88E469SD Ward of the State_(0)

88E469SD Ward of the State_(0)



Part Three

Michael was awoken by Doc at 4:30. It was time to take his charges back to the dorm and the 4 boys would be waiting for him in less than half an hour. Doc had given Michael sedatives and he wished that his rest was twice the 5 hours he was asleep. At the same time, he had to find out what condition his 5th charge, Alex was in. When Michael went to sleep, Alex had a fever of 104.5 and it was rising. Alex had a massive infection and was deaf in one ear from the blow the guard had given him, and the boy was in very desperate shape. The medical problems were compounded by the fact that the child wasn’t putting up any fight, he was almost willing himself to die.
Michael got off the gurney and followed Doc to the boy’s bedside. Alex was now naked on the bed and Doc’s assistants had spent the last 5 hours giving him alcohol wraps and ice packs under his arms and around his groin to lower the boy’s temperature to a safer level. Above 103 degrees a human’s brain is cooking in the heat. Convulsions, if they began would eventually lead to retardation or death if the temperature could not be lowered and very quickly.
Alex’s temperature spiked to 105 between 1 and 3 in the afternoon, and Doc had ordered that the boy be immersed in a bathtub of ice and water and ordered ice water enemas. It was a desperate measure, but the alternative was death for the boy and that was unacceptable to Doc and his team. Alex’s body began responding to the IV antibiotics and body wraps by 4:30 and the boy’s temperature by then was falling to below 103. Alex was once again beginning to move and showing signs of consciousness. Michael was now again at the boy’s side with Doc.
Michael was concerned that Alex had given up on life and was allowing himself to drift away to death. He could certainly understand the boy’s attitude, (or complete lack of it) but he felt that if the boy could receive communication from his friends, they could be beneficial to him. “His closest friend here is Aaron; I think we should let Aaron try to reach him,” Michael said to Doc. “It can’t hurt,” Doc replied. “Have you considered the effect on Aaron if the boy dies?” No, Michael hadn’t considered that, he thought to himself.
Michael decided he would take the risk and asked a trustee to bring Aaron to the ward. Aaron walked in and looked down at his friend. “Talk to him Aaron, we think he can hear you and he needs to know that you and the other boys are fine and that you want him to join you,” Michael told the boy. “Is he going to die?” Aaron asked Michael without looking away from his friend. Michael had to choose his words extremely carefully. If he said “No,” and Alex died, Aaron might be able to deal with it, but Michael doubted that he could. The boys in his care were Michael’s life, even if he was considered a moral degenerate by “society”. Michael didn’t give a rat’s ass what the assholes outside thought of him, he only cared what the boys he loved and cared for thought. “We’re doing everything we possibly can to make sure that doesn’t happen, but Alex needs to know that we love him and want him here,” Michael told the boy. Aaron continued to look down on his friend. “Can I talk to him alone?” Aaron asked. Doc reached over and put his hand on Michael’s shoulder and pulled back on it. “Talk to him Aaron,” Doc told the boy and the trustees and Doc with Michael backed away from the boy’s bed. Aaron moved to Alex’s side and leaned over and put his head down by Alex’s ear and started to whisper into it as the adults moved out of hearing.
Doc and Michael watched as Aaron talked into his friend’s ear. Aarons hand went to Alex’s chest and moved it back and forth from left to right and back again. The adults watching were considered the dregs of society but none had a dry eye watching the scene unfold before them.
Aaron talked to his friend for about five minutes and then he reached over and kissed him in the cheek. Doc moved forward with Michael. “I don’t know if he heard me,” Aaron said to the men with tears streaming down his face. Michael said nothing to the boy, there was nothing to say. He picked Aaron up and held the boy as tightly as he could. Aaron buried his face in Michael’s shoulder and his body shuddered. Michael rarely thought about violence, but he wanted to kill the mother fucking guard at Danamora and that thought kept him from joining Aaron in tears.
Michael had 3 more boys out in the infirmary that needed to return to the dorm along with Aaron and he asked Doc to keep him informed. Doc and the team returned to Alex, and Michael went out to the infirmary with Aaron. “What’s the matter with Aaron?” Conner wanted to know as Michael approached. “Aaron’s had a visit with Alex who is very sick and he’s upset about it,” Michael told Conner. “Can I go visit Alex?” Conner wanted to know. “No, Alex is asleep and Doc is working on him right now, maybe tomorrow Conner,” Michael told the little boy. “We have to go back to the dorm and get ready for dinner now.” Conner was disappointed in not being able to see Alex, but the little boy’s attention was now quickly focusing on food. Lunch to Conner was something out of a dream for him, and he was looking forward to dinner. Food was something that Conner rarely got in his 9 odd years of living, and his body showed it. He weighed only 55 pounds and had the body of a seven year old. Michael hoped that it could be rectified with proper diet.
Michael took his boys into the dorm for the first time and closed the door behind him. The boys were now entering into Step One in the program. Step one was the initial 30 day period when the boys were assigned to dorms and caretakers. In the guards terminology, step one was the “breaking in” period. The boys would be kept naked to accustom them to being comfortable around adults without clothing on. They would also be introduced to being comfortable having sex with each other and the adults around them. When that wasn’t being taught to them, they would have academic classes. It was the caretaker’s job to see to it that these goals were met without violence since that could make a boy seek to get out of his situation by either running away or telling someone who had no business knowing what was going on. The guards saw no problems with any of this, after all, these kids fucked themselves into prison in the first place, why not put that fucking to a profitable use?
Michael had about 45 minutes before it would be time to go to dinner and he wanted to use the time to explain what would be happening over the next few days. He sat down on his bed and both 12 year old Mark and 14 year old Jimmy sat down on the rug in front of him. Conner climbed up on the bed and promptly set himself up next to Michael who still had Aaron with his face buried in his shoulder. The boy had stopped crying, but didn’t want to be let go of by his caretaker.
“For the next 3 months you and I will be living here together in this dorm,” Michael began. “The remainder of the new boys will be living here in this section, and we’ll be sharing the living room and bathroom with them. But we are separate from them, and they are separate from us. Have you met the other caretakers yet?” Michael asked. “Yes,” the boys nodded. “Good, eventually you get to know and talk with each one of them, but for now, we need to get to know each other first. You know my name is Michael and I know you are Conner, Mark, Jimmy and Aaron here,” as he pointed to each boy in turn. “You also know that I am a trustee just like all the other trustees and we are all inmates like you. We’re all in prison because we were convicted of sex offenses.”
“What did you do?” Jimmy asked Michael. Michael made it his personal policy to never lie to the boys and to be very open and frank about answering questions. “When I was a boy a little older than you I had sex with my cousin and was caught. I’ve been in prison now for about 10 years,” Michael told the boys. Jimmy wanted to know more. “Was your cousin a boy or a girl?” “She was a girl and she was 3 years older than I was,” Michael said. “We’ll get into the details about my history in the coming days just as we’ll be getting into all your histories, but that’s in the future. We have more important things to be doing right now and story time will wait,” Michael told the boys. Jimmy was happy about the information he received, but also confused. If he had sex with a girl, and the girl was even older than he was, why would he be in jail?
“Do you know what we all did?” Mark then asked Michael. “Yes, I know everything in the file. I really don’t care what’s in the files; I care what you have to say,” Michael said to Mark. Marks head went down and he stared at the floor. “We’ve all spent way too much time feeling guilty and ashamed of what we’ve done and how we feel,” Michael told the group of boys listening to him. “Those days are over. We are what we are and we’ve done what we’ve done. Now it’s time to say fuck it and move on! Mark, look at me.” Mark lifted his head and his eyes met Michaels. “Say fuck it Mark!” Mark did. “Now say fuck it like you meant it!” Michael ordered him. “Fuck it,” Mark said much louder. “Good, that’s a pretty good start!” said Michael with 4 boys giggling. Aaron was back.
“OK, let’s move on to your being naked.” Michael now had the complete attention of all 4 boys. “You boys are now in Step One. It’s mandatory that all boys are naked for their first 30 days and you saw that in the Mess Hall. You do not have to be naked unless you want to be when you are inside the dorm.” Aaron, Jimmy and Mark all looked at each other. Conner had a diaper on, he didn’t really care what Michael just said. “But we don’t have any clothes,” Aaron said to Michael. Michael got up off the bed and opened one of his drawers. Inside, was a draw full of boy’s briefs from size 8 to size 14, all brand new and the smaller ones were underoos. Conner looked stunned. Jimmy’s eyes bugged out. “You still have no clothing to wear, but you may come in and put on a clean pair of underwear anytime you enter the dorm. It must be taken back off before you leave the dorm. If you leave the dorm with the underwear on, it will be removed. Is that clear?” “Yes!” said the boys and dove for the drawer. All 4 boys had underwear on in under 10 seconds, even Conner put his on over his diaper.
The 3 older boys stood or walked around for awhile feeling the underwear front and back as they moved about. Aaron stuck his hands down his pants and just held his penis in his hands. Security had returned to the boys for the first time in days and they were drinking in the feeling. They were practically drunk from it. Michael sat back and watched the boys. It was fantastic that they were so happy, even if it meant that their bodies were temporarily covered. Michael definitely preferred his boys naked. Mark joined Aaron in his method of additional security and found himself getting an erection. It had been ages since he felt happy about holding himself; he sat down and savored the feelings that were going through him. Michaels smile deepened. A commotion was coming from the living room, and Michael knew that the other caretakers had distributed the underwear out to their boys and Michael told his boys they could join the party. For the next 20 minutes, it was show and tell in the living room as 19 boys modeled their new drawers off to each other.
“Ok guys, listen up,” Michael told the group just before the bell rang for dinner. “When you take off the underwear, you put it in the washing machine and it will be washed and dried and returned to the drawers clean. Do not put on a dirty pair of underwear.” That news didn’t depress Aaron one bit. “When you return to the dorm you can put on a new pair, but it’s almost time for dinner, so let’s give the twins some air.” It took a few seconds for the message to compute, and then laughter was heard for the first time in the section. Without reluctance from the boys, underwear was dropping to the floor and more than a few erections came to light in addition to Mark’s. Conner took his off and put them up to his face. With the diaper on, his skin didn’t know what the fabric felt like and he wanted to remind himself. For the first time in days it was Michael’s turn to laugh as he took the pants from the boy and rubbed them all over his chest and body. Conner stood there like someone was putting sun tan lotion on him. It was good to see the boys coming back into form, Michael thought to himself. The boys entered the mess hall and got into line just in back of the older boys chattering away now like the rest of them. There was no more difference between the new and the old, they were all equal now except for the shorts and jump suits and the boys knew that even those were on the way.
Dinner was pork chops, mashed potatoes and carrots and peas. Desert was apple pie with ice cream. The snow was flying outside even though the boys couldn’t see it, and not one of them really cared. Christmas came a month early for the boys and Aaron began to see his world in color again. After dinner the boys returned to the dorm with all 4 heading straight for the underwear. Michael knew it would be shower time in 45 minutes, but he let the boys have their security blankets in the meantime. He would rather have the opportunity to see their bodies as it was when they were born, but hiding a set of testicles and a penis under a sheath of thin cloth also had its appeal. He sat down at the foot of his bed once again and told the boys it was meeting time again. Conner climbed back into Michael’s lap before someone else took his spot, and the meeting resumed with Michael slowly circling the little boy’s tummy in his hands like a woman with a very pregnant stomach would.
Michael began the meeting telling the boys the rules on showers. The caretakers washed the boys regardless of age. Every boy took a shower every night. Each unit in the dorm had 30 minutes apiece, and Michael’s group would be 2nd in line at 7:30. Morning showers would be taken by any boy wetting the bed, or any other boy wanting to take one. Michael knew that of the 19 boys in the dorm, 12 wet the bed and that would most likely increase over time due to the increased fluid the boys would be ingesting. Michael liked boys who wet the bed: he had done so until after age 14 himself. Morning showers would be very busy, and give the boys ample time to enjoy one another’s company and get to know one another better in a structured environment.
Moving on to sleeping arrangements, Michael told the boys that there were no assigned beds, the boys slept where they wanted to in the double bed room, they all slept in Michaels bed on rotation, 2 at a time. This news put a halt to Michael’s report to the boys and he knew it would, it did every single time. As Michael expected, Jimmy had the first question: “What does rotation mean?” “Unless there is someone sick, each boy rotates sleeping in my bed every night,” Michael said to Jimmy knowing that would create another dozen questions. “But where do you sleep” Jimmy asked. “In my bed,” Michael told the boys. “We sleep with you?” Jimmy asked. “Yes, probably every 3rd night,” Michael told the boy. “Why,” Aaron asked. “Because it’s mandatory,” Michael told the boys. “Do we have to do anything with you?” Jimmy wanted to know. Michael knew he was now coming to the root of the question. “Are you asking me if you have to fuck Jimmy?” Jimmy turned a slight shade of red. Nobody ever asked him any question quite that bluntly before. “I don’t know,” the boy said. “I don’t know is an evasion Jimmy. You want to know if we will be having sex together and the answer is yes. But only when you decide you want to do it,” Michael said to the boy. “Nobody will make any one of you do anything you don’t freely want to do. To your caretakers, no means no. You will never be touched for sexual purposes without your agreement and consent.”
“Are you gay?” Jimmy wanted to know. “I think your question really is: Do I have sex with boys isn’t it?” Michael asked Jimmy. Jimmy was hit with another bomb. “I guess so,” Jimmy said. “Yes, I do!” Michael told Jimmy. “As do all the caretakers of all the boys.” Aaron looked around. Jimmy’s face still told him he had many more questions. Conner was sitting sideways on Michael’s lap looking at Michael and saying nothing. Mark sat there Indian style asking no questions, but sporting a rod underneath his pants that he was covering up with his hands. “But we don’t have to do it if we don’t want to right?” Jimmy asked Michael. “You are 100 percent correct. Nobody will make you have sex unless you want them to,” Michael said to the boy. Jimmy didn’t say anything; he put his hands on top of his pants. If that’s true he thought to himself, this boy ain’t getting laid anytime soon!
“The rules on inter personal relationships between yourselves are basically the same,” Michael told the attentive group. “You may freely engage each other as you wish, but only if your partner agrees to participate by consenting without being harassed or intimidated.” “What’s that mean?” Conner asked. “It means no boy can force another to do anything they don’t want to do,” Michael told the little boy who received a kiss on the top of his head. “If you do decide to play with any of your friends, it’s only done in the dorms. Not in school and not in the mess hall.” Aaron smiled at the thought of having sex sitting on a mess hall table.
“Boys being boys, you all undoubtedly play with your penises. When you do, it will be done in the dorm or at the toilet.” The older boys looked around at each other. “I don’t do any of that stuff,” Jimmy proclaimed. Michael smiled at him. “If you don’t, I’m going to have to put your name in the Guinness Book of Records, because you’re the only living boy in the world that doesn’t!” This brought more laughter from Aaron and Mark. Jimmy wasn’t happy: he was caught with his pants down once again. It wasn’t fair that he could have no deep secrets from this man who seemed to know everything about him and what he did with himself in the privacy of his own bedroom!
“In 3 days you will all start attending classes every morning for 3 hours and every afternoon for 2 hours. School will be taught by a teacher, also a trustee, who will teach all boys of this section. His name is Mr. Bill. You’ll be back in the dorm by 3:15 and we will have recreation in the afternoon.” Jimmy had another question: “Are the teachers here because of sex too?” he asked Michael. “Yes they are. Every single trustee you come into contact with is in prison for sexual crimes,” Michael told the boys. “If you want to know the specifics, all you have to do is ask them and they’ll tell you exactly what they did.” “Will they know what we did?” Mark wanted to know. “Yes,” Michael said to the boy, “and it doesn’t matter any more to them than it does to your caretakers. They accept you all just the way you are regardless of what you did.”
Michael went on to tell the boys everything he could think of concerning daily life and the rules and regulations of the dorm and 7:30 rolled around. “Ok, it’s shower time; let’s get you guys cleaned up.” With that Michael stood up and got undressed. Having seen Michael in the pictures, the boys knew what Michael looked like, but seeing pictures and seeing the person in front of you is slightly different. When his underwear hit the floor, the boys came face to face with a grown man’s naked body and there were red faces blooming except for Conner. Conner was used to seeing naked men, either screwing his mother or when he was being screwed by them. He never learned to be selfconscious or ashamed of his body and now walked up to Michael looking at the man’s genitals. “My uncle Fred has a bigger cock than you do,” the boy told him. Michael had a very good looking body and he was not ashamed of it. “That might be,” Michael said to Conner picking him up, “But I’m happy with what I’ve got and he makes me very happy,” Conner giggled as he was carried into the bath room with the other boys following behind. It was impossible for the boys not to notice that two of Peter’s boys and Peter himself all had erections as they walked in.
Michael addressed the situation himself rather than to wait for any comment or question concerning it. “If any or you haven’t noticed, there are a few flag poles standing at attention. Getting an erection in the shower is not unusual, it happens more often than not because your penis is reacting to either the water falling on it or from being handled while washing. Unless you intend it to be that way, it has little to do with sex, and nobody’s going to jump your bones if you end up with a boner,” Michael told the boys. “In all probability you will so forget it, it doesn’t mean a thing unless you want it to OK?” A subdued chorus of “yes” greeted the end of Michael’s speech.
Peter was finishing drying off his boys as Michael stepped into the showers and sat down on the floor with Conner still in his lap. Aaron, Mark and Jimmy followed and each boy got under a shower head. “Get all wet and wait for me to finish with Conner and I’ll wash each one of you in turn,” Michael told the boys. Conner’s diaper came off and Conner promptly proclaimed “Look, my dickie is sticking out like you said!” Michael looked down at the boy’s penis that was pointing straight for the man’s nose. “very beautiful!” Michael said to Conner as the boy smiled and took hold of his penis and squeezed it.

