The New Girl & The Arts of Love Pt.1

The New Girl & The Arts of Love Pt.1


With a sigh Willow closed the last book on ancient Roman history. The mid-terms were closing on the horizon and Willow fully intended to match her last performance with a perfect score. The research she had to do to make that a possibility was taxing however, and by far the most tedious and ungrateful part of the work, and Willow had stayed at the library far longer than she had intended to. Now it was past midnight and she rose from the desk as she pushed her glasses up to her forehead to rub the fatigue out of her eyes before she returned the volume to the proper bookshelf. As she went back to fetch her jacket she thought she heard the sound of a car stopping in the yard outside. That was strange, because at this time not a living soul had any business at the annex building late on Friday night. Except Willow.
Willow was a sophomore at the college in her home town. She wasn’t an overly social person. And none of that helped her to get a boyfriend.
That was bothering her. She was smart and very learned, and she had a look that her mother and the neighbourhood wives called “cute”. But somehow that wasn’t enough. She was unfortunately very shy, and when she got shy, she got clumsy. She would stammer and overturn glasses, flowerpots and anything else in reach. Boys did not seem to like that. They would make excuses and say that they had a good time, but they never called back. No wonder, thought Willow. As clumsy and unassuming as she was. She never dared to wear anything sexy, anything that would turn some heads, and she had not quite reached the “physical maturity” that other girls her age had. Like all the cheerleaders. Instead she stuck to grounded colours and unassuming styles of clothes. The same went for her hair. She had a lovely head full of rich, deep brownish- red hair, but still she would not have a haircut more exciting than shoulder length hair that she trimmed down a bit when it got too frizzy. Her appearance was marred further still by her dark recesses under her eyes due to fatigue and her fear of applying makeup. An early teen episode had seen her go to school in far too much makeup and being cruelly ridiculed by her classmates. Since then she avoided all but the most basic and discreet makeup. And then there was the virginity matter.
She was still a virgin. Her scarce dating attempts had never resulting in anything that would be even close to losing it. At the same time as it embarrassed her, especially when she would listen to the other girls in the class who boasted over their sexual conquests, it also prided her. She would not give her first time away to just anyone. When the time came, it would be special. But she was starting to get a little anxious. She had been convinced that she would get to do “it” before certain other girls in her school and now several of them had apparently beaten her to it, judging from their red-faced, giggling confessions in the back of the classroom. But still, when the time was right she would know it. She was convinced of that.

As Willow left the annex she nearly missed the black Volvo that was parked out on the yard under the shadow of a tree. Only when she had closed the self-locking door behind her did she see it. Her heart jumped in her chest. Images of robberies and worse filled her mind. Quietly she started to circle the car while keeping as far away from it as possible. Suddenly she stopped as fear gripped her heart. She could clearly hear the sound of someone walking across the yard towards her, but she could not see anyone. Then he was there. A tall fair man in a dark suit. His very appearance and flair breathed old-fashioned nobility and a firm awareness of it. As he strode towards her she noted more details on his suit. The golden diamond-studded tiepin, his golden cufflinks, the antiquated shirt collar and the intricate pattern on his deep-red vest that seemed to swirl and change. He wore round steel-rimmed glasses and had a slight smirk on his lips. He walked to within three yards of her where he stopped, right in front of her. He made a faint bow and spoke with a rich and steady voice.
– Good evening miss Willow. It is with great pleasure that I finally find a suitable opportunity to address you in person. I have been watching you closely for some time now, but I must assure you that I mean you absolutely no harm.
The man spoke with such a cultured and pleasing voice that Willow only barely interpreted his words. He had an elegant and refined way of speaking that clearly hinted of noble British heritage, nowhere near the simple jargon of the football jocks in her class. When she had penetrated the sweet veil of his voice the information fell upon her consciousness. He had been watching her. He had spied on her. A stalker, a dangerous man with a possibly lethal obsession. She must flee and seek protection. Yet she held her ground. She did not run, instead she stood transfixed by him. She wanted to know more. How had a man like him become obsessed of her, a normal, boring girl? Usually, if there was a stalker, he would be a young, very insecure local guy who would get stuck for the most beautiful, sexiest girl with the highest profile in school. But this was an elegant and obviously rich foreigner with an obsession with her, a “cute” quiet girl who hardly even spoke up in her class to answer the teacher’s questions. Her most high-profiled feat was probably that she played the clarinet in the school orchestra. This was very strange indeed.
– I’m terribly sorry that I’ve frightened you, my dear. But I found that this would be the most suitable time to face you. Let me introduce myself; I’m Dr. Henry McAllister. Recently of Moscow, originally hailing from the old home isles. Or Britain, if you’ll prefer, my dear.
Again Willow was stunned by his voice, but now she managed to croak;
– What do you want with me, umm… scary foreign man?
The second she uttered the words she felt that she had just made a complete fool of herself, even if it was in front of a dangerous maniac. Yet Henry only seemed to find her juvenile expression amusing.
– That would be the core of the matter, my dear. I want nothing else but you yourself. I desire you. I saw you once, and you would not leave my heart. You attached yourself there, and I saw no way to alleviate the desire but to make you mine. Forgive my brusqueness, but I must be honest with you. To lead you by false pretences would to insult your intelligence and your innocence. So please, become mine, and I’ll show you the world like you’ve never seen it before.
This terrifying directness, coming from a man she had never seen in her life before this very minute both intimidated her and fascinated her. She stammered;
– B-but why? Why me? I’m nothing special, I’m just… Willow.
Henry replied with a warm smile;
– Because it is you. You possess a beauty and an innocence that I can not ignore nor forget. You have drawn me to you, like a moth is drawn to a flame, and I can do nothing other than to follow my desire. I need you, can you understand that? I do not feel whole until I make you mine. It is love.
This direct urge, focused on her alone was beginning to feel like a fantastic thing. Willow could feel how the handsome man became all the more desirable by the moment. He had a grip on her, and that grip was her grip on him.
– W-what do you want me for, doctor?
– To become my companion, to share my existence. That is what I want.
– But how?
– Come with me. Get into my car. Follow me home. You have the weekend to spare. Let me get to know you better, and should you choose not to remain with me I shall see you home at the first opportunity.

