Awakening pt. 3

Awakening pt. 3

Two years had passed since Ryan had unlocked his powers.

Having completed the ritual required to unlock them, Ryan’s mother, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust, beauty and sex taught Ryan how to control and use his new found powers.

In those two years Ryan had grown incredibly, he was tall, broad shouldered, and his messy red hair still dominated the top half of his face.

Several benefits of Ryan's powers, amongst others, were that he no longer had to worry about spots, zits or any physical fault.

Ryan had also channelled some of his power into his muscles, and they had grown to give him a muscled chest and an athletic build.


Ryan woke, his internal body clock waking him at exactly seven-thirty am.

He showered, his now 7’’ cock hanging limp. He dressed into his school clothes, a white shirt and black trousers.

Having readied everything for his day, Ryan picked up his phone and dialled the school number.

“Hi, hello this is Ryan’s mum, Angella,” said Ryan into the speaker in an uncanny replication of his mother’s voice.

“Yes, yes that’s right, year nine,” he said, following the conversation,

“Yes well I'm afraid I’ve called to say he’ll be off sick today,”

“Yes, yes okay, thank you.” Ryan switched back to his own voice and closed his eyes.

He focused and moved his hand in front of his face, when he opened his eyes his hand wasn’t there, he

looked into the mirror on his desk and saw the unmade bed behind. Invisibly, he smiled, it had worked.
I made my way to school, following a flight path I’d set just the other day, I rose above the town, my invisibility hiding me, and flew towards school.

I touched down without a sound and looked around me, the school was already bustling with pupils and they all started to flood toward the main buildings when the bell rang.

Rising above the crowds to avoid being knocked over I watched for my prey, there!

Since starting year nine, a girl who just happened to be in my class, had starting being a real slut. She’d

also claimed to have had sex twice already, but, because of my gifts I knew she was a total virgin, that didn’t stop me planning to have some fun though.

Walking up the pathway towards the main building she batted her eyelashes at every boy she made eye contact with, she was wearing a well-above knee-length skirt and her top two shirt buttons were undone, revealing a laced white bra that held her large breasts two her chest.

As she reached the top of the stairs that led into the school I blew gently. Amplifying it with some power, a strong gust of wind buffeted her and her skirt flew upwards, revealing some very tight white panties with pink love hearts over each cheek, and on her cunt.

Every boy below her got an eye-full of this quite stirring view and each of them hardened instantly.
Letting her hold down her skirt she passed into the school itself. I floated through the wall above her like a ghost.

The bell rang again and slowly the pupils filtered through to their forms.

The first lesson was English. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was in the English room.
It was only a crude form of teleporting but it would do for now.

The room was lain out with five groups of tables of four. My girl, Hannah, sat on the furthest table in the corner, her legs spread wide under the table, batting her eyes at the boy opposite her.

This time though, I was going to make her go one further.
When they had filed into the room and the lesson began, Hannah began her usual antics, although this time I had her spread her legs a little wider and she slowed indicated to the boy that he should look under the table.

As he did, I saw the laced white panties in my head, and summoned them to me, I dropped them into a bin, (for a surprised cleaner to find later) and watched as he looked under the table.
At first he didn’t understand what he was seeing, then it dawned on him. Hannah’s naked vagina was open to him, and his dick hardened slowly.

I forced my way back into her head and made her arm move below the table.

Her fingers traced over her outer lips to tease him and herself, then without pause I made her shove her three straight fingers into her moistening cunt.

She gasped quietly and the boy’s eyes widened, a lot. She began to finger-fuck herself in school, in front of a boy who she’d never spoken to before.

The fingers slid in and out with a squelch and without my help, the boy reach inside his trousers.

Oblivious to the lesson the two entranced pupils sat rubbing themselves below the table.

Hannah came first, her orgasm flooding her skirt and the chair she was sat on.

Her fingers squelched as they exited the flooded pussy and as the entranced boy watched he felt his seed burst into his trousers.

A first both faces were filled with pleasure as their masturbating faded, then it changed to disgust as they realised they’d just done it in school, then, for Hannah, her faced changed to shock as she realised she’d just fingered herself for some-one, and more importantly, she hadn’t taken off her panties!

