The Sick Day

The Sick Day

Head groggy, eyes feeling like they'd been superglued together, George Foley stumbled from the welcome warmth of the bed, groping blindly for the telephone. Brain a mess, whole body wracked achingly with fever, only the autopilot of rational thought reminded George to inform his boss he was too sick to come in to work. Chin jutting, face feeling sorry for itself, a clammy hand reached for the receiver.

Damn. The hollow, lofty sound, like the inside of a church that greeted him meant only one thing: one of the kids was already using the downstairs extension. George growled in a disgruntled manner beneath his furry breath, a cough and a splutter escaping in unison as he put the receiver back down. The voice, heard briefly, had been that of Lucy, his teenaged stepdaughter, a silent curse issued her way.

He looked over longingly at the inviting bed, its warm pillows calling him back. Close to nine a.m. he had to get a message through, in line with company policy, yet something else, outside the bounds of human understanding stopped him from crawling back beneath the covers and ringing later. Instead, George place a sweaty paw back on the receiver. It was a move that, in time, would rock his comfortable world at the foundations.

Habitually the first to wake and always first to depart, long before either Josh or Lucy had even risen from their beds, his presence in the house at this advanced hour would undoubtedly come as a complete surprise. Tapping his fingers agitatedly, he hoped she'd finish soon so he could resume his slumberings. Raising the handset in readiness, he was forced to listen to a teenaged girl's endless trivia. On school holidays again, breathlessly Lucy spoke: "Sorry about that, Tammy…I thought I heard something…now where was I?"

"Oh honey…Josh!" reminded the other girl, Lucy's best friend of the past decade.

"Oh yeah…Josh," Lucy uttered, her tone seeming to uplift.

Upstairs in his bedroom, the words registered on George's addled brain though he wasn't really paying great heed. He just wanted to make the phonecall and be back under the bedsheets. They'd had a row again, he imagined. He swallowed hard at the thought of having to be the mediator once more, the gulping motion bringing a dry pain to his sore throat.

He really ought to put the receiver down, inwardly detesting himself for listening in on one of his stepdaughter's private conversations yet, at the same time, he was at a point where doing so might risk his being caught. Rivulets of sweat snaked their way down his fevered brow and he longed for Lucy to finish.

"You really, really, REALLY must promise not to tell anyone else," she begged. "Promise, Tammy?"

"I promise," assured her friend. "I PROMISE. Okay?"

Lucy paused, as above her head her stepfather held his breath simultaneously, perversely intrigued. Suddenly he was compos mentis, of brain if not body. What on earth could have happened between Josh and Lucy to prompt his stepdaughter to swear her friend to secrecy.

"I feel so, um…" Lucy began. "Oh gosh, Tammy, I'm not sure I can tell you this."

"Oh go on," Tammy persuaded.

Yeah go on, thought George, his curiosity piqued. In fact, some kind of sixth sense had already passed an erotic wave up to his brain which in turn had alerted his cock, the front of his pyjama bottom filling in anticipation. It was odd, but inevitably he was most horny when feeling under the weather. There had to be a direct correlation, in men at least, between sickness and sexual arousal. And right now his cock was waving like a flagpole, poking out through the fly-hole and pressing into his navel. Again he swallowed, sighing at the gravel-laden feeling in his throat and feeling sorry for himself.

"Well?" prompted Tammy. "Come on Luce. I've promised, haven't I?"

Lucy took a deep breath, seemingly agonising. "Um…okay," she consented finally, then another pause. "I, um, I caught Josh yesterday…"

"You caught him? Caught him doing what?" Tammy enquired.

Again Lucy paused, struggling with the words. "You know…in his bedroom…playing."

"Playing…playing what?"

"Tammy, he was playing with his, um, he was playing with his thingy!"

Tammy could be heard to gasp, as did George, the outpouring suppressed beneath a palm held over the mouthpiece. He wasn't sure he could or should listen to this, yet his cock was throbbing like it had been stung by a bumblebee. They were stepbrother and stepsister, he had to remind himself, yet it did nothing to abate the huge erection, merely causing it to throb like crazy.