Almost mesmerized, Willow followed her dark suitor to his car. He opened the door to the back seat and closed it gently after her. He got into the drivers seat and pulled out of the yard. Without a word Henry drove out of the town, to the countryside. Willow sat quiet in the comfortable leather back seat and thought over her situation. She was afraid, but her fear was obscenely mixed with anticipation and curiosity. Henry said nothing, but Willow could see him looking at her in the rear view mirror.


They went out to his country-house home outside town. They spoke at length. He offered her some wine, which he watered to suit her better. He was the perfect gentleman. He did everything to make her feel comfortable and told her repeatedly how happy he was that he finally found an opportunity to meet her on equal terms. As the evening passed Willow realised that she could not resist the man, instead she desired him. She gladly accepted what he offered. A feeling had been steadily growing in the pit of her stomach. Anticipation of what she was hoping could happen this night. She was starting to feel aroused.
She was still shy, and still she struggled to understand why the elegant and enticing man had picked her amongst all other women. Then finally came the moment when Henry rose up and asked her to accompany her to the master bedroom and to his bed. Willow’s mind raced; what could she possibly answer to that. Quietly she got up and nodded in reply. Her mind would still struggle to consider her alternatives, but her body and her most primal instincts were telling her that the time to mate had come. An unfamiliar but distinct warmth and feeling of wetness was spreading in her groin.
Henry led Willow into the master bedroom, a large dark room illuminated only by soft lamp light. The room had no windows and smelled gently of tobacco and expensive cologne. The great bed was adorned with large, deep red satin pillows and covers. Henry left Willow alone in the room for a while as he went to the bathroom. Willow took the opportunity to take a look at the paintings on the walls and the books in his bookshelf. Both the paintings and the volumes in his bookshelf showed that Henry had a deep interest in humanity in its various forms. The books were mostly on medicine and psychology and all the paintings depicted women in various stages of undress. When Henry came back, swathed in a thick bathrobe, Willow was sitting on the bedside. Henry urged for her to get up. As she did Henry went round her. He stood close behind her, almost leaning his chin on her shoulder and whispered in her ear;
– If you are willing, I will make physical love to you tonight. I will teach you of this subject. Remove the veils of your virginity.
Willow’s mind reeled from the question. How did he know she was a virgin? And what could she answer? She let her conscious mind fall, and answered from her heart;
– Please. Yes. Love me.
Henry gave an almost soundless affirmation of her words and put his arms around her. He brought his hands up along her sides, which gave Willow shivers of excitement, until he got to her neck. He gripped her chin with his right hand and brought her face around to meet his. Firmly, with warmth and experience, he kissed her deeply. The kiss lasted for several moments, until he let go of her. They were both changed now. Their human conscious minds were giving away to passion and instincts and they began the race for their goals. With one hand on the Willow’s neck, Henry stroked the other down her spine. Willow’s breathing got heavier as he got to her firm buttocks. Then he was under her skirt, feeling his way between her thighs, no doubt feeling the heat she was radiating down there. He touched her labia, and seemed to enjoy the feeling of wetness on her cotton panties, and Willow’s excitement increased ten-fold. He caressed her hot, soaking pussy for a moment and with a swift manoeuvre he shifted the panties aside. He gently slid his smooth index finger up between the soft wet folds of her virgin vagina. Willow could not stop a soft moan of pleasure from escaping her lips. For a few moments Henry continued to please and taunt Willow by caressing her pussy and occasionally brush a finger into her. Willow submissively bended over while arching her back to allow Henry better access to her pink moist insides. She had to struggle to keep her eyelids from closing out of pure pleasure. After a short while of caressing, Henry asked her what she wanted now. Almost panting, Willow responded;
