It started out as a girls’ night out. Shay was with her four girlfriends at the local bar they usually hung out at. The place was a small, dark dive with a bar, a few tables, and a couple of pool tables. There was an old jukebox in the corner that was usually playing some kind of classic rock song.

The girls were having a great time drinking and laughing together. They were sitting at a table in a corner of the bar. Guys surrounded the five ladies, who were shamelessly flirting and teasing the young men. However unknown to Shay, there was a particular young man watching her. He never took his eyes away, unless Shay just happened to look his way. He sat at a table on the other side of the room and watched her. Shay was a beautiful girl…..long ebony black hair that hung to her shoulder blades, a cute heart shaped face with a small chin and dimples when she smiled, a lovely curvaceous body, nicely stacked B cup breasts, and incredibly long legs!! Tonight she was wearing a satiny green sleeveless top that bared the magnificent artwork on her upper arms, a pair of low rise jeans that firmly held her round ass, and black strappy high heeled shoes that made her unbelievably long legs even longer. God he wanted her…..he felt the stirrings in his frustrated cock…..every time she turned or flipped her hair or laughed or touched an arm or whatever just seemed to turn him on even more.

As he watched Shay flirt and tease, he began to feel something else besides animal lust stirring in his groin. He began to feel an animal rage in the pit of his stomach that quickly came to the surface. He was angry at the men flirting and touching Shay, they weren’t worthy of her….pigs all of them!! And as he watched, his anger grew to include Shay. How could she touch, speak, and kiss those men? They weren’t good enough for her. How could she allow those men to molest her like that? He had admired her for a long time, even before tonight, and had even spoken to her in passing once, but did she remember him……NO!! They both lived in the same apartment building and she didn’t even know his name.

The night wore on and slowly the girls left, sometimes with a guy, sometimes not. Then it was just Shay and one guy left. He felt his disappoint growing….she was gonna go home with him. There was nothing he could do and he started to feel angry again. When he looked again, Shay was still there but the guy was not. What! Shay is finally alone!! Oh yes, finally an opportunity has arrived!!! He finally worked up nerve to walk over to where she was, but just as he got there, she got up, went to the bar, paid her tab, and was headed out the door. Where the hell was she goin‘!!! She didn’t even so much as look at him. What the fuck is her problem!!!! He stalked out of the bar after her.

After giving his eyes a minute to adjust to the darkness, he quickly spotted her walking to her car on the far side of the parking lot. She was definitely drunk as she was walking very slowly and was having trouble balancing on her heeled shoes. She stopped about halfway to her car and carefully removed her shoes. While she was taking her shoes off, he took the opportunity to close some of the distance between them. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he wanted her….that was all that mattered. She had just reached the drivers side door and was fumbling with the key, trying to get it in the lock. He approached her from behind, she never saw him coming……he slammed into her, crushing her between the car and his body. He growled in her ear, “Don’t fucking scream or I’ll kill you right here.”

Despite his warning to her, Shay screamed anyway…..loud and long. He quickly covered her mouth and turned her roughly around to face him. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out the pocket knife he always carried with him….you never know when it might be useful, right? Shay was still screaming, but it was being muffled by his hand. With his other hand he opened the knife and brought it up to her eye level. “Do I look like I’m fucking kiddin‘,” he whispered threateningly. He enjoyed momentary satisfaction as he watched her eyes widen with genuine fear at the sight of the knife and she quit screaming. He wanted her now and was more than ready to do whatever it takes to have her. He noticed that her body had tensed underneath him.

He pressed his body harder against her so she could feel his stiffening member against her abdomen and lightly traced the tip of his knife from her temple, along her jaw line toward her chin. He brought his face very close to hers, their lips almost touching, and he whispered, “You like this don’t you….you dirty little slut.” He was rewarded as Shay closed her eyes and mouthed a silent ‘yes’. He could feel her breath on his lips and he longed to taste the sweetness there…..actually he wanted to taste her sweetness from her pussy lips as well, but all in good time, right?

He let the knife blade rest against her neck and watched the pulse at the side of her throat visibly quicken and felt her breathing harder. He slid his other hand down to her beautiful round breast and began massaging it gently at first, then with more force. She let out a soft moan and her body relaxed a little under him. His face twisted to an evil grin as he savagely pinched a nipple between his finger and thumb. Shay’s head snapped up and she let out a cry as pain shot through her body. She leaned toward him in an attempt to ease the pain. Oh the things I could do to you he thought to himself as he watched her face. He let go of her abused nipple and she quit screaming and practically collapsed against him. He pushed her back against car and looked upon her…breathing heavily and astonishingly enough both nipples were very hard now and poked out against her shirt. He could have fucked her right there against her car…..but he had plans for her, especially now. He closed the knife and put it back in his pocket. He savagely grabbed her throat with both hands and growled at her, “Get in the fuckin car. If you try anything….God help me….you will regret it.”

