jonny joke… not having a crack at christians

jonny joke… not having a crack at christians

the teacher turns to the class and see sally asleep on her desk…

she then asked the class "who created the hevens and earth in 7 days?, sally?"

jonny sore sally a sleep so to help her out. he grabed his pencile and stabed her ass with it she screamed out "god almighty!"

the teacher was suprised she was listening… a few minuts later she asked the class "who sacrificed themselfs on the cross for our sins?,sally?"

again sally was asleep. again jonny helped her out and stuck the penciel in her ass harder this time. she cried out "jesous christ!"

again the teacher was surprised… the teacher then asked the class "what did eve say to adam after there 2800000th child?"

no one answered… so jonny shoved the pencile right up sallys ass she stood up and screamed "if you stick that thing in me one more time im gana snap it in half!!!"

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