The gem he lost_(1)

The gem he lost_(1)

This story is based on my true story. Names have been changed, but actions are correct. I'm new to this, infact, this is the first time I've ever let any of my stories out to the public. If you like it great, if you don't please me comments on why. This is just the first part, so there is more. I will post it if I do well here.

Matthew didn't know yet what a gem he had in the new girl at school who also happened to be his
cousins new neighbor.

Matthew was a good looking boy of 15, his birthday was a few months away. He had bright brilliant
blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that hanged to his chin and was shaved underneath. 5'10", 150
pounds give or take, slim build, but muscles that were defined. Matt had his fair share of girls,
even at 15 he knew what he wanted from them, and knew how to give them what they wanted, but
still, somehow, none of them could catch him and keep him. Plenty had tried, and he had tried to let
them, but none of them could hold him for too long. He had never once told a girl he loved her, he
had told them he loved the sex, or the blow jobs, certain parts of their bodies, but never them. He
was beginning to think he would never find her, the one he wanted, the one that would break open
his heart and push their way inside…

Katlin was 16, a few months away from 17, and a very attractive girl. Big brown eyes, shoulder length
hair that she died red, all kinds of red, her new red obsession was a melted crayon red, bright and
gorgeous on her. She was 5'4" tall, 130 pounds, flat stomach, baby baring hips,( you know the ones,
nice dip on each side, just perfect enough to grab and hold by or carry a small child on), a worthwhile bubble
ass, not huge, but enough that you could see creases in her jeans where her ass met her thighs, thick
thighs, not large, but enough to make one comfortable and not bruise themselves if they were
wrapped around, and a nice B cup, almost C but not quiet there yet. Her big brown eyes were light,
with dark specks in them, her skin pale, her lips thick, full and dark pink. Yeah, she was an attractive

The first time Matthew laid eyes on her was in the morning at school, the bright red hair caught him,
he knew at once that she was new, as drawn to her as he was he stayed back and watched, this was
how he was. He liked to watch, to learn things about them before talking to them. She was sitting
alone at a picnic table in the common room reading a book, but she didn't stay alone for long. Johnny,
a womanizer who Matthew knew, and considered an annoyance, where as Johnny considered Matthew
a rival. Johnny had a reputation of having a new girlfriend every few days to a week, he never stuck
to the same girl long. Noticing the fresh meat as Matthew had, Johnny sat next to her and tried to
chat her up, but she seemed uncomfortable. Getting up and walking away leaving Johnny frustrated
and angry, Matthew knew this would not be the last time Johnny tired to get her. A sinister smirk
came to his simi full lips as he wondered why the new girl had walked away, not that it bothered him,
but she seemed a little shy and timid, not like most high school girls, hormonal and willing to please
anyone that would please them. He shoved the thought from his mind as he made his way to his first

