Taking advantage of a friend – Part 1

Taking advantage of a friend – Part 1

Part 1 of my fantasies about my hot friend Belinda

I had been friends with Belinda for about a year. She had a boyfriend the entire time, and I just looked at her as a hot friend with good looking friends I could try my luck on. She viewed me as pretty much genderless, I always was the perfect gentleman to her, buying her drinks at the town, dinners, etc. I of course thought she was hot, but the relationship with her boyfriend seemed strong, and I knew I didn't have a chance with her, so I was content with being her friend.

The night my view of her really changed however, Belinda was extremely drunk, combating her current relationship-troubles with booze, and I thought I should get her home before she fell asleep. I had bought her drinks and champagne the entire evening, something I used to do. She was flirting with other guys, but treated me pretty much as a girlfriend. I got her in a taxi after a little struggle. 'I don't wanna go, I'm having fun,' etc.

Pretty much as soon as we got in the cab, she went over the top, and her eyes got heavy. 'Just let me off at me boyfriend's place Abid.' she mumbled. I rolled my eyes, she had been complaining about him for days now, and she wanted to go to him. I decided that I would bring her to me first. I stared at her as she was almost falling asleep from the booze she had drunk. She was beautiful, even though her make-up and hair had suffered a bit from the dancing and boozing. She wore a short black and white dress that really showed off her beautiful body. She had a long, slender frame, but she also had a full c-cup, her perfect round breasts almost jumping out of the top of the dress. She also had a nice round ass, I could barely take my eyes off it when we went to the beach with some friends. I carefully moved a hand over to her thighs, placing it gently on her soft skin. She didn't move, probably hardly noticing it in her drunken state. I grew bolder and hornier, slowly moving my hand further up her thigh until it slid under her light dress. The dress was pushed a bit back by my hand, exposing more of her tanned flesh. I also pulled at her legs a little, spreading them further apart than they already were. I had a raging hard-on by the time I touched her panties, sliding my finger up and down along the fabric. She didn't react at all, so I continued moving my hands along her thighs and along her thong, sometimes lightly brushing over her pussy through the fabric.

When the cab pulled up outside my place, I got her out after paying, half-carrying her out of the taxi. The driver winked at me and said, 'good catch bro, have fun with her tonight.' Even though I knew it was wrong, I knew that the possibility was there that I would take advantage of my friend. She was barely consious as I dragged her upstairs, mumbling about her boyfriend etc. I didn't really care, I was still really horny from feeling her up, and the fact that I was now grabbing her perfect tits while I was helping her up the stairs didn't exactly counter that. I finally got her into my apartment and placed her on my bed. She immediatly fell asleep, lying on her belly. Her dress was really short in the back, especially with her perky, round ass pushing it up, and in this position, with her legs a bit spread out aswell, she gave me a clear view of her black g-string, barely covering her pussy. She looked incredibly sexy, and I needed to keep the memory of her in this condition. I went and got my camera, and started taking pictures of her.

After taking a lot of pictures of her like that, I sat on the bed next to her, slowly rubbing her inner thighs, moving my hand into the crack between her legs and sliding it up her ass-crack. I moved her dress further up, exposing her nice ass to my viewing pleasure and for the camera. I massaged her ass for a while, then slid my hand down her crack again, rubbing the palm of my hand against her pussy. It was warm, and I felt her pussylips moving at my touch. I started massaging her pussy faster through her thong, I could feel the thong getting moist from her juices, and her outer labia was getting softer and larger, poking out on each side of her black g-string. My cock was now pressing hard against my pants, and I quickly removed my clothes, stroking my member slowly between taking pictures.

As Belinda hadn't reacted at all this far, I got bolder, I slid the dress up to her lower back, spread her legs further apart and then I moved in for the real prize. I stuck a finger under her thong and slowly pulled it to the side. I could hardly control myself at the sight of her pussy and asshole. She had a nice little light brown puckered butthole, but her pussy was the best sight. It was a beautiful pink color, and there was a small hole just waiting to be penetrated. Her inner and outer labia had expanded from my rubbing, and were glistening with her juices. I quickly picked up my camera and took many pictures. I envied her boyfriend for getting to fuck that hole when he wanted. I licked two fingers and slowly started rubbing her exposed fuckhole. Her lips parted as I moved my fingers around, her juices quickly increasing, my fingers slid into her without any resistance, a meek moan was all Belinda uttered. I continued taking pictures as I slid my fingers in and out of her glistening pink pussy. I also spread her pussy with my fingers and took more pictures.

