Wishes Fulfilled

Wishes Fulfilled

Wishes fulfilled

By Zenda


Looking back on it now, I never realized that when I bought this old house, that my dreams would be fulfilled so soon.
The house was very old but sturdily built sometime in the 15th century. But when the agent showed me around he never said anything about a secret room, perhaps nether he or the previous owners knew about it.
I only found it by sheer chance one day when I was attempting to light a fire in the old open fire place. It was one of those types that you could stand inside, and had little alcoves at each side.
The paper and wood caught, but although the smoke was going up the chimney something was obviously blocking it a bit, so I put the fire out and looked up the chimney. It looked as though a bird nest had fallen down and partly blocked it.

I stretched up but it was just beyond my reach, so I grabbed at a bit of metal which was sticking out the inner wall, but as I put my weight on it something like a lever moved. There was a grinding noise and the grate of the fire place swung half way round leaving a black hole behind. “Must have been used as a priest hole”, I thought in surprise. I went and got a torch to investigate. I had to duck a little to enter; I thought it would only be small, like most priest holes I had heard of. But as I entered I found a short flight of steps leading down.

At the bottom I found it was quite a large room, it reminded me of an old dungeon and as I looked around I found that there were indeed old chains on the walls with manacles still attached. “Gezz” I thought. “I could have some fun with this room,” but at the time I had no ideas what I would do.

My dog Damion had followed me down and was sniffing around getting quite excited, he’s a Great Dane and a very big dog, when he gets excited he bounds around and gets in the way, so I called him to heel and retreated back up the stairs. Once back in the fire place, I again pushed the iron peg up and the grate swung closed. I looked closely at the grate but could see not the slightest sign that the door existed. I sat watching T.V. that evening, but my mind was turning over my discovery. An old dungeon, what could it have been used for, imprisonment obviously, but for what reason, and why secret? Torture perhaps? It would be handy if it was sound proof, but if it was, would it also be air proof? No, it couldn’t be, not if it was used as a prison. I went and got my ghetto blaster, opened up the room again, and told the dog to stay where he was. When I put the blaster on full strength, it nearly deafened me, so I quickly left and closed the doorway, and as it closed the music faded till I could hear nothing at all, no matter how hard I listened. I think that’s when the idea was born and over the next few days it clarified into a plan of action.

First I fitted in heating, lighting, CCTV, and then several items that I felt would come in handy. Half the room I separated into single cubicles. I installed soft but easy to clean floors, shower and toilet. Also there were movable walls. Then I had to plan the next phase of my plans.

First I had to go to town and have a look around to see if there was anything I fancied and there was…now read on.

Chapter one

It was several months later and I was just bringing in my third guest to my new highly exclusive hotel. I carried her through the opening and laid her on her bed in her cubical.
Her bed was a kind of surgical bench, the sort that doctors use when they are examining a pregnant woman. It had stirrup like fixtures at one end to place the feet in so the legs are kept wide apart. I placed her feet in the stirrups which were set wide apart, and then moved the fixture towards her hips so that her knees bent towards her chest, and then strapped her knees and feet so that she could not move. She was still deeply asleep and would not wake for some time.

I strapped her wrists to posts on each side and behind her head. Then I put the blindfold on her and a strap around her waist to keep her firmly fixed to the table. I got some tape and gagged her so that when she woke she wouldn’t disturb the other guests. She was a really lovely looking young girl, about 16yrs old. She was wearing a pretty blouse which was hiding what looked like a firm juicy pair of tits and a pair of tight fitting jeans which showed every curve, I had taken off her shoes so that I could see her pretty little feet.

Now that she was settled in to her room, I looked in at my other guests to make sure they were comfortable. They were both still asleep, as I had mixed a certain harmless drug in with their drink to keep them docile and asleep most of the time.

The guest next door was a very pretty young lady about the same age perhaps younger. She was in a kneeling position, bent over a cushioned pole with her head and hands in a sort of yoke, like they used in the old days for criminals. Her knees were strapped wide apart so that she was completely accessible. Her bottom stuck out proud and firm. She was dressed in a close fitting white roll neck jumper which showed her figure to perfection and a short skirt which just covered her pert bum.

My third guest was a young lad; pretty, might well describe him, he had an angelic face with blond curls, and maybe he was slightly younger than the others.
He was laying on a cushioned table which was cut to his specific outline; I had placed him on his belly with arms outstretched above his head and legs strapped well apart. The only difference with his table to the others was that there was a circular hole where his groin was situated, also I might add, all the tables were very versatile and throughout their structure had many joints, so they could be moved into many different positions at will. The lad was wearing shirt and shorts. I must say they all looked very relaxed. So I left them to sleep the drug off and would see them the next morning.

Next morning, as I entered the room, I was greeted with a cacophony of various muffled grunts and crying noises. They were all obviously awake and wondering where they were. So I went to each of the open ended cubicles and told all of my guests to please be quiet and I would explain their predicament.

“Ladies and Gentleman” I started “Please listen for I intend only to say this once, if I have to repeat myself it will require punishment!” At this there was another outburst of muffled outrage,
“Quiet” I shouted and they shut up for a few minutes. “There are specific rules in this establishment which you will be expected to obey; any infringement of those rules will be met with instant punishment”.
At this another outcry arose, so I took one of my chastising implements which happened to be a very willowy cane and gave each of them a slash across the bare feet. Now their outrage turned to screams. I left the room, closing the door to cut off the noise, whilst I had a cup of coffee and when I felt they had had enough time to settle down, I re-entered the room. At first there was silence as I stood there quietly, but as soon as I spoke the noise started again, so I went to each one individually and whispered in their ear “Be silent now or you will be beaten until you obey, is that clear” I said these words in a hushed menacing voice so that it would frighten them and it seemed to work because not one of them made a sound.

“Now” I said, addressing them all again. “It is entirely up to each of you how long you stay here, if you behave and please me, I intend to let you leave here relatively unharmed, however you must obey my every word, if I say quite, you will be quiet, or you will suffer!” I waited to see if there would be any reoccurrence of muffled shouting, but as all remained silent, I continued…

“Now these are the rules, remember them because they will not be repeated and any and all infringements will be answered with a thrashing far worse than the little tap you have already received, O.K.?” There was silence.

“One” At all times you will do exactly what I say? Any hesitation will be met with a thrashing.

Two, you will do your best to please me at all times; if you do not please me it will be met with a thrashing.

Three, at no time whilst you are here will you attempt to remove your blindfolds, if you do it will incur a thrashing and if I suspect you have seen me, I assure you, that you will not be leaving here at all.

Four, you will be allowed to go to the toilet and have a shower twice a day, if you defecate or piss yourself at any other time, it will incur a thrashing.

Five, you will call me Master at all times I allow you to speak, any forgetfulness will incur a thrashing or any other punishment I deem necessary.

Six, no one will speak unless given permission; any or all infringements of the rules will incur a thrashing”.

Seven, if there are any other rule which I decide to include to this list, you will obey them immediately or suffer the consequence. Right, is that quite clear?”

I was answered by silence. I walked along the row and gave each of their feet another whack with the cane; they all started screaming behind their gags. “Silence” there was immediate silence except for muffled sniveling. “I said, is that clear?” this time there was a muffled chorus of acceptances. “Good, now let me explain your situation. You happen to be in a room which, as far as you are concerned has no exit. Even if you did get free and tried to escape, you would find you have to get past Damion who is a very, very large dog, Damion say hallo to my guests” I signaled to the dog who was sat beside me “Grrrrrrr” growled Damion. “Now your stay can be reasonably pleasant or as unpleasant as you wish it to be, that is entirely up to you. Meals will be served twice a day depending on how you behave and you will be freed to eat your food, but remember never attempt to remove the blindfold… Well, I think that’s all for now so I will now go and get you your breakfast”. I left the room and my guests to their quandary.

I returned with the breakfasts and placed them on the hotplate I had installed, and went to my first guest who I will call Carol. I lent down by her ear and as I spoke she jumped with fright, “I am going to call you Carol my dear, and I am also going to free your restraints, don’t get any silly ideas of trying to escape otherwise you will suffer, is that clear?” she nodded her head, so I undid the straps and let her stand although I did keep her hands secured for the time. “Would you like to use the toilet Carol?” I asked “She nodded her head again, so I took her across to the toilet cubical which I had installed, untied her hands and stood back as she felt for the door to shut it. “I’m sorry Carol but there is no door, but I promise not to look” I said. She unzipped her jeans and very hesitantly pulled them down and then her black lacy knickers all the time trying to hide her modesty and sat on the seat, there was a tinkling sound as she pee’d and a plopping sound as she defecated which made her blush slightly. Then her hands went to her blindfold as though to remove it “Ah, ah” I said “Naughty, naughty, I lied, and I’m afraid that means a thrashing later”.

Her hands came down straight away as she realized I was watching and her face went bright red. She quickly wiped herself, doing all in her power to retain her modesty and pulled the chain, I let her wash her hands at the sink and guided her over to the table and sat her down on a chair and placed a meal in front of her which I had prepared. I told her I was going to remove the gag and that she must not utter a sound or suffer the consequences She ate it all up and when she had finished I asked if she would like a shower, but she shook her head, she was well aware that I would be watching. So I guided her back to her cubical and strapped her limbs exactly the way they had been, and replaced the gag.

I went to the girl next door and repeated my little speech telling her I was going to call her “Jean”. She went to the toilet very hesitantly, knowing I was watching, washed her hands and ate her breakfast and also refused the shower, she was most unwilling to return to her stocks but after a few touches with the cane she quickly fell into line. Next was the boy, he was more acquiescent and caused no trouble, but also refused the shower. Once he was back on his table, it was time to move onto the next part of my entertainment.

