Filthy femdoms: forced oral-part 6

Filthy femdoms: forced oral-part 6

After my complete humiliation in the video room I seemed no longer bound by any normal conventions of sexual behavior. Nothing was too filthy for the wardresses to inflict upon me…and very quickly I was becoming the consumate animal slave…bound by force, and by my own uncontrollable cravings, to do their bidding each day…
regardless of how vile or lascivious.

I found that I was the only slave at the lowest level of existance here…none other even approached my abysmal servitude or ranking, and more and more I was made to feel humiliation even at the hands of my fellow prisoners.

The wardens in the training area had become quite nasty by now…and showed me their complete disgust at every opportunity. Though I wasn't physically abused, the attractive women oozed contempt and sarcasm, and eating the shit substitute from the models became even more humiliating for me as they watched and made lewd comments while I dined on the funky foodstuffs.

My tongue had grown suprisingly in length, and I was actually able to touch my nose with the tip…a feat that is usually not possible in the real world. They forced it on me until I experienced cramps doing the wierd exercise. I could now delve my long oral appendage quickly, and deeply into the models no matter how small and tight the sphincter opening.

The wardens and assistant wardens took full advantage of this during my daily schedule, making me clean their inner rectal areas often, having their interior residue removed with much greater efficiency by my obscenely long lapper.

I found that this inner coating had a distinct odor and consistancy, and was much more difficult to dislodge.

They knew that I now had an obsessive craving for sucking asshole and eating female waste, and had placed me mentally on a level slightly above the toilets in which they relieved themselves each day.


The Madam had been replaced by another woman, and I did not find out about this until I was summoned to her 'session' room…for an interview. Upon my arrival by dogchain at the Madam's private room, they left me secured to an examination table surrounded by various kinds of equipment.

My head was at a lower level than my feet, and my arms and hands, and legs were bound tightly with thick straps. I was in my normal state of quiet resignation, when a strange woman came into the room. I was quite puzzled since I was told by the guards that I would be seeing the Madam.

The new Madam was a black haired latino beauty…and her perfect, and exotically formed ass was indeed the hottest ass I'd ever seen in my entire lifetime. It was as if an obscenely driven sculptor had formed her body out of raw lust…knowing that it would be the object of countless male masterbation fantasies…that could never be satisfied. Her voluptuous asscrack showed deeply on the outside of her expensive skirt, and I stared with awe.

She was, to put it mildly, extremely pretty…and my penis was at full erection as she viewed my naked and restrained body. A firey passion gripped me and I was near ejaculation, even before anything had happened.

She came around to the side of the table and looked down at me, her arms held tightly onto her wonderful hips.

I saw in an instant that she was cruel…the whole of her countenance flashed that message to me without mistake…and my mood suddenly changed to the usual hard, and totally compliant mode that had kept me from losing it during my time here.

She spoke almost without moving her full and magnificent lips…and an aura of complete control radiated from her…she knew what I was, and had done, and now it would be her turn to humiliate me.

"You're going to eat my shit…" she said quietly, "and you're going to do things for me that would never have occurred to the other Madam."

She came around by my head and looked down at me curiously, placing her leather gloved hand on my forehead, and she smoothed over my hair pinching my ear as she spoke.

He perfume was entoxicating beyond what I can describe to you and my pecker bobbed uncontrollably, and she continued to smooth down my hair with both hands.

"When you eat my shit, my little fecal whore…you will describe to me exactly the flavor and aroma, and taste, written carefully in the form of several paragraphs, and given to the warden in charge of your area not later than an hour after your return to your cell. You will begin to learn what I have eaten that day…just by swallowing a few mouthfuls of my bowel movement."

"A fart that I blow into the wind will now become important to you…that's how worthless you are. When I fart during the day the smell is lost but now you will smell it…whenever I so desire."

She moved behind me and I heard a rustling sound as she removed her panties. She came and stood once more near my head. She looked into my eyes and her tongue flicked around her perfect lips.

"Tell me," she murmured cozily, "did you kiss the other Madam's ass…did she make you kiss her asscheeks quite often?"