She slowly got into the car, obviously in shock. He walked around to the passenger side and slide into the seat next to her. “Now start the car and let’s go,” he said to her. She obeyed him without question or arguing……and he liked it!! He had a ragin hard on!!

She pulled out of the parking lot and followed the directions he gave her. While they rode, he noticed that she kept taking sly, sideways glances at him….probably wondering if I plan on killing her he thought to himself and grinned. Whenever he turned to look directly at her, she was the one to look away and avoid his eyes ……instead of him this time.

He had her pull in front of a large, brick warehouse looking building. “Out of the car, now!” he told her. He was out and had the driver’s side door open before she even realized he was out of the car. “I said, out of the car, bitch!!” he shouted at her, “I don’t like repeating myself.” She turned her large brown doe eyes on him and said, “Please don’t kill…please…..I’ll do anything you want.” He reached in grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her out of the car. Shay was frightened and did the only thing she knew to do…..she screamed and tried to claw his face with her fingernails. What happened next made her blood cold…..he started laughing, he was actually laughing. “Go ahead, scream your head off,” he yelled, “There’s not a person on this whole block who’s gonna hear you.” He still had her by the hair and savagely dragged her into the building and onto the old fashioned crate elevator. She kicked and screamed and fought the whole time until they were on the elevator and he let her go. She got as far away as she could possibly get from him.

The elevator stopped and he raised the doors and motioned for her to get out. When she didn’t move he grabbed her and pulled her off the elevator. She tried to fight but her feeble attempts were pathetic….but oddly arousing. He groaned as his engorged cock throbbed painfully. Soon…..very soon… he thought to himself. All of her previous acquiescence was gone…..this was going to be more fun than he thought. He pulled her into a crushing embrace and tried to cover her mouth with his….just to get a little taste of her. Instead of finding the warm sweetness of her mouth, he got a sharp bite on his lower lip. He gave a grunt of pain and surprise; he reached up and touched his lip gingerly. He had blood on his fingertips. He looked at her and a horrible smile split his face. He advanced on her and gave a wicked back-handed slap to the face so hard Shay actually fell to her knees. He kneeled down and turned her face so he could see it. She was crying and her lip was split and bleeding as well. “We can do this the hard way, you cock sucking bitch,” he yelled at her. Then he leaned down to her face and licked her bloodied lip. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and yanked her to her feet. He pulled her over to a work table covered with paints, palettes, brushes, paint-stained rags and all kinds of stuff. He started knocking stuff savagely around…until he found exactly what he wanted….some rope…normally used when his canvases are being shipped, but tonight it would serve a very different purpose indeed!!

He kept a mattress on the floor in his workshop because he often spent the night there, especially when inspiration would strike. He hauled her over to that mattress now and threw her down on her stomach. He quickly straddled her and wrestled both her arms behind her back. She bucked, kicked, squirmed, and struggled beneath his weight, which only added to his intense arousal. He used the rope to bind her hands together. Once secure, he stood and turned her over…..well, she’s finally quit screaming, he thought smugly to himself. He went back over to his work table and thoroughly searched for the his box cutter that had a razor sharp blade.

He walked back over to the mattress where Shay was still struggling against her bonds. “Come here, my little bitch,” he said to her as he grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her toward him. She aimed a kick at his head, but he was expecting it and deftly caught her foot in his other hand. “Tsk, tsk, if you continue behaving like this, I’m gonna have to punish you,” he said to her. He straddled her thighs and brought the box cutter up and waved in front of her face. He bent his head and set about to his ‘work’.

He cleanly sliced her shirt right up the middle, exposing a black lace bra holding the beautiful mounds of her breasts. She closed her eyes, afraid to see what would happen, and tensed her whole body. He pressed the blade against her skin and slid it under the bra and snipped it cleanly. Her perfect breasts were now free from restraint. He took a second to look at them…they were beautiful….firm, round, with brown nipples which were semi erect right now, and he guessed about a B cup. He wrapped both hands around them and buried his face between them, licking the soft skin in the middle. He licked and sucked each of her nipples, rubbed his thumb against them and despite herself, Shay was truly enjoying the sensations that were coursing through her body. He smiled to himself as he took one of her erect nipples into his hot mouth and sucked it, flicked his tongue across, then gently he bit it. She let out a soft moan, arched her back and said out loud “Harder….bite it harder.” He almost came in his pants right then!! Hearing her sexy voice begging him to hurt her….it was almost too much. He obliged by biting the nipple harder and harder until he could taste blood and she cried out from the pain.