I went to Carols cubical and told her not to move or make a sound, then with the pair of scissors I had, I cut up the seams of her jeans. I did the same with her blouse and removed all the pieces so that she lay there with just her bra and panties. She looked fantastic, she was making little mewling noises and wriggling a little, but I let that past for now, as I clipped off her bra and panties and got rid of them, now she was laying there in all her splendor, beautiful pert breasts, quite firm for one so young, flat little belly lovely rounded hips and because of the way I had positioned her, with her legs up and stretched wide open. I gazed upon her pretty little cunt, split like a ripe peach, all rosy and warm. Then I studied her crotch covered with a slight sprinkle of fair hair. That would have to be removed, so got my shaving mug and safety razor, realizing the position she was in, she started struggling. I advised her that I was about to shave her and if she struggled there may be an unfortunate accident, also that there was absolutely nothing she could do about her situation but except it, that would be the quickest way out of here. She settled down as I lathered her fanny and removed every hair; soon she was lovely and smooth and looked absolutely gorgeous. I ran the tip of my tongue along her proud slit and her hips jumped in the air, I held the lips of her twat open and stuck my tongue as far in as I could, wriggling it around and tasting her as she jump and moaned, I ran my finger through her slit and inserted it into her cunt feeling for the hymen and there it was just about half the length of my finger inside her, I played with it for a few moments while she groaned and fidgeted. I gave her arse cheeks a good slapping and told her to stop moving and no more noise or I would give her a good thrashing. Again she settled down, I then pulled her arse cheeks apart and studied her little bunghole, all brown and wrinkled and clenched tight. I almost stuck my tongue in her there as well, but held myself in check, that would come later. I asked her “Are you a virgin my dear?” She nodded yes “Well you won’t be for long” I told her. When I left she was crying softly at the indignity of her exposure. I went next to the boy who I had decided to call “David”. After he had finished eating, I spoke to him asking, “Well my boy and how are you feeling now, better for a good breakfast I hope?” He grunted something but I couldn’t make out what he said. When I bought him back after he had eaten, I had him lay on his back. He had no shoes or socks on and the position he was strapped in was a large X shape. I sliced through his shorts and under pants at the same time, then the seams of his shirt and threw them all to one side. Yes, I was right when I picked him, he certainly was a pretty little specimen of boyhood, beautiful cherubic face and lovely rose petal lips nice firm chest and a sweet little prick which at the moment had shriveled to almost nothing, I stroked it and almost took it in my mouth it looked so delicious, but again I restrained myself. I pressed the switch that raised the legs until they were pointing straight up and could now see his small rotund firm bottom, I eased the cheeks wide apart and could see his tight wrinkled arsehole almost winking at me in nervousness. That again would be most enjoyable. “Has anybody ever sucked you off David” I asked him, he shook his head, “Has anyone been up your arsehole then David, after all, you do attend a public school, I thought, with a boy as pretty as you, at least one of the older lads or a master may have enjoyed playing with you?” This time he shook his head violently. “Oh good, then I will be the first” I said as he struggled futilely. I thought,
Fuck waiting, this is too tempting” I went and got some of my special cream, opened his cheeks and deposited a large blob right on his little brown ring, then I greased myself up well, rubbed the blob well into his rectum pushing my finger well up and feeling around to loosen him up.

All this was accompanied by muffled squeals and grunts from the boy who tried to jump away from my intruding digit. Then I tilted the devise so as to give me optimum access, and placed my engorged prick head to his tight little ring. When he realized what I was going to do, he strained against the straps holding him down as I pressed my knob end slowly against his ring. I hunched forward feeling his sphincter ring pushing into his bowels; I could hear his muffled screaming “Uuuuuuhhhhhh-uh-uh-uhhhh”. I sensed a yielding, as the bulb of my cock forced its way past the ring, which snapped tight on my cock stem creating a wonderfully exotic feeling. I stabbed a good four inches up his ass, although it was going to be an uncomfortable corn holing for him it was going to be great for me. I rested a moment as I enjoyed feeling the smooth walls of his bowels molded snuggly around my delving prick, curving around the extra dimension of the bulbous head I then began to invaded his tight scalding virgin asshole inch by inch, going where no other had been before. I could feel his cock, squashed between our bodies starting to harden up with the motion of my stomach rubbing against him.

His inner muscles clenched around my shaft when I started to piston into him, I pulled as far out of him as I possible, then slammed my cock back into him as hard as I could, burying it to the root up his fundament. A smoldering began deep in my balls; I could feel I was oozing my lubricating juices inside his asshole making his passage smoother to glide in. A frenzied ecstasy grew within me as I started to cornhole that wonderfully tight ass, pulling his hips to me as I thudded my rampaging cock faster and faster making a “snock snock” noise as I thumped and pounded into that crack between those spread and innocent cheeks of this beautiful young boy, was like dull but pleasant music to my ears, offset, of course, by the squalling and grunting of the boy himself. His body writhed and lurched and my breathing was coming in short bursts as I increased my coital labors. My prick began to expand even more, as I felt a hot rush of juices leaving my balls to my pounding stem and suddenly I stiffened as shot after shot of creamy jizz splattered his bowels, my arse started bucking as I pumped and pumped wanting to drown, to overflow his innards with my come. I stepped back as my shrinking prick was ejected from his ass ring with a sigh from both of us, me in satisfaction, his in relief that his ordeal was over for a time. I patted him on the head and promising that I would visit that hole again!

Then I then went to my final guest Jean, she looked rather uncomfortable in her position, but that couldn’t be helped, I gave her the same spiel as the other two and removed her clothes but when I removed her frilly panties I was met with the wonderful sight of a glorious round firm bottom and cheeks spread so wide apart that I had no need to open them myself to see that pert brown hole and the sweet cunny which indeed looked not only wet but warm and juicy, what did surprise me was that she had an extra accoutrement, she had a cock as well.

I was stunned, I ran my hand over her lovely bottom slid my finger down the crack of her arse, over the bumhole which I poked a little and found it would be quite accessible, down to her cunt which I felt was almost dripping and then reached under her to her cock which had begun to firm when I touched it. I must admit I was amazed; this was going to be interesting. “Now listen carefully Jean, I am going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer truthfully” I told her, she nodded. “Do you consider yourself a man?” I asked, and she nodded her head. “Do you consider yourself a woman?” she nodded, “Both” I asked in surprise, she nodded again. “OK. Have you ever been fucked?” she nodded, “In your cunt?” she nodded “In your arse?” she nodded. “How old were you when you were first fucked 10?” she shook her head “Younger?” she nodded “8” she shook her head “7” she nodded “Were you raped?” she nodded her head “Did you enjoy it?” she shook her head “Do you enjoy it now?” she nodded “Have you ever been chastised?” she nodded “Do you enjoy it?” she nodded her head “Do you enjoy chastising others?” she nodded “Have you ever fucked anyone?” she nodded “Men?” she nodded “Women?” she nodded. Right I thought this could certainly have interesting connotations for the future. I gave her prick one last stroke and left her

Chapter two

“Right now listen up” I told them “You are going to have a shower now, all of you, whether you want to or not, and you will wash yourselves properly or I will do it for you, if you do not do as I tell you, you know what will happen. If any of you try to thwart me; I will let Damion deal with you, and incidentally whilst you are in the shower you will meet Damion personally because I want him to get your scent just in case you are stupid enough to try something. O.K. Jean, we will start with you”. I set her free of the stocks and removed her gag, reminding her not to speak until ordered, then stood her up, led her to the shower and turned it on to warm. I stripped off my dressing gown under which I was nude, and led her under the shower. I handed her the soap and sponge and said “Right get on with it”. I let her sponge her self for a few minutes then I said as thought displeased “No. no, no, not like that, like this” taking the sponge from her and soaping her front, I dropped the sponge and started to massage her lovely breasts with my hands, screwing them up and smoothing them out, my hands dropped to her prick which was fully rampant, I wanked her for a bit and was beginning to get excited myself, “Are you enjoying this?” I asked her, she nodded and I guess she must have realized that I was nude because she reached down and took my cock in her hand so that we were mutually masturbating each other.

My hand left her cock and moved to her cunt which I rubbed along the crack first, then inserted my finger into her. She was quite compliant and even widened her legs to give me greater access; I tried two then three fingers, frigging her cunt. “You do realize I’m going to fuck you before you go back to your cubical” I said. She nodded and rubbed my cock enthusiastically. “Right let’s get dried off and get too it” I said. In truth I could hardly wait. After she was dry I led her to another room I had made, this was equipped with a double bed. I threw her on to it and grabbed her cock and shoved it into my mouth, it tasted clean and sweet and I started to suck on her whilst one of my hands went to her cunt the other I reached under her and as she raised her hips for me, inserted a finger in her arse, my finger sank into her with no trouble.

I took my mouth from her cock and asked her “Can you shoot come from this cock?” she nodded then held up her hand in a gesture of ”Hold on a moment” and wriggled round until she was between my thighs, then took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me, I in turn resumed sucking her cock. I felt that I was nearing the point of no return, so I stopped her and told her to turn round so she was facing me, then whilst laying on her firm young breasts I slipped my cock into her gash and with her help it went right in to the root, she was a little loose but she used her cunt muscles well and as I began to pump into her she gripped me as best as she could, after a few minutes I felt close again so pulled out, and told her to turn over, she did so without any complaint and she even reached back and held her arse cheeks open for me as I sank my ridged cock into arsehole, it almost slid in like in her cunt, and as she raised her hips to help me I shoved my prick up her a far as I could while my hands slipped under her and captured her two breasts, the nipples as hard as beans.

