The Card Game_(0)

The Card Game_(0)

The Card Game

I had been working at the plant for two weeks before the guys finally invited me to their weekly poker game. I had just gotten a job at the auto plant in town. It was a sweet gig, with the standard 40 hour work week, a simple job operating a machine on an assembly line and a crew of some of the most raucous and funny co-workers I'd had in a very long time. i was making good money, some new friends and generally having a great time. During some of the lunch breaks I had heard a few of the guys talking about a weekly poker game on Thursday nights. I was interested but still very aware of my stature as "the new guy" and decided to wait until someone invited me before asking further about it. After a couple of weeks Ed a very tall skinny guy with close cropped jet black hair finally approached me.
"Hey there Steve. How's it going?" He asked nonchalantly as he leaned against the soda machine in the break room.

"Not bad. Just having some lunch." I said as I bit into my sandwich and chewed, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible.

"Hey you know, some of the guys get together at my place every week for little card game. We've been looking for a fourth player and we were wondering if you'd be interested."

Smiling I answered "I dunno Ed. Seems like you guys might be playing for some pretty high stakes over there."

"Come on Steve, it's a just a little 10 dollar buy in…but there is a very special prize for whoever takes the whole pot at the end of the night." Ed shot back with an odd grin on his face.

"Special prize eh? What is it?" I asked

"Thursday night. 7 o'clock. My place if you wanna find out." Ed answered as he walked out of the breakroom.

I was happy to be invited to the card game with the fellas at last and intrigued by this "special prize" to be awarded to the winner of the poker game. Was it booze? Maybe a porno video?

Being so curious that Thursday night I showed up promptly at 7. As I knocked on the door with a 6 pack of beer in hand I observed that Ed's house was in a fairly nice neighborhood, and his two story home spoke to his many years at the plant I had just started working at. Ed's wife had divorced him four years ago, it was something he was clearly uncomfortable talking about so I never pushed the issue with him. A few moments later the door swung open and Ed. dressed in a t-shirt and jeans invited me i.

"Hey buddy! You made it! Come on in man come on in!' Ed cajoled as he showed me around his modest place. He had a few old sports trophies on some shelves a really nice new flatscreen plasma TV that had set him back quite a bit and a very nice game room. The card table was set up there and he showed me to my seat as I greeted some of the other guys there that night.

Bill was a portly man with wisps of brown hair on his balding head. He was about 45 and was seated to my right.

Dave was 28 with shaggy blonde hair. He was a short man with a very lean build, people around the plant often referred to him as a pretty boy. He did always seem concerned with his appearence so maybe the taunts were fair.

We sat down and began to play the game. Ed, who was sitting across from me began to deal out the cards and converted our 10 dollar buy in to chips for all of us. As he did this we sat about and talked about the weather, sports, and some of the rumors at work. Who was leaving, what we all thought of the new guy, who was fucking who and what have you. We shot the shit through the first two hands, one of which Dave won in a big way, taking a solid third of my chips in a single hand which prompted me to ask about the "Special prize' that Ed had mentioned when he had invited me to this get together.

At this Dave and Bill began to chuckle. Obviously trying to contain louder laughter.

"What?" I asked somewhat petulantly. I didn't understand the reaction this had provoked. "What's the big secret Ed?" I asked as my tone got a little defensive.

"No secret Steve." Ed said as he took a drag from his ciggarette and dealt out the new hand. Hey do you want a drink? he asked me as put his ciggarette down.
I think I want a drink. You guys want one too he asked?

Dave and Bill both agreed that they would love a drink and smiled knowingly as they did.

"Matthew! Why don't you bring us all a whiskey?" Ed yelled into the kitchen.

"Sure thing Dad!" a voice piped from the kitchen. It sounded like a boy, young perhaps 8-11.

"You have a son?" I asked incredulously. He had never mentioned it before and it seemed surprising. I hadn't noticed any kids stuff or toys about on my tour of his home.

"Sure do. Why don't you tell me what you think?" Ed asked as he motioned me to look towards the entrance of the room as Matthew came in form the kitchen.

Matthew looked to be a boy of about 9 years. He was about 4'5" tall with wispy, wavey brown hair that hung down in his eyes. He was wearing a a bright red tube top adorned with white dots all over it and a very short red skirt. The skirt on the was very very short, showing off his thin legs that were covered by the creamy white thigh high stockings he wore. He was of a very thin build and looked very feminine and lovely in his dress. He smiled at us as he carried in a tray with four glasses of whiskey, his hips swaying slightly from side to side as he walked over to me, it was obvious he has practiced this before. He smiled up at me shyly as he placed my drink next to me.

