The Tack Room

The Tack Room

"All right, Jenny, squeeze your legs more! Let him move under you, dont force him into anything he doesn't want to do! Now up down, up down! Move with him, don't let him take advantage of you…"

This may sound different than what it really is. The one speaking is my trainer, Marcus, the sexy Mexican who works at Jolly Bar Ranch. The "him" I'm on top of is my palamino quarter horse, Bronco. I go team penning every Friday and Tuesday with my trainer and horse, and Marcus is currently giving me tips on how to stay on the horse while tryng to cut a #4 calf.

Before going into the rest of the story, I might have to give a little background information on "team penning." You've got an arena, thirty head of cattle on the one end, three horses on the other, an imaginary line down the middle and a pen on the side with the riders. The three have to go down to the other end of the arena, cut out three specific calves, and pen them into the pen on the other end. Simple, right? Wrong.

"OK, Jenny, go ahead and unsaddle him, he looks exhausted. Meet me in the tack room after you wash him down to go over some routines."

As I dismounted, I pulled out a big, crunchy carrot and gave it to Bronco. Leading him back into the aisle, I thought about what Marcus would have planned for me. At the moment, I never would have guessed what was coming up. After putting all the tack away, I changed into my bikini and black cotton shorts as to not get my jeans wet while washing down Bronco. After leading him outside and tying him to the trailer, I turned on the hose and started spraying him down. Bronco was being a little playful and started grabbing for the hose with his mouth, and before i knew it he had my bikini top in his mouth!

He had managed to reach over, grab the top, and rip it off me! He swung his head up high playing keep-away with me as I was bouncing up and down topless trying to snatch it from him. And of course this scene isn't complete without an embarassing encounter with the trainer, who had apparently watched the whole thing from the window of the tack room. I caught a glance of him staring at my 34D breasts and wrapped both of my arms around myself. He quickly turned away, trying to hide the fact that he was staring, and came outside to help me get my top back. He lightly slapped Bronco on the botton of the neck, and Bronco followed by putting his head down and dropping the bikini top. Marcus held it up, looking at the size of the cups. "How does this little suit hold those in?" he chuckled.

Still mortified, I let out a muffled laugh.

Thirty minutes later, after Bronco was all dried off, I walked into the tack room to see Marcus in shorts and no shirt looking through some papers on a clipboard. He glanced at me as I came in to see if I was still soaked. Luckily, I had managed to put a shirt on over my suit, but the shirt was wet anyways. I sat down on a bag of shavings next to him and leaned over him to look at the routines he had written down. The tack room was boiling, with no AC in 98 degree weather. The chisseled trainer next to me didn't make it any better either. As we went over the routines, I felt like i was going to pass out from the heat. He saw me struggling to stay conscious, and said, "Go ahead and take off your shirt, I don't mind."

Relieved, I whipped off my soaking shirt and tied my hair back in a ponytail. I could tell he was still mesmorized from the sight earlier, as he kept glancing at my breasts as he talked. I could see a tent slowly being pitched in his shorts, making me a little uncomfortable. Still, I leaned forward towards him just a little more as we went over the routines.

After a few minutes had passed, he stopped talking, closed the routine binder, and looked at my straight in the eyes. Not understanding what was going on, I darted my eyes from his face to the binder, face to binder. He reached up his right hand and placed it on the back of my neck, and leaned forward, sticking his tounge into my mouth. My, isn't he forward!

Unable to resist, I started kissing him back, I felt his hands slowly start creeping down my back to my bikini strap and felt him unhooking it. The top fell down, but this time I was a lot less embarrassed. I reached my hand back and grabbed his hand, moving it so he had his hand positioned under my right breast, as if he was holding it up. Following, he took his left hand and did the same with my other breast, and he started carressing my breasts. We both stood up as I slid my hands down toward his huge cock, pulling down his shorts and revealing his beautiful, juicy cock. I wrapped my hands around it and started pumping back and forth. He stopped kissing me temporarily as he concentrated on the feeling of his cock. He let go of my breasts and literally ripped off my shorts, leaving us both naked in the tack room.

Smiling, I grabbed his shoulders and puched him up against the wall. Luckily, there was a mounting block to the right of him, and I hoisted myself up onto it. He was at least a foot taller than me, making it difficult to fuck him upright. I lowered my self down onto him, feeling his cock against my warm, wet pussy. With his strong arms, he grabbed me under my bum and lowered me onto his ready and waiting cock. I felt him penetrate into me, inch by inch. This was my first time, as I had grown up in a Catholic environment, but I still new exactly what to do. I moaned softly as I felt him against my clitoris. I grabbed and held onto his shoulders to steady myself. Then… BOOM. I felt it. He was all the way inside me. He had gotten tired of going slowly and went in for the kill. I ouldn't complain, it felt great. His cock was so large I thought I was going to split in half, but it was a sort of pleasure pain that I couldn't really explain. He moaned quietly, almost as if to not startle the horses. We both knew we were the only ones in the barn, but just in case we had to keep it a little on the quiet side.

I felt his cock squirting his own liquid into me, and I shook a little. I've never felt a feeling this exhilerating before, and I wanted him to do it again and again. I wispered Don't stop, and he understood, and was more than happy to oblige. He lifted me up and down pumping him in and out of me. I felt so good I thought I was going to scream. After what seemed like hours, he lifted me off him and lowered me onto the ground. I could tell he was tired, and I was too, but I wasn't the one holding a 116 lb. girl while fucking her. I decided to give him a rest and led him over to the chair. As I motioned for him to sit down, I walked over to the boots, slipped on a pair, strapped on some spurs, and decided to give him a lap dance.

As I threw on a cowboy hat and grabbed a cactus rope, I seductively walked over him and sat on his lap, my pussy wide open to him staring right back at his cock. I leaned on him, shoving my breasts right into his face for his sucking pleasure (and mine). He followed, and I lowered my hands to his still erect cock once again, and started pumping my hands up and down it. I took my right index finger and lightly touched the head of his cock, almost tickling it. I could tell he really enjoyed that, but stopped as to not give him too much at once. Teasing him, I simple used my hands to rub up and down his stomach, returning to his cock every now and then for more tickling. He stoped sucking my breats, lifted me off him, put me on my knees, leaned his head back and opened his legs. I had been waiting for this, and wasted no time in wrapping my willing mouth over his head. I sucked and sucked, swishing my tounge around his very happy cock over and over again.

Apparently, he wasnt out of cum… there was plently more left. He sprayed into my mouth, and deciding not to choke on it, I swallowed. I pulled it out of my mouth while he was still cumming and pointed him directly between my breasts, getting my entire body all wet and sticky. I lapped up what was around my face like a dog and looked up at his face. He was smiling with approval, and glanced at the clock.

Oh my God! It was already eleven at night, and I was starting to feel it. Tired from the strenuous activity, I sat on his lap, leaned my head over his left shoulder, and gave him a little peck on his cheek. We slowly dozed off together, not knowing what to wake up to in the morning…

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