The Party part 1

The Party part 1

Richard shut down the blades to the mower and headed for the shed the chains on his ankles rattled against the mower on the gravel path. Tricia smiled looking out of the windows of the exercise room on the second floor as sweat rolled down her cheek to her chin and dripped into her cleavage. Richard had been working since 7 that morning and still had a lot to do before that evening. There was the pool, the hot tub, the basement and the play room to take care of for Tricia’s party. He had gotten up early and started his chores letting Tricia and Jo Jo sleep; they had gone out the night before and came in late. He had cleaned their rooms and turned down their beds besides cleaning the 2nd floor. Tricia knew they had company coming at 6 and she still needed to pick out an outfit for the party and take a bath. “Red” she thought as she walked back to her room. Richard took care of the pool and hot tub then headed for the basement, at the door he removed his sandals and wiped his face. Inside he heard Tricia’s music playing softly and his mind wandered, “beautiful golden silky skin, long radiant black hair…” Shaking his head Richard gathered his thoughts and went back to work.

Tricia opened the connecting doors to Jo Jo’s room and found her still in bed. Walking over to the large four poster bed Tricia pulled back the curtains and gazed down at Jo Jo. She lay there bare as the day she had been born, her glowing chocolate skin looked delicious in the afternoon light. Tricia’s gaze moved to her massive EE tits and their big nipples then to her large round butt and her V shaven pussy. Jo Jo was a full figured woman of 28 and with a taut stomach, she stood 6 feet tall and weighted 158 lbs. “Hey Sweet Cheeks it’s time to rise and shine, our quests will be arriving in 4 hours.” Tricia said as she patted Jo Jo’s lovely ass. Jo Jo rolled over and smiled, “Hi Peaches ready for a bath?” She asked, her eyes twinkling at the offer looking at Tricia. She looked at this hot 35 yr old Spanish woman with D tits that stood 5-7 and weighted 129 lbs.

Richard finished the play room by opening the display cases and set the lights, now he hurried up stairs to the 2nd floor, his ankle chains clattered as they smacked into the back of his legs being secured to his waist chain. Standing in front of a set of frosted French doors he drew a deep breath then knocked.
“Enter” rang out and Richard opened the doors slowly. Richard blinked several times at the sun light that shined through the glass walls and off the black marble floor. He looked at the white sunken tub with its 2 lovely occupants, an African Princess and a Spanish Queen both he was bound to serve, they owned him body and soul. “Close the door!” Jo Jo snapped and he did as he was told then waited for his next order.

Jo Jo and Tricia looked at him with laughing eye as they embraced each others wet naked bodies and began kissing, their tongues twisted together as they caressed the others bodies. Jo Jo enjoyed running her hands over Tricia’s golden body with her D tits, round firm bubble butt and slender tummy. She ran her fingers through Tricia’s long black hair which came down to her ass and over the neatly trimmed patch of her pussy. They were a perfect match loving one another.

After a few moments of playing around and exciting each other the 2 broke apart and Jo Jo stood up. Richard quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around this beauty as she stepped out of the tub. He rushed for two more and wrapped one around her hair the dried her feet and calves with the other. Before he could move out of her way Jo Jo kicked him away from her and headed for her room. “He’s all yours!” she hissed stepping through the doors.

“Get me my towels!” Tricia ordered as she stood up then opened the drain valve. Richard jumped to his feet and hurriedly got her towels, the first her carefully wrapped around her making sure that none of her hair was caught by it. The he slowly and carefully wrapped her hair then dried her feet as before. Richard quickly got to his feet and moved out of Tricia’s way. “Follow!” she said as she headed for the doors. In her room Tricia had Richard wait till she had dried herself and handed him the towels. She handed him the key to his chains, “Go and clean up, you must greet our guest as they arrive.” She said pointing to the door.

At 6 Richard was standing by the door back in his chains wearing a loin cloth and collar, his ankle chain was only 2 feet long with his wrist chain attached pulling it up about 6 inches. He had about 12 inches of walking stride besides being on a 10 feet leash bolted to the wall. He was to greet and take the coats of the quests and instruct them to make themselves comfy in the study. Jo Jo and Tricia were dealing with the caterers making sure everything was set up to their liking.

As the caterers were leaving the first guest arrived, Valerie showed up at the door wearing a stunning short hair gray fox fur with white vinyl knee boots. On her leash beside her was her companion Roy a well built black man with short cropped hair. He was 33, 6-1, 201 lbs and hung like a horse. Valerie was a stunning black woman at 6-2, 185 lbs, sculptured body with a tight round ass and C tits. Roy helped her with her fur then handed it to Richard as he kept his eyes slightly diverted. Richard smiled slightly seeing the white mini mini skirt and corset she was wearing. On her left breast she bore a tattoo of a heart being crashed by a cobra, on her right shoulder blade was one of a whip and cuffs. Her coco brown skin glistened with a light coating of body glitter the enhanced her it’s already beauty. “Watch your eyes!” she snapped with a quick slap across Richard face. “Yes Mama.” he said dropping his eyes lower.

Roy removed his long leather coat revealing his muscular body and a white G string cock sack that bulged with his balls and 11 in cock. He had white lace up sandals and a white collar on; he sported a silver chain between his pierced nipples and a tattoo of a cobra wrapped around a man on his right butt cheek. On his back were several scars from being whipped by his mistress, he trailed behind Valerie as they headed for the study and Richard hung up their coats.Roy stood behind Valerie as she sat in a plush leather chair waiting for the others to arrive.

