Teaching Cristina — Part One

Teaching Cristina — Part One

A couple of Fridays ago my daughter Nancy (18) brought her best friend home from high school to stay for the weekend.

Nancy’s friend, Cristina, also 18, was a shy Filipina, only 5’0”. I figured her lithe, petite figure had a C-size bust. Cristina, like Nancy and all the other girls at the high school, wore a neat, white blouse and the school’s regulation pleated red skirt. She had a shapely ass and curvaceous body. At least there would be some eye candy for the weekend.

During dinner conversation I heard that Cristina’s parents were very strict Catholics and Cristina rarely got to go alone anywhere. Other than that it was mostly just girl talk; in other words, boring.

Mid-way through dinner the phone rang. It was the nursing home. Marilyn’s mother was having another emergency. Next thing I knew, both Marilyn and Nancy were rushing out the door headed to the nursing home.

The nursing home is about a 3 hour drive each way so I figured they would overnight and not return until Saturday, noon at the earliest.

As the car disappeared in the distance I realized they had left Cristina behind. Thoughts started creeping into my mind: Filipina, young, cute, alone with me.

I asked Cristina whether she had any homework to do, and, when she said no, I offered to show her around my backyard garden. (It’s a very large backyard with lots of secluded spots.)

Cristina, shyly looking down, the cross on the thin chain dangling from her neck, accepted my kind offer so I sent her out the door in front of me. That gave me an excellent chance to watch her short, red skirt bounce against her cute ass. I noticed that her white bra strap showed through her white school blouse although it was covered partly by her long black hair. She was a bit wobbly on her high heels and I guessed that, without the heels, her head could probably rest on my throat below my chin.

My rod hardened as I thought about this petite, shy, innocent-looking little Filipina walking into my garden. I badly need to get close to her, but was it safe? I wondered whether Filipinas were as easy to manipulate as I’d heard. Did I dare?

“Cristina,” I said, “There are some beautiful flowers behind those trees. Would you like to smell them?”

“Sure, Mr. Roberts,” she replied and I watched her skirt bouncing down the walk toward the trees.

Arriving behind the three large maple trees, Cristina stopped to gaze at the small bed of lavender bushes. Their fragrance wafted toward both of us.

Cristina remarked, “They smell lovely!”

She kicked off her shoes and bent from the waist to smell the lavender more closely. Watching from behind, I was thrilled as her short skirt rode up letting her thin, pink panties peek out. Her bare thighs were to die for! Stepping in front of her I admired her almond shaped eyes and cinnamon skin, and noticed the cross on a small chain dangling from her neck. Reflecting on all the women I’d had (without my wife’s knowledge), I wondered whether I should add this one to my collection? Yes, definitely. A young Filipina would be a wonderful addition.

I said, “If you lay down in the bushes you’ll smell of lavender all over. Your boyfriend would love that.”

Again she shyly looked at the ground. Finally, she very quietly said, “I’ve never had a boyfriend. John at school asked me to go with him to a movie next week but I’m scared.”

Feigning concern, I gently asked, “Why are you scared?”

Cristina squirmed a little and her face started to darken from heat. Obviously she was uncomfortable and embarrassed. She eventually said, almost inaudibly, “Mr. Roberts, I don’t know what to do with a boyfriend. What if he wants to…to kiss me. Or, or …something. If only I knew what to do!”

Seeing my chance I put my arms around her, drawing her gently to my chest. I was right; she did fit nicely under my chin. Her tender breasts pressed against my chest involuntarily. I said, “I understand. What if I help you so you’ll be comfortable with John?”

Timidly she whispered, “Would you Mr. Roberts? Thank you very much.”

She might not thank me after this because my thoughts were hardly on helping the poor girl. I’m just a lascivious old goat!

“Of course I’ll help you, Cristina,” I assured her as my hand slowly slid down her back, pausing briefly at the bra strap. I noted that it didn’t seem to have a clasp at the back, no doubt it was a front-loader. My hand stopped at the small of her back as I asked, “Cristina, have you ever kissed a boy?”

