. He didn’t want to make her cry again. He did like very much awakening her to all of this and the thought of having his very private sex partner every night. He wondered if she would be as horny as he was all the time now that she was feeling all these things.

“Yes, my body does like it,” Tina panted pulling her nightie up and tucking it under her chin so she could watch.

“I bet, you could take that off so it’s out of your way,” David encouraged. Her little girl body didn’t have boobs yet, and there was no hair on her pussy like on TV, and she didn’t have curvy hips, but she was so tiny and had tiny little nipples that he only got little peeks at as she bounced on his hand.

Nodding, she stopped moving, and took off her nightie and smiled at him. He didn’t stop moving his finger inside her the whole time. Her muscles clenched and flexed around him as he rubbed her clit and rolled his finger around inside her trying to feel all of her. He felt something blocking him from putting his finger all the way inside and wondered what it was.

The men on TV were able to slide all their cocks in the women on TV. He knew if he couldn’t get his whole finger inside her, he wasn’t going to be able to get his entire cock inside her. He was very desperate to try though.

Tina felt her body start to feel like it had to pee, and was afraid she would pee on him. She didn’t want to because that thought was just gross. Remembering what he said about his penis squirting when it was happy, she wondered if that was what was happening with her body. She wondered if this is what it felt like when it got very very happy, like it was getting very happy so it made her think she was gonna pee.

Her breathing was fast and hard, and her heart was pounding so loud and fast. She didn’t understand her body but it felt like it was looking for something more. Just then David slid a second finger inside her stretching her a little. She could feel her muscles start to tense up, and pressure inside her getting bigger and bigger. It felt really good the way he was rubbing and pressing and squeezing her pee hole and his fingers moving in and out of her.

“Squirt,” he panted, “Please, can I put my cock here inside you where my fingers are? He wants so bad to feel what that’s like” he begged her. As he was asking her, he was laying her down on the sofa. She felt like something was missing and felt let down as he pulled his fingers out of her and stopped playing with her button.

Wanting to keep feeling that feeling, she nodded at him and started to play with her button herself opening her legs wide. David climbed up on the sofa with her, lifted her legs like he saw on TV, pointed his throbbing cock at her tiny pussy, and hesitated. He watched himself hover just out of reach of her and her hips raised trying to touch him, trying to reach his cock just barely out of reach. Her fingers were moving at a feverish pace rubbing her tiny clit.

Drawing a deep breath, he couldn’t resist any more. The sight of her lips spread wide, her fingers flying over her, her hips bouncing trying to reach him. He pressed his hips closer and gasped loudly at the feel of her tiny tight hole resisting his large throbbing cock.

“Squirt,” he began as his hips pressed forward and hers raised up in answer, “This is gonna be fast and hard, I need to feel it inside you, I need it now.” He warned her making sure he was lined up right. Her body was begging for him as much as his was for her.

Tina didn’t understand, but she could feel her body wanted to feel him too. She tried to press up against him. When his penis touched her hole it felt so big she was scared a little that it wouldn’t fit. She was also afraid it would hurt as bad as when he went in her throat. Her body really wanted it too though. Lifting high as she could she tried pulling him inside where his fingers were a little while ago.

David groaned at her innocent desperation and drove his cock hard and fast deep inside her. He felt something pop and tear, and heard her scream under him. Keeping his cock buried deep inside, he lowered her legs and lay square on her holding her close as she cried.

“It hurts!! It hurts so bad!! Stop it hurts!!” The little girl cried and begged. Tina didn’t know it would hurt so bad. She didn’t know what happened, but it felt like he broke her. She felt something rip inside her and was very scared trying to push him away. The good tickling feeling was gone. She felt pain all through her body and couldn’t stop crying and begging him to get out of her.

“Tina, Squirt, please, stop, shhhh, listen baby girl, please listen,” he begged. He was crying too because he hurt her so badly. He didn’t know what went wrong or why it hurt both of them the way it did. His cock felt like someone just shoved it in a vice. When he first plunged into her, his vision went dark, and he felt nauseous. His first reaction was to pull out, but her screams and cries made him lay still inside her and just hold her close.

He looked to the porn on TV for an answer, and on the screen was a couple in very much the position they were in before he entered her. They both looked like they were enjoying it. He reached for the remote and turned up the volume a little till he could hear their sounds over the music playing.

“Tina, baby, look, see on TV,” he tried wiping her tears and getting her to see the couple on TV certain she didn’t realize what was on the whole time. “See how they like it? She’s begging him for more and harder and faster. Can you see?” He rushed trying desperately to get her to calm down.

