Giving Her What She Wanted

Giving Her What She Wanted

Giving Her What She Wanted

Kyle was always a very shy guy through high school. He hung out with the popular kids but wasn’t really popular. Kyle was a very athletic kid, he was about 5’11” tall and weighed about 190 pounds. He wasn’t really well defined but was still pretty muscular and had a better body than most kids. While in high school, Kyle only had one girlfriend before his senior year and had only kissed her a couple times before it ended. He wasn’t much of a ladies man because girls in high school like the assholes and Kyle was a very nice and caring guy.

Kyle was pretty excited about his upcoming senior year because he was getting better at talking to girls and was looking forward to getting atleast one more girlfriend before he went off to college. There was about a week left of summer before school started one day, and Kyle had just finished with football practice. He was leaving the locker room and heading towards the parking lot when he noticed two girls walking to the girls locker rooms. One of the girls Kyle noticed right away as one of his long time friends that he hadn’t talked to in a few years because she was 3 years younger than him (that story I’ll right some other time) but Kyle didn’t recognize the other girl.

“Kyle! Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in forever,” Kyle’s friend said in an overexcited way. Kyle was a little taken by how good looking both his friend have gotten and how hot the girl she was with was so it took him a while to reply but he finally said, “Hey Gretchen. Wow it’s been a long time, how have you been?” “Great! God it’s so great to see you.” “Yeah you too. So what are you doing here?” Kyle was a little curious why she was there but was just trying to not look like an idiot by not talking. “Oh I’m going to cheerleading practice. Yeah I’m going to be a freshman this year and I made the cheer squad.” “Cool that’s great I almost forgot you would be a freshman.” “Yep! Maybe we could hang out again unless you don’t want to hang out with a little freshman like me?” Gretchen kind of blushed when she said this looked away. Kyle smiled at this and said, “Of course, I would love to hang out with you.” After this Kyle finally was looking back at Gretchen’s friend that he didn’t know and she was kind of blushing too. “Oh Kyle this is Breanna. Breanna, this is Kyle.” Of course since Kyle was so shy, he blushed and quietly said, “Hi, nice to meet you.” Breanna quickly replied, “Hi,” a little shy as well. “Well we have to go, I will see you in school then?” Gretchen said, cutting the tension between Kyle and Breanna. “Uhh yeah definitely, looking forward to it.” “Ok, bye!” With that, Gretchen and Breanna went passed Kyle into the locker room. Kyle went to his car and sat there for a while thinking about both Gretchen and Breanna, ‘Man they were hot. I hope I do get to hang with them in school’

Breanna was about 5’7” tall and about 135 pounds. She had milky white, soft skin and a great body with very nice curves. She didn’t have very big breasts, only a 34 B cup, but she had an athletic body with a flat stomach, very thick thighs and a big, round ass, which is something that got Kyle going like no other. Kyle ended up talking to Breanna a lot because they had a class together and within a couple weeks of school, they were going out. Kyle thought he hit the jackpot because she was funny and talked a lot, which Kyle liked, and she was very willing to do pretty much anything sexually. They were going out for about a month and, since Kyle was pretty shy and new to anything sexual, didn’t end up doing much more than just grabbing everywhere and making out all the time. But for some reason, out of nowhere, Breanna broke up with Kyle. She told him it was because her dad didn’t approve of her dating a senior. But Kyle later found out that that was a lie.

Breanna finally told him later, that she broke up with him because she just wanted him for sex and said that he wasn’t ready for that so she dumped him. At first, Kyle was heart broken when he heard this, he was almost depressed over it for the next few months. But then after a while, Kyle became angry at Breanna, ‘Why didn’t she just tell me that she wanted sex? I would have fucked her all the time if she would have told me.’ for months Kyle was so upset about the situation but then he finally made a vow. Kyle said that if he ever got the chance again, that he would get revenge on Breanna and finally give her what she wanted all along.