My prick was going like a steam engine as I felt my juices building up and up, she was enjoying it as well from the noise she was making, suddenly my jizz boiled over and I shot jet after jet up her arse, I felt as though I flooded her. As I finished she wriggled out from under me and took my wilting cock in her mouth and sucked it dry then licked me clean. I was shattered and lay there with her head in my lap. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew was Jean shaking me awake, I jumped up and off the bed, Jean just sat there. I looked at the clock on the wall and realized that I had been sleeping for an hour and a half. I could tell just by look at her, that Jean had made no attempt to remove the blindfold or gag and I asked her “Have you just been sitting there watching me while I slept”, she nodded, so I made up my mind there and then to give her a chance.. “OK” I said “You can talk until I tell you to stop” I told her. “Let me be your partner in this Master” she pleaded. “What do you mean” I asked her somewhat surprised “Well there’s no one to miss me, and I’ve nowhere to go really, and you have really got me going with what we have been doing. While I was waiting for you to wake up, I could have let all the others go and we could have ganged up on you, because you forgot to bring Damion in, so you must know you can trust me, Master” she said “How do you know the dog is not here” I asked “Because if he was he would have been sniffing round or growling. Please give me a chance, Master” I said I would think about it. I left her on the bed and told her to stay there to see if I could trust her. Then I went and got Damion and put him on guard just inside the door. Went out and turned on the remote camera to watch and see what happened.

I watched her for two or three hours and she was as good as her word she didn’t move a muscle I returned to the bedroom and said to her “Right, I’ve decided to give you a chance, but you will still remain my prisoner until you are as implicated in this as me, OK?” She nodded, with a smile of satisfaction, “Also, although you will be free to walk around, you will remain naked until I say you can dress, you will also still carry out my orders and do anything I want. It will do you no good to try to escape the house, the doors and windows are electronically controlled and I am the only one who knows the password. Furthermore should a window be broken, metal shutters clamp down. Is that understood?” she answered “Yes and thank you, you won’t regret it, Master” I said “Forget the Master bit for now, but I hope for your sake I don’t have reason to regret my decision!”

Then I removed her blind fold and told her to follow me out. At the door Damion sat on guard and growled as she approached “Take her scent Damion” I said. Damion got up and walked over to Jean and sniffed at her, he put his nose between her legs sniffing then he lapped her and got quite excited shaking his head and returning for another lick, he was also licking Jeans prick which was standing at attention again. “Bend over and let him sniff your arse” I said, to see if she would do it, “Oh, and hold your cheeks well apart”. She did what I told her and Damion got his nose well up her bum sniffing and licking and getting more excited until suddenly he jumped up with his legs wrapped around her waist and his prick starting to show, I had to call him off and put him on guard again, but in my mind I had the germ of an idea growing. I closed the grate door and told Jean to go and get a bowl of warm water and a cloth, and sat on the couch waiting for her to come back.

When she did return, I told her to stand in front of me while I washed her cunt making sure my fingers and the cloth reached well inside her then told her to turn round and bend over and did the same to her arsehole sticking my cloth covered finger well into her fundament. She turned back to me and I got up grabbed her prick which seemed always rampant and told her to follow me. I led her to my bedroom and said “Right, now I want to see what it’s like to be fucked myself! How do you want me?” “Are you sure, it’s bound to hurt” she said “but if you’re insistent, then on your hands and knees please”. I took up my position and Jean got some Vaseline and started to grease me up sliding her finger gently up and down the crack of my arse then tickling my hole and gently inserting a finger.
I must admit it did feel weird at first but I noticed that an erection was starting, first one then two fingers went in and she started to finger fuck me to loosen up my ring, when she was satisfied, she greased up her tool and took up her position behind me, “Now, to make it easy on yourself, relax and don’t clench your buttocks” she said, and placing her hands on my hips gently pushed forward on my arse ring, I gritted my teeth but tried to relax, her knob end was quite big and I felt my ring starting to give under the pressure, it felt as though I was trying to shit a bloody great turd, suddenly my ring piece gave and the head of her prick was in my arse, I reared up almost straight nearly toppling Jean off my back and let out a loud “Uggggg” her prick was still in me and she told me to relax, so I went back to hands and knees as she pushed further in, it felt as though I were bursting, “It’ll get better soon” she said as she started to pump into me, “Gosh, you are so tight” she said “I’m really enjoying this, are you?” “No” I forced out between gritted teeth “You will” she assured me as she push completely into me, I felt as though her prick was all the way into my throat.

My prick was standing out like an iron pole and as she started to pick up speed, her hand came round the front and started to jack me off to her rhythm. It was really strange, as she lent over my back pumping into me and jacking me off, I could feel her breasts rubbing on my back, she started to go faster and I found I was beginning to enjoy the experience, I reached under myself and stuck two fingers up her cunt frigging her in time to her pumping into me.
She went faster and faster and said “Here it comes” and with a great lunge I felt her spunk pouring into my bowels, she was jerking and trying to stuff more of her prick up my arse, then she collapsed on my back and her prick began to slide out of me. We both lay on the bed for a few minutes then she asked “Well, did you enjoy it” I had to admit I did, in fact when her prick slipped out of me I was quite disappointed and experienced a feeling of loss.

About a quarter of an hour later she said “you know you haven’t showered the others yet and they haven’t been to the toilet since early this morning, do you want me to toilet and shower them for you while you get their tea”, I thought about it and said “Well, OK then, but this is only a trial you realize, I don’t want you interfering with them in any way, just straight toilet and shower right?” “Yes I understand” she said. “Come on then I’ll introduce their new mistress to them”. We both entered the room and I said to both of them “Now listen up, I am now going to introduce you to your Mistress, you treat her with the same respect as you do me, what she says, you do and if you should be allowed to speak you will address her as Mistress OK. Good, then I will leave you in her capable hands until I return with the tea” with that I left Jean to carry on but I still kept the camera rolling.
After I had made their tea, I took it into the room and Jean had just finished placing them back in their cubicles. “Now listen both of you, If you promise to behave you can be freed from your binding straps and have your tea at the table, also I will allow you both to wear dressing gowns tonight and we will be allowing you to sleep normally with blankets. I will not have you strapped down to your benches, but I will leave Damion on guard” I looked at Jean, “Has the dog had a chance to get their scent yet?” I asked “No Master” she said “OK bring Carol out, but don’t put the dressing gown on yet”. She bought the young girl out; she was absolutely terrified, shaking like a leaf. “Calm down my dear”, I said “nothings going to happen to you tonight, I just want you to meet Damion”. The Great Dane came over when I called him his tail wagging and stuck his nose straight into her crotch, Carol jumped back with a squeal and toppled over legs splayed wide, the dog dived in right away with his nose stuck right in her cunt licking away tail up and going like mad.

Needless to say the girl was trying to scream and push the dog away, but he was too big and heavy for her. I gave him the order and he back off, looking a little disgruntled. I told her to get up and put her dressing gown on, then she was led to the table and sat down, David was led over next and he nearly jumped a mile when the dog snuffled and licked his little willy and as he turned away and bent over to shield himself, the dog licked along the crack of his arse, the poor lad didn’t know which way to go. I signaled Jean to put a gown on him as well and sit him down. The dog had returned to his place by the door. “Now you both have met Damion and he has your scent, I would not advise trying to get past him, so drink up your juices and finish off your tea and get to bed, there’s a hard day tomorrow.

After they had been tucked in, we retreated to the lounge to chat and then I led her to my bedroom. “Am I sleeping with you tonight?” she asked “Tonight and every night until I say different” I answered, “Now bend over my lap, I want to see how well you take a slapping” she laid over my lap and I could feel her boobies hanging down one side and her prick hanging between my knees, I started to smack her firm cheeks and each smack I delivered was harder than the preceding one, I could see her cheeks turning a bright red color and her little ring was almost winking at me, her prick had grown hard between my knees and I clamped my knees together suddenly which made her jump a bit, but I wasn’t getting anything out of this, so I told her to get up and come to bed.

We snuggled up in the warmth of the King size bed, kissing and cuddling, touching each other in all those little secret spots which we had found on each other. “Aren’t you worried that they will try to get free” asked Jean, “Not at all, they will have a peaceful sleep until we go in there tomorrow, see, I put a little something into their drinks tonight, just to keep them quite” I answered “Anyway, I wanted to ask you about what you told me concerning your rape, what happened there then?” She was quiet for a little while; then she told me her story…

Chapter Three

Jeans Story

She told her story as though she were still a child of about seven and this is the way it went…

Only my mum and sister knew about my being different from other kids at first, my sister was a couple of years older than me. Because there were only two bedrooms in our house, my sister and I had to share a bed. She used to protect me from other kids even though she was only nine yrs old; she was very kind and loving to me and used to stroke my little “peg” as she called it, at night when we were in bed. It used to amuse her when my peg seemed to grow; she used to suck on it as if it were a finger. I enjoyed it, but of course I couldn’t come then, although I do remember it was a very pleasant feeling and I looked forward to her doing it. My sister had two bumps on her chest and she used to like me to suck on them as we fell asleep, I liked doing it because it reminded me of when I was very young and mummy used to let me suck her bumps, but hers were much bigger and softer than my sisters, but I still enjoyed doing it. Mummy had to work in the evening and used to worry about leaving us alone, but sis looked after me quite well and used to bath me and put me to bed before mum got home.

Then one day mum bought a man home and told us that he was going to be our new step father and his name was Billy. He seemed a really kind man and made quite a fuss of us, giving us lots of cuddles and of an evening we used to snuggle up to him on the sofa. I know my sister liked him very much because he used to stroke her back and bottom as she lay dozing across his lap, and she told me when we were in bed, that it made her feel all warm and squashy between her legs and she let me feel her there, she said she liked me stroking her there especially when I put my finger inside, she used to giggle when I did that and she used to do the same to me to show me what it felt like. There was one evening after we had gone to bed, mum had come home and we heard her making some funny noises down stairs. Wondering what was happening we crept down stairs and peeked into the lounge. There was mum on the sofa with her legs spread wide and no knickers on, and Billy, our step dad, was kneeling between her thighs with his mouth on her cunny, she was obviously enjoying it, because she was giggling. We snuck up stairs again and got in bed. My sister was very quiet and I asked “Why was Billy kissing mummy down there?” “I don’t know”, she said “but it must be nice, otherwise she wouldn’t let him do it, would she?”

