The Academy Chpt. 4 (revised version)

The Academy Chpt. 4 (revised version)

All six of us woke up around the same time, only because one of us tried to get up and tried to not wake up the rest of us with failed miserably. We dressed cooked breakfast and geared up for the tournament.
*Knock, Knock, Knock*

I went to the door to answer it.

Mr. Owens: Ah, good you’re all ready, well then let’s go shall we?

Kyle: Yea, let’s win this thing guys!

The six of us got up and out the door but Mr. Owens stopped us.

Mr. Owens: Sorry you four today’s matches are only for teams of two.

Adam: You guys have some fun while we’re gone.

Mr. Owens led us into a waiting room filled with a lot of other teams of two, it took a couple hours before we were called and by then most of the room had piled out.

Mr. Owens: Ok, you two, do a good job out there. I’ll be waiting here for your return.

Adam: Ok Mr. Owens.

Announcer: Now presenting the final match for today, a fire and ice team versus a team of two wind twins.

Adam: Good so we know what to expect, they’ll be just like Matthew, and Kevin.

Announcer: Ready? Set? Go!

The two wind twins rushed at us, I set up a wall of fire for defense, they easily countered it by blowing it away, Adam solidified our defense with a wall of ice.

Kyle: Ok, so what’s the plan Adam?

Adam: Well, if they’re just like Kevin and Matthew, then they can’t fight alone, so let’s separate them.

Kyle: Ok.

We rushed at them we both started to attack a separate twin to push them to opposite sides of the arena.

I tackled him, and kept him down trying to continuously break his concentration so he couldn’t do anything, but he landed a lucky punch in my gut and sent me sprawling. The twin immediately rushed over to help the other, I was losing consciousness fast, I saw the twins team up on him, he was hurt badly I had to get to him, I started to crawl I couldn’t move fast enough, I saw one pick him up by the neck, I crawled faster, I knew I was of no use, my body was numb, nothing was responding to what I wanted it to do, I wanted to run to stop them but I was stuck too far away to help. The twin had a devilish grin on his face, and a gleam in his eye, he brought his hand into a drill looking form, and wind formed around it. He brought his hand through Adam, blood was everywhere, Adam coughed up blood as the twin’s hand appeared on his backside. My body responded to the cry of help.

Kyle: Adam! Hold on!

My mind and body raged with fury as I saw Adam get hurt, I ran over, punched the twin, who hurt Adam, straight in the face, then followed by an uppercut kick to the other twin sending them both sprawling a good couple feet. I knelt down and picked him up in my arms. He was covered in his blood.

Adam: Kyle….

Kyle: Yes, Adam, I’m here now, I’m so sorry…

Adam: Don’t worry everything will be fine

And with that, he closed his eyes.

Kyle: No! You can’t die Adam! Wake up! I won’t let you!

I looked up in tears and saw the two twins.

Kyle: You two… This is all your fault!

Rage engulfed me again, I exploded, fire engulfed the field setting it alight in a fiery inferno, I couldn’t think straight, the only thing I could think of doing was protecting Adam from the blazing inferno and getting him into a hospital wing as soon as possible, I wouldn’t let him die, I couldn’t.
I ran with him off the arena floor. A medic was waiting for us there. I saw Mr. Owens behind the medics. He came up to me.

Mr. Owens: Kyle! What happened out there! Everything is on fire!

Kyle: They hurt Adam, I failed myself…

I got into the ambulance with the medic who started doing all these medical procedures on him that I didn’t understand. I followed them all the way up till the doctor told me I couldn’t be in the hospital room till he came out, so I waited next to the door waiting for him to come out. I waited for six hours next to that door, with nothing on my mind but Adam. The doctor finally came out and I rushed in, Adam was asleep, but he was breathing and now for me it was a good thing. I took a chair next to Adam and waited for him to wake up; at some point in time, I fell asleep next to him.

Unknown: Wake up Kyle, C’mon Wake up.

Someone was nudging me awake, it was Adam.

Adam: How ya feeling sleepy head?

Kyle: Oh my god! Adam are you ok? Are you feeling fine? Do you need anything?

Adam: No silly I’m fine. You’re the one who needs the rest, the doctor told me you we’re waiting in the hall for six hours and another five next to me. He also said that the other four and Mr. Owens are waiting outside, but he won’t let them in, he said that the only reason you were allowed in here was because I was out of critical condition and he didn’t feel that a child should be sleeping in a hallway.

Kyle: I’m so sorry Adam, this is all my fault.

Adam: Kyle, you just don’t understand do you?

Kyle: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Adam: Kyle, you saved me.

Kyle: What are you talking about; I’m done with fire it brings nothing but pain, to me and you…

Adam: Kyle, fire represents power, light, and healing, it just depends on the person who’s controlling it.

Kyle: Thanks Adam.

We embraced in the hospital room. And in that moment I knew that Adam was truly ok, he wasn’t putting on some fa?e to make me feel better, I had actually helped him when I felt that I couldn’t. I knew that I was done with the tournament though, I couldn’t take the chance of Adam to get hurt again. I wouldn’t let him, I’d try my hardest to get the best interests for him, I loved him.

One Week Later

It had been a full week since the ‘incident’ I refused to participate in the tournament anymore since Adam’s hospitalization, turns out that they set up for the two strongest teams to face each other in the first round. So when I killed them on accident the twins and Jeremy and Will swept the competition away, they got first play easily. We were finally back in the Academy where I snuck off in the early mornings so I could talk to Mr. Owens.

Mr. Owens: Ok, so Kyle what do you want me to do for you that we had to meet in secret here without Adam.

Kyle: Well Mr. Owens Adam is still healing, so he won’t be able to fight anyways, but after that tournament I don’t want to fight anymore, unless Adam is in true danger, I don’t think I can fight, I don’t want to spar or anything like that anymore.

Mr. Owens: Well, Kyle I don’t know if I can do that, you two are our strongest team in the whole school aside from the other four, you guys bring in new students and publicity every week, I don’t think I can allow you to not fight because the school will suffer a huge blow.

Kyle: You don’t understand do you Mr. Owens? If you make us fight I’ll make sure we lose so you won’t get any publicity anyways.

Mr. Owens: So you think you can get away with playing that card eh?

Kyle: Yes sir, yes I do.

Mr. Owens: Well how about this, if you personally lose then I’ll just send you back to your home and Adam’s back to his, and then you will never see him again.

I was shocked by Mr. Owens, I didn’t think it would be that bad that I was becoming a pacifist. After I realized that I had killed those other twins I wondered how they’re loved ones felt, at least they died together. Well if Mr. Owens wouldn’t let me not fight, then I’ll just learn to dodge and reflect back everything that comes at me.

Kyle: Fine Mr. Owens you win I’ll fight…

I left the office and went back to Adam’s and I’s room and crawled back into bed with him. I wished that I never had to leave this bed with Adam.

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