Sweet Nannie 2 The Blood Gang

Sweet Nannie 2 The Blood Gang

Sweet Nannie 2 The Blood Gang

“No please stop don’t don’t this to me please,” I pleaded as the mysterious stranger moved his huge 9 inch cock head into my virgin pussy. I was hoping by saving me he was going to be nice but I was wrong. Just as I thought this his cock pushed all of the way into my pussy and broke my hymen.
“Owwww oh my god it hurts so much please stop.” He began thrusting very slowly into me and quickly picked up the pace. I could feel his long thick cock punching the back of my now non virgin pussy and i began to cry because of the pain. But now this new feeling over took me and I started moaning and meeting his thrusts.

“Oh god I don’t know who you are but you feel so wonderful inside of me ive never felt such a huge cock before,” I moaned and he moved much faster until I pulled him under me with a new strength and began to ride his cock. He put his right hand on my hip and his left on my tight cute little ass (which is angel soft) and I began to ride him and I could hear moans coming from his mouth. Finally he pulled me down trying to get as deep as he could and I felt some kind of hot goo swimming through my pussy. This new feeling sent shutters through my body and I began to squel and squirm with orgasm. At seeing this the man began cumming even more and the rush was so much that I woke up from the dream.

“Hey girly you ok,” asked the mysterious stranger. My sight is real fuzzy and I could feel some wetness between my legs. He was standing over me with his hood down so I could see his facial features. This man was really a boy and he was the handsomest boy I had ever seen in my entire life infact I thought I was still dreaming.

“Im fine but who are you and where am i?” I asked.

“My name is Bobby Guill and your in my hotel room number 13 in Traverse Town.” The boy repeated, he had dark black eyes,not beaty little eyes but dark eyes with black hair and white skin.He looked as if he shaved sometimes and right now its evident that hes done so recently. He is very skinny but is muscular that made the wetness in my panties even weter.

“ And who are you?” he asked

“ I am Nannie Greene,” I replied. He began to smile when he saw that my panties were drenched with my sex juice and said,” You were having an intense dream or nightmare so I thought I should wake you up, I think I should’ve let you finish that dream,” and he chuckled to himself. For some reason I was not embaressed by this but a feeling of calmn and security overwhelmed me along with my unnatural hornyness.

“ Listen im a reaper that means I have a job to do,” Bobby told me,” so if you could stay here for awhile and not get into anymore trouble than I wouls sure appreciate it.”
“ Whats a reaper?” I asked.

“ The less you know the better all I know is ive been sent here to reap the Blood Gang for their wicked ways and protect you until we talk with The Master.” Just then I noticed all of the guns on the table and new what he meant by reap the Blood Gang.

“Please don’t do this I don’t want you to be hurt I may have only known you for a little while but I want to get to know you even more,” I said. And a smile came over his face as soon as I finished the sentence.

“ Listen I want to get to know you too but you don’t understand, I have to do this or bad consequences would befall me,” Bobby explained and with that he got up and picked up what looked like 2 pistols, a long knife, and a shotgun. He looked at me while he opened the door and with a wink closed it.

Oh I hope he comes back I really have this urge to fuck him I thought to myself. Just then I remembered how wet I was and then the dream came back to me. I layed back down and put my fingers inside my panties and began to rub my pussy and imagining Bobby’s cock fucking my virgin cunt.

“ Oh yes Bobby I want you so bad please don’t make me beg for your cock ahhhh,” I moaned and started to move my middle finger in and out of my pussy at a fast rate. I took my shirt of and started to massage and suck my erect titty. My boobs are so soft I thought, perfect for tit fucking I bet Bobby would love that. As soon as the thought entered her mind she began to scream and felt her pussy walls clench and convulse on her fingers as she squirted her juices onto the bed. 8 hours later.

I heard the door open and close and looked behind me as Bobby entered the room looking as handsome as when I first saw him. “ No luck in finding their hideout tonight but I know im really close,” he said to me as I got up to see him. I went over to him and hugged him and felt his stomach, this boy is really ripped I thought. He has a full six pack and clearly defined pecks.

“ How old are you?” I asked him.
“ Im 15 years old, now what about you?”

“ Im 14 years old and very horny,” I answered. And I moved my head to his and French kissed him. His breath tasted so good I almost forgot to breathe and his tongue felt so smooth and good it sent a shock down to my pussy.

“I want you in that bed right now,” I said he complied by carrying my bridal style over to my bed and sitting me down on to it. I stood and pushed him onto the bed and he took off my shirt, then my pants and then my panties leaving me fully naked. I took his jacket off and then undid his skull belt and his pants and slowly pulled them down. He had no underpants on which made me even hornyer and I marveled at his long 9 inch cock. So my dream was right about the size. I put my mouth over his cock and started to move my head up and down all over it. I licked his head and his shaft tasting his sweet pre cum. His tasted better than my brothers.

“ Oh Nannie that feels so good,” he moaned and high smiled and took my head off of his cock and got on top of him.
“ Im a virgin so let me take my time,” I said.

“ Wait your sure you want me to take your virginity?” he asked, he is so sweet ithought. And to answer his question I slid down on his shaft and his head went into my tight steaming pussy getting a moan from me. I then felt his head touch my hymen and I said to myself here I go and slid all the way down onto him.
I began to grind my pussy onto his cock, it feels so amazing I thought. My pussy kept pulling him in deeper and deeper creating moans from me and he sat up and sucked on my left tit and played with my right one. This made me go over the edge and I had my orgasm and screamed, “ Ohhhhhhhh Bobby you make me feel so good more, harder, DEEPERRRRR,” and I came. With that last bit of moan Bobby grabbed my soft butt cheeks and pulled them down onto him as far as his cock could go into my pussy and began spurting his copme onto my pussy walls. I could feel his cum swimming through my pussy and it felt so good I had another orgasm right then and there.

I eventually fell on top of him and I fell asleep but not before I heard Bobby singing a very sweet lullaby to me.

Thank You for reading the 2nd installment of the Sweet Nannie saga, the story continues in Sweet Nannie 3 Blood and Sex.

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