Vampire Jesse

Vampire Jesse

Mike walked in and sat his bag down on the steps going down into his room in the basement. He was just returning from a long hard day of tests and other bullshit at school.

Mike Block was not the most normal kid he had long red hair that hung to his chin and always was over one of his eyes. His eyes were Green with a little blue in them. He was a very muscle kid and fit probably because he was a stare hockey player at his school. For just a 16 year old he was very strong and cute (all his girl friend’s though he should have a Girlfriend by now). He had a great body and everything but he still didn’t think anyone would ever date him. Being the captain of a hockey team was demanding and he didn’t have much time do anything else.

“I’m hungry I wonder if mom picked up anything “looking at the clock to see when his mom and dad would be arriving from work.

“Great I still have five hours to do anything he pleased” it was three o’clock that Thursday afternoon when he arrived home from school

He went into the kitchen and got out some left over hamburgers then he went outside to see if his friend Jessica was home yet. He walked up to her door and knocked away at it
Jessica was one of the most attractive girls Mike ever seen. She had blond hair with brown in it and she had brown eyes that went so well with her hair. Her ass was very tight and nice. Jessica’s boobs were perfect for her body not to big not too small. She was about 5’4 and skinny. She was very short to Mike’s 5’10 body.

She whipped open the door and told Mike come inside. She was smiling all the time latterly even if she was hurt she would smile. Mike never understood this and wondered why?

“Do you have any Homework today Mr. Judy “Jessica said with a giggle

“No thank god I don’t id go crazy if I have to take one more test in math it seems like every week we have one” Mike complained

“Well quit crying at least you are in an easy class” she chirped as she pushed him up the stares into the room “

Jessica and Mike were just friends. They had known each other since 4th grade and now they were sophomores in high school. Mike had always liked her but she never knew and when she would go on and talk about all these boys he would become jealous.

When they got into Jessica’s room he sat in a chair wall Jessica laid on her belly on her floor. Jessica always wore a tank top with tight jeans or a skirt. Today she had on a tight bands t-shirt and some tight pants with holes in the legs. Mike didn’t enjoy having to keep his feelings away from Jessica but he had to.

“Jess I really have to go I got practice in a little bit and I can’t be late or it will be bad news.

“Ok well come back tonight if you want to” Jessica gave Mike a Goodbye Hug as he left the room.
Mike rushed back to his house and grabbed his wallet and keys. Mike had just gotten his license not two weeks ago and he loved the freedom. He got in his car and drove off to practice.

During practice all mike could think about was how good Jessica’s ass looked laying on the floor rocking back and forth. Infected he was yelled at by his coach several times for not paying attention.

Meanwhile back at Jessica’s she had decided to go for a walk down town. They lived very close to the city in walking distance. So Jessica went to one of her favorite coffee shops down town. It was one of those alternative places with heavy metal all the time. She walked in and sat down and was playing with her laptop when a woman dressed in black with a long black coat approached her. She was very white and had dark green almost black eyes. She wasn’t at all bad looking with auburn hair and her big boobs and nice legs and all topped off with a nice tight ass. She was pretty short shorter then mike about 5’6. She looked to be around 19 or 20 but Jessica wasn’t sure. Jessica looked at the girl with lust in her eyes. Jessica never really liked girls but for some reason she was getting very wet and almost high from the pleasure. The Girl stared deep into Jessica’s eyes and then one minute she just was gone.

“Whoa what was that” she thought to her self

After she was done with her coffee she picked up her stuff and began walking home it was dark now around 8:30 mike would be home in a half-hour. She heard a noise behind her and was startled . She began picking up her pace looking behind her ever now and then.

Then suddenly out of nowhere the woman appeared right in front of her knocking her down to the ground.

“Hey what gives” she yelled at the mysterious girl.

The girl grabbed her and took her down an ally and started kissing Jessica on the neck. Jessica tried to get away but the other girl was stronger. As Jesse was pinned up against a wall the girl looked deep into her eyes almost hypnotizing her putting her in a trance.

Jesse stopped fighting and blacked out. The girl carried Jessica up to a room and tied her to a bed so
when Jesse woke up she couldn’t get away. When she woke up she saw this girl above her with a red and black corset on and a black thong.

“What are you doing to me? Where am I at? Let me go”

“Shhhhh” the girl said putting her finger over her mouth

“We wouldn’t want anyone hearing us now “as she taped over Jessica’s mouth

The Girl began to undress jess tearing off her shirt and cutting of her jeans. As Jessica began to fight the more the girl like it. Jessica could feel on her leg the heat coming from the girl. She could also feel wetness coming from her and the girl.

“I can’t believe I actually like this “she thought to her self

Jessica started to thrash around when the girl started kissing her neck and licking her face. The girl slowly moved down kissing her breasts then her tummy, were her belly button was pierced. she started to kiss the inside of Jesse's thigh. As she got closer and closer Jesse started to let out little whimpers threw the tape over her mouth. The girl crawled up Jesse and ripped the tape off her mouth

“Oww why did u do that “she cried

“Ops sorry the girl giggled “as she started kissing her roughly

“Who are you?” Jesse said into her mouth

“Just a girl looking for something you have” she exclaimed as she went down to Jesse’s pulsing clit

The girl began to swirling her tongue around jesses virgin lips. Jesse began moaning and pulling at the bonds that held her to the bed. The girl began to finger her wall she flicked Jesse’s clit with her tongue sending Jesse into an orgasm. Jesse felt herself begin to leak hot cum all over this mysterious girls face but the girl never stopped sending Jesse into repeated orgasms. After the girl had her fun with Jesse she slowly making sure to kiss every part of her on the way up. Then she began kissing jesses neck and licking her.

“W.w.w.what are you doing “she stammered nervously

“Nothing just a little hungry” as she bit into jesses neck

Jesse realized that this was no ordinary bite she could feel her blood being drawn out of her body. This girl was a vampire.jesse began to thrash valiantly trying to get the girl off of her. She began getting tired and more tired until she blacked out from blood loss.

Jesse woke up very startled. When she looked over and seen mike by Jesse’s bed in Jesse’s house she figured what had just happened was a dream.

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