Conner was born into a world of poverty and neglect that would make “Oliver Twist” look like a fairy tale come true. His egg donor was a drug addict and hooker who had 3 children. Conner was the middle child; his older brother was already removed from his egg donor’s custody and put into foster care by the Albany County Department of Social Services. Conner was a very lucky boy: he wasn’t in the State’s custody yet.
His sister was a year younger than he was. Nobody, including his egg donor, knew who any of her children’s sperm donors were. There was a pool of about 400 males possible.
At two years of age, Conner began earning his keep when his egg donor began accepting Jackson’s for a loose diaper. By age 4 Conner knew how to work the zipper on a man’s pants and by 6, he had 2 anal tears under his belt. The egg donor was good at explaining away the tears to the hospitals: the boy swallowed a peach pit. By age 7, Conner was sent to cruise the bathrooms at the New York State Museum and Plaza. The job was simple: wait at a urinal until a man comes up to the one next to you, and make sure he saw your penis. If he invited you into a stall, get 20 bucks and let him suck you off. If he wanted you to bend over, get 50 bucks. Conner started making more money than his egg donor.
Conner was busted at age 9 and the egg donor split for Binghamton. The boy became a Ward of the State and now he was really fucked!

Michael had him washed in around five minutes and had Conner play on the shower floor until he was done. Then Michael called for Jimmy. “Why can’t we just wash ourselves?” Jimmy asked Michael. “Because that’s my job, and I like my job,” Michael told the very unhappy boy. Jimmy’s reluctance about being bathed had a whole lot to do with the very reason he was in prison.