Some weeks later, while mum was at work, and we were in the bath, (we quite often took a bath together,) Billy knocked on the bathroom door and walked in smiling “Hallo” he said “having a bath are we? How about me washing you then?” He took the cloth from Suzy and lathered it and started to wash my back, then he turned to Suzy and washed her back, he washed around her neck and down her front, he seemed to spend a long time washing her bumps, “My, you are growing into a big girl, aren’t you?” She didn’t answer but smiled at him, “Why don’t you stand up and I’ll wash the backs of your legs” he said. Suzy seemed to hesitate, then stood up and turned her back on him, he started at her waist and then her bottom, “What a pretty little bottom” he said “Bend over slightly and open your legs a bit” he asked, she did what he said and he passed his hand between her legs and washed slowly back and forth, I looked up at Suzy and she had her hands on the wall and her eyes were closed, I thought she was asleep. When I looked at Billy he had Suzy’s bottom cheeks held wide apart and was studying her bum hole, “It’s a little dirty in there” he said and put some soap on his finger and pushed it into Suzy’s bottom, I don’t think Suzy liked it because she tried to wriggle away from him, so I said “What about me Billy” “Oh yes, sorry little mate, lets give you a wash then” at that time Billy thought I was just a girl. Suzy got out of the bath and dried herself as Billy was washing me. “Stand up sweetheart” he said and without thinking I stood up, but my back was to him, he washed my back and bottom but didn’t ask me to lean forward or wash between my legs as he had done with Suzy. “Turn round sweetie” he said. I did and his face went blank “What the” he said in surprise “Shit little darling; you’ve got two of em” he knelt on the floor and touched my peg and it twitched “Wahay, it’s a real little cock and…” his finger felt my little cunny “looks like that’s a real one as well, this will be worth a bomb down at the pub” he said, “You can’t tell anyone” said Suzy in panic, “Why not” said Billy “It should be worth a couple of pints at least” “But you can’t, it’s a family secret and mum would never forgive you” said Suzy. Billy looked at Suzy for a moment “A favor for a favor” he said I didn’t know what he was talking about, but as he seemed in a good mood I asked “Why did you kiss mum between her legs the other night?” He looked rather surprised and Suzy (who had started to dry me and wrap me in the big towel) just stood there with her mouth open looking at Billy, but he just smiled and said “That’s the way you show a girl you love her” looking at Suzy.

Suddenly he said “Lets all go and watch a bit of TV before you go to bed shall we” we agreed and went out to the sofa, me in my towel Suzy in her dressing gown I snuggled up to Billy as usual but Suzy sat on the other side of me away from Billy. He looked across at her and asked “Are we not friends anymore?” “Of course we are” she answered “Well come over and have a cuddle like me young bucko here” he teased. She went and sat next to him but didn’t cuddle up. After a little while he said “why don’t you lay across my lap as usual” he asked at first she hesitated then he whispered something to her and she gave a big sigh and lay across his lap with her head in mine and her arms crossed underneath it, I could feel her hand on my peg.

As we watched TV he began to slowly rub her bottom on the outside of her night gown, but a little later I saw he was stroking her leg and his hand was under the gown so I couldn’t see it, I did notice it went higher and as I looked at Suzy I saw her eyes were closed as though she were sleeping. His hand was now stroking her bottom under the gown and I wished it was me. Then we heard mum coming in and he told us to jump into bed before mum saw us. When we were snug in bed I asked her what Billy had whispered on the sofa and she told me that he said “Please me or I’ll tell!” “Tell about what?” I asked “about your little peg and cunny” she told me. At the time it didn’t mean much to me and we fell asleep with her playing with my peg and me with my finger in her cunny.

A lot of times after that I noticed that he looked at Suzy in a funny way and one evening watching T V he got up and went out of the room after a couple of moments he called Suzy into our bedroom, she got up and told me to stay where I was, but I crept after her and peeked into the bedroom; she was stand by the bed saying “No” “But I only want to show you how much I love you” he said “Just sit on the bed and talk to me” he patted the bed next to him “After all, you don’t want to blurt out our secret by mistake just because I’m upset” he said and patted the bed again. She went and sat by him and he put his arm around her and asked “It wont hurt to see your pretty little tits will it, after all I’ve seen them before haven’t I” She shrugged her shoulders and he slowly opened her night gown, looked at her bumps and then bent his head and sucked on them like I do. She was looking at the ceiling for some reason; I couldn’t see anything up there. Then he slowly helped her lay back on the bed and opened her gown so she lay with nothing covering her. He leaned over and stroked her bumps then he took one in his mouth and sucked on it while his other hand went down to her cunny, he must have put a finger in it, because she gave a sigh like she did when I did it. He then knelt between her legs and looked closely at her cunny, then took her legs and placed them over his shoulders and lifted her bottom and pressed his mouth against her cunny, she wriggled quite a bit so I knew she was enjoying it. But I was feeling a little bit jealous so I walked into the room and said “Does that mean you love her more than me?” he jumped back and she sat up quickly, he didn’t seem to know what to say at first, then he smiled and said “No of course not, I love you both the same” “Then why don’t you do the same to me?” I asked “Oh I will but not just at the moment, I’m in the middle of showing Suzy how much I love her” he said “Oh, OK then, when will you show me?” “Very soon” he answered and turned back to Suzy, but she had stood up and said to me “I think it’s time we went to bed” and took my hand and just looked at Billy, he looked at her and walked out without saying anything, but I knew something passed between them.

I asked Suzy what it was like being kissed down there, and she told me, in a sort of dreamy voice, as though she was almost asleep, that it was quite nice. I was playing with her bumps, when she asked me if I would like to try it, I answered “Yaa” with some enthusiasm. She wriggled round so that her head was between my legs and kissed my little cunny, but she said that my peg, which had started to stand up, was getting in the way, so she suggested that it might be better if I crouched over her face, I did this sitting up straight, she said this was better and began to lick and kiss my cunny. I remember it was a lovely warm feeling that I had and it was even better when her tongue wriggled inside, I went all swishy and felt as though I was going to pee, but I didn’t. She carried on for quite a bit until I almost fell asleep sitting upright. Then Suzy asked if I would like to try it on her, so I just laid forward on her chest and started to kiss and lick her cunny, that was a nice feeling as well, she had my peg in her mouth and was sucking on it and I had my tongue inside her when she suddenly heaved her hips up made a sound like “Ahhhh” and sucked really hard on my peg, I felt as though I had really pee’d and was surprised that Suzy didn’t take her mouth away and at the same time I thought she was peeing but it tasted so sweet that I kept on lapping and that is how we fell asleep. Suzy told me the next day that we had both “come” at the same time, although I didn’t really understand what she meant at the time, but we did it almost every night after that and the feeling I got when I “came” got better and Suzy told me I was giving her more to drink each time we did it.

A few weeks after that first evening, Suzy sent me to bed early; I think Billy had told her to. I had fallen asleep when I was woken up by the bed bouncing, I was on my side facing Suzy and in the dim light I could just make out Billy who seemed to be laying on top of Suzy, (she was laying on her belly,) but at the same time he was jumping up and down on her. At first I thought he might be hurting Suzy, but as she wasn’t saying anything, I just watched until Billy stopped bouncing, got out of bed, whispered something to her and gave her a kiss and left the room. Suzy scrunched over onto her side so she was facing my way, took me into her arms and cuddled me tight and fell asleep. Next morning I asked her what Billy was doing to her, “Oh, did you see us” she said in surprise, “Yes, I thought he was hurting you” I told her, “Well, it did at first, but then it was great” she confided. “What did he whisper as he left” I asked “Just that I must never tell mum or anyone, it was our secret” she told me. That night in bed she asked if I wanted to try what Billy had done the night before, I said yes of course I did, so she said she would have to get my cock, (as she started to call my peg, so I suppose I should,) as hard as possible and started sucking it, when it was hard it was about 4 ins long by now and about the thickness of a large finger and her head was bobbing up and down on it, she decided that it was ready and told me to lay on her chest, put her legs around me and put my cock up her cunny and told me to push it in, it was a lovely feeling, just like her mouth but much warmer and swishier, she told me to pull it almost out then push it in again and to keep doing it, she helped by pulling on my bottom and lifting her hips when I pushed in. We had been doing this for about five minutes when I began to feel a sort of boiling in my little balls and it was spreading up my prick, I got very excited and started to pump quicker and suddenly I had that feeling that I was peeing inside her again, she held me tight to her so that I couldn’t get my prick out. I told her I was sorry I pee’d inside her, but she laughed quietly and said that I hadn’t pee’d but come and that was good and I had pleased her, needless to say that this was another game we used to play in bed from then on, and she told me that I was getting very good at it.

A couple of weeks later at breakfast, mummy told us that she had managed to get Suzy a part time job at the place where she worked in the evenings and that she was going to take her in that evening to see if she liked it, so would Billy mind looking after me? Billy smiled and said of course he didn’t and looked I can not only have the pleasure of beating you again, but seeing you having to lick all your shit and mess off the floor.” With that she began to withdraw the pipe. As it popped out of his arse he clamped his cheeks together, desperately trying to hold it all in. We released and stood him up; as we guided him to the loo, it was quite amusing, because he was waddling like a duck, not daring to unclamp his cheeks. As he sat on the loo seat, he released his bowels at me saying “We’ll be alright, won’t we little mate?” I smiled back and agreed. That evening as soon as mum and Suzy had left, Billy suggested that I have my bath early then we could play, I thought he meant a game, but I didn’t realize what game he would play.

