I'd never forgotten that moment with you, it's my last happy memory of us together. You and out in the night on the beach during that festival laughing and joking. Now I think and wish life was as simple and easy as that night, which is why I cherish it so. Because it was the first time you and I were together alone, no one else, not your sister, your nephews, our parents, or your boyfriend my best friend. I know having those desires were wrong, especially because you was my boys heart. But that nightyou were mines and I was yours and we were so in love with eachother. i don't know if it was the place, the people, or our hearts but no one has ever been that deep to me and I pray the same goes for you. If only we hadn't seperated, if we didn't have to return to our lives I would've stayed with you for ever.

As we stared into eachothers' eyes, I envision you in my arms, lips touching and tongues intertwined tryin to taste the secret of our passion. Sliding my hands up and down your spine, kissing your neck and shoulders. Moans and Sounds escaping our mouths we move closer to the beach shore. Undressing you slowly, movin my hands to your breast massagin them and pinching you nipples caressing your tounge with mines. My lips moving from your's to your breasts and nipples, sucking and biting gently, makin you sqeal and arch you back. Guiding my hands between you thighs feelin the dampness, strokin yor pussy and rubbing you clit. Watching you expressions of extacy and desire feelin myself rising to meet your yurnings I move closer to your thighs kissing and leaving a trail with my tongue from your lips to your thighs. I kiss, lick, and suck on you inner thighs, makin you wetter, wantin me to get closer to your pussy and taste you pearls, your scent driving me crazy, tryin to stay cool but I wanna enter you right now. Keeping my cool I realize what we are doin and where I want to take you, I go back to the foreplay, driving you into a craze of frustration and inpaitence.

Then when you've begged for the n'th time I move in to lick your lower lips down to up, you shudder. I plunge my tongue deep into your being as my thumb rubs you clit and my other hand grips your tit. You moan tellin me it good and lettin somethin in spanish slip. I slide my mouth over you clits, licking feverously and placing my index and middle finger in you slowly and shallowly. Listening to your commands and following the way you rock and shake I spped up, slow down, bringing you to climax after climax. My mouth goin numb but I continue, feeding off of your energy and cries for more and more. Your hands grab the back of my head and you legs close around my neck makin sure I don't move, I think to myself I just beginning Marie, hold on. Your cries of lust come and go in a blur of spanish, english pleases and prayers.

Then when you've tensed from the the last orgasm, I move from you legs back to your neck, kissing, sucking, and catching my breath. Then I roll you over and kiss your spine and leave trails with my tounge from where your back arch from you butt to your spot behind you right ear and I stay there nimblin your lobe and sliding my dick in your sloppy pussy. As I nimblin and enteryour body, you tense up and release I sqeal of shock and pleasure, and I beggin to rock and grind slowly, thrustin deeply. You grip my hands, placing your finger in between mines tellin me where to hit and how. My only concern is pleasing you, keepin you in lust's playground, keepin your mind numb with desire. I flipp you over and enter you as my eyes make contact with yours. You close your leggs around my hips around me and meet my rythm, Rubbin you clit with my abdomen, glidin my toungue aorund your ear and shoulder. I kiss you swallowin your moans and tastes keepin my tongue on yours, we break just to take a deep breath, you whisper in my ear your love and lust for me, and how close she is and asks me to cum with her. I move deeper and faster, hitting her walls, loosin myself in her warmth, her wetness, her creamy feel. She screams in my ear as she orgasms and I release my lust for her, the feeling of electricity blaze my body jump back and forth from eachother as we hold tight falling from that place of deisre to a land of extacy's bliss, seeing the stars moving around us as I stare in her eyes and she has the look of total joy that only can be given by the one she loves. I let the words I love you slip off my lips onto lips and into her heart, close my eyes and kiss her as deep as I can, holdin her never wantin to let her go.

I blink and realized that had only been a dream, that I've been starin at her for what seems like hours with the star to her right and the monn to her left. Time returns and I realize it had only been a couple of seconds and I wonder had she had the same fantasy as I have. I grab her arm and give her a gentle kiss on her cheek and move away from her as My Boy, her Boyfriend cathces uo to us, I look back and a moment of hunger in her eyes, then wathc it be replace with love for our Boy, I turn my back and get lost in jealousy's shadow.

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