Cristina pulled back, saying, almost inaudibly, “No, Mr. Roberts. I don’t know how.”

“I’ll give you a lesson,” I said in a teacher’s type of authoritative voice as my hand went to her petite chin and raised it so I was looking into her soft brown eyes. Oh yes, I would definitely add this young Filipina to my collection.

As her eyes went wide, I lowered my lips to hers. Her face grew an even deeper red as she realized I was actually going to kiss her! My lips brushed her brown mouth. Drawing her close again so I could feel her young breasts yield against my chest, my tongue lightly touched her warm lips and I felt the heat of her face.

At first, she seemed stiff but then slowly started to press her lips against mine. My tongue now pushed between her lips and Cristina’s mouth began to part. I no longer had to hold her to me because she had started to press against my chest. I imagined that I could feel her nipples harden as her young, soft boobs melted into my chest. The heat of her body warmed my chest.

My tongue now pushed into her mouth and caressed her soft, inexperienced tongue as I explored the hot inner workings of her face.

The hand that had rested at the small of her back now inched downward till it found the very top of her ass-crack. My index fingers softly pushed at the crack feeling her softness through the red, pleated school skirt. Her pelvis now seemed to crush forward as her entire body pressed against mine.

Her lips now eagerly pushed against mine as her tongue met and explored mine.

She was getting hot!! My dick pressed against my pants and I was sure she must feel its warmth against her waist.

Oh yes!! I was going to get everything I wanted from this little hottie. It seemed Filipinas were just as easy to manipulate as I’d heard.

I had to make sure I didn’t scare her away before I got her unwrapped.

As I continued my hot, passionate kiss with Cristina, my hand moved further down her short school skirt and gripped her right cheek. Round, firm, beautiful!

Suddenly Cristina pushed away from me gasping, “Mr. Roberts! Don’t do that!” Her face was very red and hot.

Knowing from experience that a fervent kiss solves small problems, I immediately pulled her close again, planted my lips back onto her full, sensual lips and let my tongue continue its explorations. Within seconds Cristina petite body voluntarily pressed against mine again.

Now I had one hand on each of her ass cheeks. One of her hands reached back to push my hand away but eventually gave up. Once again she pulled away, biting her lower lip, and said, “Mr. Roberts, uh, uh, shouldn’t I call you Gerry or, uh, something other than Mr. Roberts?”

Knowing the importance of maintaining my authority and control, I replied, “Just call me ‘Mr. Roberts’. Remember this is a lesson just as you get in school.”

“Uh…Ok….Mr. Roberts,” she nodded as I once again drew her close and replanted my lips on hers.

One of my hands slyly undid the button at the back of her skirt while her mind was preoccupied. She didn’t notice. So, my hand then quietly unzipped the short zipper on her skirt. It instantly fell to the ground.

“Oh, Mr. Roberts! I can’t do that. It’s not right!” Cristina protested.

I responded by turning her around, kissing her soft neck (her blushing made her skin so hot!) One hand slid under her white school blouse to feel the warmth and softness of her belly. My other hand roamed up to the top of her blouse and, as her hands tugged at mine trying to stop me, I rapidly unbuttoned her blouse.

As my kisses advanced to the front of her neck, Cristina protested, “No, Mr. Roberts, no. No. Aaah! Oh!”

I lowered her to the ground onto the bed of English Lavender bushes. A little bit bumpy but the flowers smelled great as they mingled with the scent of my latest conquest.

Ohh…smell those flowers!

Cristina looked scrumptious laying there on the lavender bushes, eyes wide, staring at me as she bit her lower lip again. My hungry eyes roved over her body. Her dainty white bra was indeed a front-loader which would make it easier for me to get at the mid-size brown titties. Letting my eyes continue to roam down her delicious body I noticed that her flat, tender tummy was moving up and down rapidly as Cristina breathed in short gasps. A few inches below her tummy, her thin, pink bikini panties barely concealed a dark mound between her brown legs. I noticed her beautiful thighs shaking slightly from nervousness.

