The Sick Day Pt4

The Sick Day Pt4

What a difference a good night's sleep can make and George Foley awoke the following morning with the fever in remission and little more than a light tickle in the back of his throat. No doubt a strong cup of tea and a hearty breakfast would put paid to the last of the lingering symptoms, he thought joyously. Still weak and painful at the extremes of stretching, he could justify to his own sense of fairplay having one more day off work

His own plight having reached an almost satisfactory conclusion, immediately his attention turned to stepdaughter Lucy. The subject of just about every wakeful and sleeping fantasy throughout a night of intense rest, he'd experienced the first wet dreams since outgrowing puberty. Yes, he was definitely feeling a whole lot better. Sadly, the same could not be said of the girl on his mind, a hacking cough permeating the closed doors of both their bedrooms.

Rising and meeting Josh on the landing, George wasn't sure what to say, awkward glances exchanged as both harboured lurid thoughts of Lucy. Statuesque in a sports vest and shorts, his muscles pumped up, Josh was every young girl's dream. George, on the other hand, looked all of his forty-odd years and more, in a drab shapeless dressing gown and beset by grey-flecked stubble. The older man sighed, knowing full well he couldn't compete for Lucy's affections in physique. Though he did have maturity and experience in his armoury, was it enough?

It was the son that broke the silence. "Lucy sounds in a bad way, dad. Maybe I should stay home today…" he began.

"No, no," George dismissed. "You go out and enjoy yourself, young man. I'm still a little under the weather myself. The boss isn't expecting me in today." To add credence to the claim, George forced a cough.

"You sure?" enquired Josh, eyes slanting quizzically.

"Yes, I'm sure," replied his father persuasively. "There's no point both of us smothering her."

Josh blushed at the implication, before nodding. "Okay, I'll probably be out for a while. See you at teatime."

Teatime huh? George grinned with glee as Josh hit the stairs running. He had Lucy to himself for the whole day. "Enjoy yourself, son."

"You too, dad."

Oh I will, George thought.

A nice cuppa brewing on the side, George conveyed a steaming glass of Lemsip to Lucy's room. A knock on the door and he pushed inside with a shoulder. Lucy looked as he had the previous day: weak and burning up. Creeping up close, George issued a paternal look of concern as Lucy acknowledged his presence with a miserable sigh. Extending a hand he touched a clammy brow that felt like a hot water bottle. "I've brought you a glass of lemon, darling."

"Thanks dad," she wheezed, the words an effort.

The bed covers down by her waist for ventilation, George's eyes focused almost subconsciously on her breasts. Having sweated profusely throughout a night peppered with weird dreams and staccato sleep, Lucy's lovely little boobs were stuck wetly to the snug-fitting white t-shirt. The glazed material almost transparent, two purplish-brown aureolae were clearly visible to the eye. Struggling to fight the taboo thoughts swamping his mind, George couldn't help but imagine what her panties were like: doubtless tight and stuck firmly to her soaking young pussy. Mmmmmmm.

Blowing hard, George had to battle the urge to draw back the sheets and see for himself. Instead he kissed her forehead in a caring manner, pirouetted and exited the bedroom before the filthy thoughts could fester in his messed-up brain.

A lazy day recovering, with nothing better to pass the time, George sat in the lounge ingesting daytime TV and trying desperately to stop his wicked mind wandering off on a tangent. An hour of mental anguish later, not helped by the televisual trivia, George found himself climbing the stairs once more. Suddenly his pace quickened on account of hearing a frightened and piercing scream emanate from Lucy's room. In her fevered delirium, his stepdaughter had woken sharply from a nasty nightmare.

George burst in like a cop on a bust, dashing to her side and immediately offering words of comfort. Lucy sat up, pressing her cheek to his midriff and clinging on for dear life. Still in his old dressing gown, open at the front, her tears brushed the wisp of hairs around his navel. "It's okay, it's okay," he reassured, rubbing her crown.

Lucy's cheeks were ruddy with fever, eyes sunken like a corpse, lips cracked, nose runny and hair matted. Yet despite everything, she looked adorable. "Oh daddy, don't leave me," she begged. "I'm so scared. Please daddy," she reiterated, tiny hand slipping inside his.