Kyle went off to college near the end of summer and was having a pretty good time being there. Since Kyle was really into football and wanted to support his old high school team, he would come back for some games. His high school’s homecoming game was coming and he was pretty excited about it. Kyle got the idea to try and text Breanna the day before the game and he got a reply from her. She was very excited to hear from Kyle and said that they should hang out the weekend after the game. Kyle thought for a little while and figured that this might be the opportunity to finally get his revenge. He said okay and offered to hang out on Saturday. Breanna said yes and it was all set. Friday night came and gone and the whole game Kyle watched the cheerleading squad, mostly because Breanna was a cheerleader and he was pleasantly surprised to see that she had gotten even hotter than he remembered. They met up after the game to comfirm their plans and everything was all ready.

Saturday, Kyle went to Breana’s house and picked her up and they went to his house to hang out. They went to Kyle’s room and watched a movie. After a while of talking and movie watching, Kyle decided it was now or never and he started to put his hand on Breanna’s thigh. She didn’t say anything, so Kyle started stroking his hand up and down on her thigh. Breanna let out a little sigh and closed her eyes. Kyle took the opportunity and leaned in and kissed her. She was a little surprised but didn’t push him off, so Kyle got a little more aggressive. He kissed her harder and started grabbing her right breast. Breanna moaned into his mouth and broke from the kiss, “What are you doing?” Kyle didn’t reply and just started kissing her neck, which he remembered drove her crazy. Breanna gave up the little bit of protest she had and rolled on top of Kyle. Kyle took the opportunity to start messaging Breanna’s ass which got him instantly hard.

Kyle flipped Breanna onto her back and started ripping her shirt up over her head. Once her shirt was off, Kyle didn’t even bother trying to unclip her bra, he just grabbed the clamps and ripped them apart, breaking it. Breanna looked shocked and a little scared but also had a lust filled gleam in her eyes, “What has gotten into you Kyle? You are way more aggressive than I remember.” Again, Kyle didn’t say anything and just started sucking Breanna’s nipples and biting them hard. Breanna loved what Kyle was doing and didn’t even notice when Kyle started pulling her skirt down. Kyle stopped sucking her nipples and sat over her just taking in her almost completely naked body. “You like what you see?” Breanna said giggling a little and giving Kyle a wink. This only drove Kyle even more crazy, so he grabbed Breanna’s skimpy plaid panties and tored them off of her. Breanna looked scared again but was getting really turned on by how angry and rough Kyle was being since he wasn’t like that in high school at all.

Immediately after her panties were off, Kyle dove right into Breanna’s pussy and started ravaging her with his tongue. Breanna jumped a little at the sudden assault but then started moaning and rolling her hips up into Kyle’s face. Kyle was enjoying the fact that Breanna was getting into this and, with a crazed, revengeful look in his eyes, said, “You like me eating your pussy? I never got the chance to taste your sweet pussy last year.” Breanna loved the dirty talk and, through gritted teeth, replied, “Oh yeah baby! I fucking love your long tongue licking my pussy. Keep eating plea…OH GOD!!” Breana didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before Kyle lounged his tongue deep into her hole. Breanna was loving every second of Kyle’s oral attack. Kyle then put his mouth over her clit and started biting and sucking and licking it like a man possessed. “Oh yes yes yes….yeah baby I think I’m going to come!” Right when Breanna said that, Kyle stopped and thought back to when he was in high school. He once heard a story about how Breanna liked getting her asshole licked and fucked, so Kyle, with a sly smile on his face asked, “I hear that you like when a guy plays with your asshole. Is that true?”