“Cristina you look absolutely beautiful! Your boyfriend would love to see you like this,” I assured her with a false smile. The lecher inside me almost lost control as my rigid cock tried to push through my suit trousers. “Now I’ll show you what your boyfriend looks like.”

“Mr. Roberts? Uh…what are you doing? I don’t think you should do that,” Cristina whispered haltingly as, I unbuttoned and tossed my shirt aside revealing my well-tanned, middle-aged chest. As I dropped my pants she gasped, “No, Mr. Roberts! I shouldn’t see that!” But her eyes didn’t look away. Indeed her face showed a mix of eager curiosity and wariness.

My young Filipina prey stared in surprise at the solid protuberance pushing out from my black jockey shorts. I asked innocently, “How do you like your lesson so far, my lovely Cristina?”

“I…I…don’t know…Mr. Roberts. I…I…think I should put my clothes back on, Mr. Roberts.” Cristina, still staring at my protruding knob, looked quite alarmed.

“Don’t worry Cristina. Like I said this is just a lesson to help you on your date next week. It is your first date after all and you do want it to succeed? Don’t you?” I laid it on a bit thick, playing on her young emotions and her worries about her upcoming first date. “Well, you do look a bit tense so let me help you up.”

I extended my hand to Cristina to help her to her feet. She meekly accepted and I pulled her to her feet. I had only laid her on the flowers so she would be covered in the smell of lavender. It happens to be my favourite perfume scent.

Instantly drawing her close so I could press her soft, young skin against my body, my arm went around to the small of her back and pulled her tighter against me so that my hard cock could press against her soft tummy. She looked up into my eyes and tried to push me away. I let her draw back a foot or two so I could reach her white bra and swiftly unsnap the single retaining clasp before she could react. The bra fell before she could stop it and her firm brown titties proudly stood out for me to ogle.

Cristina tried to cover her naked young breasts protesting, “Let me go. I have to go. This isn’t right!” Oddly, she made no effort to run. She just looked timidly at me, her chin quivering as she once again bit on her lower lip.

I thought to myself, “She doth protest too much.” Quickly bending down, I grasped the top of her pink panties and whisked them down revealing her curly, black virgin mound. Delicious!

“MR. ROBERTS!!” she again protested as her hands tried to cover both her naked cunt and her bare breasts; not very successfully. She still didn’t move. She just stared nervously at me.

Letting my leer spread over my face as I drank in her naked, cinnamon colored virgin flesh, I slid my own jockeys off. My proud, hard, thick manhood rudely pointed straight at my mouth-watering naked Filipina treat.

“MR. ROBERTS!” she cried out. Her body once again took on a deep burgundy-brown hue as she blushed deeply while staring wide-eyed and slack-jawed at my raging member. She panted as she encountered some trouble breathing. Her arms had fallen to her sides as she forgot to cover her naked treasures.

I reached out and grasped her hard brown nipples with two fingers of each hand. Gently rolling the nipples between my fingers, I slowly drew her close and put my arms around her to feel her warm flesh as her perky little nipples pressed against my chest. My hot, swollen cock rested against her soft tummy making a little sticky spot just above her navel.

“Now Cristina,” I said soothingly, “turn and take hold of that tree branch.” I pointed at a low-lying horizontal branch that was roughly at waist level just a few feet away.

Hesitatingly, Cristina turned, looked at the branch and tried to walk to it but I held her back saying, “Stay here, just bend over and hold on to the branch.”

She looked back questioningly but obediently bent over and grasped the branch with both hands.

What a delightful picture this was: my young cinnamon honey bent over at the waist with her cute, tight ass trembling in front of my quivering sausage. I could see her slit peeking out between her legs. Oh man, this was going to be good!

