Springbreak Part II

Springbreak Part II

Part II – Springbreak

Stephanie walked out of the bathroom and said to Josh " I am so humiliated by that". Josh wasn't very sympathetic. "Get over it" he said. "Now suck me off". She knelt in front of him, he said "I keep thinking about that girl licking your pussy in front of thousands of people, while Tom was spreading your pussy lips". Stephanie said, "I know more than one person was videotaping it, I am sure you can get a copy". "I know, and I am going to get a copy" he said. Stephanie, feeling ashamed and defeated, continued to suck Josh off draining every last bit of semen from him. He made her swallow this time too, which had never done before.

Stephanie went to bed that night, thinking that she had done the girl/girl thing, she had done her duty, now it was over and her and Josh could resume normal relationship. Boy was she wrong. Little did she know that Josh's respect level for her just went down to zero, and his perversions were only going to get worse.

The next day, her and Josh went to the hotel across the street to see some of his rugby teammates where they were staying. Alot of these guys had been on the boat the day before, including Tom, whom she had always hated anyway, and had witnessed her public lesbianism. Stephanie was very anxious and nervous about going over there.

When they got to their hotel room, they walked in and the room got quiet when Stephanie walked in. There was about 5 of the rugby team members, plus Josh in the room. Tom high fived Josh and winked at Stephanie. Another guy, Fred was in the room, whom Stephanie absolutely detested more than Tom. He was short, kind of fat, and always had a foul attitude towards women. He had really red hair and freckles. He thought he was the shit. He walked over to Stephanie and pinched her ass. "Ouch" Stephanie said. "Look can we just drop this whole thing from yesterday. I was only doing it for Josh".

Tom said, "baby, according to Josh, you are only getting started". "Yeah" said Josh, "you are now our new rugby slut". Stephanie stared at him in disbelief and tears sprang to her eyes. "I am leaving" she announced.

She walked out the door, and Josh followed her and grabbed her by the arm "where are you going"? "You know I am one of the most popular guys on campus, I can make or break your happiness on campus, and sweetie you still got 4 years to go". Stephanie looked at him in horror and it slowly started to sink in. If she just wouldn't have caved and had that lesbian experience, at least he would have respected her. He might have dumped her, but at least she wouldn't be a considered a big whore.
"I am going home" she announced. "If you walk away, I promise you the next 4 years of your life are going to be a living hell, I will see to it that you do not have one friend on campus". Stephanie realized he meant business, and although she might be considered the "rugby whore" now, she still had Josh's name behind her so she would never be ostracized from the campus social scene.

"Okay" she said quietly, feeling defeated and her self esteem plummeting. "Now let's go back inside………………..I want you to fuck Fred today. It is his birthday".

"No" she cried. "I hate him, he is so mean to women". "He is not mean, just misunderstood" said Josh. "Now come on" Josh grabbed her by the arm and pulled her inside.

They walked back inside and Fred was in his underwear now, and nothing else. The rest of the guys were sitting at the table. "She agreed to be your birthday present Fred" said Josh. Fred got an evil look in his eyes "good you whore, I was on the boat yesterday and heard you yell when you came, now I am going to make you come". Stephanie's eyes turned as big as saucers as she realized what lay before her. "Can I go to the bathroom" she said weakly. "Go ahead" said Josh.

She went into the bathroom and closed the door. Stephanie started to slowly undress. There was a terry cloth robe hanging in the bathroom, she put it on and was naked underneath. Stephanie walked out of the bathroom in the robe. The other guys were playing cards, while Fred was lying on the bed in his boxers, with a stiff hardon. "You ready" Fred said. Stephanie walked over to the bed. Fred sat up and pulled her robe off. He choked when he saw her big tits up close. The guys on playing cards cheered. "Alright Fred, you are getting a nice birthday present today, aren't you".
"Suck me off" Fred said. Stephanie looked at the ugly, little fat red haired guy as she knelt down and started to suck his penis. Fred laid back in the bed while Stephanie was sucking him. The other guys had stopped playing cards and were watching, giving her pointers on how to suck him better.

Fred said "stop". He pulled her away, and told her to lay on the bed on her back and spread her legs. Fred then proceeded to lay down beside her sideways, and started to rub his dick on her pussy. Stephanie was chocking back the tears now, and let out a soft cry. Fred then started fucking her. He stuck his dick in her pussy, going back and forth very slowly, while rubbing her clit. Stephanie tried to block it out of her mind. She couldn't believe she was fucking this man whom she hated.

The other guys were quiet now, watching. Some had gotten their dicks out and were playing with themselves including Josh. It was all so humiliating. Tom had even gotten his video camera and was taping it, much to Stephanie's chagrin.

Stephanie's tits were going back and forth and Fred was fucking her. "Do you like that you little skanky slut". Stephanie nodded, because she knew that it was what he wanted to hear. One of the other guys, Steve, came over started playing with Stephanie's tits. "Why dont you get her in the ass Fred". Stephanie looked up at everyone, and was startled. She had only ever had anal twice with Josh, and both times she hated it. "Get up on my ass" Fred said. Stephanie looked at Josh pleadingly, who gave her a look that said you better do it. Fred stuck two fingers, coated with saliva up her ass. She gasped.