He caught glimpses of her now and then, among classes, in the halls. She was pretty, scratch that,
she was fine. Her bright red hair was pulled up high on her head and brushed against the back of her
neck as she walked. His lust for her grew instantly, he had craved her when he saw her, but as he
watched her, his lust and desire grew. His bright blue eyes trailing over her body every chance he
got, watching her walk, stretch, bend, every movement she made him want her that much more, but he
would wait. By lunch time all he had learned of her was her name and how old she was, he wanted more,
needed more. Normally he went to his friends house for lunch to get high and relax before this last
two classes, but today he stayed. He figured that the new girl, the one he had learned was named
Katlin, would be in the cafeteria for lunch, he had figured right. He walked into the room full of round
tables surrounded by chairs and found her sitting with a group of others, she had made some friends,
good. Sitting a little away from her he just sat there listening and watching, the others at the table
called her Kat. He noticed that every time her thick, full, dark pink lips moved to a smile or laughed her
big brown eyes lit up and almost sparkled, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. After lunch he headed
to the first of his last two classes, she was still on his mind, he couldn't seem to shake her, the images
of her lips exploring his body, he was growing hard just from the thought of it. As he opened the door
to the English class he saw her, she looked up and almost gasped, but caught herself. Her big brown
eyes meeting his blue eyes as he kept his composure as her eyes wandered over his body as his had
wandered over hers, only, he was watching her take him in. Putting on his best innocent and harmless
boy smile he took the seat next to her. Some kid came up and started harassing him about being in
his chair, Matt just gave him a look and the kid shut up and found another place to sit. Kat smiled, a
slightly interested devious smile that pulled him into her more. English was boring, but she seemed to
be into it as he watched her, her head was lowered as she wrote, that bright red hair flung to the
other side of her face, he could see clearly as she bit her bottom lip lost in her concentration. God
she looked so delicious, he was getting even harder watching her, thinking of how her lips would
feel, how they would part as she gasped and moaned. The bell rang jarring him away from his day
dream which had left him hard and throbbing. Sighing a little he headed to his next class, half glad
that the bell had rang when it did, other wise he might have ended up going to the bathroom to relive
himself. He was growing softer now as he entered History class and took the seat in the front, closest
to the door, there were desks across from the row he sat in, as the room filled, a few seats were open
one of them was right across from him. A few minutes after the class started there was a knock at the
door, his eyes went wide as she walked through the door. She had the nicest ass he had seen, not too
big, and not small, but just enough to grab and have a little extra for cushion, her stomach was flat and
he could see a small strip of her flesh between her low rise jeans and her black tank top. The flat of her
stomach showed off her breast, these perky perfect large B cups, handfuls, his favorite. As he looked
he noticed that her nipples were hard from the chill in the room, she had no bra on. She sat across
from him, crossing her legs, he had to sit there and keep himself calm the entire time. Now and then
her brown eyes would look up and catch him starring, it was hard not to, she flashed him shy
smiles, flirting with him, but in a very innocent way. As the bell rang for the end of school she got up
and left before he even had time to talk to her.

Waiting at the back door for his cousin, his mind went back to her. The things he wanted to do to her,
for some reason, he thought she was either really inexperienced, or untouched, hell, he didn't care
which, he was going to have her.

"Hey, Matt. Did you see the new girl? Damn…the things I'd like to do to that ass…" Matthew's cousin
was his total polar opposite in looks. Dark tan skin, dark black hair, dark black eyes, he was Indian
looking, and taller than Matt by a few inches, and older than him by a year, but Matt was still the
leader in their small group, alpha male if you will. Walking out of the back door Matt just laughed at
his cousin's remark on the new girl, cause he was thinking the same thing.

"Chill out James, you have a girl." He was still grinning though, he knew his cousin liked any woman
really. Heading to James' house, Matt looked up to see a glimmer of bright hair. His groin seemed to
have a mind of its own as he watched her walk only a few feet ahead of them. James knew who it was
and went to catch up with her, but Matt stopped him and shook his head. Knowing what Matt meant,
the girl was new and would probably freak out if they approached her, so they stayed back and watched.
Her hips swayed as she walked, with each step her hips moved and her ass went from side to side, she
didn't know anyone was watching her, the sway was natural, second nature. Just the thought of her
being that naturally seductive made his mind go wild. As she turned down the street his cousin lived on
and passed by the house he was half tempted to follow her and find out where she was staying, but
to his amazement she stopped a house down and across the street from his cousin's.

"Holy shit Matt…she lives across the street!!" James was really excited, as was Matt. Not wasting
time Matt took off to the door followed closely by James. Not sure of his plan yet, he was making it
up as he went, which wasn't like him. Coming up to the door he knocked and tried to think of a way to
get her to come out and talk to him. The door opened a little, just enough so he could see her brown
eyes and that bright red hair that was now falling over her shoulders. Seeing him on her porch, those
blue eyes, and that smile that was devious yet kind she couldn't help but smile, he was attractive, but
she was scared, how had he known where she lived, did he follow her or something.

"Can I help you?" Her voice was soft and light, his ears rang with the softness of her voice, no one
should have a voice so beautiful he thought to himself.