When I was in the bath Billy seemed to take a lot of time and trouble washing me between my legs and pulling the skin back on my cock telling me that we must make sure every thing was clean, then he undressed and got in the bath and was washing himself, he asked me if I wanted to wash his cock, I said I didn’t mind, and was quite interested when his cock started to grow, “That’s what you will be like one day” he said. His cock hard was about six ins long and quiet a little bit fatter than mine, he then said would I mind washing his bum and turned his back to me and crouched so his bum poked up in the air, I did the same to him as he had done to me, took the cloth and washed the crack of his bum, making sure I pushed a cloth covered finger up his bum hole and wriggled it around, he seemed to enjoy this as much as I had. After he had dried me I wandered into the lounge asking him what game we were going to play and he told me that we would play it in the bedroom because it was more comfy.

In the bedroom he asked me if I want him to show me how much he loved me the way he had shown Suzy that time, I nodded enthusiastically but didn’t tell him that I had already done it with Suzy. He laid me on the bed and tried to kiss my cunny, but my prick had got hard thinking about it and was getting in the way, so he like Suzy suggested that I sit above his face. When I was in place he really went to town on my cunny, his tongue went in much further than Suzy’s had and I could feel the tip of his tongue brushing (what I know now was) my hymen, it felt really good and I kept forcing my cunny down onto his tongue, I know I came because I had that running feeling inside and I was shaking a little and breathing heavy, he knew it to, be cause he lifted me off his face and laid me on my back and said “ Let’s see if this works as well” taking my cock in his mouth and sucking much harder than Suzy did.

Very soon I felt myself coming, he was sucking really hard, as though he wanted to suck my inside through my cock, suddenly I was having the biggest come I had ever had up to that time and I could hear him gulping as I seemed to shoot time after time into his mouth, he carried on sucking even when I had finished and it began to hurt so I asked him to stop. “I’m sorry little mate,” he said “I didn’t realize you weren’t enjoying it” “Oh, I was” I assured him, “It’s just that I want to try something else now” I said “What?” he asked me, “Can we try that bouncing game you played with Suzy the other night in bed?” I asked “Geez, I don’t know about that little mate, you’re a bit too young and small down there for that yet” he said indicating my cunny. I felt very miffed and I said in a sulky voice “No I’m not and if you don’t let me try I will tell mum what we have done so far!” “You mustn’t do that” he said quickly “After all, you did say that you wanted a secret to keep, well this is it, but if you really want to do it, we could try, but I think it will hurt you to much and we will have to stop!” he told me. “No it wont, and even if it did I still wouldn’t stop” I said in an adamant tone, “Ok, we’ll see, now what would be the best way?” he pondered, “I think it would be best if you were on top,” he said, “Don’t be frightened to tell me to stop if it hurts too much” he advised me.

He told me to stand astride his hips, which I did, then he reached through my legs and told me to sit in his palms, he took my weight in his hands and with his thumbs on the inside of my thighs widened my legs, then lowed me down towards the tip of his prick which he had greased up well and was rampantly standing upright and throbbing. I could feel the tip opening the lips of my cunny, but it stopped at the neck of my cunny because his cock head was to fat, he was still lowering me and the pressure on my cunny entrance began to really hurt, he widened my legs more so it was as though I were doing the splits and almost dropped me on his cock, I had already been making noises like “Aggg” as his cock tried to enter me, but as he almost dropped me the pain in my cunny was agonizing and I screamed out really loud. His cock was now lodged in the neck of my cunny, I was writhing in pain and begged him to let me get off, but his attitude seem to change and he wouldn’t let me get up.

I was crying by this time, but he told me in a gruff voice, “You took the head, you can take the rest!” and with that he almost let go of me altogether, I sank onto his cock, I felt it driving up inside me, I thought it was going to split me in half, I screamed again as he pulled me further onto his prick, I was struggling and crying and he smacked my arse
And told me to shut up, he grabbed my hips and with a sudden heave of his and a downward tug on mine, sank the rest of his cock up my little cunny, again I screamed as I felt something split inside of me. I was now sitting, legs splayed, on his pelvic bone, his whole cock inside me, I was crying and wriggling trying to get off, but couldn’t get my feet under me. It felt as though there were an iron pole sticking up inside me, pushing my stomach up into my throat. “Just relax matey” Billy said, the kind voice was back, as he stroked my back, “the worst is over now, soon you will start to enjoy it” he assured me. I took his advice and stopped crying, but I didn’t really believe him, the pain was so great. I sat there for a while, then he raised me up a little bit, I thought he was going to take me off his prick, but as I managed to get my feet under me, I started to stand up, but he held me in a squatting position with half his cock still in me, and told me to turn around so I was facing his feet without letting his cock come out.

With a great amount of difficulty I managed to turn around in the crouching position, then he grasped me around the waist and lifted me slightly, pulling his cock out so that only his cock head was inside, which was a great relief to me, and told me to lift my feet off the bed, when I did this, he rolled over so that I was underneath and his cock sank all the way into me again taking my breath away, I could hardly take a breath of air into my lungs. He lifted my hips as he got into a kneeling position behind me, telling me to get onto my hands and knees which I did, the pain in my cunny was not so bad now. He pulled his prick out a little and then pushed it in again, I was breathing heavy and he kept telling me to relax as he pumped in and out of my cunny, pulling my hips up every time he pushed in, and each time he seemed to go deeper, after a little while I must admit I began to enjoy it and he started to go faster, he really speeded up, pulling right back until only the head was inside, then ramming deep inside me, I realized he must be nearly be coming, when he suddenly pulled his prick right out with an almost audible “Pop!” “Why did you do that?” I asked “I was just beginning to enjoy it” “Well leave that for another day” he answered “There’s another hole I want to explore” he said as he reached for the grease, his finger with a large daub of grease on it touched my little bum hole, he greased it well and put some on his cock, then placed it at the entrance of my bum ring, I could feel it there and thought he would be gentle, but without waiting for me to be ready he rammed it in one go right up my arse until it was halfway in, again I was screaming and trying to get away, but he held on tight to my little hips as he whispered “Relax little one, it’ll be like your cunt, hurt a little at first then you will begin to like it”

I tried not to cry and tried to relax as he told me, but his prick felt so big and stiff up my small bum that I found it very hard to take, but at that moment I had no option so I tried hard to relax my arse around his cock. When he felt me relaxing my ring muscles, he started to withdraw and I thought he was going to pull my bum ring off, but then he slowly pushed in again and I felt the ring move further back on his cock, slowly as with my cunny it became easier to except his cock as each time he push more of it up my arse, he was making funny noises again each time he push in “Ah” he would go and as he speeded up it became “Ahahah” like the word mummy uses when she talks about poo’s or number two’s. It sounded so funny that I would have laughed, if it hadn’t been for his cock ramming faster and faster up my little bottom. When he realized I wasn’t trying to pull away from him, but beginning to enjoy the sensation, he reached under me and started to frig my cunny and at the same time his hand was rubbing against my cock which had grown hard, he was really ramming his cock into my hole very fast now and all of a sudden he went stiff and pulling my hips right back against his pelvis I felt my insides being squirted with his come, his prick was jerking in my intestines as jet after jet shot into me, I can’t say it was an unpleasant feeling because it wasn’t, quite soothing really.. Then he pulled his prick out of me and it felt as though my bum hole was wide open. He turned me on my back and said “One good turn deserves another and began to suck my cock until I came into his mouth again. When we had finished he got a soft cloth and some warm water and bathed my cunny and bum hole, then put some soothing ointment on the both. I felt much better after that, and then he tucked me up in bed and whispered “Don’t forget, this is our little secret, OK?” I agreed “Our secret” and just went off to sleep.

I woke up as Suzy got into bed that night and as we cuddled up she told me about her new job and how much she had enjoyed it and asked what I had done while she was out, and I told her, I told her everything, she was amazed and asked if my cunny was hurting, I said that it was quite sore but not too bad and we turned on the light and she had a look and said it didn’t look too bad just a little red then she studied my bum hole and felt it and said the same. “What was it like taking it in the bottom?” she wanted to know, “Just the same as in the cunny, hurt at first but then it was good” I answered. “Shall we try it now” asked Suzy, I was quite willing so she worked on my cock with her hands and mouth until it stood proud and we got some Vaseline and she put some on my cock and some in her tight bum hole, then I got behind her and like Billy did to me, push it straight up her little bum in one go, all she said was a surprised “Oh!” but I had it right up her, it felt good, I laid over her back savoring the feeling of my prick in her virgin bum. “What does that feel like to you?” I asked her “Nice” she said in a sleepy voice, I started to push in and out and she was helping by moving her hips and reaching under herself so she could frig my cunny off and although it was still sore, it still felt good.

I was pumping faster and faster feeling my juices coming to the boil, it really felt so good being in her bum my hands on her hips pushing in and out, in and out, I could feel myself coming, coming, commmmming and there it was again shooting into Suzy’s bum this time, shooting, shooting, filling her with my come, her ring piece clamped on my little prick, helping to hold me there inside her, till every last drop was delivered into her warm hole, I slipped out and she rolled onto her back with me on top of her, hugging her in thanks for the experience, and she hugging and kissing me in thanks. We pulled the covers over us and fell asleep just holding each other as though we never wanted to be parted.

Well there’s my story, I don’t suppose you can really call it rape, but in a way it was very much like it. Anyway many things happened over the next few months. When ever mum wasn’t around Billy would pump my bum or cunny, I sometimes stuck my cock up him, then when my Suzy was there we used to have three in a bed sex, with Billy up Suzy’s cunny and me up Billy’s behind. When Billy wasn’t around Suzy and I would enjoy each other in a lot of different ways. Up to the age of 13yrs I was deemed a boy called Johnny by everyone who new me, I had had quite a lot of girl friends but would only have sex with them in the dark, which suited most of them, then at 13 yrs old I met a boy who I liked and found that he was bisexual, one thing led to another and as we had moved to a new area shortly before I met him, I decided that I wanted to be a girl and changed my name to Jean. That’s where my story ends.