He sat up and looked down on her…..her chest heaving, his spit still glistening on her nipples, the red raw bite mark on her left nipple, and the blood slowly welling up from the bite. He slid down to between her thighs. He traced the point of the blade from her throat, down between her breasts, down her stomach, to the top of her blue jeans. He deftly cut the button from her pants, slid them from her legs and tossed them to the floor beside the mattress. She was absolutely perfect….he had never seen a more beautiful body….smooth, silky caramel colored skin….not a flaw on her….lean muscular tone….her dark hair sticking to her face….and all her well done artwork on her arms, back, and hips just set everything off. He ran his hands from her ankles up her calves, around the knees, up the thighs toward her hips. He grabbed her up and put her legs on either side of him and held her face very close to his. “You’re enjoying this….aren’t you?” he softly said to her, “You like all the things I’m doin to ya….you beautiful, cunt whore.” He buried his face in her breasts again. She moaned softly and he gave a shudder as he felt her warm breath on his ear. She felt him tremble beneath her, but didn’t say anything.

He snatched a handful of hair and pulled it sharply back, exposing her throat. She gave a little scream from the sudden pain and he proceeded to kiss, bite, and lick the surface of her throat. “Bitch, you‘re in the fuck of your life,” he growled against her throat. He laid her back down on the mattress. He traced a path from her breasts down to her navel continuing to the crotch of black lace panties…..inhaling her sweet scent and feeling the dampness of her panties with his nose. He took the blade and snipped both sides of her panties and yanking the fabric from her snatch. He was very pleased to find she kept her lovely snatch shaved clean. He traced a finger along her slit only to discover how soaking wet her cunt already was. He spread her pussy with his fingers and eagerly dove his tongue into her sweet, warm lovebox. He licked and sucked her clit until it was an engorged nub of sensitive flesh that poked between her shaven pussy lips. He flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt, and then slid a finger into her with his tongue. She moaned, squirmed, and thrust her hips against his face….she was truly enjoying his skills as he orally pleased her. He returned his attention to her swollen clit and proceeded to finger fuck her with two fingers……man, she’s tight he thought to himself. He looked up at her from where he was sucking and teasing her clit….he watched her body writhe with pleasure. He suddenly grabbed the susceptible bit of flesh in his teeth and thrust his fingers hard and deep into her twat……she screamed and arched her back as excruciating pain wracked her body, but surprisingly enough, she also had an intense orgasm that caused the internal walls of her cunt to spasm around his fingers and a torrential flood of her juices to gush out around his fingers, soaking his face.

He let her go and she rolled away from him. He could hear her crying and whimpering. He stood up and took off his clothes. “Y-y-you bastard” she cried. He grabbed her, rolled her onto her back, and positioned himself between her supple thighs. “Hmmm….from what I could tell….you seemed to enjoy that very much,” he said and sucked on the two fingers he used on her. He then grabbed his mammoth cock and guided it toward her hot wet twat. When she saw his huge cock she started screaming again and tried to get away from him. He grabbed her legs, put them on his shoulders, and rubbed the head of his cock along her slit, lubing it with her juices. She was begging and crying for him to stop and did her best to shut him out, but he had only one thing on his mind. “Now…my little bitch…..you will be all mine,” he growled and with that he thrust his thick 10inch cock all the way into her tight cunt. She screamed from the pain. He held himself all the way inside her, enjoying the feel of her, then he pulled it all the way out and rammed it back in again and again. He slowly built up a rhythm and tried his best to keep from cumming as long as possible. “Stop….please….you’re hurting me,” she begged. He continued pounding her poor pussy and grunted while he did. “AHHH!!! Please….you’re ripping me in half,” she screamed. All her crying and begging only made it more exciting for him and he started plunging his cock harder and deeper into her. He felt his own climax coming and grabbed her thighs. He thrust his cock once more into her as it started to spasm and shoot his sticky load all inside of her. He could have passed out right then, but he became aware of her crying underneath him. He sat up, pulled his still hard cock from her red raw pussy, and watched as his cum oozed out of her cunt and slid down her ass, which gave him an idea. He rubbed his cock against her asshole and pressed the head slowly into it. “No….please…not there….not there!!” she screamed. “Shut up bitch!!” he yelled at her and pressed harder against her resisting hole. The head of his cock forced its way past the sphincter ring with an audible pop and was accompanied by shrill scream from Shay. He gave a hard thrust and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her ass. He almost passed out from the tight constriction of her ass. He pulled back and pushed it back. He pumped her ass slowly; enjoying every stroke….he never had a tighter ass. It didn’t take long before he felt his balls tingling, getting ready to empty into her ass. He drove his cock harder and harder into her as her asshole gave less resistance and his balls slapped against her ass cheeks. He gave a loud grunt as for the second time he emptied his balls. He pulled his softening cock from her ass and watched the gaping hole spasm and creamy white cum slightly tinged with blood trickled out of it.

He was starting to feel light headed. He took the box cutter and cut the rope. “Leave you little cunt,” he whispered to her. He immediately collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep. In the morning when he awoke, there was no sign of Shay anywhere. He rolled over and smiled to himself as he relived last night in his mind. Well, she’ll never forget me now….he thought to himself. He lay there fantasizing about his next encounter with Shay……

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