Jimmy came from a middle class family and lived in a small hamlet just outside of Kingston, N.Y. Besides his mother and father, he had a sister who was 3 years younger than himself and a brother who was 5 years older.
Jimmy had a normal family life, and was a fairly typical boy growing up. Nothing was too extreme in his life; he was progressing normally through adolescence. The only thing slightly askew concerning Jimmy’s upbringing was the practice his mother had of always bathing Jimmy and his sister together. Up until around age 8 or 9, Jimmy thought nothing much about
taking baths with his sister, with 3 years difference, she was a little girl.
By about age 10 Jimmy figured out, as most boys do at that age, that his penis did a little something more than just expel urine. Jimmy discovered jerking off by watching his big brother jerk off to Playboy every night just before the lights went out.
Jimmy’s sister was very cute and Jimmy was not blind. Baths from about the age of enlightenment on became more and more difficult for Jimmy. By age 12, it took all of Jimmy’s willpower to avoid erections occurring at the wrong time and place. His mother in the meantime was oblivious to Jimmy’s torment, even as she washed his sister’s vagina inches away from Jimmy’s face while he was sitting in the tub. Some little girls have small vaginas prior to puberty; Jimmy’s sister wasn’t one of them.
Jimmy’s only sexual outlet was jerking off, and he was at it 3 to 5 times a day trying to keep the well empty and evil thoughts out of his brain. On several occasions, Jimmy’s little sister caught him in the act. He convinced her to say nothing to their parents. She agreed if she could watch him while he jerked off. Jimmy had little choice.
At age 13, Jimmy came home from school one day and found his sister lying on her bed. Her big brother had his tongue wrapped around her clitoris. Big brother was afraid that Jimmy was going to spill the beans until little sister reminded Jimmy about his “secret”. Jimmy said nothing to his parents, but bath times now became hell for Jimmy.
Jimmy’s big brother joined the Army just when Jimmy turned 14. Home on leave from boot camp, Jimmy once again came home from school and found his little sister once again on her back but this time with big brothers penis up her vagina instead of his tongue. Big brother knew his secret was safe with Jimmy, so he didn’t bother to interrupt his lovemaking and filled his little sister with his little fishes as Jimmy had to stand there jerking off. When big brother finished with his sister, he bent Jimmy over and gave Jimmy some attention too. Jimmy was now a participant and would HAVE to remain silent.
Big brother was assigned overseas and Jimmy and little sister were now the only children in the home. 3 months later Mommy came home unexpectedly one afternoon and found Jimmy and his sister upstairs in the parents’ bedroom. Just as his mother entered the room, Jimmy was coming to orgasm and even with his mother’s screaming in the background, was unable to stop his orgasm in mid flight. When he was able to withdraw from his sister, his sperm was still flowing both on the parents’ bed and on his sister’s legs. Mommy went ballistic.
Not only did Jimmy have sex with his own sister, but he flaunted the act in front of her with his obscene continuance. Mommy expected instantaneous cessation; like stopping a sneeze half way through. Jimmy was locked in his bedroom and awaited the return of his father who was on the way after getting a call from his hysterical wife. When Jimmy’s dad arrived he locked himself into Jimmy’s room and stripped the boy naked. Then he lay him on the bed and beat him bloody with his belt while his knee was across the boy’s back pinning him to the bed.
Little sister was taken to the doctor and found to be 3 months pregnant. The baby was sucked out of her and Jimmy was sucked into Family Court. The parents wanted nothing more to do with the evil monster they no longer called their son and the boy was declared a PINS (Person In Need of Supervision). Mommy and Daddy washed their hands of Jimmy and awaited the return of their wonderful son who was serving his country.

As much as he very much wanted to, Michael didn’t linger while washing the boy’s genitals, but in doing so, he did become erect. Michael knew full well that the boy’s testicles were producing his juice and the boy had a picture perfect penis of about 4 1/2 inches with a head that Michelangelo would have been proud of. Michael was yearning to have him in his mouth.
Jimmy saw Michael’s erection happening and was afraid his own erection would follow. He looked away whenever possible. “Sorry about that,” Michael said to the boy. “But he’s got a mind of his own, and I don’t control him when I’m looking at a very beautiful boy’s body so it’s all your fault,” Michael said to the boy jokingly. Jimmy blushed and concentrated harder on keeping his penis under tight control. Jimmy’s bath mercifully ended for Jimmy without too much embarrassment for the boy and Michael moved on to wash Aaron.
All boys’ bodies were extremely beautiful to Michael. Some damned near made him drool. Aaron had sandy blond hair, steel gray piercing eyes and dimples you could hide grapes in. Aaron was a 10 in mind and body. Aaron was also the only boy in Michael’s dorm who was uncircumcised. Michael wasn’t happy about bathing Aaron that first time, because he knew that tomorrow, the boy would be circumcised. Circumcision was mandatory for health reasons as well as hygiene and Doc was in full agreement with the guards on this issue. He had seen too many problems with STDs among children associated with foreskins and even the trustees like Gramps and Coach had to have their foreskins removed in order to participate in the program. Doc also knew that the boys who had it done as well as the adults, were pretty much split 50/50 as to which way was better, snipped or unsnipped.
All of this was something Aaron didn’t know anything about yet. Tonight’s shower and tomorrow morning’s shower would be the last ones Aaron took as an uncircumcised boy, and Michael rather enjoyed seeing them on boys. He pulled back the boy’s foreskin and washed it very carefully. Michael loved the look of a head fresh out of a foreskin: it always gleamed from wet and was usually surrounded by the white cream of youth. Even the act of pulling the boy’s foreskin down to expose the head was thrilling in itself to Michael, like unwrapping a Christmas present would be to a child. You never knew what you were going to be finding under that layer of skin and how wonderful the smell of a little boy’s freshly peeled head could be. Penises under wraps were also much more sensitive to the touch than snipped boys and Aaron was having one hell of a time keeping his penis from going into an erection. Michael knew that the boy was feeling extremely sensitive, and was much less successful at keeping his own penis down which didn’t escape Aaron’s attention either.

Aaron lived in a quaint little Old Dutch town just west of Albany. It was a bedroom community to the big city and the majority of the residents were professionals that worked in the Capital. The towns biggest claim to fame is that it has one of the largest and most anal police forces in the Capital District, short of Bethlehem. Up until Aaron reached the age of 10, he never had any contact with the anal police, but then one day a group of children got together in a field on a warm summer day and decided that they wanted to know what was in each other’s pants. There were 3 boys in attendance, one was 8, one was 9 and one was 10. The girl was 8.
Rape! Was the headlines in the Times Union newspaper and the television news folks fell all over themselves in the gory details. The 8 year old sodomized the little girl, the 9 year old had her orally copulate him, the 10 year old had vaginal intercourse with her. The paper received a record amount of requests for copies the next day. Sex in Albany sells very well, the very best kiddie porn can be found every Sunday in the local news section of the paper. When fresh news isn’t occurring, “special reports” can always be counted on to keep circle jerks flowing for the readers pleasure. “Normal” people just can’t get enough to read or watch TV about when it comes to those “horrible” child molestations; who the fuck is kidding who!
Obviously, the 10 year old boy was fully responsible for everything that occurred, and Aaron found himself in Danamora right alongside the Son of Sam where he belonged!

Mark was the last boy to be washed. Like Conner, Mark was erect and like Jimmy, his face was red. “They don’t get much better looking than that,” Michael told the boy and it was Mark’s turn to giggle. Mark didn’t have a long penis for a 12 year old, but what he lacked in length, he made up for in girth. Mark’s penis wasn’t erect due to the water or handling, Mark was erect watching Michael wash Aaron and seeing the man’s penis bloom along with Aaron’s very pretty dick.
Mark had not started to ejaculate yet and looking at his testicles, Michael figured he was at least a year or more away before he would be donating any sperm to a very grateful recipient. Unlike the other boys, Mark’s scrotum was a light brown color that Michael knew would darken with age. He had the sack of the European stock he came from. Michael loved Greek boys especially well. When properly raised, they were like little rabbits. This boy Michael knew was raised very properly! In evaluating the boys in his dorm he always tried to guess which ones would accept their caretaker’s first. Michael accessed his boys, and decided that Mark would be the most likely candidate of his group. Mark would sleep with him that night.
Showers finished, all the boys were dried and returned to the dorm. All the boys once again put a new pair of underwear on except for Conner. As the boys would now learn, Michael never returned to clothing after showers, he was naked for the night. In the morning, he was naked until the group left for the mess hall. Seeing Michael naked became common place for the boys, it was designed to be that way. As Michael would do every three hours or so for the next week, Conner’s anus was attended to and he was returned to his diaper. For the balance of the evening, Michael cleaned out each boy’s ears, cut their finger and toe nails and then sent them back to the bathroom for teeth brushing and toilets. They were then free to watch TV until bed.
By about 8:30 he called them back from the TV room and got them ready for bed. Michael gave each boy a large glass of water just before bed to help encourage the supply of water works. “Conner will be sleeping in my bed until the diaper comes off,” he told the boys. “Mark, you have first rotation.” “Since there are two beds left and only two boys, you two can decide to sleep alone, or together, it’s your choice,” he told Aaron and Jimmy. Michael wasn’t surprised that Jimmy opted to sleep alone. Aaron didn’t care, but he wished he could sleep with his friend Alex. Having Alex next to him gave him a sense of security. He liked that. Aaron and Jimmy got into bed and pulled up the covers. The beds had a huge comforter on them and very big fluffy pillows that Aaron sunk his head down into. Michael bent over each boy and gave them a peck on the forehead along with a “goodnight”. Then he turned out the lights and returned to his room.
Conner was wrapped up in the comforter already and Mark was sitting on the bed waiting for Michael to climb in. Michael got into the middle and reached over and gave Conner a small kiss on the lips and a goodnight as the boy rolled over on his side and wrapped his arm around Michael. Mark entered his side of the bed and pulling the covers up leaned over and gave Michael a kiss and said goodnight as well. Mark rolled over on his stomach and turned his head away from Michael and he turned out the lights.