George Foley hadn't been blessed with the kindest luck in his forty-odd years on earth, having lost two wives before they made it to thirty. His first marriage to high school sweetheart Anna had been cruelly ended by a boating accident in the Algarve, the one, the only consolation being that she'd borne him a handsome son, Joshua. And whilst it had been tough coping as a single parent – a male single parent at that – forced into a corner George came out fighting. He had, by anyone's standards, managed admirably in raising the boy on his own.

That was until, by some welcome change of luck, two years later he met Sarah. A single parent too, their friendship blossomed from pushing their respective toddlers in buggies to nursery school. Sarah's daughter Lucy was six months younger than Josh, a little cutie with flyaway blonde locks tethered beneath a red bonnet.

Morning coffees and a shared lifestyle that revolved around their children somehow led to romance and soon Sarah and Lucy were welcomed into George and Josh's family. Six blissful months passed and, just when it seemed George's life was rosy once more, along came the sucker punch, the fateful bout of pneumonia that tragically ended Sarah's young life and made George a widower a second time. With no other family to speak of, Lucy was adopted and raised as George's own. In fact, she and Josh were more like brother and sister than most blood-related siblings.

For over a decade George had forsaken his own pleasures and privileges to ensure both children had the best of everything and were afforded every advantage in life. Now, sixteen and seventeen respectively, he couldn't wish for two better kids. In fact, two apparent innocents who'd barely ecer been in trouble, George was somewhat shocked at what he heard on the telephone.

He recalled that both had had the odd boyfriend or girlfriend, yet he was as sure as a father could be that both remained virginal. Lips pursing, brow furrowing, George's attention drifted back to the eavesdropped conversation…

"So what did it look like?" enquired Tammy.

"It was huge," responded Lucy, "far, far bigger than Steven's," she revealed, suppressing a giggle.

George face allowed itself a little 'that's my boy' smile of recognition and pride before clouding once more. Maybe he was wrong after all about the pair, perhaps they weren't so innocent. Well, that was the last time Lucy's so-called 'male friend' would be allowed over in the evenings. Studying indeed!

"Yeah, but you and Steven never…" Tammy offered.

"Oh gosh, no," spluttered Lucy. "I saw him in the shower accidently once, but that's all," she countered.

Above her head George gave a silent sigh of relief. He hated to admit it, but his feelings towards his stepdaughter had changed over the past year, somewhat alarmingly if the truth be known. In the past, his mates had ribbed him about having a 'ready made piece of tail waiting at home', to which he'd gotten very defensive, angry and threatening. He didn't see her in that way at all, he protested. That was until the holiday in Greece. George found himself reaching inside the dresser drawer and his mind wandering once more.

Greece had definitely been the turning point. Most of the women on the beach in Rhodes were going topless and some were even completely naked. George objected vociferously, but Lucy was her own young woman, arguing what shame was there in exhibiting her body? It was the first time George had ever seen his stepdaughter fully unclothed. For even as a young child she'd been independent during bath time and he'd been awkward around her to the point of embarrassment.

As Lucy dozed on the beach and Josh headed off into the ocean for a swim, George found himself glancing around furtively. Gratefully, no one was paying the slightest attention – even to Lucy, her slender and firm young body stretched out alluringly on the towel, yet one of thousands in a sea of unclad bodies on the shore. From behind the shades that would protect him if she did happen to open her eyes, he surveyed the gorgeous figure, fully naked. Hastily George took out the camera and made two snapshots of his nude stepdaughter, ones that definitely wouldn't appear later in the family album.

That night, as the two teenagers trawled the island's nightspots, George remained diligently in the hotel, guiltily pleasuring himself over the two stolen pictures and with a pair of Lucy's worn and soiled panties in hand. He imagined making love to her, mind ablaze with sordid imagery. Turned on beyond recall, he shot rope after creamy rope of cum into the cotton crotch till his balls were emptied. Afterwards he sat, head-in-hands in the bathroom, frowning at what he'd done.

But when a somewhat drunken Lucy arrived back later that night, a guilty Josh wasted no time getting away to bed and it was left to George to undress and help the girl into bed. Savouring her innocent partial nakedness close at hand, an immediate swelling returned to his groin. As vulnerable as a newborn lamb, his hands couldn't help but clasp a boob gently, palm caressing the nipple, tightening around the pert orb. Lucy moaned lightly, floppy like a ragdoll, head lolling, body limp as her stepfather rubbed his crotch into a hip and licked her soft neck.