"Yeah, sorry to freak you out and all but my cousin and I saw you from across the street. My cousin
James lives in that house." He turned and pointed to the house across the street and down a house,
her eyes going to James for a second then back to Matt. "We were wondering if you would mind
sitting out here on your porch, talk, hang out, since we are neighbors and class mates…" He wasn't
sure what she would say, but she nodded and walked out onto the concrete three step porch. Moving
back he and James stood at the foot of the stairs as she sat at the top step closest to the door. She
had gotten her shoes off and hair down my the time he had knocked on her door. She couldn't stop
glancing at Matt, he was what she had dreamt about in a man, even his looks. He was kind, funny,
gentle, and gorgeous. Talking for a while she learned their names, how old they were, what classes
they were in, who James was seeing and that Matt was single, that made her smile. After a little
longer Matt decided to scope out the insides of the house, claiming he had to use the rest room she
let them in and told them not to touch anything. The house was small, a two bedroom one bath house
that seemed a little cramped to Matt, but it was nice. Telling him where to find the rest room James
asked for a drink and she disappeared into the kitchen as James sat on the couch watching the TV on
and off between watching her move. The hall she had told Matt about was small, there were four
doors, two closed, two open. One open door was the bathroom and looking into the other door he
could tell it was her room. There were clothes every where and right at the edge of her bed on the
floor was a white lace thong. He was getting hard just thinking about her wearing it, the white lace
front barely covering her sex, her bubble ass in full view, he started going in, he wanted to touch it.
Katlin saw Matt going into her room and went to stop him, reaching to shut the door he slid his foot
in the way which tripped her making her land against his chest, his back to the wall. She was shorter
than him, the top of her head coming to his lips, which gave him enough time to hide the look in his
eyes as she fell against him, his hard groin against her lower abdomen. Gasping she went to pull back
but he wrapped his arms around her.

"Haven't known each other for an hour and look where I have you…" He was teasing her, he was sure
she wasn't playing to hard to get, he had seen the way she was looking at him, but as she looked up
at him blushing and pushing back it hit him like a truck. He hadn't meant to say it out, but he did.
"Virgin?…" Her eyes wide with fear told him the answer as she pushed back letting out a deep
breath, god how had he gotten so damn lucky, a virgin living across the street from his cousin, the
new girl in school, that sealed what ever fate she had with him, she was his.

"I think you two should go. My Aunt and Uncle will be home soon…" She was shaken and scared as she
walked into the kitchen and didn't even bother seeing them out.

Leaving they went to James' house, Matt spent the next 10 minutes in the bathroom stroking himself
as he pictured Katlins body in all different positions, but to no avail, no matter how hard and fast he
stroked, he couldn't seem to come, that just added to his list of reasons why he would have her, and

That had been mid August, it was a week from Halloween, after weeks of charm and almost
begging she had agreed to be his girlfriend back in the first part of September, but since then she
hadn't really let him do anything, it took weeks to get her to even kiss him and even then, he had to
teach her how. Something dawned on him, he loved teaching her things, he loved the idea that he
could mold her, train her into what he wanted. Matt had had two other virgins, he had given them
what they wanted and not long after, they moved on to find others, or he had thrown them away
once he had lost interest, but Kat, she was different, she wasn't begging him to show her new things,
she wasn't eager to lose herself to him, she was shy and controlled and he liked it. Kat was a quick
learner, but she also had a very strong will and enforced it when he got to far. The first week of
October was when she started letting him touch her more and more, but she stopped him before she
came, it took a little longer, but he had finally gotten her to touch him, she wouldn't let him take it
out, but she had slid her hands down his pants into his boxers, her hands had been so soft, so warm, so
controlled and careful as her fingertips brushed against his shaft, exploring him with her eyes closed
as if she were making her own mental picture of it. Remembering the look on her face as he got closer
and closer to exploding all over her hands he had stopped her and went to the bathroom to finish it so
he wouldn't scare her. Once he came back they had cuddled and she fell asleep in his arms in her room
so he left her there and went home to dream of her, by morning, he had come up with a plan.