Mark was the sixth son of parents who emigrated from Greece as children. His parents raised all their sons as they themselves had been raised for generations, going back many tens of hundreds of years. To a Greek father, his son was his soul. He was his life, and it was his responsibility to lead him into manhood. As his ancestors did before him for time immemorial, Mark’s father would introduce his son to life’s mysteries beginning at the age of 5 when he no longer needed his mother’s bed and milk to sustain life.
On the night of Mark’s 5th birthday, the family Patriarch, his grandfather, took his virginity as he had done to all the males in his family. His grandfather then presented the boy to his father’s bed and Mark would know his father’s love for the first time. From that point on, Mark’s education expanded to the inner family circle including his uncles and male cousins. From age 5 to age 12, Mark knew what every other male member of his family knew: they were bonded together by blood and body.
All went well for Mark for 7 years since he knew no other lifestyle and his entire family participated in his upbringing. At age 15 his education would be complete and he would join the other males of his family and begin his own family over time. Much to sociologists chagrin, Greek males rarely become homosexual despite family traditions. Nobody really knows how to explain that to these morons.
On a weekend sleepover at a school mate’s party, at age 12, the school mate’s mother found him performing oral sex on her precious little baby and Mark’s former life ended in Family Court. Mark was declared a PINS by the court (Person In Need of Supervision) and he was trotted off. Mark’s family, in terror of being implicated in Mark’s penchant for sex, agreed to voluntarily relinquish parental custody of him. Mark was cast adrift by his family but he remained silent concerning their traditions.

At about midnight a very soft alarm went off and Michael awoke to change Conner’s diaper and put new medicine on. Going back to bed, Michael noticed that Mark was now also awake. Michael turned out the light and shortly thereafter Mark was stirring in the bed. His legs came up and Michael heard the sound of the boy’s underwear coming off. Mark reached over to Michael and took the man’s hand and put his underwear in it. Michael felt the heat of Mark’s body still warming the pants. His erection was on its way. Mark looked into Michael’s eyes for a long few moments and then not saying anything he reached down to Michael’s penis and cupped it in his hands. The boy smiled knowing that Michael was going to accept him. He then drew a finger along the underside of Michael’s rim and brought the finger up to his upper lip and painted the area with Michael’s smell. Then he reached back down to his own penis and doing the same thing to himself, painted Michael’s upper lip with his smell. The smell of the boy’s penis cream was dizzying to Michael; this had never been done to him before. He didn’t know how, but his erection seemed to intensify. With every breath the boy’s smell thrilled Michael to the core. Mark then turned himself around and moved into Michael’s body moving his buttocks against the man’s leg. Michael knew the signal to be permission for him to join with Mark. This was the method taught to Mark by his family, and words didn’t need to be spoken.
Michael moved to his side and placed his penis into the folds of the boy’s cheeks and waited for the precum to arrive that he knew would make the journey easier for the boy. He moved his hand over to the boy’s chest and stroked downward along the child’s silky smooth body until it reached Mark’s waiting penis that was pulsing with excitement and yearning for release. Michael felt his penis react to the touch of the boy, and felt the movement of the precum that was well on its way though his penis. Mark’s body melded into Michaels torso like a glove from the boy’s heals to his head which was just below Michael’s chin. Michael reached his head down and kissed the boy on the side of his neck and then slowly started to gently suck.
Mark shuddered from the feel of the man on his neck; it was exactly what he remembered about his father when he demonstrated his love for his son so very many times before. Michael felt the shudder and stopped sucking on the boy. “Please don’t stop,” Mark said to Michael and Michael reached his other hand under the boy’s body and held him as tightly as he could and giving him a gentle kiss as he resumed tasting the boy’s sweet tender skin.
Michael’s hand found its way to the boy’s slowly expanding and contracting tummy and slowly started to circle it. Michael loved the feeling of a boy’s soft stomach, it fed into his deepest sexual fantasy of giving a boy his seed and getting him pregnant with his child.
The thought of the sight of a boy with a round fat belly holding a baby within was fostered in Michael as an 8 year old boy when his father made love to him and whispered into his ear that this was how he was conceived, and his father was now giving Michael a baby of his very own to grow inside of him. Michael at 8 thought he was pregnant and the thought excited him to orgasm spontaneously. It never happened again and Michael was always searching for a return to that event.
From instinct, Mark knew when Michael had sufficient precum available to him and without either partners hands, adjusted his body to accept the penis that was inches away from the boy’s rectum. With an upward lifting of his body, Mark expertly guided Michael’s penis into place and when he knew that his head was at the door, moved his hips back down and felt his anus accepting the gift that he knew would be filling him with the love and comfort he so desperately wanted and needed.
Michael felt the sliding of his head through the boy’s anus and it stopped temporarily just inside the boy with the muscle of Mark’s anus now sitting under the rim of his head. The muscle was slowly contracting around his penis and the boy was flexing his anus to stimulate both himself and Michael.
To Michael, moving now would have been obscene. The boy was obviously in control of how his love would be accepted and it was very clear that Mark knew the mechanics. Michael made no attempt to enter the boy further; he would take his guidance from the boy’s actions. With each contraction from Mark, Michael’s penis reacted by involuntarily flexing. In turn, this would cause Marks penis to flex, and both lovers bathed in the feelings that each was receiving.
Mark’s hand moved to the back of Michael’s leg and he held it tightly against his body. Mark was ready to fully accept Michael, and the boy’s hips once again moved back towards Michael’s groin. Mark had total control of his sphincter muscle and the child was allowing it to expand and accept Michael’s shaft that was now wet with his precum and the boy’s inner juices that surrounded the boy’s anal ring. Michael felt his penis moving slowly but very comfortably deep into the boy’s very warm body. Every few millimeters, the boy would flex his muscle which sent shock waves through Michael’s penis and to his prostate which was working over time on producing the nectar necessary to deliver Michael’s seed from his pulsing eggs. As it moved further and further in, Michael’s head was being bathed in feelings of heat and pressure that came from parting the little boy’s rectal walls. As the man’s cock slipped in the pressure in Michael’s urethra increased as the tube slid into the boy and rested against his prostate that was throbbing with activity. The boy would not ejaculate, but he would feel every bit of the pleasure experienced by a producing man and he knew it was building inside of him as it had done hundreds of times before with his family. The boy’s reaction took many forms. His legs were quivering slightly and his head was pushing back against Michael’s chest. Very low moans were coming deep from within Mark, and they were unmistakable moans of pleasure. The boy had always been encouraged from the earliest age to allow himself to let his partner know of his passion in audible language and when the time came, nobody could doubt the feeling he was experiencing.
Mark’s hands were now both on the man’s thighs pushing them in to increase the pleasure from the penetration. Any fear of hurting the boy by penetrating him disappeared in Michael’s mind, the boy’s father had paved the way and the boy knew only love and comfort from the entrance of Michael into the center of his being. When Michael’s pubic hair brushed against Mark’s cheeks and nestled into his crack Mark knew he had received all the man could produce and squeezed his sphincter muscle tight around Michael’s shaft which reacted in spasms for the boy and the man. Mark was ready to draw the man’s seed from his eggs as he had been taught to do for so many years. Mark’s hand moved to cover Michael’s that was holding and slowly stroking the boy’s straining penis. Mark’s rhythm on Michael’s penis grew in intensity with every thrust of the boy’s hips. Each partner’s breathing told the other where they were in the throws of lovemaking, and Mark was taught to ensure simultaneous orgasm with his partner at all times. Mark expertly guided Michael to climax just as the child let go of his own feelings of exquisite ecstasy as his penis danced in the man’s hands.
Michael’s penis exploded in spasms inside the boy as wave after wave of semen raced through his urethra and left his body and entered into the boy. The touch of the hot nectar on the boy’s inner walls caused Mark to clutch at the man’s hand and stiffen his body almost straight out.
Towards the end of Michael’s release a thread of love still remained in his urethra and he could feel it being drawn forward through his penis by the pulsing of the boy’s rectum. The end of the thread was still leaving his egg and sliding past his prostate. The very end of the thread had a small lump that only the man’s urethra could detect, and Michael felt it travel closer and closer to the tip of his penis and then beyond into the boy’s body. Mark stopped his movements at the same time that the thread end left his penis, and Michael questioned in his own mind whether Mark felt receiving his final gift to the boy.
Both partners remained joined as their breathing came back down to almost normal levels. Mark’s body was wet with perspiration and Michael licked the boy’s salty neck as the boy pressed back against his chest. Michael then started to withdraw from the boy which brought an immediate reaction from Mark “Please, don’t leave me, I need to have you stay with me.” As the boy reached back over to Michael’s leg and held him into him. Michael said nothing; he ceased trying to withdraw from the boy and returned to fill him once again.
Michael then kissed the boy again on his neck and cupping the boy’s penis and scrotum in his hands slowly and gently kneading the boy’s eggs around in his fingers. Mark knew he was in an extremely vulnerable position, the man had hold of his sexual being and could crush them in an instant leaving him castrated. He fell asleep to feelings the man was producing in him secure in the knowledge that Michael was no man, he was Mark’s lover and Michael would never hurt him.
Michael had made love to hundreds of boys. All were very precious to him and he didn’t raise one above the other. But he was also human and some boys did stand out in his mind as superb love makers. Mark had to be counted into this group. The boy not only received love, he gave back as much as he received and he obviously enjoyed doing it. Michael listened to the sounds of the boy’s breathing and knew when he drifted off to sleep. With the child holding Michael’s penis in his body and Michael holding the boy’s in his hand, Michael fell off to sleep sucking on the boy’s neck.
At 3:00 the alarm once again rang to announce that it was time to change Conner’s diaper, and after doing that Michael went to reach for the light and looked down on Mark’s sleeping form. Michael loved the look of a boy’s body and almost without thought turned out the light and took the boy’s penis into his mouth. The boy had been flaccid moments before, but as he wrapped his tongue around the boy’s penis, Michael could feel it slowly return to life and glide towards the back of his throat. Mark would have wonderful dreams that night of being once again with his family and especially with his father. He also dreamed that he was going to the bathroom. Michael didn’t mind, he swallowed the boy’s water as fast as the boy could produce it and the bed stayed dry. There was nothing the boy could produce that Michael wouldn’t accept. Nothing.
Doc went back to Alex when the boys left for the dorm and through the afternoon and evening watched as Alex’s temperature dropped lower and lower. The antibiotics that were being pumped into the boy’s veins were doing their job combined with the alcohol and ice packs that were used to artificially drop the boy’s temperature to ward off convulsions. By 2:00 am Alex’s temperature dropped below 100 and he was fairly awake. Doc ordered the boy be put back into pajamas and underpants and Alex was fed beef broth through the night. By morning Alex had a temperature of 99 and Doc knew that the boy had made it through the crises. Out of curiosity, Doc asked Alex if he remembered being with Aaron or hearing him the night before, but Alex said that while he didn’t see or hear Aaron, he dreamed that he smelled his friend. It made him happy he told the Doctor. As a pediatrician, Doc knew about babies being able to recognize their mothers by smell, but he wasn’t aware that older children might be able to do the same. Did the smell of Aaron have anything to do with the boy’s recovery or was it all medicine? Doc wasn’t sure, but he wanted to look into the possibility when he had time.
For Alex’s part, he remembered being given a cavity search by the guard at Danamora, nothing after that. Doc was very happy to hear that and decided that the details of what had occurred be kept from the boy. He couldn’t keep the fact that the boy’s hearing in one ear was lost forever from him and decided that Michael and he would have a talk with him later on that day.
Alex was very confused by the entire goings on. The last thing he knew, he was in a dark dank dungeon with his ass being yanked open and now he was lying in a hospital with clean underwear and pajamas on. Alex hadn’t worn pajamas in almost half a year in jail! Where was he and where was his friend Aaron? Doc agreed to let him see Aaron and Conner after breakfast and if all turned out all right; he might be able to join them the next day. In the meantime it was time for Alex to eat solid food. Doc asked him what he wanted to eat for breakfast and Alex looked at him like he was a frog. “What would I like?” Alex thought to himself. Where the hell was he? Doc was a little amused by the boy’s reaction and told Alex he would see to it that he got some food that his stomach was ready to digest. 20 minutes later, Alex was staring at a mountain of scrambled eggs, toast and milk.
6:00 came for Michael and the boys in the dorm and once again, it was time to change Conner’s diaper. Michael stirred in bed and realized very quickly that Mark had presented him with another gift, a very wet ass. Michael smiled: he thought he solved that problem. Mark awoke and knew he wet, and started to tell Michael how sorry he was. Michael put his fingers to the boy’s lips and then rolled Mark on top of him. “I don’t care one single bit,” Michael said to Mark and gave him a kiss on the lips and hugged the boy intensely. Mark enjoyed the kiss and the hug, but didn’t want it to stop. He returned his lips to Michael and slipped his tongue into Michael’s mouth.
When Mark sat on his father’s lap during love making his father taught him to French kiss. Mark enjoyed the lessons very much. Michael never wanted the boy to leave his arms, nor did the boy. Michael’s penis was standing between the boy’s buttocks and Michael once again felt precum welling up and out of his penis. Mark also felt the precum as it fell from the tip of Michael’s penis to his anus in an unbroken ribbon. Mark giggled at the feeling. Face to face with Michael Mark got a curious look on his face. “Your breath smells like pee Michael,” said the boy. “That’s because you wet last night and I drank it,” Michael told the boy. Mark thought about it for a few seconds. “Wow”, “My grandfather used to drink our pee too!” the boy told Michael “Little boys pee is good,” Michael said “It comes from your penis, and anything that comes from your penis is good,” Mark smiled. At that point, Jimmy came into the room and saw the caretaker with the naked Mark lying on top of him. With a faint “sorry” he retreated back to his room.
Michael’s thoughts drifted to Jimmy as he lay there stroking Mark’s body with his hands as low as he could reach and then back up to the boy’s shoulders. Mark drifted halfway between sleep and wakefulness completely at ease with the man under him. He couldn’t have his father; but he had the next best thing.
Jimmy would see as the boys all around him inevitably submitted to their sexual wants, and Michael would make sure that Jimmy would eventually let go of his sexual inhibitions. Jimmy would be the last boy that Michael would engage from the current group and when it occurred, it would be Jimmy who would offer up his body to Michael because that was what he wanted to do, not because he was being forced to.
Michael’s thoughts were interrupted by movement on the bed. Conner was still somewhere between the twilight of sleep and wakefulness and was stirring. Michael looked over and smiled. Conner was one of those boys who awoke to orgasm. Maybe one in every 50 did this every morning.
The little boy was lying on his stomach and had both hands down his diaper. As he lay there plying his penis in his hands, his body was rocking back and forth very noticeably and his pelvis was moving his lower body up and down. Conner, even though he was asleep, was humping his bed. Mark felt the commotion, and turned his head around and watched the little boy for a few seconds. “Is he fucking?” Mark asked Michael. Michael smiled. “Let’s just say he’s getting off. Sort of like masturbating.” Mark studied the child while his penis flexed on Michael’s stomach. At that point Aaron came into the room and sat down on the end of the bed. “He did that in jail sometimes,” Aaron said watching Conner. “It usually got him into trouble because the bigger kids would then get into bed with him and fuck him.” Michael knew that what Aaron told him was true. “Those days are over. Just because you see another person masturbating, doesn’t mean you can involve yourself. It’s against the rules here. Nobody can interfere with you if you chose to jerk off; it’s your private business.” Aaron thought that was a good rule.
Conner continued for probably 5 minutes and his movement increased in intensity. He had sweat coming from his forehead before he arched his back and his feet and shoulders came up off the bed. With a grunt from deep within him, he climaxed in 4 or 5 spasms and then slowly fell back to his pillow. His eyes then slowly opened as his breathing started to fall back to normal level. He focused his eyes on Michael and Mark looking at him and slowly smiled like he just heard a funny story. Michael smiled back at him and said “Good morning little man.” Conner’s smile got a little bigger and his eyes closed once again. Michael looked back to Mark and their eyes met.
It was impossible for Michael not to kiss this boy.
Conner started to stir and Michael took Mark’s face in his hands and once again kissed the boy as he was accustomed to being kissed by his father. “Thank you,” he said to Mark in his ear “I love you very, very much.” Mark and Michael were one. The boy left for the shower knowing that the man who was taking care of him now loved and cared for him and would be there for him in the future. Mark was a happy boy once again.
Aaron watched as Michael and Mark kissed and when Mark got off the caretaker, Aaron readily saw both erections. Michael did nothing to hide his penis from Aaron. He wanted the boy to see it, and he wanted the boy to know that Mark was a willing partner. “You had sex with Mark last night, right?” Aaron said to the caretaker. “Yes Aaron, Mark and I made love to each other,” Michael told the boy. “Did you have pussy with Mark?” Aaron asked. Michael had heard the term “pussy” before. Many boys he knew used the term to describe anal sex. By calling it “pussy” rather than fucking, it mitigated the act for the boys concerning “being gay”. “Yes, Mark wanted me to enter him,” Michael told the boy. Aaron looked a little confused. He looked at the man’s penis. It was about 6 inches long and it was fatter than most poops he ever saw. How did Mark open up his bottom big enough to get that dick into him? “Didn’t it hurt Mark?” Aaron wanted to know. “That’s a question you’ll have to ask Mark, but I would not have entered him if it would hurt him,” Michael told the boy. Ask Mark? Aaron thought to himself. Ask another boy if he got fucked? And if he did, how did it feel? Aaron wasn’t too sure about that suggestion. The boy decided that he would just watch Mark and that would give him his answers.