I stared at her almost in a trance…I was completely vulnerable, and uncertain about what my life would be with her here…"Yes," I uttered, as I cleared my throat, "I kissed her ass often."

"And when you stuck your nose between her rear cheeks, was it quite nasty?"

I was becoming so aroused by now that I was sweating and ran my tongue around my lips nervously.

"It was very nasty and I served the Madam well with my mouth and tongue."

"Well my little toilet receptacle," she said smoothly, enunciating her words…"you have not seen nasty yet…but I will soon educate you. My behind crack is quite deep and dark and furry, and will he a new experience for you…there can be no doubt."

"Though I am a person of exceptional cleanliness, yet that open part of me back there is a world of dark hirsute foilage, and mature female odor, after I have taken my toilet."

She raised her full skirt upward and stepped over me with her rear near my face. Her asscheeks were pinched together for the moment, but as she moved backward and let her skirt fall over me, they opened and I was sealed in a dark world of excitement and lust. Her ass was wonderful, and round and firm and perfect in every respect…and as she shifted and knelt with a leg on either side, she slowly lowered her butt over my face and spread her full asscrack and enveloped my nose and mouth.

I suddenly caught a smell of her posterior opening, and my nostrils arose in reaction, and I breathed in heavily as the furry hairs of her asshole rubbed over my face and nose. It was a very pungeant and yet most incredibly erotic smell, and I could tell that she indeed had just taken a bowel movement…but that the extremely exotic odor did not result from a lack of cleanliness…merely the funky and powerful fragrance of a mature and fulsome woman.

She spoke in a level tone always, and her deep, sexy voice commanded me now to do her bidding…and I was completely within her powers…and had nothing in the world that could have diverted my attention at that moment.

"I know you cannot resist me now and must do a suction with your lips on my anus," she moaned, "suck my asshole very hard, my fart inhaling dunce…here is something special for you…a fart that is not lost in the wind…but one that you must eat."

She tensed her abdomen noticably, and her large bulbous anal opening pushed downward and parted a bit and I clamped my lips over it and sucked for all I was worth…and as her smelly hairs rubbed all over my nose and surrounded my cheeks, she expelled a very large puff of gas into my mouth…and I ate it like food, and gulped it into my stomach.

It was an extremely long eruption of gas, and though not of great odor, was enough to fill my cheeks and cause me to become a bit lightheaded. .

She clamped down powerfully on my face and began to fart repeatedly, and suddenly her raw glistening asshole opened further and a small turd began to push it's way out of her perfect asshole.

I was squirming and grunting as I reached up and sucked on the protruding feces…and she held it there for awhile so that I could do just that…do a popscicle on a lump of her shit not quite expelled from her dark anal chute. "Suck on that aromatic thing," she grunted…"enjoy something that most men never experience…a kind of filthy chore that can only be dreamed of. Let that unforgettable stinking flavor and aroma fill your mouth as you clean it."

"What a filthy bastardo you are!"

"Clean it and swallow the juice…the filthy and obscene juice…"

"Oh good bastardo…now eat my shit…all of it and swallow…ummmmmmm…enjoy the strong, pungent smell and indescribable taste. What a consistancy it has as you chew it and swallow. What a lowlife piece of excrement you are…my dirty dump slave."

I was in a frenzy now and I drew the brown mass of her inner waste into my mouth and ate it immediately, and her ass hair smeared crap all over my face as I gulped my meal.

She was grunting in pleasure now…

"It is something that you are perfectly suited to do for a woman," she groaned, "women will shit in your mouth because you are best for it!" "You must have your mouth in the most disgusting part of a woman's body, because that is what you are destined for."

"Eat my shit you pathetic vermin…eat the shit that you so crave, and I will supply you all that you want."

My mouth was open now…as more of her dark brown fecal matter plopped in…and I chewed and swallowed the bland anal waste fed me.

Finally her bowel movement stopped, but she held fast, waiting for me to clean her.

"Ahhh….your tongue cleaning shit out of my bunghole is disgusting beyond words, motherfucking toilet man…but you do it so well!" I lapped upward and captured all the funky crap around her large, well formed anus and soon vacuumed it off. I had become so aroused by this time that I could not control myself and jerked and ejaculated, though she didn't touch me there at all.