The weekend before Halloween, he had told her to tell her Aunt that her and her friend D were going
to spend the weekend together with D's family in another town, Kat agreed and her Aunt fell for it.
Kat figured that Matt would pick her up, go back to his house, hang out for a while and he would take
her back to D's, but he had no intention of letting Kat go anywhere without him this weekend, even
if that meant trapping her at his house. His parents were always gone, this weekend was no different,
he would be alone in the house with Kat, plenty of time to show her the new world he was going to
throw her in. Pulling up to D's house he saw Kat in the light of the porch sitting there with D. Destiny
was one of Kat's first friends, and Matt knew her all too well, she had still tried to get with him from
time to time, and even got pissed when she found out he was after Kat. At first D had warned Kat
about how Matt used girls, but Kat assured D that Matt wasn't going to get far with her, she was too
scared to go that far yet. Destiny was a looker, but where she lacked, Kat didn't, flat chest, no ass,
loose morals, blond straggly hair, but her blue eyes were catching, they had been what he fell for, but
she didn't last two weeks before he lost interest in her. Kat was getting up to get ready to walk to the
car, low rise blue jeans, a low cut dark purple shirt covered mostly by an overly large black zip up
jacket. Turning to get her back pack she hugged D which gave him a perfect view of her ass in the
jeans, D was telling her something and Kat just laughed as started to walk to the car. The smile on her
face and they her body moved, even through the dark and the jacket he could see her breast bounce
a little with each step before she got into the car, he leaned over and they kissed. Both of them waving
to D who was sitting on the porch with hate and jealousy in her eyes, Matt drove of grinning from ear
to ear. They didn't say much as he drove out of town to his house, it was out of the way, middle of
no where almost, not many neighbors, closest one was two miles, perfect place to throw a party and
not get caught. Kat didn't say anything, she just sat there looking out the car window bitting her
bottom lip, that one mindless habit of hers turned him on so bad it took everything he had to keep
from grabbing her and forcing her mouth over his stiff aching cock. He was relieved when they pulled
up to his house, she still didn't look at him, she did that sometimes, get lost in thought, zone out as if
she wasn't even really there, he found it added to her qualities, her innocence and naivety of the
world and all who were in it. She snapped out of it as he opened her door, a flush coming over her
face as she realized she had zoned out on him again.

"Sorry Matt, I didn't mean to zone out again…" Her words were tinted with a little nervousness, but
she managed a smile as they walked to the door.

"Don't worry about it. I think it's cute the way you can drown out the world, evens for a moment."
Unlocking the door he let her in and watched her go to her usual spot when she was over, the couch.
He had gone into the kitchen grabbing them each a bottle of flavored alcohol, he knew she hated the
taste of beer so he had one of his friends buy these. As he came back to the living room he found her
in her usual spot, her boots off, her feet under her and to her right as she leaned to her left on the
arm of the couch lounging. Sitting next to her he handed her the drink, she took it but kept watching
TV, not really paying attention to him. He waited till she had downed about half of the drink before
pulling her to him, she didn't protest, so he waited a little longer before he began to brush his hand
along her arm, then her chest, setting his drink down he used his other hand to stroke long lines along
her legs, her only protest came when he tried to undo her pants, so he just kept to stroking her legs,
and brushing his hand over her jacket. Once she finished the bottle and set it down he started kissing
her, she was kissing back, like he had taught her, soon the kiss grew heavy and passionate so he moved
her onto her back pulling her jacket off before pressing her back into the couch. She wasn't too
worried about it, they had made out often enough to know that his hands would wander, but he had
always stopped when she asked him to. She couldn't see the look on his face, if she had, she might have
started to fight him then, before the alcohol set in more. He kissed and let his hands roam over her
clothes till he could feel her body growing weak from the alcohol, he was hoping that the alcohol
would only weaken her, not knock her out or cloud her mind too much, she was a strong girl for being
so small, he could overpower her, but not without hurting her, the alcohol only made sure that she
wouldn't get hurt in the struggle. During most of this he kept his hands over her clothes, his fingertips
brushing against her nipples making her gasp as they hardened under her shirt, her eyes half closed as
she relaxed and just enjoyed the feel of his hands, the taste of his lips. Her small noises were driving him
pushing him, almost begging him to hurry, his cock was stiff and aching with the need to be buried inside
her body, it wouldn't have cared what hole, just any hole to relive him. Pinning her there under him as he
kissed her, his hands moved to her pants, undoing the button and unzipping them, she was struggling a little
but he assured her that he wasn't going to remove them. Sitting up he placed the palms of his hands on her
hips and slid them up, trapping the purple fabric of her shirt between his thumbs and the top of his hand
he moved it up slowly, inch by inch her pale stomach was being exposed to him, her brown eyes were on
his face, she was shocked to find that the look on his face wasn't just lust, but awe. Without even being
told he folded the bottom of the shirt against her bare breast keeping them covered, he didn't want to
scare her. Leaning down, his face was against her bare stomach, his warm breath causing her to squirm, his
lips making her gasp, his tongue making her moan, she really hadn't been touched or caressed like this.