What a choice: watch warring and freakish families on Jerry Springer-cloned excuses for entertainment or stay with his ailing stepdaughter and do what loving families do? It was a no-brainer. As Lucy uncoiled her fingers, a pair of panda eyes appealed. Turning on to her side and shuffling to the side of the bed, she slipped a thumb between her lips like she'd done as the cute little infant he'd first come to know. The warning signs ignored, guiltily George slid beneath the covers behind her.

The single bed a tight squeeze, close bodily contact was unavoidable. Lucy adjusted with a whimper so that her stepfather's body spooned hers. Her legs snaked over his, a delightfully soft arse pressed his groin as the top of her head nestled beneath his chin. George stroked a raised hip through the damp t-shirt, concentrating on the small area between breast and hip, before allowing his arm to loop across her belly, tucking his hand beneath to hold her tight.

Lucy sighed wistfully, feeling safer than ever before. When George pursed his lips to plant a loving kiss behind an ear-lobe, she almost cried at the tenderness and overwhelming show of affection. She couldn't have hoped for a better guardian after the unfortunate death of her mother, a man she realised she loved dearly.

The pair lay for an inestimable amount of time, both drifting in and out of contented bouts of sleep. Occasionally George would reflex his hand to caress Lucy's stomach through the t-shirt, eliciting light purrs. In turn, knowingly or otherwise, Lucy's bum rubbed against his bulge. And then sleep would intervene once more.

Waking for the umpteenth time from a light slumber, George had to convince himself it wasn't a dream and that he really was in bed with his precious little stepdaughter. Wracked with indecision, he went to slip away, only to hear Lucy mew like a hungry kitten. As he relaxed back into position, Lucy moulded her body into his and lowered her body so that his hand rested just beneath a bosom.

Stealing a lungful, gingerly George extended a finger, allowing it to hover momentarily. Lowering, it lovingly traced a line across the underside of Lucy's near breast. Her breathing quickened but no hint of an objection came.So George eased up closer, the line between paternal concern and sexual activity close to being crossed. There was no blood tie between them, he had to keep convincing himself, yet this was a girl he'd raised as his own since she was a babe in arms.

Though, he would have to confess, albeit somewhat guiltily, that he'd perhaps grown to love the girl more than his own flesh-and-blood son. Lucy was a delight, always happy, always positive and always loving. Thus, had there been the slightest objection, he'd have stopped immediately, his love for the girl far outweighing any primal desire.

Instead, Lucy made encouraging signs, seemingly pushing her breast into his palm. George reflexed his fingers at the knuckle, cupping the soft orb gently whilst the thumb caressed the underside. If there was anything that might stop him, he did worry that Lucy's fever was perhaps prompting this blithe acceptance, yet with that shapely boob filling his hand and her arse grinding against his groin, it would have taken a herd of elephants to drag him from her bed.

As he squeezed a little harder, her breast compressed like a stress ball, and boy was this de-stressing. Lucy whimpered weakly, buttocks moving rhythmically over his bulge. Taking the hint, he raised the thumb, hovering it a hair's breadth above a nipple that had sprouted attentively, bathed in perspiration. Shifting position to press even closer to her backside, his semi-hardness nestled in the soft anal recess, prompting Lucy to let out the first light groan of lust.

Crossing another line, George lowered then ran his thumb over the surface of Lucy's nipple, causing the groan to grow to an elongated growl of desire. He repeated the action half a dozen times, chafing the erect nipple and suddenly reminded of his late wife, Sarah, Lucy's mother. She had often been able to reach an orgasm from nipple play alone, a rare quality. How he longed to place a hand between Lucy's legs to find out how wet she was.

But no, not yet, too early for that, he warned himself, satisfying his immediate lust with a volley of butterfly kisses to her soft neck as his spare hand caressed her blonde hair, fingernails raking the crown ever so lightly. Lucy seemed to adore that feeling, arching to rub her arse purpsefully over his crotch.

Hand smoothing up the expanse of young breast, George issued the first hearty squeeze, feeling it compress adorably. Angling thumb and forefinger, he clamped a teat that had inflated to such gross proportions that it might explode at any moment. He pinched as if trying to squeeze the aroused nipple back to its original size, before twisting it. Lucy issued a pained-sounding squeal, prompting him to ease off. "Sorry honey," he whispered in her ear.

