The Sick Day Pt3

The Sick Day Pt3

The Foley family sat in silence at the dinner table that evening, each harbouring similar feelings of guilt and lust. Patriarch George Foley was wrapped in a drab grey dressing gown to match his mood, thanks to the bout of fever that had set in motion the bizarre chain of events. Evacuating his sickbed for an hour, George flicked at the bowl of soup with a spoon, trying desperately not to allow ill-advised desire to cloud an otherwise rational brain.

Seventeen-year old son Josh was uniquely quiet tonight, his young brain awash also with the twin sins of guilt and lust. Having enjoyed stepsister Lucy's attentions via a wonderful handjob that was subsequently reciprocated as his fingers worked her tight young pussy to climax, he craved more, much more. Glancing up only to look at the object of his affection, his mind was agonising over how to get her alone and into bed.

Sixteen-year old stepdaughter Lucy sat in between, the focal point in more ways than one, her blossoming sexuality the cause of the tension. Dipping some rolled-up bread into the thick broth, she barely dared to look at either father or son for fear of turning a bright scarlet. Somehow, and almost in the blink of an eye, each had gone from a beloved family member to a potential lover.

She issued a regretful-sounding sigh. It was hard enough being a teenager without all this to contend with. Everywhere, it seemed in recent weeks, the pretty teenager had been bombarded with sexual imagery and tempation. Quite disconcerting, even the sight of a banana nestling in the fruit bowl caused her pussy to itch and crave attention. Try as she might, young Lucy could not exorcise this newfound wantonness.

Her mind needed only to cast back ten minutes for the most recent example, the episode still playing heavily on her mind. Sat opposite her stepbrother now, she couldn't help but visualise his cock beneath the table, the thought causing her tongue to skirt around a soft pair of lips seductively. Teeth sinking into her bottom lip, Lucy had to crossed her legs to stem the urge to reach down and touch herself. try as she might, she could not dispel the image of Josh from her mind.

A close-knit family that had been thrown together by the deaths of both kids' mothers at an early age, a sense of openness had always prevailed. It was not uncommon to witness one another's nudity without a second thought or for the bathroom door to remain unlocked. And that was how it had always been.

However, what she'd just witnessed and her reaction to it shocked Lucy to the very core. As she'd walked into the bathroom looking for the nail clippers, mind on other things, Josh had chosen that exact moment to rise from the bath. Water droplets clinging to a strong hirsute chest, cock stiffer than perhaps it might usually be, owing to a bout of much needed hand relief seconds earlier, their eyes met.

Thankfully, the ejaculation was now swirling around in a whirlpool and down the plughole, yet a moment earlier and Lucy would have witnessed his calling her name in orgasmic frenzy, culminating in a spectacular shot of cum like string from a party popper that very nearly cleared the edge.

As Josh groped for the out-of-reach towel, Lucy pulled up sharply, the scene in freeze frame. Her first reaction was to issue a hasty apology, followed by an almost subconscious shift of the eyes to her stepbrother's semi-erect manhood. Simultaneously, Josh's eyes honed in on her breasts, attentive nipples straining hard against the tight white t-shirt.

The sexual tension in the room was like a coiled spring and, unable to contain himself Josh reached out instincively with his wet paws, making a grab. His hands still wet, the t-shirt was moistened, a pair of firm pear-shaped breasts sticking wetly to the material. Dumbstruck, Lucy exhaled hard, allowing her boobs to be fondled sevral more times before rational thought intervened. She backed away sheepishly, stammering self-consciously: "Um, dinner's ready in five minutes."

The vision of a naked Josh and the feeling of his hands on her breasts still preyed on Lucy's brain as she sat at the dinner table, making her aroused. It didn't take much these days to turn her thoughts on to sex. She'd gone from being an innocent virgin and carefree teenager to a sex addict virtually overnight. Suddenly, she felt all heady, her nose vibrating. "A-tish-oooo."

"Bless you," offered George in a hoarse voice, his first vocal contribution all evening.

Still on his brain like the lingering of a filament was the image of Lucy busily pleasuring herself around him earlier that day. Instantly it conferred an erection upon him that made leaving the table a bad idea. So wrong in so many ways yet oh-so-right in others, guiltily he craved a repeat.

At the same time, however, he was only too acutely aware of the competition offered by his own son for Lucy's affections. Younger, fitter and more handsome, Josh made for a formidable rival. That eavesdropped conversation between Lucy and her friend that had kicked off the day left no doubt in George's mind that her feelings for Josh went beyond the normal love between a stepbrother and sister. George had experience and maturity on his side, but was it enough?

Lucy sneezed a second time, causing Josh to look up from his bowl. "I think Dad's given you his cold," he joked, blissfully unaware of the implication behind the throwaway line.

Lucy knew it, as did George, though the girl had no idea her father had been fully conscious throughout her impromptu seduction. She glanced sideways, the guilt swiftly turning to lust as she envisioned that joyous session with her 'unknowing' stepfather. More tingling joined the lingering tingling elicited by the memory of Josh's wet, naked body. So much lovely cock available, her panties started to dampen. "Daddy hasn't given me his cold," Lucy protested guiltily, if not overly convincingly. "Tammy has a cold too, I must have caught it off her."