Breanna was about to reply but Kyle didn’t give her a chance and started licking her asshole like crazy. Those rumors were true and as soon as Kyle started licking her ass, Breanna screamed out and started coming really hard, “Holy fuck! I’m coming….I’M COMING!!! OH GOD YES UUUHHHNN….” Breanna grunted and groaned so loud it echoed through Kyle’s room. After what seemed like a half an hour, Breanna finally started coming down from her orgasm and Kyle stopped licking her ass. Through her orgasm, Kyle had taken off his shirt and his pants and was sitting above Breanna with his 7” dick at the entrance to her pussy.

“I’m about to give you what you wanted so badly last year,” Kyle said with a hateful look in his eyes. Realizing what Kyle was talking about, Breanna shot her head up and watched as Kyle pushed his dick into her pussy. Although Breanna had been with a lot of guys through the years, she had never had sex with someone with as big a dick as Kyle’s and her eyes shut tight as she took him into her. Kyle was still trying to be a little nice and took it pretty slow at first, so Breanna could get used to his dick. He would push slowly in all the way and almost all the way out and slowly back in. But then Kyle remembered he was doing this for revenge and started picking up the pace.

Right when breanna was starting to get used to Kyle’s dick in her, Kyle started hammering into her with relentless remorse. “Oh god….uhhn…uhhn…uhhn…yes fuck…me…baby…oh yes!” Breanna managed to say between thrusts but she quickly gave up on talking and just started moaning and grunting real loud. Kyle had a twisted smile on his face because he was finally getting his revenge and she was loving every second of his dick pounding into her. Breanna’s breathing was getting faster and her moaning a little louder, she was about to come. Kyle knew this and decided to torture her a little bit and stopped right when she was about to come. “What…why did…you stop? Keep going!”

Just then, Kyle grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over onto her stomach and put her ass up in the air. “You aren’t the one in control here. Now bend over and take it like the sluttly bitch that you are.” With that, Kyle thrust his dick back into her pussy as hard as he could which cause Breanna to scream and squeal. Kyle started fucking her hard again and soon after he started, Breanna started coming for the second time, “UUHHNN yes! Fuck me! I’m coming again! Fuck me like the slut I am. God….I…love…IIITTT!!” In the middle of her second orgasm, Kyle pulled his dick out of Breanna’s pussy and had another wicked idea.

As Breanna was coming down from her orgasm, Kyle spit on his hand, rubbed it on his dick, then started pushing his dick up against Breanna’s asshole. Breanna felt the pressure up against her ass and started smiling and relaxed her hole. Slowly but surely, Kyle eased his dick into her ass and started fucking her tight little ass, which he had always dreamed of. Breanna was in heaven as Kyle stretched her asshole. She was moaning and squealing every time Kyle plunged his dick deep into her ass. Kyle then started to pick up the speed again and soon was hammering her ass even harder than he was her pussy. “oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! Yes hammer my ass with your dick. God I love it! Uhhhn!!” Breanna was grunting and moaning and soon felt her third orgasm coming. Kyle felt that familiar tingle coming too but wanted to hold out for what he always wanted to do. Soon, Breanna started coming again and was yelling out, “OH MY FUCKING GOD! SHIT! FUCK I’M COMING AGAIN!”

As soon as Kyle heard this, he pulled his dick out of her ass and flipped her back over and rammed his dick into Breanna’s open mouth. He face fucked her with all his might until he finally unloaded the most powerful orgasm he has ever had into her mouth. Breanna greedily sucked Kyle’s dick and took all of his come down her throat and soon drained him of all the come that he could give. Breanna let Kyle’s dick fall from her mouth and looked up at Kyle. She was breathing really hard and had the hottest, most wicked smile across her face and finally said, “Thank you. That’s exactly what I have been wanting.” Kyle just grabbed her face and pulled her up for a long, hard kiss. He broke the kiss and said, “No problem. Anytime.” Breanna laughed and said, “Oh yes, you will definitely be hearing from me again.” Breanna got up and put her shirt and skirt back on cause that’s what was left of her clothes. Kyle drove her home and right before she got out, gave Kyle a deep kiss and a sly grin and skipped back into her house.

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