After licking my fingers, tasting her juices, and unhooking her bra, I turned her gently around. I sat on top of her, kissing her on the cheek, then making out with her as good as possible. Then I moved my hands down to the reason I turned her over, her perfect breasts. One of her breasts were already exposed, a stiff little pink nipple peeking out over the top of her dress. I pulled the shoulderstraps and brastraps down along her arms, and then pulled her dress down until it was only wrapped around her flat stomach. I took some pictures of her like that, with the bra partially on, before I removed it totally. Two perfect round breasts with small stiff nipples were staring me in the face. I massaged them in my hands, pinching her nipples softly. Then I bent down and licked and sucked them, moving my tongue in circles. Belinda was still not reacting to my movements, and I moved down to her pussy and started licking her outer labia, then quickly moved to her inner labia, licking up her flowing juices. By this time I managed to remember the camera again, but decided it was too cumbersome, so I put my web-cam in a good location and continued licking her pussy and massaging her breasts.

After a while however, I was getting too horny, and all I wanted to do was to fuck her. I removed her panties, enjoying the smell of her pussy. My dickhead was smooth from the precum, and I almost trembled as I slowly moved it towards her pussy, at first using her juices to slide up and down, then slowly pushing it inside her waiting hole. She was tight, but very wet, and it felt great to push my cock into her tight hole, expanding her pussy as I pushed deeper. Another moan escaped her lips, but at this stage, I didn't even care if she woke up, I was going to fuck her brains out anyways. I slid my black cock in an out of this gorgeous white chick, massaging and licking her breasts as I pushed against her body, pushing my cock deeper and harder into her body, making her entire body move in-sync with the pounding. I lifted her legs up and pushed them against her body, allowing me to go deeper inside her, my cock filling her pussy completely. I loved the sight of her big, round tits bouncing in-sync with my cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt.

I was really close to cumming by now, but I wanted to use Belinda more. I pulled the dress completely off her, leaving her lying completely naked and exposed on my bed. I grabbed my camera again, taking many more pictures of her. That also gave me some time to calm down, so I would last a little longer, then I turned her over on her belly again. I used a pillow to prop her ass up. She looked incredibly sexy lying like that, ass in the air, butthole and pussy well exposed. I licked my middle-finger, slid it down her asscrack and moved it in small circles on her little brown hole. I then pulled her ass-cheeks to the side, and then wriggled my finger slowly into her butt. She let out a grunt, and moved slightly, but that only helped me sliding my finger deep into her butt. It was extremely tight, I felt it pushing against my finger. With my finger in her butt, I once again moved my cock towards her pussy, sliding it slowly deep inside her. I could feel my cock in her pussy with the finger in her ass. I fucked her doggystyle, lifting her up while continuing to use my finger in her asshole. She was breathing heavier and her juices were flowing, my dick making splashy noises with each trust.

She was kinda waking up now, she mumbled and moaned, she was incoherent and didn't resist though, so I continued fucking her, enjoying her sounds of pleasure. The fact that she was now half-awake made me even hornier, and I fucked her harder, pushing my finger to the hilt into her ass, wriggling it about. Belinda had pushed herself up a bit, her head still on the bed, but standing on her elbows. She fell down quite fast again though. I turned her over on her back again, and entered her from the front, making out with her now that she was half-awake. She didn't exactly kiss back, but I played with her tongue, and she kept her mouth half open. As I continued fucking her hard, she opened her eyes a quarter of an inch, looking me in the eyes. 'Abid?' She mumbled, moaning, 'what?' She closed her eyes again, moving a hand to her left breast. 'You doing?' She continued after a long pause. 'Shh,' I said, lifting her legs up and probing her deeper. She closed her eyes again, breathing heavily, 'but..' I placed a hand over her mouth and the other on her right breast, squeezing it hard. Her hand fumbled with her other breast, sqeezing it too. 'Ohhh,' she let out, I removed my hand and started making out with her again, getting a bit more tongue this time.