Stephanie was too tired to fight, and just gave in rather than do anything more to compromise her situation. She squated over Fred, while he called her mean, nasty names, and took his dick in her ass. She then lay back on her elbows, while he told her to pump his dick with her ass. She did as she was told.

While she was fucking his dick with her ass, the rest of the guys were standing at the foot of the bed watching. Their eyes were looking at her clit, which was swollen from being fucked so hard by Fred. Steve then proceeded to get naked, and climb up on the bed. "You ready for a sandwhich baby". Stephanie started crying, tears rolling down her face. "Please no". Fred grabbed her by the hair and told her to shut the fuck up.
Steve then stuck his dick in her pussy. Very slowly. She groaned. It hurt so badly. They both started going in and out of her at the same time. Stephanie was overwhelmed. Josh was now staring at both guys with their dicks in Stephanies holes, pumping in and out of her. Josh was playing with himself while he watched Stephanie get fucked.
Stephanie felt like a play thing, just being used for their pleasure. Both of the man finished, coming inside her with a loud groan. The rest of the men wanted sucked off, except Tom. He wanted to fuck her ass.

Tom leaned her over one of the chairs, and stuck his dick inside of her ass really deep. He had Josh videotape up close, Stephanie's ass getting reamed by him. The only way Stephanie could bear the pain was by playing with her clit, which only got hoot and hollers from the rest of the guys. Fred ordered her to stick her fingers in her pussy while Tom was fucking her. Of course she did what she was told. "Now fuck your pussy with two fingers while Tom fucks your ass". Tom had stopped fucking her, and waited for her to get her two fingers in her pussy. "Ready," Tom asked. Stephanie nodded yes. Tom started fucking her ass and stopped again, "what the hell are you doing you dumb bitch, fuck your pussy while I am fucking your ass". Stephanie started crying, but Tom pulled her hair for her to stop. Fred leaned over the chair and said "what is the problem, boo-hoo baby". Fred had the video camera now.
"Let's try this again, I fuck your ass while you fuck your pussy with 2 fingers". Stephanie stuck two fingers in her pussy, and Tom started to pump her ass, Stephanie started to fuck her pussy with her fingers. The guys started cheering.

Tom had alot of stamina. Tom must have fucked her ass for a good 20 minutes. He would stop and just rest his dick in her ass, and she was not allowed to move. Then he would start up again and she had to start fucking her pussy with her fingers again. "I can't come" Tom announced. The guys just looked at him, and Stephanie looked at him in disbelief. She was tired and wanted this over with. Tom got up and went to the refrigerator and pulled out a hotdog. He then walked over to Stephanie and told her to shove it up her cunt.

Stephanie looked at him with widened eyes, while the guys that were watching, starting getting hard ons again. "Why" she asked. "Stick this hot dog up your snatch,while I fuck your ass. When you have two dicks in you, it makes your ass even tighter around my dick, and your fingers up your snatch are not doing the trick. "
Stephanie, totally submissive, and tired at this point, reluctantly agreed. She started to sob silently as she stuck the hot dog up her snatch. They other guys were now all on the floor watching, and let out a groan as the hot dog slide up her snatch. Tom then slowly slide his cock up her ass "oh my god, that feels so tight now, baby you are so tight now. Are you ready"? "Yes" she said softly. "Go baby, go". Stephanie started to fuck her cunt with the hotdog while Tom fucked her ass. "Keeping fucking your cunt" Tom ordered. Stephanie kept fucking her cunt, in an out with the hot dog, while Tom pumped in an out of her ass. Finally Tom came in her ass with a loud groan. The other guys groaned too.

Stephanie started to get up, wiping the tears from her face, thinking it was finally over, but Fred had one more thing in mind. He came over to her whispered in her ear "I am not all that bad baby, we all think you are a great girl baby. Now, we just want to see you fuck a little bit more, than you are free to go". Stephanie at this point, ready to except any kindness someone would give her, reluctantly nodded yes. Fred then went to the refrigerator and pulled out another hot dog, but this one was bigger. Fred took the hot dog, and ordered Stephanie to spread her legs wider while she knelt over the chair. She nodded yes, because he was being so kind.

Steve started the video camera again, and Fred, squating over Stephanie, slowly stuck the bigger hot dog in. The men all gasped, and so did Stephanie. "Are you ready, I am going to start fucking you with the hot dog. She nodded, and he started. She felt the hot dog go inside of her. It was smooth, like a cock. He started fucking her faster, while playing with her clit. The men watching, were starting to groan louder and louder. She could feel their eyes on her snatch as Fred pumped the hot dog in and out of her cunt. Steve got up, and grabbed another hot dog and sat beside of her. "This is going up your ass honey, you are going to be a movie star". Stephanie really had no choice so she nodded yes. The sooner they got what they wanted, the sooner this was over. Steve stuck the other hot dog up her ass, while Fred was pumping her cunt. The both were pumping her ass and cunt with the hot dogs at the same time. She heard the men watching, groaning. This went on for about 20 minutes before she heard them all groan, telling her that all of them had masturbated and came. "Am I allowed up now?" she said. The men nodded yes. Stephanie got up, humiliated, ashamed, used and defeated and proceeded to limp over to the bathroom.

"What is Josh going to make me do next" she thought to herself. "I am nothing but a big whore to him now."

Part III to be continued

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