Jo Jo came bouncing in and stopped when she saw Valerie sitting with her legs open. “MMMMM” she said spying her red pussy and its dew drop ring. Val smiled at Jo Jo as she looked her over, her red corset with half cups and her huge tits, her white pleated mini skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and pussy. “Would you like a drink?” Jo Jo asked as she moved for the bar. “Love one.” Val replied as she rose lightly moistening her lips and thinking how much fun tonight she’d have.

“May I have one?” Mali asked stepping into the room. Both ladies turned and smiled at their friend lovingly. Mali 29 stood there in the door, 5-5, 101 lbs, feisty Chinese woman. She wore a little girl’s school girl’s outfit, white blouse and bra, pleated plaid skirt to her knees. Her blouse was buttoned only at her belly button, she wore white stockings and black boots, her hair was in a pony tail and her lips were cherry red. She looked innocent with her B tits but her lips, boots and missing buttons said different.

As the others arrived Richard greeted and hung up their coats as directed, they joined the others in the study and chatted. When Tricia showed up in her red stockings, garter, butterfly g-string, 6 inch heel and half bra with silk robe every one smiled. She smiled back looking at her guests, Vicki 34, white, 5-10, 118 lbs fit woman with C tits; Ashley 39, black, 5-10, 123 lbs, with B tits; Jessica 37, black, 5-8, 133 lbs with D tits. “Welcome to the Party ladies.” Tricia said as the door bell rang.

Samantha was the last to arrive with George and they looked so mixed matched, Sam 26, 5-3, 141 lbs with D tits, blond hair and pale skin. George stood 6-3, 221 lbs, fit, bold and skin as dark as the night itself. Sam wore a chain mail skirt, studded leather bra, leather gloves and carried a whip. George had a collar and leash, his manhood was bound in a ringed cock cage that restrained his massive member.

Richard unlocked himself and checked on the table then let everyone know it time to eat. The men waited on the ladies and ate what scraps they were given, they endured the groping, pinches, slaps and grabs the ladies gave them with out a word. Vicki even stuck George with her fork; Ashley gave Roy’s package a squeeze with a smile. After dinner the ladies retired to the basement and the play room where they lounged on the huge pillows as the men cleaned up.

As the guys entered the play room they found Ashley and Jessica intertwined with their garments on the floor. Ashley’s head was buried between Jes’s thighs lapping wildly away at her pussy as Jes fingered Ashley’s pussy while tonguing her belly button. Both ladies were lost in the ecstasy that only a woman can give another woman, their moans were soft and gentle. The men stood at the door to the play room and waited for their orders. Val had Jo Jo on her knees with a strap on buried deep inside her soaked pussy with her huge tits crammed into a pillow. Jo Jo’s mouth hung wide open and her eyes rolled back as Val hammered away, deep guttural moans escaped Jo Jo’s throat. Every time Val slammed that 10 dildo into Jo Jo she gave her round ass a swat making it jiggle.

Tricia and Mali were curled up kissing deeply as they fingered one another; Tricia had two fingers in Mali while she was working her whole hand into Tricia’s pussy. Tricia’s eyes were closed tightly enjoying the roughness of Mali as she finally shoved her fist into Tricia’s pussy. Sam had Vicki on her back and was working a two headed dildo in and out of Vicki’s pussy as she sat on Vicki’s face. Vicki’s tits bounced with every thrust of the dildo as did Sam’s tits bounced. Vicki’s tongue was deep inside Sam’s pussy lapping away at its folds. The men stood there listening to the moans and groans the ladies were making as they pleased themselves. Rich, George and Roy’s cocks tingled and pulsed as they became excited for the ladies cries, moans and scent. George’s cock had grown and the rings of his cock cage squeezed his manhood tight. The chain hooked to Rich’s cock head was pulling at his 8 inch hard on being attached to the chain around his waist. Roy’s 11 inch dick was pushing its way out of his cock sack as they stood there watching the ladies.

The ladies started breathing harder and more labored as some started to scream as they came for each other. This had the men fighting to maintain themselves causing their balls to scream as they filled with cum.

Mali was the first to move and she staggered to her feet then over to the display case and grabbed a set of cuffs. She grabbed Richard’s loin cloth and yanked it off, “So the bitch is hot! Let’s see how hot he likes it!” she said then cuffed his hands behind him. Rich struggled a little but when Mali gave his leash a yank he stopped. She moved him over to a padded bench and bent him over with his ass in the air then hooked his leash to its leg. “I’m goanna enjoy this!” she said walking over to another case and removed a studded paddle. Val and Jo Jo had recovered and were now rubbing their pussies over Rich’s face, “Don’t even think about it!” Val snapped slapping him on the back as their juices smeared his face. This was driving him crazy and he gritted his teeth trying to put the torture out of his head.

It didn’t take long for when Mali brought the paddle down on his ass his cock shrank and he cried out, the ladies cheered Mali on. Rich’s ass was red and burning after 20 whacks and his legs shook before he collapsed onto the bench. Mali grabbed him by the hair and lifted his head, “Not done boy!” she said then dropped his head giving him another whack. Vicki came over reached under the bench grabbed his balls and laughed, “I’m going to make you scream like a little girl!” then started to squeeze his sack. Richard’s head popped up and he screamed as his body jerked from another blow to his ass. He was screaming like a little girl in no time and then Vicki tied a rope around his balls and gave a yank. His balls started turning purple and she laughed and gave another hard yank.

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