Part Four
Conner’s 3 pound diaper came off and the little boy’s penis was red with the stimulation it had just experienced. Michael twanged the little boy’s stiff little rod and that sent Conner through the day’s first giggles. Michael grabbed him into his arms and told Aaron to get showered as the two of them left for the bath room. Michael still had a raging erection from Mark, and Aaron watched it as the man passed him. Conner still had sweat on his brow and Michael kissed the boy’s forehead. His lips got wet from the labor of Conner’s lovemaking to himself and Michael savored the salty taste. Conner gave Michael a hug when he got into his arms and planted a kiss on him that only a little boy is capable of.
Showers that morning were fairly painless for most of the boys, they were beginning to get used to the idea that boners abounded in the morning and everyone had their share. Even Jimmy wasn’t too unhappy, morning showers were done by the boy himself and nobody was touching Jimmy’s genitals but himself. Jimmy had forgotten, he didn’t have to take a shower if he didn’t want to, he didn’t wet. He forgot about that until almost the end of the shower. “Shit!” he said to himself when he remembered the rule.
Michael laid Conner down on the shower floor and washed his genitals and anus. Closer inspection of the boy’s anus told Michael that it was beginning to heal. It also showed the boy’s rectal tear was far from the only one the boy had experienced. Swelling had hidden most of the prior damage. Michael counted at least 4 tears that were healed. This child had been ripped
apart by adults time and time again. Michael didn’t understand how anyone who claimed to love boys could stoop to hurting them so carelessly. Michael knew it was completely unnecessary and avoidable.
Conner’s temperature was taken for the last time and came back normal. Michael applied the ointment to the boy’s anus and slipped in another suppository of Preparation H. Conner’s second giggle of the day followed and with a kiss on the boy’s tummy, Conner was ready for the day.
Michael called Aaron over and told him he wanted to check to see if he had cleaned himself well. He had the boy turn himself around, but his main focus was on the boy’s penis. Aaron would be circumcised this morning along with the 4 other new boys in the group. For the last time, Aaron’s foreskin was pulled down over his head. Aaron was unaware of the event that would soon take place and didn’t know the significance of the caretaker’s actions. Michael put some soap in his hand and washed the boy’s head. Then he pulled back the foreskin for the last time. Michael would have preferred the boy be left intact, but the choice wasn’t his to make.
Breakfast over, the boys were returned to the dorm and once again, Michael would return to check on Alex. Before he did, he called Mark into his room and had the boy sit down on his bed. Michael took out a box he had in the closet on the top shelf and brought it out. Opening it, he took out a few small gold rings and found one that fit Mark’s left hand pinky finger. He slipped it on the boys finger and made sure that it could not slide off. “This is yours,” he told the boy who was staring down at the ring. It shows my love for you to anyone who sees it.” Michael then kissed Mark. Mark gave Michael a huge hug and went flying back into the living room to show the other boys.
It was now time to go and see Alex. Michael knew from reports that Alex’s fever had broken and that the boy was eating. Aaron wanted to join him and once Conner found out about it, so did he. Michael decided all the boys of his group would visit with Alex and they headed out to the infirmary and the ward.
Alex had finished his breakfast as the boys came into the ward with Michael. Aaron jumped on the bed with his friend as Conner joined him. Aaron was dizzy with happiness. He wasn’t sure if his only friend was going to be dead or alive today and here he was sitting up. Alex still had the machine attached to his arm, but other than the bandage that was still around his head, Alex looked fine to him. A little pale, but fine. “What happened to your hair?” Alex first wanted know. “Mandatory!” came the low chorus from the group. “How come you guys are still naked?” Alex asked his friend. Again, a low chorus rang out. “Mandatory.” Alex knew what that meant, he dropped the subject. “You should see the food that we’re getting,” Aaron said to his friend. “This morning we had pancakes and sausage and even Danish,” Aaron told his friend. “Me too, said Alex “But I got scrambled eggs. We live in a dorm now, it’s really nice. We have a TV and a refrigerator and everything!” “Neat,” Alex said to his friend.
Conner got up on Alex’s bed and lifted up the sheets lying on top of the boy. He moved them down and felt Alex’s pajamas. Then he reached into the fly and touched the front of Alex’s underwear. “We have underwear too,” Conner said to Alex. “But we can only wear it in the dorm.” Conner looked over to Michael. “How come he can wear underwear, he’s not in the dorm?” “No, but he is in the hospital, and Doc’s rules say he can,” Michael told the little boy. Conner looked back at Alex’s pants that he was still feeling. Alex looked down at Conner’s diaper. “Why do you have that diaper on?” he wanted to know. “My butt was bleeding,” Conner told Alex with a smile on his face. That brought some laughter to the group and just about then, Doc walked in.
Doc was bone tired from being up all night with Alex, but the sound of the children’s laughter made him forget about that for awhile. “Good morning guys,” he said to the group as he approached. A chorus of “hellos” from the boys greeted the man and Conner scrambled to be lifted up to the man who had made his butt stop burning. “I haven’t heard of any problems in the rear end department, have you Michael?” “No Doc,” Michael reported. “Good, we dodged the bullet on that one this time around,” Doc said. He flipped Conner upside down and moved Conner diaper to one side. Conner was screeching with delight thinking the man was playing around. Doc wasn’t happy with what he saw. He looked up to Michael. “Fucking dumb!” he said to the caretaker. There was no disagreement. He handed Conner back to his caretaker with the boy still upside down and Conner screeched even louder. Then he tickled Conner’s stomach with the boy twisting around in Michael’s hands. It was wonderful to see the child so happy Doc thought to himself.
“And how is Alex this morning?” Doc asked as he turned to look at the boy sitting in the bed. “Fine Sir,” Alex said to the man who probably saved his life without Alex knowing anything about it. “Good, if everything stays on track, you can probably be moved into the dorm tomorrow afternoon.” Alex wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. He didn’t mind staying right where he was. “Michael we have some things to discuss in about an hour, and I want to set things up for 11:00 concerning today’s activities.” “Fine Doc,” Michael said and gathered the boys together for their return to the dorm.
“What’s this?” Doc said just before the group left. Doc took Mark’s hand and lifted it up towards his face. “It’s from Michael,” Mark said to the man beaming with pride. Doc put the boy’s hand back down and smiled at him. “Good boy,” Doc said to the boy and bent down and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Doc, like all the other trustees knew the significance of the ring.
Aaron was curious concerning the ring. Was it just a present from the caretaker for letting him fuck Mark, or did it have a deeper meaning? Up to that point in time, he didn’t see anyone else with any ring on but he wasn’t looking for one either. He decided he would be looking.
Michael returned the boys to the dorm and underpants went flying out of the drawer once again. Michael had a meeting with Doc to keep, but he also had to prepare Aaron. As the head of the team, Michael gathered all five of the boys who were about to be circumcised into his room. With the boys all sitting on the floor Michael came into the room with 5 boys in jump suits. Each of the boys had some pictures in their hands. Aaron also noticed that every one of the boys also had a small gold ring on the pinky finger, left hand.
Michael introduced each boy to his group and as he did, the jump suit boy handed his pictures to one of the boys sitting down. Aaron took his pictures from the boy who gave him his and looked at them. They were pictures of the boy standing in front of him. The boy was naked in the pictures. Michael began: “The pictures you have were taken before these boys were circumcised. As you can see, they all once looked like you do now,” he said to the boys who were looking at the pictures. Aaron heard the term “circumcised” before, he knew it meant getting your dick cut down. He looked at the pictures again. Yes, they looked exactly like he did. So what? Aaron thought to himself. Michael then told the jumpsuit boys to take off their suits.
One by one, each boy got naked and stood before the boy who had his pictures. Aaron’s blood pressure began to rise a bit. He looked at the boy standing in front of him, and then over to the other boys standing there. They were all now very neatly trimmed. “These boys are here to not only show you, but to answer any questions you may have about being circumcised.”
Aaron felt some water build up in his eyes. “Why would we have any questions?” he asked Michael. He was sure he didn’t want to know the answer. “Circumcision is mandatory for all boys. Even Gramps and Coach had to be circumcised when they first came here Aaron. This morning all of you will be circumcised by Doc.” Aaron looked down to the floor and watched as the droplets left his eyes and hit the rug. They were going to cut off his dick.
“What will happen will cause you no more pain than feeling a few needle sticks. Your penis will be numb and you will not feel anything down there during the operation,” Michael went on. “If this were something that was going to be very painful, these boys wouldn’t be here to tell you about what happened to them. Do they look unhappy?” Aaron didn’t really care about what the other boys had to say, he didn’t like the idea of getting his dick cut off he thought to himself. “But why?” Aaron asked Michael with tears streaming down his cheeks. Michael’s heart broke for the boy, but there was no way around it. He reached over and picked Aaron up with the boy sobbing on his chest. “I’m sorry Aaron but its mandatory. There’s nothing I can do. I will be there with you and so will all your caretakers,” he said to the other boys who were about as happy as Aaron.
Five gurneys were set up in the infirmary when Michael and the other caretakers came in with the boys. Doc was there with his assistants and they were ready to operate. Each boy’s genital area was washed and the boy was put on the gurney. Straps were attached to each boy’s legs, arms, chest and forehead, and they were ready to begin. “You will feel a small needle prick or 2, and that will numb the area,” Michael said to the sobbing boys. “As soon as there’s no feeling in your penis, Doc will complete the operation and it will be over.” Michael and the other caretakers leaned over their charges and would be there to comfort them when the cut was made. When it did occur, Michael was happy that Aaron had straps on.
Doc had performed thousands of circumcisions in his career, but the greater majority of them were on infants. Now he was performing the operation strictly on boys ages 8 through 15. Babies don’t put up much of a fuss before they are cut, older boys certainly did. Still, Doc wanted to make the procedure as painless as possible with the least amount of stress on the boy.
While babies are not usually anesthetized during the operation, you couldn’t possible do the operation on a young boy unless he was. Doc gave each boy a ring block to lesson any pain. Then the boy was circumcised and fitted with a Hollister Plastibell and sutured. The boys were back in the dorm and in their caretakers bed one hour after it was started.
Aaron was an extremely unhappy camper. He was put into a diaper when he left the infirmary, but he wanted to see what they had done to him. His penis throbbed with a dull ache, but nothing compared to how it felt when Doc put the scalpel to his foreskin. Aaron didn’t give a shit what anybody said, getting your dick cut off hurt and he knew it. He pulled down the sheet that lay over his lower body and pulled open the tab of the diaper on one side and moved the diaper out of the way. His penis to him looked red and raw and had a cap like ring attached to his head with stitches holding it on. He touched it with his finger and deeply regretted it immediately. He had seen this ring on some of the other boys in the mess hall, but didn’t know why it was there. Now he did. He put his hands up to his face and lost it.
Michael came in the room with a drink that Doc had prepared for each boy. They would all be asleep in less than 20 minutes. After drinking the malted Michael put back Aaron’s diaper, and Aaron was told that the ring would fall off all by itself in about a week to 10 days. The operation was over, and there were no other ones that Aaron needed to worry about. Aaron fell asleep with Michael stroking the boy’s cheek. Aaron was very happy his day was over.
While Michael and the other caretakers were in the infirmary with Aaron and the other boys, The rest of the boys met their new teacher, Mr. Bill. For the next 90 days he would be in charge of the boy’s academic education and like every other trustee, he was also an inmate. Mr. Bill was an excellent teacher who very much loved his pupils which also landed him in prison.