Grasping my raging hot member, I guided it to the steamy wet opening of her virgin cunt letting it just touch the moist, anxiously waiting lips.

“MR. ROBERTS!!” Cristina gasped and tried to turn to stop me.

“Don’t take your hands off the branch!!” At my command she once again clutched the branch so that she remained bent over, vulnerably awaiting my entry.

Now my cock slowly slid in the entrance of her wet pussy hole as my hands seized her ripe young melons. Squeezing her firm tits with both hands, I slid my cock further into her hot cunt hole until I felt resistance.

Withdrawing my eager cock halfway, I gripped Cristina’s tits harder and said, “Hold on tight, here I come!” Without further ado, I rammed my hot member into her pussy hole as far and as hard as I could. Resistance! A stretch. Then: breakthrough!

“OWWW! Mr. Roberts! That hurt!” Cristina cried out loudly.

Ignoring her cries, I rapidly pumped into her hot, wet cunt while squeezing her tits so hard I was sure they must have finger marks.

“Oww. Oooh. M…Mr.. Roberts! OOOH!” Cristina gasped while continuing to grip the tree branch.

My cock rammed into her formerly virgin cunt with such force that Cristina could only pant “OOOOHH! Aah! OH…OH…OH…OOOH!”

I knew I was on the verge of blasting my hot juice into her quivering cunt when suddenly I heard a sound: footsteps!

A voice: “Have you seen my dog?…Oh! Wow!…Didn’t know you were having a party!” It was my redneck neighbor, Bubba!

Bubba, ogled the two of us hopefully, “I see you got yourself one of them little imports. Say, when you’re done riding’er, do ya suppose I could take’er for a spin too?”

I gazed at Bubba even as I continued pumping my Filipina honey’s hole and squeezing her lovely cinnamon tits. Bubba was holding a dog leash and collar. Obviously his dog had once again gotten loose. Bubba had loaned me a chick or two in the past so I owed him one.

I managed to get out, “Sure…but…I’m…not…quite…done.” Hard to talk while ramming Cristina’s hole.

Cristina gasped, “OHOHOHOH. AHAHAH. UHUHUH. MISTER ROBERTS!!” Somehow she hadn’t noticed Bubba’s arrival.

“Why, thanks neighbor. Hope you don’t mind if I put this leash on the bitch. Lost one dog already this evening. Wouldn’t want this one to run off too.” Bubba politely enquired.

“OK” I grunted. My cock was jammed as far into Cristina’s wet cunt as it could go and I was shoving it in and out as hard as I could. I just wanted to shoot my load to relieve my pent up needs.

“Thanks” Bubba proceeded to place the dog collar around Cristina’s neck and hooked the leash to the collar. Then he picked up Cristina’s panties and tied her hands with them. Next, he pulled an old hanky out of his pocket and stuffed it into her mouth.

Noticing my raised eyebrows, Bubba remarked, “Shucks, the hanky is clean. I washed it not two weeks ago!”

Cristina finally realized we had company but could only say, “Mmmpf. Mpff. Mmm. Mmm.”

I rammed her again. Again. Again. My balls tightened and I felt my hot juices shoot into her newly initiated cunt as my cock convulsed repeatedly. I noticed that Cristina’s body seemed to echo this with her own gentle convulsing.

Feeling relief as I pulled out of her, I said, “OK Bubba. She’s all yours. Have her back by noon tomorrow. And…Bubba … Don’t damage the goods!”

Bubba protested, “Damage the goods?! I don’t do that no more! I’ll take real good care of this honey.”

Bubba yanked on the leash forcing Cristina to stumble after him. Naked, her firm, cinnamon ass jiggling as she reluctantly followed Bubba, she looked back, frightened. Her bewildered eyes pleadingly asked me to rescue her.

I waved, blew her a kiss and said, “Do whatever Mr. Sizemore says, my dear. He’ll teach you real good.”

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