Tina looked at the TV and noticed for the first time the naked people there. A woman was laying on her back with her legs up against the man’s chest. Her boobs were very big and were bouncing hard. The camera changed to show between her legs, and the man had his penis inside her vagina. It was all the way in, and then all the way out. He was moving in and out of her so fast. The woman was rubbing her button like Tina was before.

She was very confused because her body hurt so bad, but the woman on TV didn’t seem to be hurting. She liked the man being inside her. Another man came in and seemed to be angry at what he saw. The first man and woman seemed surprised, and they stopped moving, but the man’s penis was all the way inside the woman. The new man came closer to them, and the woman reached up to unzip his trousers.

When his pants were unzipped, they fell, and the man lifted his shirt out of the way. The woman had long red shiny nails and wrapped her fingers around the man’s penis kissing and licking it. The second man quickly got out of his shirt and the rest of his pants. The first man nodded and started moving slowly again in and out of the woman. She seemed very very happy at this arrangement and her body started bouncing again.

Tina still felt pain in her body, but watching what was happening on TV and how good it felt with just David’s fingers, she started to relax. She listened to her body and as much as it hurt, she liked having him inside her. She felt full, and complete. She suddenly didn’t feel empty and alone anymore. She could feel her insides stretching and twitching around his big penis inside her, and she really liked how it felt if she could ignore the pain.

On TV, the first man was starting to lay down in front of the woman and the second man was laying down behind her. She rolled onto her side. The first man lifted her leg high while she rubbed his penis along her lips and started to press it inside her. The man behind her at the same time was rubbing his penis along her too, and along the other man’s penis. He started to press it into the woman in the same hole the first man’s penis was going into.

Tina felt her own body start to respond watching the two men squeeze their penises into the same hole. Her insides started to throb with a different feeling besides pain, and she felt her muscles squeeze David’s penis still deep inside her belly. Watching the woman on TV like being stuffed so full with two penis’s very much bigger than her brothers, Tina felt kinda foolish and silly for screaming and crying when he pushed inside of her.

David held his breath watching her watch the TV, and used all of his restraint not to move inside her. His cock ached and throbbed and again felt like it was swelling bigger than before feeling completely enveloped in her tight little body. As she settled down and stopped crying, her body relaxed and he could feel her pussy muscles contract around him, massaging him, making him swallow a moan and a need to slide out of her and back in.

He needed her to be comfortable and enjoy this knowing if she didn’t there was a good chance she would tell their dad, and he would be a dead boy before his 16th birthday. Thinking selfishly as well, if she enjoyed it, maybe she would let him fuck her again tomorrow, and again the next time they were alone. His mind raced with the possibilities of his own little fuckable slut whenever he wanted. He wouldn’t have to dream what it would be like to bury his cock somewhere, because he would have her.

Tina watched mesmerized by the TV the men licking, and kissing her, squeezing, pinching and pulling her nipples and each time the camera went down below Tina felt her own body twitch watching the two penis’s sliding in and out of her. The man in back pulled his penis out and her hole looked so big now, when it looked so small before. Tina was amazed watching the man start to poke his giant penis into the woman’s back hole.

The woman cried out begging him to “fuck me in my ass” and the man seemed to like her saying that. He grabbed her by the hips while the first man still held her leg up high and Tina felt her tiny back hole jump and squeeze tight as the second man’s penis disappeared quickly inside her. He braced himself with her shoulders and the other man kept her leg high and together they started sliding in and out of the woman fast and hard. She kept crying over and over, “yes! yes! yes! harder! harder! fuck me harder! yes! yes! yes!”

Tina’s hips started moving slowly involuntarily as she watched the scene play out on the TV. David relaxed a little and smiled down at his kid sister. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with uncertainty and unshed tears. He felt terrible that he hurt her, and made her cry so hard, but his hormones were in control. Wiping her tears away, he leaned down to kiss her forehead slowly sliding his cock out of its tight prison.

Tina felt relief as she felt his penis sliding out of her, but she immediately felt loss, like a part of her was missing that was supposed to be there. Fear filled her belly waiting for the horrible pain to return as he pressed his penis back inside her. It did hurt, but not nearly as terrible as before. It felt like he was stretching her, making room inside her for him. That felt ok. She still felt the pain from the first time, but she felt something else inside. She couldn’t understand, but it felt like her body needed him inside her.

Each time he pulled out of her, she felt the sad feeling of losing something, and each time he pressed back inside her, she felt full and complete again. She wondered if that was why the woman on TV kept screaming ‘yes, yes, yes, yes’ so much. Tina wrapped her legs as far as she could around her big brother’s waist and tried to pull him back inside her each time he pulled out. She wanted to keep him in her, to feel complete.

