Her – A beginning Part 3

Her – A beginning Part 3

It was a long day when she didn’t approach me. I didn’t even see her, so I had no idea if she was teasing me or avoiding me, or if it was just coincidence. The same happened for the next few days, and it was agony, knowing she still had her control over me and what I could do. I tried everything I could thing of to please myself despite my trappings, but I was forced to give up as it pressed constantly against me.

Sighing, the next day as I got up and showered, I made it my mission to seek her out. I eventually found her training, unlike the previous few days and as I approached, I steeled myself to hold strong and resolute.
She turned, smirking at me.
“Hmm? Don’t worry pet, I know what you’re after. You’ve got two choices. The first is that you meet me. Tonight. At seven. In my room. The other is that I leave for a few minutes, and then come back and show anyone who‘s here the pecking order between us…”
“Tonight.” I replied, even as I looked around to see only two other people in here, I didn’t want to change my mind. And she, of course, turned back to her training, uncaring of me once more.

That night as I approached, I wondered what she had in store. She had to be planning something after all and not just handing me the key to my freedom. Or would she? I knocked on the door, needing to find out.
“Inside pet.”
I obeyed, kneeling in front of her bed, but not before noticing a metal ring attached to the floor a few feet from the side of her bed.
That worried me, how casual she was as she instructed me tonight as she wandered to the cabinet slowly, getting me to move to near that ring as she came back over, quickly attaching a set of cuffs around my ankles and using another set to connect them to the ring on the floor before her tone became more serious.
“I have a special job for you tonight. And if you obey your orders quickly, then I’ll release you from your prison. But you have to obey.”
As I nodded, I heard a knock at the door and looked over, eyes widening. She chuckled as she went over, opening it quickly to be answered by a voice I recognised.
“Evening my darling, happy to see me? I thought you said we’d be alone.”
His voice hardened as he spotted me, the one man here who’d tried to make me his sexual servant before she ‘saved’ me.
“No, I said we’d be the only important people here. Does it really put you off that much?”
“You know I tried to make him mine…”
“And I took him instead. You’ll still get to enjoy me, and you’ll get to watch his jealousy and desire as he watches you fuck me.”
He grinned at the idea, a hand running down her back to her ass.
“Everything we usually do?”
“Yep. And there’s a good reason he’s here, I promise.”
She closed the door, kissing him lustily and, as they started to tear each other’s clothes off, I tore my eyes from them, bowing my head to watch the floor directly in front of me.
“And I don’t get to know this reason?” He asked as I heard him walk across the room towards the bed.
“Not yet, trust me.”
“Of course.”
He must’ve picked her up and carried her since he laid her down on the bed before lying down on his back. She pulled all her hair back and twisted it before he took hold of it.
“Make sure you watch. If not, I won’t be pleased with you. And you know what’ll happen if I’m not pleased with you…”
He smirked across at me as he heard her words, my eyes now sticking to her as she lowered her head down to take his now hard dick into her mouth. I couldn’t help but stare at it, longer and wider than my own, nearly dwarfing it, and I wondered for a moment how she would possibly take it all. As she bobbed up and down on it, I dared a glance at him, his eyes closed in joy at her skill, slowly starting to pull her up and down by her hair which worried me a lot. If he was controlling her and she was in charge of me, I was very definitely at the bottom of the pile.

She continued bobbing up and down on him, groaning lustily as she clearly savoured him. He groaned as he twisted her hair slightly, starting to force her deeper onto his dick, causing her to gag slightly before she pulled herself off his dick, staring at him as she leaned over to kiss him passionately. He took hold of her hips, rolling her onto her back with him on top, kissing her hard enough to push her head back into the pillow before moving to kiss her neck. Again, my eyes were drawn to his dick, now coated thickly in her saliva and clearly ready to pound into her as he started to enter he slowly, eliciting groans immediately as she was stretched wide by him. With a self-satisfied smirk, he started to slowly slide in and out of her, a little more of him entering each time to satisfied sounding moans from her as her legs slipped around his waist, spreading herself wider and keeping him closer. He started to slowly thrust into her, kissing her deeply again, barely stifling her groans and moans as he drove her to a quick first orgasm, her second approaching as he thrusted into her hard, whispering a question to her that I couldn’t hear. What I did hear was part of her reply: “Come in me…”
He kissed her lustily, slamming into her with all his speed before they came together, him smiling as he rolled over, slipping out of her, their juices obviously mixed well and they lay there together.