For 8 years he taught 4th and 5th grade children and on more than a few over night trips, had taken many of the boys to his heart and his bed. Like most, he hated being what he was, but he was a boylover through and through. On a camping trip in the Adirondacks, a maid came into the resort room the group was staying at and Mr. Bill was found making one of his boys extremely happy by giving him oral. Mr. Bill found himself in prison with a longer sentence than inmates who had killed people. He was now a member of The Program because he met its chief requirement: no violence. Mr. Bill was as meek as a lamb; he just liked to suck on little boys dicks. Hey! We all have our little quirks!
After introductions, Mr. Bill took the boys to the recreation area. None of the boys had seen it before, and it was as big a surprise to them as the new food they were now getting. The rec room has an Olympic sized swimming pool and is surrounded by pool tables, ping pong tables, and gym equipment. The new boys were not alone, the gym and pool had dozens of other boys in it, and strewn all around were jump suits and shorts. None of the boys who were there were clothed, they had stripped off their clothes and left them where they dropped.
“Go play!” Mr. Bill said and sat down at a bench along the side of the gym. It took moments for most of the new boys to be in the pool. As was his usual practice, Conner attached himself to the nearest friendliest adult around, and stood by Mr. Bill staring at him. Aaron and Alex were gone temporarily, and they were the only 2 boys Conner really knew in the group. The boy was gun shy around older boys, and there were a lot of them in the pool. He decided he would play it safe.
“Don’t you want to go play with your friends?” Mr. Bill said to the boy standing there staring at him. Conner shook his head no. Mr. Bill knew boys inside out. He reached out his open hands and Conner climbed into his lap. Settling in, Conner took Mr. Bill’s hands and put them onto his lap covering his groin. This was allowed, the boy had initiated the move and Mr. Bill wasn’t too unhappy about it. His penis rose. “Why do you have the diaper on?” the teacher asked the little boy. “My butt was bleeding,” Conner said to the man as the boy turned his head to look at the teacher. Mr. Bill knew immediately that he was dealing with an anal tear boy. “That must have hurt,” the teacher replied. “Yes, but Doc fixed it and now it’s getting better. I don’t feel it anymore,” Conner told the teacher.
As anyone around Conner would very quickly learn, he had the tact of a four year old. When he had a question or comment, you knew exactly what he had in mind. Mr. Bill was now around Conner. “I’m here because I fuck,” the little boy said. “Is that why you’re here too?” It wasn’t the first time the teacher met such openness, but it always took him aback a little. “Well, I guess you could say that, but we’ll start discussing that once we get into class, this is a rec period.” “Isn’t that why your dick is getting hard?” Conner asked. “I can feel it under me.” The teacher got a little hot in the face for the first time in years, but he wanted to try to steer the boy in another direction if he could. He still didn’t know anything about the boy and he had no ring on. This was an unknown child to him, and until he read the boy’s file tomorrow, he didn’t know what he was dealing with. “I’m erect because you are a very beautiful little boy and you’re sitting on my penis,” he said to the boy. Conner giggled. “Do you want to see my dickie?” Conner asked him. Getting adults stiff wasn’t new to him, all he had to do was drop his pants and he was looking at huge boners all the time. “You can show it to me in class if you want to,” Mr. Bill said. “OK,” replied Conner.
Mark came over to Conner dripping wet and asked the boy if he wanted to go swimming with him. Conner thought for about 2 seconds and slid off the teacher’s lap and climbed into Mark’s arms. Mr. Bill smiled as the boy waddled off to the pool with Conner attached to his side but not before he noticed Mark’s ring. He shook his head. Dear, dear Michael he thought to himself.
Mr. Bill needed a personal break, if he didn’t go jerk off he was going to explode he thought to himself and left for the toilets. Mr. Bill wasn’t alone at the toilets, several of the jump suits were already there relieving themselves of their tension over the sight of the new boys and the urinals were kept fairly busy throughout the morning.
The boys were returned to the dorm just before lunch and Michael asked Mr. Bill to watch the sleeping Aaron and the other 4 boys in the unit, while he took the boys to the mess hall. “What’s wrong with the boys?” Mr. Bill asked. “Bris,” said Michael. “Shame,” replied Mr. Bill. He and Michael were in accord as regards foreskins on little boys. Mr. Bill turned on the TV and sat down to monitor the boys he knew would be dead to the world for the remainder of the day. When Doc made a milkshake: say goodnight.
Doc held a meeting with the Officer of the Day whenever necessary. He wanted a meeting to discuss a wide range of subjects, including the increased incidents of rectal tears. It seemed that there were many more of them lately and they were dangerous because of the risk on sepsis that could easily be deadly for the boys. “Doc, you know as well as I do that these things spike every fucking time a new batch of scumbag recruits come out of the Academy. There isn’t much we can do about it without taking the risk of the whole fucking program going up in smoke. The OD told him. “Most of that bullshit is coming from Downstate, those fucking assholes are yahoos right out of the Academy! They all think they’re mother fucking J. Edger Hoover!”
Doc knew that it was true; if there was a complaint, Albany would start an investigation that could go off in a thousand directions. He also knew that every time a spike in rectal tears occurred, it signaled that a new graduating class from the Departments training facility on New Scotland Ave. had arrived at Downstate.
“What about Danamora?” Doc asked the O.D. “We did look into that,” the O.D. said. “The guard was pissed off because someone stole his battery out of the parking lot.” “A 9 year old boy got his anus ripped open and another boy is deaf for the rest of his life because someone stole someone’s battery?” Doc asked the O.D. “Hey Doc, shit happens!” said the guard. If there was a point to the meeting, Doc didn’t know what it was. Doc gave the O.D. a report on the boy who needed his appendix out and on the five boys who had to be circumcised and decided to call it a day. He needed a positive note to end his day with and went back to the ward and had a game of “War” with Alex.

