Dylan and cole sex fun

Dylan and cole sex fun

My name is not needed to be given. im 18 years old and after having great sex with my love, chris, i decided that i needed to have an aggressive expanstion. so if you have read my last story, you'll know my body type and all, i look like im 16 or 17 but im legal. anyway now that me and chris have made great love i began to continue my search for better boys. My favorite boys to watch are dylan and cole sprouse from the disney channel show "the suite life on deck". they were gorgious with blonde hair and a body that looks like their 14, but my favorite of the two is dylan. cole never has a great smile in pictures of him and i like dylan's character better. so i decided that now that im 18 i could have better transportation services and so on. i live only a an hour and a half on where they live and knew how to get there. my goal was simple: fuck dylan and/or cole.

The drive was beautiful. california is a great state with great boys. i had everything planned and with the help of some close contacts i should be able to get what my 6 inch dick wants. i got a call and it was one of my contacts.
con: i have everything in place. they are going to be at the resturant at 8 pm. they will be sitting in seat 24 which is right next to an emergency exit. the interrigation rooms are in place as well.
me: thank you my good man.
Con: so you really think that these guys are terrorist? i mean i don't doubt your evidence but these kids are know for being straight edge. What do you plan on doing to them and why not just have the FBI or something take care of them?
Me: no questions yet. you'll find out soon enough.
I hung up the phone. excellent. Everything was going according to plan.

8 PM at Kublia's resturerant.

Dylan and Cole sitting with their mom and another man just reciveing their drinks. they were all laughing and having a good time. now was the time to begin my plan. i walked into the resturant wearing a nice suit and tye. i was wearing a fake gotie and mustcahe to make myself look older. i walked into the room they were sitting and saw them. i looked around while making my way, looking for the exit (found it) and everyone elese in the room (about 10 other people). I saw the boys. God they looked beautiful. they were dressed in a collard shirt and jeans. a little under dressed but what ever.
me: "excuse me sirs" they all looked.
Dylan: yes?
me: "im specail agent Tony Baur, with the FBI" i first showed them my credentials(fake duh) and then shook their hands each. very smooth but cold with them just contiune their drinks. "im going to have to ask you both, dylan and cole sprouse to come with me to ask a few questions. we have reason to belive that you might be involved in a terriost attack that will be apptempted. i need you both to come with me now."
everyone was shocked, especailly the mother.
mom: 'what? a terriotirst threat? Oh my god. But you cnt take them. they have been with me all day they couldnt have done anything."
me: "ma'am i am authorized to take these two gentleman with me and i am authorized to tell you to fuck off."
she was silent.
Cole: mom, its fine.
dylan: yeah. we'll let him ask questions because we know nithing of a terriorist threat"
mom: "sign. well ok. but im am going to call the cops because this is unbeilveable of a false accusation."
the boys got up and reluctantly followed me into an ally, where i had two of my men who came out and knocked them out. we put them into my car and i drove to where the interrigation room was located. now the fun will begin.

i had two seperate rooms for each boy. each room was decorated like my old bedroom when i was 10 but there were no toys or anything. just a bed and desk, one chair on each side. i had taken off my suit and fake hairs and wore my normal gym shorts and t-shirt. i watched each room as the men that hlepd me came in.
man 1: well, what do you need us to do now boss? still yous till 9.
Me: im going to need your gun for this, ok?
man 1: sure.
he gave me the gun an i loaded it. i shot all three of them in the head. they were done. i no longer needed them. i couldn't let my operation be ruined if they got suspicious. i looked over and noticed dylan was waking from the bed. it was time to have some fun.

i walked into his room. dylan was looking very confused. i pointed him to sit down at the desk. he walked over, his sneakers made the carpet sound. he sat over and then i made my way, smiling in a scary way.
me: hi.
dylan: wat they hell why did you have to knock us out? is this how the FBI does it all of the time…wait a minute.
me: im not FBI. no not me. you know what i am, im a dog chasing cars. i see one that i like and i go for it.
dylan: wat are you trying to say? what the fuck do you want?
hearing dylan curse was sexy.
me: i want you. you see im a guy of simple taste, i enjoy sunsets, and jacking off…"
dylan looked as if he had a feeling of what was going on.
me: …and boys like you. not women for me. no no no. i want to sex you up dylan sprouse.
dylan: dude, not happening.
me: dude, happening. if you dont i will simply fuck your brother too and then kill him. im gonna fuck him and you anyway one at a time but if you resist too much i will kill you both. i just took down my men who helped me set up this whole operation. i suggest tht you prepare yourself dylan.
dylan was beggining to eye me. he knew what he had to do. i told him to get on the bed.
dylan: you know, im bi any way so maybe we dont need this to be tourture…and you arent bad looking yourself…
me: oh i dont want to hurt you dylan. my needs are just craving for your dick though.
he began to strip until he stopped at his boxers. i was too eventually. as he was dressing i finally found out that he did have a few pitt hairs just like chris. beautiful. he didnt have any leg hair though. beautiful. i got close to him and we began to kiss and feel eachother. he knew that he was going to have to go along with this but he wasnt too upset. i pushed him onto the bed with me on top and i took off his boxers as he took off mine. yes. this was it. i finally see his cock. it was beautiful. his pubes were just begining to grow longer and his semi hard dick was circumsiced but was smaller than i predicted. i began to massaged his cock as it grew to its full potential of 5 inches. it was perfect. i stoked it up and down.

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