"No…no Matt please….I need to go back to D's…." Her voice was shaky, she knew that if this didn't end
soon she wasn't going to be making it to D's tonight.

Grinning he slid off the couch and grabbed her hands pulling her to sit up and then stand. Holding her close
he leaned in and took in her scent, her hair smelt sweet, her skin smelt clean, and he could almost smell if
not taste her fear on his tongue. Moving his mouth to her ear he was hiding the devious grin on his face,
his words were soft and calm, trying to calm her so she wouldn't fight as much.

"Later Kat, I'll take you to D's later, but right now, I want to show you something…." He didn't wait for an
answer, he just moved back and held her hand leading her down the hall to his room. Stopping before his door
he turned to her and pulled his shirt off, her eyes went wide, she had never seen him without a shirt on. His
body was defined, not ripped and hard, but she could tell that there were lines of muscle. While she was
caught up in staring at him he pulled her shirt up over her head, her stomach knotted and she quickly moved
her right arm to cover her bare breast. He almost laughed at how shy she was, her hard nipples rubbing against
her arm with every breath, the chill in the house making her flesh bump. Moving to her and turning her he
pinned her to the wall next to his door, his hips grinding against her stomach, she could feel his cock hard
and throbbing against her belly. Looking up at him he could see the fear lining her eyes, she went to say
something and he kissed her hard and deep making her relax while she was being held between him and the
wall. As he kissed her his hands moved to her arms, grabbing the crease in her elbow he moved her hands
down away from her chest and then pressed against her letting her feel the heat of his own bare chest, her
hard nipples pressing into his chest making him groan into the kiss. She was a little more relaxed now, her
breaths deep and harsh, her eyes closed lightly, her body shivering as he started trailing kisses down her
chin to her neck, her collar bone, between her breast and without warning his mouth devouring her right
nipple. His warm mouth sucking and flicking his tongue over the hard point he moved back and stared, this
was the first time he had seen her breast. The pale flesh, the tan areola the size of a quarter and the
nipple itself was as big around as his pinky nail. Standing back and seeing her against the wall, her chest
bare, her bright red hair falling around her shoulders, her eyes closed, her lips parted, her breathing deep,
and the small V of her pants from where they were undone, she was a vision, a pale, virgin, half naked
vision. His mind was a racing pit of lust, hunger, desire, and need to burry himself inside her body any way
he could. Grabbing her wrist, not hard, but securing her, making sure she couldn't get away, he pulled her
into his room turning her to him and pushing her onto the bed. Her legs were on the edge of the bed, her
back laying against the cool fabric he moved closer, moving her legs aside he slid his fingers to the rim of
her pants and started pulling them down. Feeling her jeans being pulled from her, knowing that if they
were removed that she would be naked, she started to struggle and fight him a little more to keep him
from going any farther, but she knew, at least part of her knew, that he was not going to stop tonight
until he had her. Just one growl, a warning and a threat, she went still. Matt was never violent with her
but she knew that he could turn that way if she pushed him that far. Pulling her jeans from her body he
gasped as he caught a glimpse of her sex before she closed her legs to him. He remembered that she had
told him once she didn't like hair on her body other than her head, but he never even gave a thought that
she would shave there, but there she was, shaved completely, bare and uncovered. His cock throbbed
again, his cue to waste no more time.

"Move up to the center of the bed, head on the pillows, hands to each side of your head." It was a simple
command, yet she didn't move.