"No, no, it's okay daddy," she whispered. "I think I just, um, oh daddy, I'm so wet."

George grinned. Lucy did indeed take after her mother, having managed to cum without the slightest clitoral stimulation. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes daddy…but I'm just so hot."

Indeed she was, the heat from her body almost scorching. The fever, it seemed, had taken as firm a grip on her body as her stepfather had. Letting out a huge contented sigh, Lucy rotated her limp body on to her back, staring straight up. Her innocent eyes gazed into George's and she issued a crooked smile. Propping up on his side, he watched over his precious little girl. Craning, he went to issue a kiss on her forehead but, despite the fever, naughty little Lucy had other ideas, elevating her head so that their lips brushed. "Kiss me daddy," she entreated, lips parting to receive his.

No paternal kiss, their mouths wide open, tongues clashing, George moved his hand up inside the t-shirt, gently caressing the flesh around his stepdaughter's navel. Lucy remembered how good things had felt with Josh, sexual attention surely being the ultimate fever-buster. "Make me feel better, daddy," she pleaded between bouts of fervent French kissing.

George's hand moved up the inside of the t-shirt, finding her breasts for the first time. He moved from breast to breast and nipple to nipple, fondling, squeezing, kneading and pinching. Lucy was in a state of euphoria, gasping as the hand retracted, on a leisurely trek south, caressing every inch of tummy flesh on the way.

It continued past the elastic of her panties, another barrier broken both metaphysically and physically. By now they'd gone way too far anyway to turn back. His palm rubbed Lucy's pantied crotch, as fiery as a furnace and soaked with that initial cum and the added arousal of anticipation and fevered perspiration. Reacting to the sure touch, spine arching, Lucy's body went into uncontrollable spasm. How it was possible to feel so bad yet so good all at the same time, she couldn't comprehend. Though in a way, the sickness merely served to intensify the pleasure.

George squeezed lightly at his stepdaughter's crotch, feeling the soft and moist cunt lips petal beneath the cotton. His fingers rubbed and probed, causing Lucy's breath to quicken markedly. Maybe it was a side effect of the fever, but she was far wetter and juicier than either of the women he'd been married to, her cunt drenching the panty crotch. It was sensitive too, squirming to the least pressure. Extending the middle finger, he parted the lips through the panties, only the light material preventing the eager digit from burying to the knuckle and beyond in soft young snatch. Rotating the finger George pressed as far as the panties would allow, pushing them up inside and rubbing purposefully. Lucy groaned throatily, her fingers curling and toes reflexing.

Lifting the hand away, instinctively George sniffed at it, fingers reeking of sweet teen pussy. The back of her head buried firmly in the pillow, Lucy arched her back, plumping up her firm breasts, still stuck to the wet top. Taking hold, she rolled up the t-shirt until the lower reaches of her tits were teasingly exposed. Whimperiing to indicate a lack of strength, George was quick to come to her aid, lifting it beyond to concertina at her neck. Finally the most gorgeous and shapely breasts imaginable were unveiled to him. The fever merely made them look perkier, pinker and more suckable than ever as they quivered with a mix of excitement and fear. Smitten, George could happily gaze upon them all day. "You're so beautiful, baby," he mouthed.

"Thank you daddy," she whispered.

"Can I suck them?"

"Oh yes please, daddy."

George moved slowly, savouring the moment, concentrating first upon the right nipple that, up to that point, had been starved of affection. Lucy relaxed, hands above her head clenching the bed rail. Lips parted, she sighed as her stepfather sucked with relish, lips pursing to form a vacuum. At the same time his tongue glided back and forth across the diamond hard nipple. Time stood still as George sucked, then nibbled, causing Lucy's body to spasm and jerk.

Breathless from nipple-feasting, George relaxed his jaw, a hand lowering down Lucy's bare stomach, once more finding the band of her panties. This time he slid it down inside the front, gaining a squeal of approval. Instinctively George's middle finger teased at the soft slit, fitting the round tip in easily. At the knuckle, however, Lucy's cunt tightened markedly and a little force was needed to progress. George pushed, his other fingers clasping the girl's pubic bone, until the tip found her maidenhead. Lucy gasped, head swimming and thrashing from side to side as George rotated the thick digit inside her. As she went to scream with desire, he bent to thrust his lips to hers, muffling all sound. Within moments their tongues were dancing as his finger pumped her cunt tunnel to the hymen and back.