As I continued pounding her, I noticed she was breathing heavier and heavier, and as I trust my cock to the hilt into her pussy, she shook as she had an orgasm, her vaginal muscles contracting around my penis, squeezing it, then letting go, then squeezing tight again. It was an incredible feeling, her entire body shook under me, and her slightly open eyes closed shut. I almost came inside her then, but I pulled out of her as her convulsions stopped, climbing ontop of her and pushed my cock into her half-open mouth. She closed her lips around it, and moved her tongue slightly. I was probably the worst blowjob I had gotten, but because it was Belinda sucking me, it felt great. I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth a couple of times, leaving it covered in her saliva. Then I pulled my cock out, my white semen spurted out, a thick streak hitting her upper lip, some of it slid into her half-open mouth. The next spurt went on her chin, almost hitting her in the eye, the third hit her forehead, as she had pulled her head slightly to the side, leaving a streak deep into her hair. I pushed my cock down to her lips again, the last of my sperm gulping from it onto her lips. I moved the head around, my sperm covering her lips and dripping into her mouth and running down the side of her cheeks. I lay beside her limp body for a while, panting, then got up and grabbed my camera, making sure that the sight of a cum-covered Belinda would never fade.

I wasn't sure what to do with her now that my horniness had faded a lot. I turned off the web-cam and put my camera away. I had in one sense raped her, but it seemed like she had really loved it. She was also so drunk that she would probably not remember what had happened. I could dress her again, but I loved having her naked in my bed. I lay beside her, massaging her breasts, running my hands over her flat stomach and lightly massaging her pussy. I pulled the duvey over the both of us and lay beside her, feeling her soft flesh against mine. I grabbed one of her legs and pulled it over to me, placing it across my legs. Then I grabbed her arm and placed it around my neck. It felt good lying there naked beside her like I was her boyfriend. I fell asleep like that, my arms around her body.

When I woke up, we were still lying in that position, my cock was already hard from lying close to her skin. I slowly removed the duvey, taking in the sight of her gorgeous body again. I moved one hand on top of her breasts, massaging them slowly, and put the other on top of her pussy, sliding my middle finger between her outer labia, spreading them slightly. placing the rest of my fingers on her outer labia. I moved my hand very slowly and light, trying to not wake her up. I could feel a little wetness at the entrance to her hole quite quickly, and I continued slowly massaging her pussy, my middle finger probing her about a quarter of an inch, then a little deeper, collecting juices which I used to moisten her clit. Her nipples were stiff now, and I played gently with them.

As I slid my middle-finger into her now wet pussy, she started to move a little, grunting. I didn't know what to do, but my horniness won, and I started moving my finger inside her pussy while using my palm to rub her clit. She turned over on her back, slowly opening her eyes, struggling to adjust to the light. She moaned, then turned to look at me as I bent over her , pushing my finger as deep inside her as I could. She briefly closed her eyes and moaned again, spreading her legs further apart. Then she opened her eyes and looked me in the face. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened, she pulled her body a bit away from me, but I continued fingering her. 'Abid, what?' What the fuck are you doing?' she screamed. 'Last night was so good, I couldn't help myself,' I answered. 'What are you talking about?' She tried to wriggle out of my grip, but I held her tight, still fingering her and holding her close. 'Don't you remember? We had sex last night, you seduced me, I tried to resist, since you have a boyfriend, but you said that you hated him and wanted me.' I said. 'We had sex? But?' She let out a small involuntary moan, and I could feel the muscles in her pussy clenching my finger for a second. 'Yes, why do you think we are both in my bed naked? I'm really dissapointed that you don't remember it, you loved it yesterday, and I didn't expected to just be used for one time.' She shook her head, 'No, it can't be true, I love my boyfriend.' I moved on top of her, she didn't resist much, she just feebly tried to remove the hand probing her pussy. I pulled my finger out and put it in front of her face. 'Yes, we did, you enjoyed it, and seems like you enjoy me touching you now aswell.' I moved my cock to her pussy, letting it slide up and down her pink pussy. Belinda looked down, shame on her face, 'no, don't,' she said, but without any real meaning in the words.I had to push to get my cock inside her, she tried to resist by flexing her vaginal muscles, but her juices allowed my to slowly inch into her. 'No, I can't, please don't,' she said meekly, closing her eyes and turning her head away. 'I would stop if I knew you ment it, but look at your nipples, they are rock hard, and your juices do not lie either.' I pushed deeper inside her, ans as she stopped resisting, I fucking her slowly and licked her erect nipples. 'No, don't, I can't, my boyfriend..' I placed a finger over her mouth, 'shh, you know you want it, just let it happen.' I grabbed her ass, squeezing it while I increased the tempo, making her let out a little yelp.