"Please….Matt….no…" Her voice was again, laced with fear and shaken. He had the urge to make her, but he
knew that he didn't have to be physical with her to get her to obey him.

"Do it Kat." He put heat behind his words, another growl and she flinched then backed up, her brown eyes
looking at him as she did as he told her and laid there trying to fight off the knot in her stomach, her legs
were closed tight, her eyes looking up at the ceiling. Her body was bathed in light from the back porch light
that slid through his windows, the light played well along her body.

"Look at me Katlin." He was standing at the edge of the bed, completely naked, his rock hard cock
throbbing. Moving through the shadow he made sure his cock was visible in the light as her eyes fell on
him. Seeing what was about to be buried in her body she whimpered and the fear grew. His was the first
she had seen, it was huge in her eyes. Matt was well endowed, 9 and a half inches long and three inches
from side to side, the head was red, almost as red as her hair from the sheer need. Looking away she
closed her eyes tight and he gave a satisfied grunt as he climbed onto the bed and over her. Laying next
to her he whispered and stroked her stomach trying to reassure her, he didn't want to hurt her, he wanted
this to be as pleasant as it could be, he didn't want to lose her. Moving his hand lower she flinched and moved
her hands making him growl again.

"Don't move again. If I do not do this, it will hurt worse." He would have added that he was going to have
her either way, but he did want this to be less painful for her.

His hands slid across her vaginal lips, just fingertips brushing the sensitive flesh, the touch bringing a gasp and
shiver from her. His eyes taking in her lips as they parted to give way to soft noises, her breast as they jiggled
when she moved, her stomach as it tightened as she tensed, everything he could take in about her he did.
Then with no warning he slid his middle finger along her clit. Her body arched but she quickly stopped, she
remembered he said not to move, grinning he began to roll the sensitive flesh causing her breathing to
quicken and her heart to race, he was going to make her come. She had been denying them both that pleasure
but no more, he was now in control of what he did to her body, and she was at his mercy. Matt had a friend, who he was close with, Aaron, Aaron was a dominate guy, an alpha of his own group, he had told Matt before
that he had the makings of a good Dom, Matt thought it was just words. He knew Aaron had plenty of
women, but the one that Aaron had the most called him 'Master'. Aaron called her 'Pet' or other names in
front of who ever he felt like, the girls name was Heather, but Matt knew that Aaron didn't ever call her
by that unless she was in trouble. He remembered going over to Aaron's house and chilling with him for a
while. It had startled him when Aaron told Heather to suck him right there in front of Matt, at first he
couldn't understand the appeal of controlling someone so completely, yet laying there next to Kat, knowing
that she wouldn't move because he told her not to, the since of power he had over her turned him on
completely. When she would move and then stop realizing she had disobeyed him it only pushed him on more.
His finger working her clit over and over, rubbing and pulling, pinching it now and then, Kat could feel something
inside of her building, like a pressure she knew she had never felt before, a growing fire that started between
her legs spreading to her nipples and the rest of her body, like a wild fire. After a little longer of Matt
rubbing her clit harder and faster she screamed, her back arching her head going back, she tried
desperately to stay still, but her body wasn't listening, her insides where pulsing and tingling and she could
feel something wet between her legs dripping down the crack of her ass and even coating her thighs. Her
scent filled the room and he groaned, moving his fingers down farther as her back came back down, her
eyes were fluttering and when she caught her breath he could feel how wet she was.

"You just had your first orgasm. Do you want more?" His voice was thick, full of lust and control it made her
whimper again. "Tell me you want more. Tell me that you want me, need me inside you…" Just saying the words
made him almost cum all over her side. It took a few seconds for her to reply.

"Please….Matt. I need you inside me…" It wasn't a beg, more like a plea of a statement, but he didn't care.

Moving over her body he spread her legs with his knees and knelt over her body looking down, her eyes were
open and he could see her own need. His hips moved forward, the head of his cock feeling how wet and hot
she was, making him moan again.

"This is going to hurt, I will try to make this as painless as possible, but it is going to hurt." She was lost in
the aftershock of her first orgasm, he knew talking was going to be hard on her. "Nod when you are ready."

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