Using all the strength left in her fever-ravaged body, Lucy lifted her buttocks, the tight walls of her cunt gripping George's finger and trying to suck it in deeper. George held still momentarily, allowing his horny stepdaughter to swivel and grind upon it, a low growl emitted from her lips. The lethargic girl's energy spent, she relaxed back into the bed to allow her stepfather's finger to glide in and out expertly. Adding a second finger, Lucy's little cunt was filled to capacity but the stretch pushed her to the edge as he jabbed two-fingeredly whilst rolling her clit with his thumbtip. "Oh dadddddddy," she groaned, cumming so hard she lost consciousness.

Smiling at his handiwork, George eased aside, taking time to taste and savour the nectar on his finger before falling asleep next to his beautiful and serene stepdaughter.

Lucy awoke to the sound of running water, the tightness in her throat gripping like a garrotte. Her stepfather was gone, a big empty gap in the bed beside her. Hauling herself up and out, the ailing teenager stumbled blindly to the bathroom, easing open the unlocked door. Her stepfather was immersed in bubbles, lying back contentedly with his hands behind his head and eyes shut. Without a word, Lucy shed the t-shirt and climbed into the tub, fitting snugly between her stepfather's legs, back pressed to his strong chest, knees raised, feet either side. "Mmm, I think this is just what I need to make me feel better, daddy."

George smiled, hands moving automatically to the girl's slender waist, stroking wetly, lips on her neck and sending a shiver through her bones. Hands moving in a downward caress, he submerged them, churning the block of soap and producing a fluffy white cloud of lather. Lucy braced as his big firm large hands went for her breasts, soaping purposefully. He kneaded, squeezed and massaged until Lucy was thoroughly clean and turned on, nipples feeling ready to explode.

Reaching back blindly she located her stepfather's cock near the base of her spine, its shaft as hard as a length of lead piping. Two tender strokes from her soft tiny hand and George had to brace and steal a breath, fearful of ejaculating. He continued massaging her boobs until the soap had all evaporated to leave hard hand flesh on soft tit flesh.

Craving more, Lucy swivelled breathlessly to face him, all her energy expended in the movement, body limp like a ragdoll. Straddling her stepfather, she had only one thing in mind: to impale that sopping wet cunt on the blunt bulbous head of his impressive cock and lose her cherry. "Dadddddddy," she groaned as the head stretched her virginal slit agonisingly, relieved only by the soothing bathwater lapping at her buttocks.

She reached around her stepfather's neck, fingers linked for support. At the same time, George's hands found their way around to her bum, compressing gently as she rocked above him. As both braced, the first inch or so of the insistent erection glided in, further progress stopped only when the hymen intervened. "Be gentle,daddy," she whispered.

Yet, still lacking full strength from his own bout of fever and with the water on their bodies making the skin slippy, George was unable to offer enough support. Gravity took over, forcing Lucy's body downwards, her bent-double toes sliding on the porcelain surface. Rippppppp. "Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh."

A painful though effective way to lose her virginity, it was akin to pulling a tooth, short, sharp and bringing much needed and instant relief. Lucy yelped as her body plunged deeper and the fat cockhead fully pierced her maidenhead till she was sat in her stepfathers's balls, face white, breathing in starts.

Both looked down to witness a swish of blood disperse from her vagina like sepia from a cuttlefish to inseminate the bath water. Thankfully the water's warmth was therapeutic, soothing the seering pain inside Lucy's loins. However, she remained still and full of cock, not daring to move, breasts pressed to George's manful chest, chin resting on a shoulder, hands at his waist. "Oh daddy," she wailed.

"I'm sorry," he replied, hugging her, his cock still wonderfully embedded in hot young cunt.

Easing her away from his chest, immediately George feasted upon her nipples, sucking with relish. Lucy tossed back her head and groaned, moving her hips in small gradual circles. As his cock slid back and forth in a slow, considerate rhythm, Lucy felt the pain wash away, replaced by liquid pleasure as she raised her hands high. No fear of falling off, her young cunt walls gripped as tight as a vice as she rocked back and forth. The initial pain a long-forgotten inconvenience, the girl could hardly believe this was happening. It was like her dreams times a thousand.