After fucking her fast and deep in missionary, ignoring Belinda's feeble complaints, I hoisted her up into a sitting position, my dick still in her pussy, getting pushed all the way to the hilt by the movement. She moaned, louder this time, and I grabbed her ass and started to hoist her up and down on my cock, licking her tits at the same time and enjoying the feeling of her body tight against mine. I noticed that she was becoming more involved, pushing herself up and down my dick in rythm with my movements, and she was grinding against me. I looked her in the face, then moved in for a kiss, and to my surprise, she kissed me back, her tongue playing with mine. she occasionaly stopped and moaned, then we continued kissing.

As we fucked like that, I pushed my middle finger into her mouth. She played with it, sucking it and running her tongue around it, making me even more aroused. Then I moved it down her asscrack and massaged her asshole. Her buttcheeks were spread by the position, and she could do little to resist it slowly probing her ass. She arched her back as it penetrated her ass and I wriggled it around in the warm hole. 'Yeah, you like that, don't you, you loved it yesterday. Bet you would love a cock in each hole you little slut,' I whispered in her ear, biting her earloaf and breathing heavily in her ear. She didn't answer, but she started kissing me again, and increased her grinding. She was moaning loudly and her breathing was heavy. I continued fucking her for a while, then I pulled out, placed her on the bed and whispered in her ear, 'I want you to suck my cock.'

She got down on her knees on the floor and licked her lips. I stood up in front of her, my cock dipping up and down in front of her face, glossy with her juices. She grabbed my cock and started jerking me off slowly, then she opened her mouth and let her tongue run around the head before she took the entire head inside her mouth, sucking it hard and runnning her tongue over it, lapping up my pre-cum and tasting her own juices. I grabbed her long brown hair and pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. She gagged a bit, but struggled valiantly as I pulled her head back and forth, fucking her mouth. Then I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard as she continued sucking and jerking me off. 'You suck like a pro Belinda.' She looked at me, 'I can't believe I'm doing this,' she said. I picked her up and kissed her, then I bent her over my desk, entering her from behind.

She moaned and grunted heavily as I pounded her from behind while grabbing her tits. 'Ah, yes, fuck me hard Abid,' she grunted out. I fucked her as deep and fast as I could. She shuddered in a smaller orgasm, but I continued fucking her, I was close to cumming. As I felt my own orgasm overwhelming me, I pulled out, my first shot went off before I pulled out, spraying deep inside her, the next spray of semen spurting onto her lower back, the next one hitting her on the ass-cheek, and the rest I aimed at her butt-crack. The thick white fluid ran slowly down between her ass-cheeks, pooling at her asshole and running into her open, expanded pussy filled with more of my semen. I slumped down ontop of her, guiding my cock into her widespread pussy again, holding the sperm inside her and slowly going limp inside her. We lay there panting for a couple of minutes before my dick fell out of her and I stood back, looking at Belinda bent over with sperm running from her open, pink pussy.

I took the opportunity to grab a few shots of her like that as well, I think she noticed it, but she didn't move or say anything about it. She finally turned around, staring at the ground. 'I really can't believe we did this, I have a boyfriend, I don't want to be a cheater.' She said, her voice shaking. 'Then dump him, you know you loved every second of this.' I said. 'I'm such a slut,' she said, shaking her head. She looked around, grabbing her scattered clothes and started getting dressed. As she pulled on her panties, she looked at me for the first time after the fucking. 'You can't tell anyone about this, OK Abid?' 'If I can keep those,' I said with a smile, pointing at her black panties. She stared at me a little, then wriggled back out of them, letting them drop to the floor. She looked so hot in just her bra. Then she pulled on her dress, straightening out some curls. She walked to the door, not even washing away my semen in and around her pussy. 'We'll talk about this later,' she said, her head still hung low in shame. I spotted a patch of semen on her inner thigh, making her look even more like the hot slut I knew she was. I hugged her, grabbing her ass and kissed her on the mouth as she left. I quickly went to review the cam-video and moved the pictures over on my computer, jerking off to the sight of the night's happenings.

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