Amazingly, despite her unusual sluttiness she didn’t fight me, I just put ideas in her head and she’d followed them, now I was curious, I wondered how far this slut would go.


After English was science and as they changed rooms I blinked and found myself a comfortable position for the coming show.

They entered the room and sat down. The lesson began with a talk by the teacher, Miss Wagstaff. After a while I had her ask some questions to which the answer wrote the answer on the board at the front of the class, perfect.

Hannah willingly put her hand up and stood to answer the given question. Using a small portion of my power I blanked her mind and she stuttered as she tried to remember the answer that had been in her head not two seconds ago.

As she paused I forced some power into the clip holding her skirt up and it snapped.

Hannah’s skirt felt to her ankles as she searched her head for the answer.

I realised her mind, and, oblivious to the stunned silence behind her she wrote the answer on the board, and turning to walk back to her seat she tripped over her skirt and fell to the floor.

Because her panties were still in a bin somewhere here round, firm ass was completely on show, and as she stood in a cross between a faint and fury so was her still sticky cunt.

She bent down to pick up her skirt and as she did, her cheeks opened and revealed her dark crack and the very edge of her cunt to the people behind her.

She stood and struggled to clip the broken piece of metal back to her skirt, and, as muffled giggles began Miss told her to go to the toilets until she was ready.

With tears welling at her eyes she fled out of the room to the girls toilets.

I followed her, hounding her all the way. Popping the third and fourth buttons on her shirt, unclipping her bra strap, she struggled to hold herself together and as she locked the toilet door behind her and let go of the ruined clothing she was virtually naked.

She slid to the floor, her back against the door, sobbing.

She cried into her eyes and when she finished I grabbed her by the hair.

“YOU HAVE BEEN A NAUGHTY GIRL!!” I called, making my voice echo around the room.

“YOU MUST BE PUNISHED!!” I called again,

Lifting her up I smacked her arse and led her to the sink, she started to dry again.

“THE GODS HAVE SENT ME TO SEE THE ERROR OF YOU WAYS!!” I yelled, I think I was getting a bit carried away by then.

I bent her over the sink desk and held her there with some power.

I pulled open her cheeks and gazed into her crack. Shoving a powered finger into her crack I cleared any leftover shit. Not on my cock!

She squealed as she realised what was about to happen and begged me not to.

“Please no! I'm sorreeee . . . .” she whined.

Ignoring her I released my cock and aimed it at her crack,

“Oh my god please nooo . . .. .” she screamed as my cock forced its way inside her back hole.

I lubricated the inside of her arse with quick flick and began fucking her hard.

My cock thrust in and out of her arse even as she begged me to stop. In the mirror I saw tears run down her face and grinned. Now she’d pay!

I released my seed into her arse and she screamed again as it shot into her hole.

Filling my balls with another burst of power and flipped her round and aimed towards her virgin cunt.
“Oh god please no!!”She cried, tears pouring freely.

“Please no! Not like this I'm a virgin!” she called between sobs.

I grinned, finally.

“That's what we wanted to hear!” I growled, and gazing at her released breasts I had another idea.

Throwing her onto the floor I sat on top of her, my cock resting in her cleavage.

“You will not lose your virginity today,” I growled “If, you behave and do as you’re told,”

“Anything, please, don’t fuck my pussy!” she begged, still sobbing.

“Good! Now rub your tits up and down,”

Slowly, but gradually gaining speed she rubbed my cock between her breasts, she started to smile as I thrust into her tits and opened her mouth to say something.

Unluckily she opened her mouth as I came and my seed pushed its way into her cheeks.
She tried to spit it out but a clenched her jaws,

“Swallow, I growled.

And she did, with cum dripping out of her arse and down her tits and face I left her lying on the floor.

I walked through the door and blinked, and found myself looking at the temple where I had gained my powers.

“Well well well,” said I voice behind me, “We have become a ruthless little fucker, haven’t we?”

“I try my best,” I replied, “Mother.”

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