George looked up. "I wasn't aware you could catch a cold from talking to someone on the telephone," he observed, referring to the amount of time Lucy spent with the thing glued to her ear.

Immediately he regretted bringing up what had set in motion this turn of events. Thankfully Lucy didn't pick up on the faux pas, and never for one moment did she contemplate that he knew what she and Josh had done in those first few stolen moments.

Yet the tension in the room was like an over-inflated and overstretched balloon that was about to burst any moment. It was Josh that diffused the tension by stepping down from the table. "I'm meeting Steve in the sports club bar," he announced, then addressing his stepsister: "Wanna join us? Let poor dad have some peace and quiet."

Lucy sniffed, feeling ever groggier by the second. It appeared that she really had caught her stepfather's cold. "I don't think I feel like going out. You go. Daddy and I will stay in console each other."

That marvellous thought sent a rush of blood to George's cock, keeping it erect, and he had to move swiftly to adjust the dressing gown. Being around Lucy had reached unbearable dimensions.

With Josh having vacated, the ailing pair set about the washing up. As Lucy bent to tuck away the dishes, the thigh length microskirt rode up to reveal a triangle of cream-coloured panty, George experienced another lengthy throb and, having only just got rid of one erection, another rose up. One minute she was an angelic girl-next-door, talking about exams and homework, the next a seductress, teasing him to distraction. George had to keep busily reminding himself that she was also his stepdaughter and he wasn't supposed to have such feelings.

Later, as he curled up on the sofa to watch some TV before bed, Lucy stretched out on her belly on the floor below, weight resting on her elbows and flicking absent-mindedly through a magazine. Inevitably, George's attention was distracted from the screen to his stepdaughter's backside, its perfect curvature highlighted within the clinging microskirt. And yet, Lucy had stretched out like this for as long as he could remember. It was almost as if she'd developed a fresh allure overnight, and all of a sudden things had become very different. His cock rose an inch from his thigh, barely contained within the old dressing gown.

Lucy felt it too and although she couldn't see from the angle in which she lay, instinct told her George was ogling her bare legs and sparsely-covered buttocks. The thought of his eyes on her and what was going through his mind quickly translated to lust, pussing aflame, the words on the page of the magazine blurring before her eyes. She ached with desire, tight panties ever damper as they nestled in the soft vaginal crack. Damn, she'd gotten through an inordinate amount of pairs in the past fortnight from having to change them so regularly.

Rising, she announced her intention to take a hot bath and have an early night, catching George's eyes momentarily before quickly they averted back to the TV. Leaning in, she stroked his forehead and pecked at his stubble-coated jaw. George turned his head unexpectedly, their lips brushing. It took all Lucy's strength of will to ease away. "You sleep tight, daddy. Hope you feel better in the morning."

Mounting the stairs, Lucy sighed wantonly, torn between lust and conformity. Halfway up a naughty notion came to mind that made her clit tingle. Gosh she was becoming a bad little girl of late. Oh but how the thought turned her on! Lifting the microskirt, she rubbed two fingers across the crotch of the panties, the stain spreading thickly.

She didn't know about needing a hot bath; a cold shower seemed more apt. This would test his resolve, she thought, giving her cunt a really purposeful prod, pushing the knickers in deep. Disrobing on the landing, the laundry basket was visible where it always stood: in her father's bedroom. 'Carelessly' she tossed the stained and thickly juice coated panties so that they hung over the side. Grinning inwarly, she headed to the bathroom, the summer air warming her naked young body.

The bath filled with piping hot water, just what a girl in the early stages of a cold needed, she climbed in, toes extended and as graceful as a ballet dancer. Submerging she sighed gratefully. Puffy spheres of soap clung to her breasts as she washed carefully, savouring the feel of her own body. Skilfully she cupped the undersides, thumbs teasing the edge of each nipple and gasping at the sensation.

Almost without thought, two fingers found their way to her pussy, flicking at a swollen and hyper-sensitive clit. A dozen well-aimed circles and the orgasm that had been accumulating all day shook her entire body. Ablutions completed, Lucy snuck into bed, thoughts immediately returning to sex. Yet she prayed for sleep to come quickly for whilst imagining sex in her head was one thing, her dreams were the next best thing to the act itself. Her wakeful thoughts bereft owing to lack of experience were as poor a relation as cybersex was to the real thing. She lay idly nipping her nipples and pleasuring her clitoris with gentle swirls, a creak down the landing signalling her stepfather's turning on.

It was only after another half an hour's wakefulness the honey trap she'd set earlier sprung to mind. Impishly Lucy wondered what effect, if any, it had had, the notion strong enough to draw her out of bed and to her stepfather's door. Open enough to see inside, sure enough the panties were gone from their overhanging position. George's heightened snoring that emanated from the bed was this time for real. Heart thumping against her left breast, Lucy tiptoed over, carefully drawing back the covers. A smile lit her pretty young features at the discovery of her stepfather cradling the panties. A dark semen stain coated the crotch, supplementing her own lighter ones. "Oh daddy," she breathed. "You really do want me."