I was quite impressed by what she told me and it had also excited me to the point that I had a rampant hard on, and I didn’t know which hole to put in, so she decided by sucking me off as I did the same for her and it ended up with both off us coming at the same time, I really couldn’t get enough of her, but we both felt pretty tired so we went to sleep in each others arms and I was thinking “I may have met my soul mate”.

Next morning we had breakfast, and while I went in to have a look at our two guests, Jean got their meal ready. As I entered the secret room old Damion raised his head from his bed and waged his tail, I glanced in on our two guests to find them still asleep, so went to get Damion something to eat and drink. When Jean bought in the meal, we set it out on the table and woke David from his drugged sleep. “Up you get boy, you have a long day ahead of you” I told him. He was still very dozy as we stripped him of his dressing gown, and making sure his blindfold and gag were still in place, we guided him to the toilet and sat him down. We had to hold him as he would have fallen off otherwise. He had a piss but that was all. So Jean suggested that we give him an enema, so we lifted him off the loo and took him over to a contraption I had set up as a punishment bench.

We laid him over the cushioned bar, with his head hanging down and his feet not touching the floor, strapping his wrists to an iron ring in the floor, then raising his feet so they were level to his hips but stretched out in a vee shape and strapped by the ankles to a couple of stout wooden poles. This made him accessible to our ministrations, with his arse pointing up and cheeks stretched wide apart so his tight brown wrinkled hole was right on top and his shriveled cock hung down. Jean bought over a length of tubing with a funnel on the end. I put on a pair of those thin gloves which cling to the skin (the type they use in hospitals) greased my fingers well, then eased one finger into that tight brown hole, I pushed well in up to the first joint, but received no response, he was still too groggy, I pushed another finger in and then another until I had all four fingers in his ring, I worked them in and out till I thought it was pliant enough, then Jean eased the well greased tube pass my fingers into his arse hole, I removed my fingers and Jean started to feed the tube into his intestines.

I went and bought a bucket of warm soapy water while Jean kept the pipe up high above his arse. When I got back Jean said that I was being too kind and was taking the fun out of it, that they should be awake so that they knew what was going on. I was new to this sort of thing so I allowed her to guide me, as she told me that she had been into S.M for some time. She suggested that we cane him till he became fully conscious and that she would show me how to do it. So I took over holding the pipe while she got the cane. The fact that she was still nude, with her fantastic tits swaying slightly, her prick that was on half lob and her delightful cunt with the lips slightly parted, she was quite a turn on, and I could feel myself starting to get hard just looking at her. She stood to one side of David, raised the cane high and bought it down across his arse cheeks in a SWACK which made me wince. It did the job though as we heard a muffled scream as David became fully conscious, he started to wriggle as the second WAP landed on his already stripped cheeks, another muffled scream, she carried on until she had given him six of the best and then said to me “That should do him for now, it’s time to start filling him”. She took the two pint jug from the bucket and poured it into the funnel as it gurgled down into his arse David started to wriggle and yell behind his gag, I lent down near his head and said quietly “David, did you like the six strokes of the cane that you received from your Mistress?” he shook his head violently “Well, unless you shut up and stay still, you will receive six more even harder, also when we pull the pipe out from you, it would be best if you clench your buttocks, because if you spill one drop before you get to the toilet, you will get another six and be made to lick up any mess you make, is that clear?” He nodded his head, “Right” I turned to Jean and indicated her to continue.

She poured another jug full into him, “Six pints should do” she said pouring the last jug into the funnel and waited for it to drain into him. This time Jean lent over to him and said “We are now going to remove the pipe; please make a mess so I can have the pleasure of not only thrashing you again, but also watch you lick every bit of your shit and mess from the floor” With that, she started to withdraw the pipe. As it popped out of his arse, he clamped his arse cheeks together, desperately trying to hold it all in. We released and stood him up; as we guided him to the toilet, it was quite amusing, because he was waddling like a duck, not daring to unclamp his cheeks. As we sat him on the loo, he released his bowels with a terrific “Whooshing” noise and a big sigh of relief. Jean smiled, somewhat maliciously, “You do realize David, that neither your Master nor Mistress gave you permission to relieve yourself, therefore you have earned yourself a further six of the best at our leisure.” We heard a despairing groan behind the gag.

I left Jean to shower David under strict instructions not to interfere with him in any way sexually. Then went to look in on Carol who was still asleep. I woke her up and released her from her bonds, then led her over to the pole, bent her over (with a bit of a struggle” and secured her wrists to the rings and her ankles to the poles. Jean had dried David and he was now having his breakfast guarded by Damion. Every time he moved, even to put something in his mouth Damion growled menacingly. So Jean considered it was safe to leave him and came over to give me a hand. “Before we give you the douche up your arse” Jean told her, “You are going to feel the cane. I administer the punishment here and I want you to know what to expect”

She looked magnificent standing there like a nude statue, arm raised, cane in hand, building the tension, until the cane came down with a swish and crack across those lovely tight buttocks leaving a livid red stripe, while Carol screamed and cried out behind her gag, again and again the cane came down until Carol had six scarlet strips on her tight white cheeks. Tears were streaming out from under the blindfold, she was sniveling which seemed to annoy Jean, “Do you want more?” she asked. Carol shook her head, “Well stop crying and that sniveling noise now, immediately, or I will give you six more and I enjoy beating you” she warned. Carol stopped and the sniveling stopped as well. I handed Jean the tube, which she began to force into Carols arse-hole, as her tight little ring had not been greased it must have hurt and Jean allowed the muffled grunting noises coming from the unfortunate young girl. I lent over and whispered “Relax your muscles, it will help you” I advised her and received a disapproving frown from Jean. The tube slide into the girls gut, and as I was about to fill the jug with warm water, Jean shook her head vehemently and mouthed at me “Cold!” I went and got the bucket of cold water and poured a jug full into the funnel, as it went in you could see Carol stiffen and utter a muffled “Mmmmahhhgg” six pints went in and before the tube was removed Jean repeated what David had been told. Then she was released and guided over to the toilet, she sat, but there was no sound of release. Jean glanced at me and raised her eyebrows in surprise, “OK you can release now” she said, and we heard the whoosh of release.

She was taken next to the shower and I removed my dressing gown so that I could join them. As Jean washed Carol, I could not resist stroking the firm cheeks of her arse, she kept flinching away from my hands and each time Jean gave her a sharp slap across one of her tits, which must have hurt because Carol stopped flinching even when I stood close up behind her with my prick between her legs rubbing along her crack and reaching around to fondle each of her firm young breasts. I looked over her shoulder (she was shorter than me) at Jean and could tell she was quite hot, because her prick was standing out strong and firm as she watched me, but made no move to interfere. I indicated that she could dry Carol, as I wandered over to see how David was going, drying myself as I went. David was sitting at the table having finished eating, with Damion sitting beside him.

“OK David” I said “Come on, back to your room” and guided him till we got to his cubical and replaced his gag, I told him to lay on the table face down, he did so, but very reluctantly, he had an idea what was coming. I strapped him down with his legs wide apart, then I pressed some buttons and the table turned into a Z shape with his arse stuck well out and his knees wide apart so that his shriveled cock and balls hung loose in front of him. While Jean led Carol to the table and told her to eat, I got under the table and began to play with David’s prick and balls, stroking and pulling but not getting any reaction except muffled exclamations and struggles until suddenly there was a “swack” and his hips shot forward so fast that if he had been hard and I‘d been sucking him, he would have choked me. Another “Swack” his hip jumped again, “You do not move when your Master is servicing you, do you understand?” asked Jane in a harsh voice. David nodded that he understood only too well. I resumed playing with his cock, this time he didn’t move even when I took his prick, which had begun to harden and pushed back the skin which hide the cock head, and took it in my mouth and sucked holding and massaging his balls with my hand.

Jane was standing behind him staring at his brown ring in longing as her prick still stood proud. I slipped the rest of his prick into my mouth and sucked leisurely like as though it were a lolly, rolling my tongue around the bulb and tickerling the pisshole at the tip, I was in no hurry and sucked away to my hearts content, totally contented, his prick, about three inches long and a thickness which was comfortable in my mouth. I could feel his cock twitching and guessed he was coming, so I sucked even harder and moments later his hips pressed forward as he shot his load into my mouth, I swallowed and sucked until he was dry and began to wilt. He tasted really sweet and slightly salty; I’d have to have more of that I thought. I climbed out from under him and whispered to Jean to go to his head and make him suck her, I stroked her cock and gave it a kiss, I indicated with my head to go to David and remove his gag, but put my finger in front of my lips to indicate no speaking. She nodded and went round to David’s head “Open your mouth David” I said. He opened his mouth and Jean stuck her tumescent prick in. He spluttered, trying to spit it out. I slashed his arse with the cane and told him “Suck it David, or do you want a real thrashing, I’ve just given you pleasure now it is your turn, suck and swallow every drop”, he started to suck as Jean pumped it into the back of his throat. I got some grease and smothered my prick with it and rubbed some on his little tight hole inserting my finger up to the first knuckle and wriggled it around.