"Thanks." I said trying to figure out what to make of this situation. I had never before considered myself attracted to men, much less boys but the wiles of this one were hard to ignore. as Matthew sauntered over to Dave and set his drink down next to him, Dave pulled him close to him and began to run his hands over his body. Matthew smiled up at him seductively and began to grind his body into Dave's.

Matthew then sidled over to Bill and placed his drink on the table on his left side. Bill pulled the boy in close and kissed him passionately. I heard Matthew's faint moan of pleasure as he pushed his body against Bill's. Bill's hands wandered down his back and under his skirt, lifting it up slightly and sliding his hands into the white cotton panties Matthew was wearing to squeeze his delicious bubble ass firmly.

Matthew soon made his way over to his father Ed, who gave the boy another passionate kiss, then pulled him up on to his lap. Matthew smiled seductively at all of us, gyrating his hips, grinding his perfect ass into his father's lap.

"Matthew here is my pride and joy." Ed remarked as he dealt us all another hand. I felt my cock begin to stir in my jeans as I watched this boy, so confidently arousing such passion in his father. Two hands later I was in the lead and feeling good about my chances of winning the prize. Dave and Bill were eyeing the boy as he continued to grind himself into his father's lap lewdly.

As I sat watching to my disbelief Matthew slid off his father's lap and kneeled before him. I heard the faint snaps and rustles of the boy unbuckling his father's belt and then the distinct and instantly recognizable sound of the zipper on Ed's jeans being pulled down. Concentrating on my poker hand began to become very difficult as I watched Mathew's head start to bob up and down in his father's lap.

If it was difficult for me, it must have been nigh impossible for Ed, as he lost the next two hands in a row to Dave and I respectively. Bill was soon out of the game, having lost all his chips and retired to a nearby eas ychair, to better watch the show Matthew and Ed were putting on. Dave soon bowed out as well having been utterly distracted by the soft and tempting sucking sounds coming from underneath the card table.

It was down to just Ed and I playing a series of hands of poker for the chance to bed his son, who appeared to be just finishing up sucking his father off to completion.

Ed began to stir in his seat as he gripped the edges of the card table tightly. Moaning loudly his hips began to move in a faster rhythm and Matthew's head began to bob up and down faster and faster, the slurping noises from under the table growing louder and more insistent. As the noises grew so did Ed's groans of pleasure "Ohhh. Ohh yes. Oh God Matthew. Ohh Yesss!" Ed nearly shouted as he convulsed and shuddered in his chair. Smiling broadly Matthew climbed up onto his father's lap as continued to gasp for air, recovering from the monumental orgasm he had just had.Ed grabbed his son by his shaggy brown locks and pulled him close, kissing him deeply. I could hear Mathew's light moans as thier tongues wrestled in front of me.

A moment later Matthew slid off his father's lap and came around to my side of the table. He put his arms around me in a soft embrace, nervous I began to feel my heart beat faster as one of his soft little hands slid into my lap. As I squirmed slightly he began to rub my crotch slowly and I soon felt my cock stiffening inside my jeans. "Uhh..Umm…"I stuttered as I looked over at the boy and found him staring seductively into my eyes. I knew then that I had to have him, I checked my hand. I had two of kind, 10's high. Not much of a hand but I was so horny at that point I could resist no longer.

"I'm all in Ed. This is it. Let's see what you got." I said with a confident smile as Matthew continued to fondle my stiffening member. I laid my hand down on the felt table nervously and sat awaiting Ed's hand almost shaking with anticipation. Would this be it? Would I win the prize I now so desired?

Ed smiled at me with a strange look. "Nice going Steve." He said matter of factly, as he laid his hand on the table. My heart began to race as I saw it. A pair of 7's! I had won. I had won the whole pot! That mean 40 bucks and the prize that was currently nuzzling my neck as he fondled with the button on my jeans.

Now Ed spoke up again, his voice sounding much more authoritarian. "Matthew. You know what to do. Go on and take Steve into your room and give him his prize." Ed barked at his son.

At this the young boy in the bright red dress took my hand, stood me up and began to lead me down the hall. We passed two doors and then entered the third door on the right. Matthew flipped the light on in his room and walked in as I followed close behind. Matthew's room was fairly typical. There was a desk, a chair, a small television with some kind of video game system hooked up to it. The walls were a faint blue and the carpet was a similar color. What was instantly clear about his room was his bed. Most kids his age would have a twin bed, but Matthew had a queen size bed. It was clear that Matthew had done this sort of thing before.