David took her action to say she was ready, that she wanted more. Sliding his arms under her, he gripped her shoulders tightly and pressed deep inside her pulling her shoulders down to him. Feeling his cock bury itself completely inside her so his balls pressed against her body he moaned loudly and rocked his hips a little feeling all around inside her. He knew if he was able to keep doing this, it wouldn’t be long before he came again. He wanted to fill his baby sister with his cum. He wanted to feel his cock pulse and spit inside her hot walls.

“Oh, God, Tina. Your tight pussy feels soooo good!!!” He whispered hoarsely in her ear. “Can you feel my cock bouncing inside you?”

She nodded thinking it felt strange, but it did feel good and she didn’t want it to stop. She liked having his body so close to hers. She liked feeling him inside her through the pain that seemed to be going away.

David felt his own needs growing more intense and started moving his hips a little faster. Both of their breathing became ragged and their bodies filled with a need they didn’t understand. Her body tried to keep pace with his pulling him in as he was pressing as deeply as he could go. Increasing his pace, he began pounding her pussy with all the speed and force he could find. Under him, her grunts and moans under him only turned him on even more.

Tina felt helpless beneath David as he pounded her body. She bounced as much as the woman on the TV did earlier as he rammed into her. It hurt, but it wasn’t a bad kinda hurt. She didn’t understand much of tonight, but she did understand David loved her again. She did understand both of their bodies liked what they were doing. She felt pressure building up inside her again, but she didn’t have the same tickle and itch she felt earlier when he rubbed her pee hole. This was different, but it felt like she was going to explode if it got much bigger and fuller.

David felt his teenage balls tightening again as he slammed into her. A part of him somewhere seemingly far away in the distance worried if he was hurting her, but the rest of him only felt the sensations in his cock. The head of it being squeezed and released, her velvet muscles tightening around him. The sound of his balls slapping against her skin. The feel of them pinched between their bodies. All of these things were sending him quickly over the edge and he wanted her there with him, but didn’t have the capacity to do anything about it. Primal instinct and passion were in control.

Tina felt like she was going to pee, and didn’t want to. She reached down to hold her pee hole like she always did when she had to pee, and didn’t want to pee her pants, but gasped the second she touched it. Shivers raced through her body, her legs tightened up around her big brother’s waist, stars crossed her vision, and it felt like her body was peeing anyway as her whole body shook and convulsed.

David felt his baby sister’s orgasm begin as her legs tightened up around him. He watched her face as it built and grew wracking her entire body with spasms. Her body’s convulsions, her muscles gripping him squeezing the life out of his cock as he rammed triggered his own oncoming climax. His balls tightened high as they could, his cock felt like it swelled twice it’s normal girth being squeezed by the little girl’s body. Slamming his cock deep as he could inside her, he felt the first rope of his cum explode inside her.

His own body spasmed and jerked as his cock jumped swelling and contracting with each spurt of cum. Her body seemed to feed off his orgasm. With each burst of fluid from his cock, Tina’s body jumped and seemed to try to pull him in further. She cried out but not in pain this time. She felt the hot fluid filling her and flowing out of her down her butt. All these things she felt from a distance, as if she were floating separate from her body in a sea of stars.

David collapsed on top of her exhausted for the moment, but in such a state of bliss he didn’t dare move. Every sound around him seemed louder, every scent sharper, every color brighter, and the air colder. Feeling Tina shiver beneath him he knew she was cold too, and wondered if she felt the same magic he did. He knew whenever he called her Squirt now, it would have a different meaning for him, and hoped it would for her too.

Feeling his cock staying hard inside her, he held her close, and rolled them gently over so she lay on top of him. Wanting to keep him inside her as long as possible, Tina straddled her legs around him and pressed herself against him pushing his penis deep as she could inside her. The last thing she remembered as exhausted and contented sleep took her was him pulling the blanket over them, and his hands pressing her hips down against him.

David was amazed his cock after two orgasms still was not softening. Laying on his back with Tina straddling his waist, he wanted to stay in the sticky warmth of her body, to relish the feel if it wrapped up tight, and warm. He watched as his sister fell asleep fast on top of him and covered them both with the blanket smiling. Trying to stay in her as long as he could, he gripped her hips and gently pressed her onto him and raised his hips to hers.

Trying to find a way to brace himself so he stayed in her tiny form, he slid to the arm of the sofa and raised his bottom against it. Pleased at the sensation of his cock sliding deeper into the sleeping girl, he let his legs fall open and sleep take him ignoring the puddle beneath his back that was growing cold. He hoped they woke up before their dad got home, but he had no more energy or strength to think about it.

Wrapping his arms protectively around the spritely form against his belly, he closed his eyes, and gave in to the sand man’s callings.

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