He tried to move his arse away and I gave it a hard swipe, and then put my prick head against the wrinkled brown hole and shoved it forward as hard as I could, I heard him yell “Ahgggh” as it shot inside him and half way up his arse, I could feel his ring piece tighten around my cock as I kept shoving in, I could feel his colon muscles rubbing my prick as I forced it further in, one last shove and I was completely inside with my pelvis resting against the cheeks of his arse, I slowly pulled out, feeling his ring coming with my prick, I pulled out until my knob end was just inside his ring, then plunged in as hard as I could, each time a little faster, he was making one hell of a din trying to suck Jeans prick and also trying to object to my prick in his arse. Jean had hold of his head, not letting him drop her, keeping her prick well down his throat. I was shoving my prick up his backside as hard as I could, really working up a storm, his rectum muscles squeezing my cock so very tightly, every inch of it, as though a closed fist was wrapped around my lump of meat, trying to stop it leaving every time I withdrew. I was breathing very fast as I rammed it in harder and deeper and I felt my come boiling up my stem to shoot jet after jet deep into his gut.

I stood behind him as I finished and let my prick dribble out the last bit of jizz as it began to shrivel and withdraw from his hole. At that moment Jean came in his mouth. and from her actions it must have been a big come as well, she was holding his head well on to her prick, making sure he didn’t spill any, we could hear him gagging as he swallowed every drop. As Jean pulled her prick from David mouth he spat and shouted “You filthy bastards, I’ll fucking kill you when I get free”. Jean quickly replaced the gag and all we could hear was muffled spluttering. “For that foul outburst David, I will hand you over to your Mistress who will only be too pleased to inflict the punishment you deserve; however, as you created so much noise during the entertainment, I think you need to be shown that we will not tolerate that sort of behavior. You will learn when told to observe silence, you will obey. And if you think being fucked by me is horrible, wait till you are fucked by your next visitor!” Jean was looking at me in a puzzled way, but I indicated the cane and David’s arse and left her to carry on. I went out to see how Carol was behaving, she was sitting at the table sniveling, she had obviously heard some of what went on in the back area and could clearly hear the swish of the cane and the splat as it landed on David’s round cheeks. “See what you get if you do not observe the rule of silence, no matter what happens Carol” I asked quietly, she nodded her head and stopped sniveling almost immediately. “Now don’t worry my dear, you are quite safe today, so just relax, if you can, and you will be returned to your room soon, and touch neither you’re your blindfold or gag.” I signaled Damion to follow me, as I returned to see how Jean was getting on as the caning seemed to have stopped. Jean was standing behind David with a satisfied smile on her face; she turned her head to me and indicated his well beaten rear end, which was not only red but also looked very sore. I nodded at the perfection of her work. David was crying like a little girl.

I whispered to Jean that I wanted him in the stocks this time, and to David I said “Do everything your Mistress tells you, do not utter a sound and do not cause her any problems, otherwise you know what will happen!” Jane released him from his restraints, and led him to the stocks which she had first taken her place and placed him in the same position. Head and hands in the yoke lower than his waist which was strapped to the padded bar, so that his arse stuck well out and knees strapped wide apart. I signaled Damion to come over and pointed at David’s arse.

Damien wandered over and started to snuffle around David, who started to struggle, the dog was becoming excited, wagging his tail and looking around at me; “Go on boy” I said to him “enjoy your self”. Damion stuck his nose in the boy’s arse and started to slurp his tongue along David’s crack, getting more excited every moment, suddenly he jumped and wrapped his front legs around the boys waist as a long pointed pink prick appeared from his sheath, but the prick went between the boys legs, he couldn’t seem to find the boys bum hole, so I gave him a hand by guiding the tip to David’s brown ring. Damion was so big bodywise that David almost disappeared under him, and he had to stand well back as I positioned him, but as soon as he felt the tip slid into the tight hole, he rammed it forward up the boy’s tight arse. David squealed like a pig as he felt that long dog prick sliding up his fundament. The dog hugged him close as he began to pump that long prick where it had never been before. As the dog withdrew, we could see the stem growing thicker and thicker, stretching the boys ring wider by the second. David was making a rising “Mmmgggaa” with every pump of the dog into his arse, the dog was moving faster all the time, in the end he was moving so fast he was almost a blur. He obviously came as his head left David’s back and pumped even harder about a dozen times but much slower and his hind quarters were jerking as though emptying his load inside David.

As he went to pull out he seemed to be stuck and started trying to pull his prick free from the boys ring, which was bulging out as though something big was just inside. The boy was uttering agonized “Agg,aggaa” noises when suddenly the dogs knob end popped out, it amazed us, his prick stem must have been at least two inches thick and the knob end swelled to at least four inches and the length of the whole prick must have been at least ten inches. Yes David had been well fucked. “He won’t appreciate us any more after that” I commented with a laugh. Lets leave him and make Carol comfy in her room I said to Jean and close her door, we don’t want the dog taking liberties with her, do we?” I grinned at Jean, as I told David “I don’t know if you enjoyed that little session David, but I will leave Damion to keep you company.” I moved the dog’s bed nearer to the boy so he understood he could help himself when he wanted. Damion wasn’t interested at the moment he was intent on licking his own prick clean. I left and went to the lounge and made a meal for Jean and myself.

I lay on the sofa on my belly and turned on the TV to watch what went on in the “dungeon” as I decided to call the room. I saw Jean studying David’s crouched position, then she went to the contraption and lowered his hips slightly, gave his tightly clenched arse a friendly little stroke and left. First she took Carol to her cubical and made her comfy, then very shortly she appeared in the hearth. Closed the secret door and came to join me, her lovely young breasts swaying slightly and her cock hanging at half lob, as she approached and saw what I was watching.

She smiled and joined me on the sofa, lying on top of me pressing and partially flattening her warm firm tits into my back and letting her cock lay between my partially open legs, and folding her arms around my waist as we watched Damion wander over and start sniffing around David’s buttocks, as he waggled his butt end in vain hope of deflecting the dog’s attention. Far from deflecting his attention, his movements seemed to excite the dog even more. Damion, wagging his tail and slobbering his tongue around his chops, began licking along the crack of the boys arse, snuffling into his small brown hole, as the boy struggled to escape. Without any rush, just taking his time, the dog slowly climbed onto the boys back, wrapping its paws around David’s waist and slowly moving its hips forward, he put the red pointy end of the wet glistening prick (that was slowly emerging from his sheath) between the boys cheeks not seeming to bother to find the hole, the began to rub between the twitching cheeks in a slow and determined manner and we realized he was just wanking himself to an erection. When Damion stood with upright his fore paws on my chest he was a good two foot taller than me, so you can imagine just how huge the dog was, he completely dwarfed the boy he had mounted. His prick which by now was only half erect could not have been encircled by my finger and thumb around it, so you can also imagine just how fat it was getting.

His thrusts became more determined as he came to full erection and we thought he was going to ejaculate between David’s cheeks, but no, as he moved his hips backwards, the dogs prick swung clear of the boys arse, we saw that the end had had become an engorged lump looking more like a red chicken egg on the end of a stiff pole about 10 inches long, the end now aimed at the boys hole. Damion moved his hind legs into a comfortable position and attentively placed the bulbous head at the boys brown puckered hole, then he hunched forward but made no leeway on that small hole. Again the dog jerked forward, but this time with more force and the rounded pointed head of his prick bulb gained partial entry, forcing the boys ring open. The boy must have been in terrific pain the way he was struggling, but it made no difference to the dog. I could feel Carol’s cock hardening fast as we watched and as it hardened it slipped between my arse cheeks to lay in the crack near my rectum. The dog gave another terrific shove and more of the head was inserted but the ridge still was in view.

Damien moved his hind legs closer to the boy and with a gigantic shove forced the engorged head of his rampant pole inside the boys resisting arse hole. Although he was restrained David bucked so violently that he nearly broke the stocks he was locked in, he must have been screaming his head off in there, but we could hear nothing at all. Jean’s prick had grown terrifically and was hard as iron poking my ring and her hand had sneaked down to my prick which she was fonderling gently. I push my hips up in a gesture of compliance and she took my hips and I felt her force her way through my arse ring and push her prick well into my arse as I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists at my side.

Now Damien was pushing his inflated prick into the boy’s still resisting fundament, hunching his hips back and forth and each time he thrust more of the massive prick disappeared into the boy, he must have felt as though his ring piece and inside were about to burst and he had only taken half of the dogs massive cock so far.
Jean, by this time, had completely sheathed her long prick up my back passage, much to my discomfort, and began a slow and easy thrusting motion. David’s face, if we could have seen it, must have been a picture, after this he would think twice about following orders. Finally the dog had forced the whole of its fuck meat into the boys arse and now settled down to steady fucking motion. If you have ever seen a couple of dogs having a go, then you will know what I mean! And you will also know how long it takes them, so I turned my attentions to Jean who was really pumping at me now and from the way she was gripping my hips she was just on the verge of coming, so I raised my hips a little to help her, she sank her prick deeply in my guts and came in many terrific blasts of jizz drenching my intestines in jet after jet of her cooling spunk milk.

She jerked a few times as she came down from her high and her shriveling prick slide out of my leaking hole. I turned quickly turned onto my back and as Jean was still straddling me I used the fact that she had bought me to full erection by pulling her hips down to my hips so my rampant prick plowed into her warm and wet cunt, and wasted no time in pumping myself to release. I was almost overcome by the odor of her femininity, it was so fantastic that it completely turned me on and in no time I could feel my balls forcing my juices up to my cock. The snug walls of her cunt coiled around my throbbing shaft as I shot after shot of come into her warm and wet womb. When I had finished we had a little kiss and cuddle and then turned back to see the dog the high point in his fucking of the young lads arse. He was ramming the whole of his ten inches of grossly inflated pole up the shit hole at a hell of a speed, his hips hugging the lads as though he would never let go as he came in great gushes, completely flooding the boys insides with his juddering monstrous dog prick, he pulled it almost all the way out of the boys distended arse ring then pumped it fully in a couple mere time before pulling it out completely the ring holding it for a few seconds as though unwilling to let it go.