Yet with her throat dry, boiling over with rising fever, to begin even to contemplate repeating the earlier charade was out of the question and Lucy retreated. Satisfied with the discovery, she tiptoed back to bed. Holed up once more, a gentle breeze from the open window ran its spindly fingers through her long blonde hair and lightly caressed her neck as she stroked herself to another orgasm.

At some point, finally reality began to blur as a dream intervened. It must have been a dream for it was very wicked indeed, way beyond that which her wakeful mind was able to concoct. They were at the beach, the three of them, cocooned within their own windbreak. Lucy was stretched out naked on a towel, knees and shoulders raised as Josh pressed his lips to hers, their tongues dancing frenziedly. The passion in the embrace was overwhelming, enhanced when he rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger, causing Lucy to moan hard into his mouth. As all this went on, her stepfather moved to press his face between her legs. Stubble chafed her soft thighs as the old man's rasping tongue found her clit. Oh the bliss, his lips were stained with pussyjuice as her body spasmed.

Between them, the two main men in her life pleasured Lucy beyond compare, eventually swapping places. Instead of kissing, however, George placed his cockhead her lips then slid it inside as Josh prepared to fuck her virgin pussy. "Yes," she moaned in her sleep, the dream so vivid it seemed even more real than real. "Yessssss," she reiterated, a slave to the whim of these two insistent family members.

All of a sudden, Lucy became aware of a weight on her tummy and alcohol-laced breath on her face. It took a few moments to comprehend, as the dream lingered like a mist. A hard cock was pressing against her vaginal opening – for real. Oh God, a drunken Josh was in her bed, his hands moulding her breasts as he angled to penetrate her silken labia. He was whispering sweet nothings, telling her how much he loved and how much he wanted her. It felt good, so good, and Lucy allowed her body to relax, enabling the head of her stepbrother's penis to nestle in snugly. Then reality intervened. "Josh, no," she pleaded, the words muffled as his mouth engulfed hers, serpentine tongue buried deep in her mouth. "Mmmph, no Josh," she reiterated, hands pushing.

Grudgingly Josh retracted, freeing her lips but with his cock tip still in place, ready to be plunged into that wet and inviting virginal snatch. "No, not like this," she protested.

Though the disappointment was etched on his young face, Josh acceded to his stepsister's wish, climbing off completely to lie beside her on his back, cock like a flagpole. Lucy turned onto her side, looking him over and stroking the fine mesh of hairs on his chest, apologising sincerely. Though she had an idea of what might keep him happy and her virginity intact – for the time being at least. Deep down, Josh craved it too. He'd slept with three girls, none of whom had ever given head.

He let go an almighty gasp as Lucy's mouth descended, her blonde locks brushing his midriff. Only the second blowjob she had ever given, the first being the one practiced earlier on her 'unsuspecting' stepfather, that experience had at least given Lucy an insight into the male appendage. Not only that, she'd quickly grown to appreciate that the pleasure it conveyed upon the man was a massive turn on in itself. So much so that she tingled delightfully. An unselfish person and now an unselfish lover, administering oral sex was going to be her tour de force in the bedroom, she suspected.

Concentrating on the nicely engorged purple mushroom head, Lucy's tongue made a beeline for each and every sensitive area: the eye at the top, around the crown and at the back where the tip joined the shaft. Josh groaned in delight, quickly realising that there would be little opportunity to savour the act at length: she was just too damn accomplished, a natural cocksucker. Within minutes he could feel the onset of orgasm. As her head bobbed up and down, Lucy's lips and tongue cushioned the rock hard cock as it jerked in her mouth and brought Josh to the verge. "Oh God," he moaned. "Lucy, yesssssss!"

Lucy wasn't sure she wanted him to cum in her mouth and thoughtfully Josh withdrew. Lying back, Lucy stared into his slanted eyes as Josh spurted on her tits. He milked every last drop into her cleavage before shifting position and pushing his head between her legs to return the favour. Lucy squealed with glee, elevating her knees. His hot breath on her clit, teeth drawing out the clit from its hood, drove Lucy wild. A series of deep long lashes of hot tongue and Lucy came hard on his lips.

The pair lay side to side, breath heavy like marathon runners. Dipping a finger into the pool at her cleavage, Lucy tasted tentatively, lips smacking together. Mmmm, not bad she thought, before reaching across for a tissue to clean up the remainder. Josh kissed her forehead tenderly before creeping away. Once her head had stopped swimming, the impending fever kicked back in, causing a loud cough to be ejected from her lips, throat burning red. Sex was the ultimate analgesic. There seemed only one thing for it: she'd have to indulge in a whole lot more.

From his room, George heard the cough. Lucy was without doubt going down with the same thing as he, the poor little lamb. With his own symptoms on the wane, George had nonetheless decided to call in sick again the following morning. Well, his little girl needed all the TLC a loving stepfather could offer…

The final part is on its way.

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