Easing the girl into a prone position, he ran a hand up her leg, resting it on the upper thigh and holding his breath. Yet Lucy didn't so much as stir, causing George to wonder just how far he might take things. Raising her small hand, he brought it to his crotch, rubbing the hardening cock through his shorts. He very nearly shot another huge load.

His kiss goodnight was deep, deeper than a stepfather's tongue should venture, their lips conjoined as he bent over her body. Climbing on the bed he brought the girl to him, agonising as unknowingly she pressed her nubile young body into his. Growing brave, he reached around to hold, then stroke, then squeeze a lovely little arse cheek.

In a show of brazen want, he even allowed three fingers to brush across her pantied crotch, feeling the soft pussy petal beneath and her juices soak into the cotton. Drawing the undies down over her beautiful young thighs, George gazed longingly at his stepdaughter's virgin pussy. He so wanted to lean in further and lick. It was a real wrench not to. With a deft touch, the knickers eased over Lucy's feet and were immediately on his face, nose breathing in the feint scent of youthful vagina. A kiss on the brow and grudgingly he let her go unmolested, patting the bedcovers lovingly near her breasts.

Though that moment would remain with George for the rest of the holiday, Lucy would surely have no recollection by morning, the experience wiped away when sobriety came. And having learned a valuable lesson, she was careful to remain sober for the remainder of the vacation, affording George no opportunity to repeat the episode or, heaven forbid, take it further. Sadly, in another fit of piety, she also stayed mostly- dressed from that point forward. Tormented by guilt over the tawdry episode, George had managed to fight the urge strenuously since their return home.

Until now that was, when once more he removed the two holiday photographs from the dresser drawer, running his eyes over Lucy's sweet young naked body in the pictures, her firm, partly-tanned breasts standing proudly on a delightful chest. Nipples pink and budding, the wisp of straw coloured hair between her legs partially obscured the juicy pussy. Ill or not, it was enough to make him want to run downstairs and force himself on her right then.

Yet he battled the yearning, instead listening to her lilting voice on the phone, hand moving up the front of the pyjama bottoms like he had no control over it. It was with some effort that he tore it away.

"So what did you do, just watch?" enquired Tammy, an impishness in her voice.

Lucy paused, measuring her words, before replying: "Um, for a short while, yeah. I was getting these really, really strange feelings in my…you know, down there. It was making me go gooey watching him rub it. I just couldn't help myself, you know, seeing him there, doing that."

"Hehe, i bet," giggled Tammy.

Lucy's breath was coming faster and faster, louder and louder, so much so that George had to ease the earpiece away slightly. "Oh Tam, he was running his fist up and down that thick shaft of his. It got me sooooooo hot. I just had to…"

Lucy paused, and Tammy implored her to continue. The teenaged blonde battled against her natural reticence. "I just couldn't help but, um, play with myself too…right there in the doorway of his bedroom."

"Ohhhhhhmyyyyyyygoddddddd!" squealed Tammy. "Oh my God, Lucy…OH MY GOD I can't believe you…no way! Oh jeez, what happened then?"

Lucy coughed, her voice shaky. "And then…oh gosh Tammy…Um I don't know if I should…"

More prompting from Tammy and Lucy blurted out: "And then he looked up and straight at me."

"Nooooooo!" Tammy shrieked. "No way! Lucy! Oh wow! What he do?"

"He looked really mad at first. I thought he was going to shout at me. I was really scared. But then his face softened and he smiled…and then he saw where my hand was."

"Lucy, he never!"

"I know. He kind of gestured me over to the bed, and I dunno why, but something made me go. I didn't want to but I was just…powerless I guess."

"Oh Lucy. I cannot believe, no…I'm oh my God. Okay, then what?"

Lucy blew through her teeth, recalling the incident. "He sat me down and took hold of my hand. He smelt it, then raised it to his lips and sucked both my fingers."

"He never?!"

Listening in as discreetly as his intense breathing would allow, George very nearly had a heart attack.

"Then he…then he placed my hand around his hard cock," Lucy revealed.

Tammy's voice reached a glass-shattering high. "Eek Lucy, he never?"

"He did. Oh Tammy, it was even bigger close up. My fingers hardly fitted around. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It was the hottest kiss I've ever known. And then, and then he asked me to…you know…to stroke it…so I did."

"You never? Oh my God, Lucy!"