"Consider that your reward, foul mouthed son-of-a-bitch…and I will allow you this one transgression toward my authority."

She finally dislodged herself, and stood up again, and bent over slightly, holding her skirt above her rear, as she wiped herself with toilet paper several times. She rubbed the stained tissue over my mouth after each wipe just to cause me further usage, and threw the soft, brown coated paper into a nearby toilet bidet. She sat down and cleansed herself thoroughly with the water being sprayed into her anal area, and wiped several more times until she was satisfied, then flushed the toilet.

She put her panties back on and pulled her dress down and smoothed it. She looked down at my shit stained face and smiled sarcastically, and looked absently at the load of spunk covering my lower area.

"You're a shit eating whore…" she whispered quietly, "I've allowed you to put your mouth in a highly privileged area…you have done an ultimately disgusting thing to me…and you are scum in my eyes."

"I will explain my contempt for you in the coming weeks in ways that you will probably not fully comprehend."


Two guards ultimately came in and took me to the showers, and gave me time to clean myself. I was allowed to kiss their ass afterward…the symbolic ass kissing that was now required of me each time I was with any of the staff, and though I craved it, I was fighting back deep feelings of anger that had eaten on me for months now.

I slept quite well that night, dispite the new situation, and swore to myself that I would surely receive more humane treatment from the new Madam, and less chance of torture. I discovered before long, however, …I was sadly mistaken about this.

The next day was Saturday, and the facility was filled with visiting females…each delighted to be receiving free oral anal service from the captive male slaves, who numbered at least thirty by this time.

There were several hundred anxious women waiting in the very large reception area, and the male slaves would be hard put to satisfy such a large number.

After my daily training sessions I was allowed an hour or so to rest and watch TV. I received my usual dosage of the aphro-stimulants and nullifiers given me each day, and before long I was taken to the slave usage area just adjacent to the large reception complex.

I was secured in a chair fixture, lower than the normal height for for comfortable seating, and waited curiously for what might happen. Soon a large group of about fifty women came into the room, and two wardens stood nearby to oversee the activities.

Each woman drew a number tag and sat in a large seating area just in front of me. They were talking, and laughing, and pointing at me curiously, and I was still in the dark as to the purpose of all this.

The wardens began to call out the numbers, and soon number one was standing in front of me, grinning widely and looking down with lust in her eyes. "Let us begin ladies…we have much more area to cover today, so lets finish this as soon as possible. Number one begin please."

Number one pulled up her dress and turned her back to me and pulled down her panties, shoving her spread asscheeks into my face.

The wardens stood next to me and looked as if they were in a quite impatient mood. "You will lick each asshole as it is presented to you," said one of them, "and you will do it quickly and efficiently. Clean and swallow…you will have thirty seconds for each servicing. No sucking asshole, just a quick cleaning. Begin!"

I was surprised and blindsided by this turn of events, and my aphrodisiacs kicked in and my animal needs took over as I gladly stuck my nose in the woman's asscrack. Her butt was not clean but not particularly dirty either and I rapidly licked her anus clear of residue, and all the surrounding area. She moaned in pleasure as I lapped her smelly rear crack and swallowed what came off on my tongue, and after I had finished, she quickly wiped and threw the tissue into a receptacle closeby.

She pulled her panties up and her dress down and looked in disgust at me before proceeding to another room.

"Number two," came the call from the warden, "number two next up."
Number two was there quickly, and she did the same as number one after looking down at me with amusement. Her asscrack was a bit funky, but I was in a frenzy of lust now, and the raunchy smell drove me to lick her obscene crack very rapidly, and I cleaned off flecks of shit stain and swallowed them readily.

After each cleaning the woman would look down in disgust, without fail, and soon the degradation began to build…and my self esteem began to plummet again. The women were talking and joking and laughing, and their concern for my dignity was nonexistant, as they reveled in humiliating me. They were enjoying the buttlicking, and knew that my shame was becoming more pronounced by the minute.