As I walked in still somewhat nervous Matthew jumped into his exceptionally large bed and got on his knees facing me. He didn't say a word, just motioned me closer with a wave of his arm and a come hither look. I approached his bed and as I reached the edge I hesitated.Matthew seemed to know just what to do to alleviate my nervousness. Smiling mischeviously he crawled towards my edge of the bed on all fours and when he reached me his hands found my jeans and unsnapped them.Smiling up at me he pulled my zipper down, soon his small delicate hands were slipping the jeans down my hips. I hadn't worn underwear and my half erect cock flopped out in front of him. He gripped me in his tiny hand and began to lick up and down the shaft of my 7 inch uncircumsised cock.

The feelings were immediate and intense. Pleasure ran up and down my body in waves as he began to take my shaft into his warm wet mouth. Glancing down I saw him looking up at me with his big brown eyes, I began to run my fingers through his hair as he sucked me. His tongue ran all over my cock and his warm wet mouth enveloped me completely. Moaning lightly his head bobbed up and down on my dick as he blew me expertly, it was clear that young Matthew was already and excellent cocksucker. As the slurping noises in the room began to get louder I began to get more comfortable. I pushed Matthew back onto his bed and climbed on with him, my hands beginning to explore his thing young frame. My arms slipped under his tube top and pulled it up, my lips dived down to his small nipples. As I took one in my mouth I heard Matthew moan lustily as his breathing quickened. My hands ran up and down his smooth chest with his milky white skin, relishing the feel of the boy's lithe frame. I pulled my shirt off and kicked my jeans away rapidly, leaving myself naked and hard and Matthew only in his red skirt and white cotton panties. I pushed Matthew down onto his back, and took hold of his skirt. His hips lifted up off of the bed as I pulled it off and tossed it aside. As I did this I noticed that my card game compatriots had joined us in Matthew's room. Ed was watching intently as were Dave and Bill. Bill had a nice thick cock out and was stroking it as he watched us. Dave was still only rubbing the front of his and Ed's jeans. I smiled them as I turned my attention back to the almost naked boy before me.

Matthew's 9 year old dick stood up, tenting his white cotton panties, I licked my lips hungrily as I pulled his panties down slowly.Matthew's cock and balls were utterly perfect, his dick was about 4 inches totally hard , completely smooth, and rested above the most beautiful smooth young balls I had ever seen. Matthew moaned loudly as I took him into my mouth. He tasted amazing, salty and sweet like I had never had before. As my lips moved up and down his young shaft, Matthew bucked his hips in time to my movements and moaned loudly. "Oh Steve, that feels so good!" Matthew shouted as I sucked his little cock.

After a few minutes of this I began to press my finger into Matthew's mouth, which he sucked on hungrily, running his tongue over it pulling it deep into his mouth, covering it with his saliva. Pulling it out of his mouth I placed my finger at the entrance to his sexy hairless asshole. I began to slip my finger into the boy very slowly, and I was quite pleased with his moans of pleasure as I did. I was simultaneously bobbing up and down on this young boy's cock and finger fucking him quite vigorously.

I pulled my finger out of the boy's tight ass and now that he was good and lubed up, turned him around so that although he was flat on his back I could watch they guys reaction as I fucked him. Ed, Dave and Bill were all now completely naked. Ed was watching me as he jerked his long cock off. Bill was watching intently as Dave sucked on his thick 9 incher while jerking off himself.

Smiling I postitioned my cock at the boy's asshole and began to push forward, sliding into him ever so slowly. Matthew moaned loudly as he grabbed the back of my neck and held on, then kissing me passionately as I slid inside of him further. The feeling was absolutely incredible. I had never felt anything so warm and tight around my cock. As I began to slide in and out of his tight little ass my moans of passion began to grow louder and louder. Matthew moaned loudly into my ear as he held on tightly"Ohh…fuck me Steve, your cock feels so good. Fuck me Steve!" He shouted as I pumped his hot little ass with more speed and rhythm.

Ed was now jerking himself furiously as he watched me fuck his young son. My moans and Matthews got louder and louder, as we began to buck against each other harder and harder. My cock slammed in and out of him with a steady rhythm. Matthew's moans got even louder and more insistent and soon as I glanced down I saw his little cock shoot out a small shot of boy cum onto his chest as he screamed my name. I dipped my head down onto his chest and began to lap up that sweet boy cum, it tasted heavenly as I felt it slide down my throat This sent me way over the edge, moaning loudly I began to shoot my cum deep into this boy's tight ass. "Ohhh fuuuck yess!" I cried as shot after shot of hot semen fired into his tight little boy pussy.

Gasping for air I collapsed next to Matthew, my cock softening as I watched my cum leak out of his ass and onto his sheets. I pulled him close to me and began to kiss him deeply, my tongue intertwining with his as he moaned into my mouth. The guys from the plant all gathered around clapping me on the shoulder telling me what a hot show it had been. One thing was for sure, this was one weekly card game I wasn't planning on missing out on.

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