Up until the age of 7, Alex had a fairly normal boyhood other than the fact that his mother and father fought like cats and dogs, usually over money. At age 7, his mother divorced his father who loved Alex and his younger brother and sister. The divorce was a messy one because Alex’s father wanted custody of the children. When his mother’s attorney told her she just might lose custody, it got a whole lot messier. She charged the dad with sexually abusing them all.
The children were taken to Social Services on South Pearl St. and “interviewed”. Nothing had ever happened, and the children so reported. To Social Services, if the child admitted to the abuse, it was proof positive that the acts had occurred. If the children denied the abuse, they were obviously lying due either to pressure from the father, or were too afraid to admit their guilt. Dad was obviously a sex pervert who fucked his kids, and there was no way he could gain their custody. Dad was forbidden to ever see his children again.
8 months later mommy’s boyfriend moved in. Boyfriend loved Alex’s little brother. Literally. Boyfriend hated Alex. Brother got fucked, Alex took beatings for the next 5 years. During those years Alex’s mother worked nights and boyfriend worked days. This left nights available for boyfriend and little brother to romp away. Boyfriend didn’t bother to hide his activities; Alex was usually sitting on the couch next to him while boyfriend played on his little brother’s flute.
One spring afternoon, the upstairs neighbor lady asked 12 year old Alex to watch her twin sons while she went out to the store. Alex babysat the five year olds before, and agreed to do it. Mommy had left the boys in the tub to play around the water and told Alex to keep an eye on them. The twins were very cute and very precocious. When Alex walked into the bathroom, they were having a sword fight with their little twinkies. The play escalated and ended up with the twins on their backs on their bed and Alex sucking them clean. It was something he had seen his little brother do so many times before for boyfriend. Mommy came home and hearing the giggles from the twins came upstairs and freaked. An hour later 2 policemen were putting Alex into the back of the police car in handcuffs.
Social Services weren’t at all surprised by Alex’s acts, after all, daddy showed him the way and they were vindicated. Social Services wanted Alex to admit his prior sexual molestation by his dad, but Alex very stupidly told the truth instead. This infuriated the Department: this child was obviously beyond salvation! Alex was removed from the home, and remanded to the custody of the State until he was 18 years old. Mommy kissed his ass goodbye; forever.

By mid afternoon Doc heard a commotion in the infirmary and heard some very familiar voices coming closer and closer. The doors to the ward opened and in walked Doc’s ward with the child’s nanny. The ward’s name was Patty, the nanny’s name was Kellie. Doc was thrilled to see them both as the child ran to him and jumped up into Doc’s arms. Alex wondered who the little girl was. Doc very obviously loved the child, they were smothering each other with hugs and kisses. Alex’s attention was then drawn to Kellie. Alex knew that Kellie was a man, but like no other man he ever saw before. Kellie was as swish as anyone could possibly get. He never stopped talking, and most of what he was saying wasn’t worth hearing; at least not to Alex. Patty and Kellie had been on a shopping trip to New York City and bags and bags of clothing were being brought in by the trustees. Alex’s curiosity grew. Shopping trip? A girl in a prison for boys? A nanny who was gay?
As Alex and the rest of the boys would learn over the coming days, Patty and Kellie lived in Doc’s apartment there in prison with him. Kellie was Patty’s nanny and took care of the child. Kellie was not a trustee; he was a free man and could walk out of prison if he wanted to. He didn’t want to. Kellie was a homosexual; he was not a child lover. Kellie did not engage Patty sexually. Patty had lived with Doc now for two years. She was 8 when she first came. Patty’s name was Patrick when he was born.