After a few moments, she sat up on the edge of the bed.
“Now pet is the first of your tasks of tonight. I don’t want anything to result of tonight, just the same as any other night I’m intimate with someone, so you’d better make sure I’m perfectly clean…”
My eyes widened as I realised what she meant, and crawled forwards to her with my head bowed before starting to lick at the outside of her pussy, making sure her lips were clean before taking a breath and sticking my tongue in her, cleaning his sweet tasting cum from inside her and savouring the taste of her own juices. When done, I knelt back, head bowed again as she slipped a finger inside of herself, tasting it before smiling at me.
“Good slut…Now, get him ready for round two.”
I looked up, blinking at her as he seemed to get the idea, standing in front of me expectantly. I swallowed the lump in my throat before nodding and sitting up on my ankles, taking his limp dick into my mouth, cleaning off all of her juices, and his. As I did, it started to swell up and I felt a hand move firmly to the back of my head, holding me in place. I panicked, before desperately managing to get my breathing under control just as the head of his dick brushed the back of my throat and I swallowed it down, opening my throat to his invasion, wondering once more how she’s possibly managed to have it inside her. When he was fully erect inside my throat, I looked up, seeing him look over to her before smiling and starting to fuck my throat slowly. He let me adjust my position so he slide down my throat more easily, starting to pump faster and faster as I tried to control my breathing. Thankfully he pulled himself out of my throat, leaving me gasping and panting on the floor, trying to get my eyes back on her quickly.
“Take your time pet, I know you’ll need a minute.”
I’d never been more thankful to her, taking a half minute to slow my breathing again before watching her again.
“So, what’s next?” He asked her, that same grin on his face.
“Well, you’d usually fuck my ass around now…Unless you want to do something else?”
“That depends, he’s your slave…”
"If you really want him when I'm on offer then feel free…"
He paused to think, definetly considering as I bowed my head. I felt him get up and walk over to me, teasing my body with his fingertips, eliciting a low groan from me as his hand briefly strayed near my hard cock. I saw him smirk before he positioned himself behind me, pressing the end of his cock at my hole, making me take a breath before he stood up and walked back over to her.
"You really thought that I would choose you when I could be with something strong?"
I blushed, bowing my head.
"Eyes on me!"
I quickly looked up at her as she looked angrily at me, picking up a spare lit candle and stepping over to me, dripping the hot wax onto my shoulder as I hissed.
"Please ma'am, I'm sorry!"
"Shut up slave. And from now on, you'll call me Mistress."
"Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress."
“How would you like me?” She turned back towards him.
“On your hands and knees I think.”
She grinned, I could tell even from behind her and knelt on the bed, side on to me as he moved up behind her, teasing her with his fingers. She gasped as one finger slid into her, beckoning me to her side as best I could get to her.
“Let him at least clean your fingers when you’re done…”
He sneered at me as he withdrew the finger, offering it to me where it was greedily devoured as he positioned his cock at lips, slowly pushing her wider and wider apart. She started moaning, not stopping as he entered her deeper and deeper once more, beginning to slowly thrust in and out of her as her breathing quickened. He slid out of her smoothly before shifting straighter, placing himself as the entrance to her ass.
“As always…”
He grinned, taking hold of her hair and pulling it back gently as a hand on her back secured himself in place as he very slowly stretched her wide open. After a full minute of slowly pressing at her, the head of his magnificent beast popped into her to a grunt from both. She moaned, slowly pushing back as he filled her entirely, starting to slide in and out.
“I always love fucking your ass…”
“Oh God…So…Full…”
She tilted her head back as she whispered something to him. He started to pump in and out of her faster, groaning as she moaned loudly.
“God you’re so tight….”
His eyes closed as she came, bucking and shaking on him before he unceremoniously pulled out of her, getting off the bed as I realised. He stroked himself as I tilted my face upwards just in time to receive his ‘gift’ to me, his cum spraying across my face to be rubbed in by his cock with a sadistic smile.
“Slave, clean him up before he leaves.”
“Yes Mistress.”
I immediately leaned forward, taking the half hard dick between my lips, not daring to disobey her. The same, strong but not unpleasant musky taste was what covered his cock as I cleaned the musk from it, her clearly planning ahead for both our benefits. As I sat back, I bowed my head again submissively, the cum drying enough to not cause the worry of dripping onto the floor.
“May I use him next time?”
“I’ll see how I feel then. But he does look better like that…Slave! Here.”
As I started to move, I heard something hit the floor, a pair of keys.
“You’ve earned your freedom tonight. Go. I expect you out of this room in twenty seconds, leave the cuffs wherever they fall.”
I nodded as I quickly worked at the cuffs, undoing them and grabbing my clothes to head quickly out of the room. As the door shut, I panicked, searching frantically in the trousers for my room key and running to my room before anyone saw me.

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