One by one they wiped and threw the toilet paper in the trash container after I tongued them clean, and left, and by the time I had licked out ten women, I began to develop a slight brown residue around my lips.

Each woman had a slightly different odor, and the shit stain was a bit different, but I was in an uncontrollable fit now, my long tongue slurping at the smelly rear holes, and the occasional farts drove me to even higher levels of excitement.

I was in an intense erotic state, and looked pleadingly as each new ass was presented to me, unable to wait for the pleasure of sliding my long oral appendage up another craphole.

It was amazing how each asshole tasted a bit different…the unique shape of each anal sphincter opening…some star shaped, some small and bulbous, some wider and deeper.

"Number thirty, number thirty up next."

I was breathing more heavily now, in an absolutely consumed state…and each new asscrack sent me into a deeper trance of pungent sexual perversion.

The area around my mouth was now covered with a noticable brown stain, and I attemped to clean it off before each new buttcrack was presented to me, but was unable to accomplish this, and merely ate all the residue that I could, and swallowed it…feeling it flow into my stomach.

These were all attractive women between the ages of eighteen and fifty, and I knew that they had been cleared medically to be allowed to come here and participate.

I knew it was safe, and that made the smelly licking even more erotic.

I was amazed at the myriad form, shape, and fragrance of the nasty asscracks, some hairy, some shaved, all of them funky in their own way.

I began to kiss each asscheek quickly before I cleaned the anal crack, and the wardens allowed me this slight diversion from their instructions.

The women had been showering me with insults and emotional zingers, and this did nothing for my inner self…it being almost impossible to maintain any form of dignity while licking shit residue from women who were unsympathetic, and complete strangers to me.

I received many farts while doing my service, and the wardens moved a bit out of the way at times to avoid the odor.

"Number forty five, number forty five up next."

My fixed position had now become quite uncomfortable, and I shifted uneasily as I did my disgusting work on the eager female strangers.

My tongue was actually becoming tired and sore by now, and the crap residue covering my entire face had taken on a special aroma and consistancy…unlike anything I had experienced so far here, even though I had been eating shit here for some time now.

The last five women were a blurr of abject, consumate degradation, and extreme lust on my part, I might add…their half grins of disgust and detesting showed me what I must have looked like to them…someone who had done the most degrading thing possible and enjoyed it.

They were appalled by my shameless behavior, but most of all because of the fact that I was not actually forced to such a height of putrid enjoyment, but actually embraced it. I had licked and cleaned the hole used by them to defacate their bodily waste, along with that of forty five other women who were unknown to me…and they could not reconcile this with any form of respect for me as a human being.

I would never forget the looks of revulsion on their faces…and their obvious disgust with my person.


When the room was cleared I was taken to the showers again, and cleaned myself as the unsympathetic guards looked on.

When I finished I was obliged to kneel and kiss their ass as I masterbated over the shower floor drain again, but I think something snapped inside me in that moment, and I looked at them with a blank, uncooperative stare. The order was repeated along with the threat of a taser shock…but something inside would not comply…my psyche had rebelled involuntarily, and shut down my body, and I could not move. I had refused a direct order for the first time since my initial indoctrination torture.

They tasered me, both of them, and I yelled in pain and collapsed on the floor, quivering in agony. One of them produced an electric hypodermic injector to calm me, and when I awoke I was back in my room again, strapped to my bed.


It was night time, and I knew that I would probably have peace, at least for a few hours…but also knew that I had committed a serious offence here…and would suffer for it the next day. My stomach was sick from fear and dread…I had given my all for such a long time, and now I would have to experience some kind of punishment for my momentary lack of absolute cooperation, and my regretable transgression. It was an outrage, but there was nothing I could do to avoid it.

I hoped desperately that the new Madam would be understanding and consider my former service…but of this I could not be sure. I finally managed to fall asleep, and drifted into an uneasy slumber.

I knew that I would have a life after all this…I just knew it…but how long would I have to exist here in this state. Without a doubt I would have to trust in my own strength and inner fiber to make it through.

My will to survive, I was sure, would carry me to freedom…but what of tomorrow morning?

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