Patty was born in San Diego to a woman who wanted a girl child. When Patty was born, his genitalia was ignored by her and the baby was raised from birth as a girl. At age 2, Patty was taken by his mother to Tijuana. Patty’s mother wanted the genitals removed from the child, they were unnecessary. The Doctor refused to cut off the child’s penis, but did agree to remove the child’s testicles. He made two incisions under the scrotum of the child as his mother held the babies legs up on her lap as the Doctor withdrew the testicles from his scrotum and severed the Vas deferens which was attached to each testicle and laid them on a tray. After the child was stitched up she took the child and the tray and went to the bathroom and flushed the testicles down the toilet. The child returned to San Diego a eunuch. The mother would have the child’s penis removed as soon as she could find a surgeon to do it.
Patty’s mother died of cancer when Patty was 3 years old and at the mother’s request, Patty was raised by her uncle who was homosexual. The mother agreed to allow her brother to raise the child on the condition he continue to raise her as a girl. The uncle followed his sister’s wishes and moved to New York to raise the girl. 3 years later, her uncle came down with AIDS and died when Patty was 7. The child had no other living relatives, and the Courts decided the child needed very special care, because they had a little girl on their hands that had plumbing that didn’t work or match. The child was entered into Rome State under the care of the Department of Mental Hygiene. They figured the child was either retarded or nuts, maybe both.
A nurse at Rome State also had a husband who was a guard at Elmira. He was also in The Program. Keeping Doc happy was crucial to The Program and the guard had the child’s custody transferred to him and Patty disappeared from the State’s roles. She was neither in the Department of Corrections, nor was she in the Department of Mental Hygiene’s database.
She ceased to exist according to The State of New York. It was extremely easy to do before the age of computers, only slightly more difficult thereafter.
The little girl was given to Doc to raise and an apartment was set up to house the little girl. Doc’s schedule was a very busy one, and having the little girl following him around all day was out of the question. Patty was not enrolled in The Program and she couldn’t sit around all day by herself either. Doc needed a nanny for the child. Kellie fit Doc’s criteria to a tee: the nanny had to be extremely discrete: he would obviously know what The Program was about. He had to be compatible and sympathetic to Patty’s gender switch. He had to be trustworthy concerning any sexual interaction with the child. He wasn’t there to fuck her, he was there to care for her. He had to be extremely intelligent: Kellie was a teacher. Doc’s choice was a perfect match for Patty. Kellie was the little girl’s mother, Doc was her father. Patty thrived with Doc, she even got to play with her “little pink thing” when she slept with her father.

Sitting in his hospital bed, Alex watched all of the commotion with great interest. Bags of clothing were being spilled all over the bed and floor and Patty was modeling it for her father. Alex couldn’t imagine what all this stuff cost, but he wasn’t looking at stuff from Sears and Roebuck. Dresses and coats and hats were strewn all about.
Alex studied the little girl. She had long black hair that was tied back in a blue ribbon and fell to halfway down her back. Black shoes with white leotards on and a very pretty little blue dress that matched the ribbon. Alex thought that she didn’t look as pretty as his sister, but Alex didn’t think many girls did. Patty was particularly fond of one of the dresses she brought and reached down and had her dress over her head and on the floor before anybody realized she was taking it off. Standing there now waiting for Kellie to get the tags off so she could model it for her father, was a little girl in leotards and under the leotards, a yellow pair of underwear with frills on the backside. She also had a bulge that was unmistakable boy. She didn’t have the biggest dink on a 10 year old boy that Alex ever saw before, but it was there. Alex was floored. Was he seeing things? Was it really a vagina? If it was, her vagina had a penis coming out from the center of it. He didn’t see any balls, but there was definitely a dick sitting in those pants as small as it was!
Patty put on her dress and whirled around for her father. Then she climbed back to his arms and wrapped her arms around Doc’s neck. Doc told Kellie to gather together all the clothing and meet them back at the apartment. “Alex, I’ll be back to check on you later, I need to take my daughter back to the room,” the man said. “Patty, this little boy’s name is Alex.” The little girl looked over to Alex and smiled to him. “Hello,” she said. Alex waved with a faint “Hi”.
Doc left, and in a whirlwind, Kellie gathered the little girls clothing up and never stopped chattering once. “Hi Nathan” he said to the boy who had his appendix out. “Hi Kellie,” the boy said back and Kellie was out the door. Alex tried to figure out what he just witnessed. To him, it was like he was just at the tea party in “Alice in Wonderland”, was he going nuts?
Nathan next door saw the look on Alex’s face and giggled. “You’ll get used to it,” the boy told Alex. “You won’t see her often, but she’s always here.” “But wasn’t that a boy?” Alex asked him. “Not as far as anyone here is concerned, and not as far as you’re concerned either. Nobody ever speaks about Patty being a boy, especially in front of her. Doc would go off if you did that.” Alex didn’t understand, but he knew very well what “go off” meant. “Just do what everybody else does,” Nathan continued: “Patty’s a girl and that’s the end of it.” “Thanks,” said Alex.
Nathan looked over to Alex, “What happened to you?” he asked. “I don’t know, I can’t remember,” the boy told Nathan. “Doc says you’re deaf, how can you hear me if you’re deaf?” he asked Alex. “Deaf? I’m not deaf!” he told the boy lying next to him. “You mean you can hear out of the ear that’s bandaged?” Nathan asked. Alex touched the bandage. He didn’t hear any sound coming from the gauze he was touching. He snapped his fingers next to his ear. Again, he heard nothing. He patted his ear with his hand. He felt it, but heard nothing coming from that ear. Maybe the bandage was so big that he couldn’t hear out of it yet he thought to himself. Nobody said anything to him about being deaf!
Alex started to panic and his breathing got heavier. His eyes started to fill up and now Nathan was going into a panic. This could get him into trouble with Doc. “Please don’t tell them I told you anything!” Nathan said to Alex as Alex was calling out for Doc and with each call, he was getting louder. An assistant came in to find out what the commotion was about. By this time Alex was tearing away at his bandaged ear and gauze was all over the bed. “I can’t hear! I can’t hear! I can’t hear!” Alex screamed over and over as the assistant got to his bed and took the boy’s hands in his. The assistant called for one of the other orderlies to go get Doc and tried to comfort the boy who was now practically in hysterics.
In less than a minute Doc was back on the ward and back at Alex’s bedside. It was obvious the boy found out he was deaf, he needed Michael there immediately. “Get Michael here Stat!” he told his crew and cradled the sobbing boy in his lap. Alex’s ear was once again bleeding from the boy hitting and scratching at it to bring back his hearing. “Shit!” Doc said aloud. Nathan closed his eyes and buried himself in his pillow. Doc never cursed in front of the boys unless he was really pissed off. The boy was sure he was in very deep shit.
When Alex scratched at his ear, he pulled out a shunt that Doc had implanted to drain the blood from within the boy’s ear and that shunt now needed to be replaced. He didn’t need to say anything to his assistants: they all saw what happened and were coming back in with new instruments. As Doc was shooting the area around Alex’s ear with Lidocain, Michael came back through the door. “The shit hit the fan Michael; the boy knows he’s deaf!” Doc said to Michael as the caretaker sat down on the boy’s bed. “This should have been done this morning. If I wasn’t in that meeting, we wouldn’t be here.” Michael said nothing; his main concern was the boy.
45 minutes later, Alex was asleep thanks to one of Doc’s malteds and his ear was back in bandages. Alex would be asleep until morning, and both Doc and Michael would be there when he awoke. “This is going to set him back Michael, he won’t be leaving for at least another 2 days at the earliest.” Michael shook his head at Doc’s information and didn’t really respond to it. “I’ll see you at 7 Doc,” Michael said and went back to the dorm.
Leaving the ward, Doc passed by Nathan’s bed and looked down at the boy lying on his stomach with his face still buried in the pillow. Doc was by far a stupid man. If the boy had nothing to do with Alex’s realizing he was deaf, he would have been completely interested in the goings on right next to his own bed. Nathan was distancing himself, and Doc pretty much figured out why. The day before, he took out the boy’s appendix. Nathan was a known quantity to Doc, the boy was a resident of The Program for two years and lived at Elmira and Doc knew him to be a really fine kid. Doc sat down on the side of his bed and stroked the boy’s hair. Nathan shuddered then began sobbing into his pillow.
“I would have preferred to tell the boy myself,” Doc said to the boy. “But I’m sure you didn’t say anything to hurt him purposely Nathan. If I thought that, I’d report you to the guards myself,” Doc said to the boy quietly. “I thought he knew until it was too late!” the boy sobbed almost incoherently. Doc turned the boy around and pulled him into his chest. “It’s OK Nathan, it’s OK,” he reassured the boy. Doc rocked the boy in his arms until his crying subsided. He then handed off Nathan to an assistant who took his place and returned to his apartment. It was a very long day for Doc and Patty was back to make everything OK again.
Doc returned to the apartment with Patty and Kellie cutting off labels and taking clothes off the hangers. The two were in a bit of a spate because Patty wanted to hang the clothes back up in the closet and put them away into the drawers and Kellie wanted to wash them first. “Why wash brand new clothes?” Patty wanted to know. “Those clothes are all full of nasty chemicals,” Kellie countered. Doc sat down and watched the two of them. Kellie was a mother hen. He cooked like a gourmet, he cleaned like a German, and he fawned over Patty like she was his own. Doc loved them both, but he slept only with Patty.
“What’s for dinner?” Doc wanted to know. Patty beamed. “Kellie is making us Chateau Briand tonight Daddy!” Patty said as the little girl hopped into his lap. The food would be spectacular tonight Doc knew, but having Patty back was even more special. His hands reached around her back and unbuttoned the dress she had modeled for him in the ward as the little girl laid on his chest. He lifted her forward and picked the dress up over her arms that she now held over her head. Lying back down on her father’s chest, he pulled off her leotards and yellow panties. Doc untied the ribbon in her hair and let it flow out across her back down to her waist. He reached in back of his little girl and parting her hair in the middle, he brought each half around to the front of her chest and it draped over her shoulders down to his lap. She snuggled into his chest and wrapped her arms around her father in an embrace known only between parent and child. Doc laid his head back in the recliner and rocked softly as he stroked his little girl’s hair and felt the warmth of her body all the way down to the bottom of her buttocks. Doc was happy, his little girl was back and Doc would not have to sleep another night all alone.

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