– Take me. I want you to be my first. Please, mount me.
Willow could scarce believe what she was saying, but it just felt so right. Henry chuckled softly behind her;
– If that is your wish, then I will do so.
He motioned her towards the bed and told her to take her clothes off and make herself comfortable. Willow quickly obeyed. Off went the sweater, the bra, the skirt and the sneakers as she slipped down between the soft, thick covers. Henry soon joined her, and Willow crept up to him. He whispered gently into her ear;
– Ready yourself. I’m going to take you now.
With almost blinding speed Henry discarded his bathrobe and placed himself over her. His gentle and quiet manners were gone; he seemed to have changed personality. With a devilish grin followed by an animalistic snarl he looked down at Willow who lay beneath him. In the faint light she noticed his canines. The seemed elongated and unusually tapered, almost like the teeth of a carnivorous beast. The impression was hazy and lasted only a moment before fading into the more powerful situation she was involved in. Willow was almost overcome by fear, but again her sexual drive strengthened her resolve to mate and she purred invitingly in return. With a growl Henry placed his hand on Willow’s pussy. Now his hand was firm and determined instead of soft and curious, but it was not hard or blundering. He touched her steadily, further building up her excitement. Then again he moved almost faster than the eye as he brought his face in level with Willow’s moist vagina. With another growl he used his hands and his bared teeth to tear her panties to shreds, finally baring her young body entirely. Willow inhaled sharply when she thought of what he might do on her in that position.
Then he came face to face with her again. He almost growled his words;
– I hope you are ready, for now I’ll fuck you real good.
At that moment Willow managed to take the whole situation in. Henry was readying her and himself. He spread her milky-white thighs apart and massaged her bare pussy. Out of vanity or peer expectations Willow had adopted the habit of waxing her coppery red pubic hair down to a wedge over her slit. Willow had had her doubts of the procedure, since the waxing would seem to indicate experience she did not possess, but it felt more comfortable when she would change clothes and take showers with her female classmates who were all exclusively waxed. Henry seemed to approve of the arrangements with another naughty grin. Her own excitement was beyond doubt, as fluid was oozing from her cunt, and as far as Willow knew men, Henry was also excited. He was thick and throbbing and was quite large and veined, and for a moment Willow almost doubted that her young inexperienced pussy could accommodate him properly. Her doubts were short-lived however, as Henry plunged his manhood into her hot insides. He quickly moved deep into her and Willow moaned as her tight pussy was penetrated for the first time. He took her harshly and subjected her to her first lesson in sex as he pumped her while her moaning grew louder and soon escalated into screams of passion. Meanwhile Willow’s mind had been overwhelmed by the overload of emotions and sensations and had reverted into an animalistic frenzy of passion and instinct. Her goals were now solely to please and to be pleased in all and any ways known to her. In the corner of his mind that was not occupied by a similar drive, Henry knew that he had her exactly where he wanted her. He drove her on, he plunged and withdrew with frantic speed and power, and Willow screamed out her pleasure. He pushed her towards an edge, and when they reached it he didn’t delay a moment to push her over it. With a final scream she reached her first orgasm.

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