"I started to rub it up and down for him. He was really moaning so I kept pumping it harder and harder till he cried out. Then Tammy…oh gosh, then he came, a massive spurt, all over my fingers and his belly. I was so embarrassed, I dashed off to my room."

The normally motormouth young Tammy was, for once in her life, dumbstruck. Though that might just have been the pause to draw breath as she pleasured herself to orgasm on the other end. For the tale was hotter than George's fever, his own arousal eliciting a huge glob of precum and the urge to masturbate. "Wow, Lucy!" Tammy exclaimed eventually, "I can't believe you…and with your own brother too!"

"STEPbrother," Lucy corrected, sheepishly. "But yes I know. It's wrong, isn't it?"

Again Tammy was speechless, before Lucy added temptingly: "But Tammy, that wasn't all…"

George blew hard, palm flat against the mouthpiece as almost subconsciously the other hand reached for his overly hot cock. There was no way on earth he could resist. His throat ached and his fevered brow cascaded with sweat yet he was as horny as a toad. Despite the overriding guilt, it was impossible not to wish he were Josh. How he envied his son and what he'd had Lucy do.

"Oh gosh, go on," prompted Tammy with a giggle.

"Yes go on," George heard himself whisper, his fist starting to blur.

Lucy took a deep breath. "An hour later he came to my room, um, to apologise. You can imagine how embarrassed we both were, how we were saying it was wrong and must never happen again. And we both meant it too. Then, almost without realising, Josh's hand was resting on my thigh, then stroking it so lovingly. It felt really good, so right, and I just didn't have the heart to tell him to stop. I couldn't have found the words anyway. Then he whispered in my ear that it was only fair he returned the favour."

"Oh my, no way!" gushed Tammy – literally it seemed.

"No word of a lie," assured Lucy. "It was like I was paralysed, Tammy, I couldn't have moved if I'd wanted to. He tugged down my shorts and started by stroking my lower belly, ever so softly around the navel. It felt incredible and I was all tingly. His fingers moved down and stroked my pussy, just the hair, brushing through and teasing me like crazy till I begged him to put them inside me. It was amazing, a hundred, no a thousand times better than doing it yourself. He has the most amazing hands, just like dad…"

George's ears pricked up at the unexpected comment, testament perhaps to the fact Lucy hadn't been as inebriated in Rhodes as he'd imagined. Had she felt his fondles, gropes and kisses? He shuddered then sighed as Lucy breathed deeply. In his mind he was fingering her as his son had done, watching as her eyes closed and ripples of pleasure coursed her naked young body. "Amazing hands, just like dad…" The words reverberated in his brain.

"It was like Josh knew exactly what he was doing, precisely where to touch me to send me crazy. I was so wet, his fingers just squelched inside me. They slid right over my clittie and I think I must have passed out. When I came round he was still rubbing away. He whispered how gorgeous I was and I just came and came and came…"

"Oh wow, Lucy, wowwwwwwww."

George echoed the sentiment. Hand working busily and beyond recall, a huge ejaculate flung from the eye of his cock, splattering the photograph of his beautiful, naked stepdaughter.

Then suddenly there was silence. George dared not breathe, let alone move. Then downstairs the front door opened with a scrape.

"Oh jeez Tammy, the door, I think…oh God, I think it might be Josh. I gotta go."

George heard the receiver slam down, placing his own phone back carefully. Tiptoeing to the bedroom door, he opened it a crack. The pair stood face-to-face in the hall, just visible past the stairs. "Um, hi Josh," he heard Lucy say coquettishly.

A small pause elapsed before the pair embraced deep and hard like lifelong lovers. Lucy came away panting and fanning her pretty face. Josh slid a hand under her skirt, eliciting a whimper of desire. "No, not here," she protested, pulling away.

Taking his hand Lucy led her stepbrother up the stairs and past George's door, clothes scattered in their wake. In between stripping one another, the pair kissed breathlessly. In their haste, the door to Josh's room remained ajar. Still in his pyjamas, George eased open his own bedroom door and tiptoed out onto the landing, heart thumping crazily. Edging closer, he could barely control his breathing, surely in the grip of the fever. Yet, feeling sick had never felt so good. As Josh's door came within touching distance, he couldn't help but wonder what the rest of his sick day held in store.

To be continued…

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