And above all else, she was overjoyed that it was her stepfather and not the sweet yet clumsy and inexperienced Josh that was taking her precious virginity.

Rising from the water as Lucy held on tight like a baby koala, George perched at the edge of the bath. Stepping out carefully whilst cradling his precious little girl, his cock never leaving her tight crevice for a second, he tossed a towel on the floor beneath her. Still wet from the bath, their bodies squelched as George positioned carefully on top of his stepdaughter.

Their lips brushed as he manoeuvred to slot the tip of a rampant cock into the entrance of his stepdaughter's gorgeous young pussy. Knowing that he was the first one, the only one, conferred upon George such a feeling of prestige, his cock seemed to inflate to monster proportions. "Oh daddyyyyyyy," Lucy wailed as her cunt stretched to receive the ample appendage.

Ultra careful not to hurt her this time, George graduated his entry inch by inch, stopping to gain assurance, stealing lungfuls of air on the way and letting his tongue touch hers in a pulse of electric. At the same time, a pair of experienced hands moulded her breasts firmly and surely. Lucy exhaled as the rockhard cock worked its way ever deeper inside her until it was fully embedded in the tight wet crevice, their middles locked, pubes intertwined. George heaved another breath, marvelling at the snug fit, cock gripped by the most marvellously tight and welcoming pussy it was possible to imagine. Even if Josh did get lucky, he'd never, ever find Lucy as tight as this.

As he drew back, shaft emerging like a sword from a holster, Lucy shut her eyes as an elongated groan vibrated her lips. A series of short stabs made her squeal with pleasure as her stepfather's cock found new depths previously unexplored by her fingers and opening up a whole new world of delight. In the throes of ecstasy, the fever was all but forgotten, usurped by lust. With due care, George moved slowly. "Daddy, please…" she whispered, causing him to stop, shaft halfway in.

Thankfully his fears unfounded, the opposite in fact when Lucy uttered: "Please daddy…not so gentle."

George smiled, craning to kiss her. Lucy opened hwe mouth and his tongue slid fully in. Hips rotating, he resumed the motion. Lucy whimpered, spreading her legs wider. Building to a steady, rhythmic pace and pumping a little more purposefully, George felt the first stirrings in his loins, the years of loneliness and unfulfilling self-abuse soon to be despatched in one earth shattering orgasm. "Harder daddy, harder," Lucy begged, fingernails drawing tramlines down his shoulders.

Buoyed by her enthusiasm and wanting desperately to fulfil his beautiful young stepdaughter, faster he thrust, buttocks bouncing between Lucy's thighs. Knees raised and pushed out almost horizontally, she locked her feet at the back of his knees as he upped the pace, administering the pounding of her young life. Each pulsing vein in that lovely cockshaft sent spasms through her tummy and to each nerve end. "Oh I'm sooooooo close," she squealed.

George was too, enjoying the fuck of his life on the bathroom floor. His hands were eveywhere, tongue swirling around hers, cock ramping. Unable to hold back any longer, his head swam as the thick load shot from the eye with harpoon-like precision. He filled Lucy's pussy with so much man-seed it almost forced his cock back out. Moments after he came, Lucy did too, the synchronicity between the pair uncanny and a precursor perhaps to future years of delicious lovemaking. Lucy lost consciousness for a few seconds, the orgasm like an electric shock to the system as her body bucked.

Spent, George made to roll aside but Lucy gripped tight, utilising every last ounce of strength in a fever-wracked body to retain her stepfather's cock inside. George smiled, consenting to her wish and they lay conjoined at the middle for minutes, kissing lightly yet passionately, until finally the erection subsided and slithered out.

Gathering her up in his arms George conveyed the tired patient back to her sickbed. A light kiss on the brow, he lifted the covers to enshroud his precious little girl, her tiny hand slipping from his. As she snoozed, he looked down upon her, smiling joyously. She was every stepfather's dream and even a dashing fellow like Josh would do well to win her affections from him.

As if to vindicate the union, when George turned in at ten o'clock, Lucy was waiting in his bed.

The End

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