The dog dismounted and his visibly shrinking fuck meat was still almost touching the floor as it withdrew into its sheath again. As Damion finished off, by licking David’s arse clean of all his doggie mess. Then wandered back to his bed, whist the boy’s hind quarters continued to tremble.
“Fucking hell” Jean said with a small giggle” I wouldn’t mind one like that up me” “Recon you could take it then?” I asked in amazement “Mmmmm, it might be interesting to try some time” she answered thoughtfully.

We took them in their meals and allowed Carol to go to the toilet, but the boy wouldn’t eat or use the toilet, the dog lay under him, lazily licking the boys limp cock and balls. I had a look a David’s arse hole and it was quite distended. “We’ll have to give him a good hose out tomorrow” I told Jean, who agreed, He must have about four pints of dog cum in him by now” she sniggered. As we left Damion was again becoming interested in the boy’s butt-end, running back and forward wagging his tail. Sticking his nose and tongue well into the boy’s enlarged anus ring which now was like a surprised person saying “Oh”, we watched as his wet glistening point, as it began to slid from it’s hairy sheath as he became more excited. Jean who seemed fascinated with the dog and knelt to fondle the protruding prick. Damion looked back in surprise then waged his tail as Jean began to massage his growing lump of meat.

We could hardly take our eyes of it, as we saw it begin to thicken and lengthen to about five or six inches when it started to droop toward the floor. The dog stood like a statue, his tail, head and body stretching forward, as though he were about to burst into motion, he only had to raise his front leg and he would have reminded me of a massive “Gun dog”. Then; as though a pump had been fitted on the end of his prick, it started to grow longer and thicker before our eyes, Jeans eyebrows had raised in surprise as it began to rise and the pointed end began to expand, like a balloon, to a purple damson size bulb. Jean was licking her lips by now, trying to keep her fingers around the fleshy stem which had grown thicker by the moment until she had to use both hands to encompass the girth of it. The engorged dog prick stood straight up along his belly, looking more like a four year olds arm with his hand fisted, and was as hard as iron as the dog began humping Jeans hands. “He’s ready” she said leading her over to the offered boy-bum, which the dog gave a good licking, before mounting.

His prick was so stiff that it would have missed the mark completely, but Jean guided it to the squirming boy’s enlarged brown ring. The boy was making muffled squealing noises as the bulbous head with its wide flange tried to force entry, pressing the ring inwards under the pressure. Then; like a slow motion camera lens, his arse hole spread open around the engorged head. With one more lunge the head popped inside, to the muffled agonized “Mmmmhaaaaggggaa” as the impaling prick bored further up the boys stretch wide rectal passage with each determined lunge. The dog had sunk about seven inches already and still had more to go, as he started to pump his prick in a steady motion. The boy was giving off a high pitched whining noise; I was worrying that we may have done him irreparable damage, but Jean was looking at the pair almost hypnotized, with her hand playing between her legs, her prick was at full mast, and when I dropped my hand for a feel, she was absolutely sopping.

David was fighting his bonds so wildly, that he was actually helping the dog who was now pounding that massive prick into his arse so far, that its hunches were now banging against the boys thighs and no part of the dogs cock was visible to us. “Christ, he’s taken it all again” said Jean “If he can so can I” she said with determination, her hand almost disappeared inside her cunt bringing her off so violently that she was wracked with spasms. She let out a loud “Aaaaaaiiiiieeeee-aaaanrgggthhhh” of release as her body jerked at release after release. I was well worked up my prick was hard as hell, and I was tempted to go and have a go at Carol, as I watched the dog ramming faster and faster up into the boys bowels approaching its climax. Then Jean noticed that the boy was now thrusting his arse back at the dog and his prick was standing hard and firm under his shuddering buttocks, “I’m having some of that” she said scooting on her hands and knees round the front of him and taking his knob end in her mouth and playing with his balls, begun to suck as though there was no tomorrow. I went behind her, and removing my dressing gown, knelt between her legs and pushed by burgeoning prick into her waiting arse hole, she was so worked up that it slipped all the way up till my balls slapped against the cheeks of her arse. It was a weird sort of see-saw, the dog pumped in, the boy withdrew from her mouth as I shoved up her backside, we were all going at some pace, but the dog was outstripping us all.

His haunches were going so fast you could hardly see them move, when without warning he hunched over the boy as he came again and again hosing jet after scalding com, out of that engorged prick head spraying and plastering boy’s innards as he rocked back on that huge lump of gristle and shot his own jet after jet into Jeans welcoming mouth, followed by myself filling her bowels with my come. Even when we recovered, the dog was still mounted on David and still slowly pumping its still fat but deflating cock into the boy, who surprisingly was pumping his over stuffed arse back onto the dog. “I want to try something” I said, and went to David and told him, “If you behave yourself, I will let you free from the stocks. But under no circumstance must you attempt to remove your gag or blindfold, do you agree?” The boy nodded and I unlocked the stocks and the straps on his waist and legs, he fell free on his hands and knees underneath the dog who immediately tightened his hold around the boys hips and started to hump again. I asked David if he wanted to go to the toilet as I was sure he must be almost overflowing, he shook his head and said something I couldn’t understand, so I took a chance and removed his gag, asking him what he had said and he answered “When he has finished”. And that was all. I decided to leave his gag off as long as he didn’t have a go again.

Jean, who seemed insatiable and had noticed the boys prick was hardening, asked him, “When your prick is hard again, do you want something to fuck?” “Yes please Mistress” he said in a pleading tone. So she does no more than get down in front of him and wiggled her hips between his arms, he was now practically laying on her back, as she reached back her hand and began to wank him to full erection. The dogs prick had by now grown to its gargantuan size and although he was pumping slower, it looked like a piston going in and out of his young ring. Its hips were coming well back on withdrawal almost to the flange, and then slowly pushing it all the way in till their hips met as though he were savoring the moment. When Jean decided David was hard enough, she took the boys prick and aimed it at the mouth of her cunt, no sooner than his cockhead felt her soaking entrance he shuffled forward like a crab encasing the hole of his prick in her silken sheath, his hips meeting her arse cheeks with a satisfied “Ahhhhh”, and took up Damien’s motion but in reverse, as the dog pulled out the boy pushed in. Jean was now taking the weight of both boy and dog, but she didn’t seem to mind, as she concentrated on the boys prick, making sure she was getting every morsel into her cunt. I left them to their fucking and went to Carols cubical to see how she was. In her tea time drink I had given her a sleeping draft as I realized that there was going to be a lot of noise. When I opened her door I saw her curled up looking very cute in her dressing gown and still completely out for the count. I went to cover her where the gown had slipped leaving her leg bare, but temptation over took me and I rolled her over onto her back, opened her gown so I could gaze at her beautiful body running my hands over her breasts feeling a slight resilience as I molded them in my hands, I was still nude and as I lent over to mouth her tit, I felt my prick brush against her lovely bare cunny. I could almost take the whole tit into my mouth and I sucked on the nipple although at first there was no reaction, then, whether or not she had started to dream but her body began to squirm a little as I slid down to her hips, which were hanging over the edge of the table, lifted her legs over my shoulders and raised her hips to my waiting lips.

With my arms holding her legs on my shoulders I used my thumbs to open her pretty quim lips, and smelt her feminine aroma, I stuck my nose actually inside her twat which, as she moaned started to secrete her girl oil, and sniffed deeply, her musky sexy smell swept over me and I whipped my tongue along her groove to her clit which was already standing proud, I nibbled gently as she heaved her hips up, then sucked it until her heels beat a tattoo on my back.. I pushed the tip into her tight slit, back and forth each time deeper until I could feel the barrier of her hymen stopping my tongue tip going any deeper, I swept it a few times with the tip, then curled the edges of my tongue making a tube through her fanny and blew into it, her whole body shuddered. My prick was really pulsing, twitching up and down.

I gently turned her onto her tummy, spat on my hand and wiped it over my tumescent prick head and spread her ass cheeks wide and in desperation stabbed the end into her asshole getting the head and about two inches in at one go, she didn’t even flinch, so I squeezed more in till I had forced the whole of my prick well into her intestines. I could feel the muscles of her colon constricting around my prick stem as I started to pump my prick into her squishy passage, I felt the spunk boiling up from my balls as I humped even faster, breathing in short gasps as my comm. shot in a fountain, spraying her the whole inside of her fundament with my sticky jizz. After I slipped out of her restricting ring, I wiped her ass and laid her back on the table and left her to continue dreaming. I returned to see how Jean was doing and found Damion asleep on his bed and Jean in the shower with David.

I decided to join them and asked if she had washed him out, she said that she hadn’t got that far, at the time she was soaping his prick and balls. I asked him to turn round and to bend over; then to hold his cheeks apart and could see his ring piece was still an open aperture. “Did he go to the toilet?” I asked Jean, “You kidding, it practically ran out of him for about three minutes, he’s empty alright” she said. I got the length of piping and fixed it to the warm tap, then put the other end in the hole in his ass and turned on the tap, he jumped a bit as the water shot into him, and he even started to get hard. We gave him a good hosing out, after which I rubbed some easing ointment around and in his well work asshole, then after he had something to eat, we let him go to bed for a well earned sleep. We took Damion with us into the lounge, where he curled up by the hearth. We put our dressing gown on and went into the kitchen and cooked a meal, then sat for a couple of hours watching T V. Till Damion woke up and wandered over to the secret door and stood sniffing. “He’s getting randy again” I said to Jean. Without saying anything, Jean took off her gown and got down on her hands and knees then called to Damion who wandered over, and sniffed around her rear end then walked away. She called him back and waggled her bum at him, he started to wag his tail and had another snuffle and then licked her between the ass cheeks and as she lifted her buttocks higher found her fanny. He started to get really excited. “Are you really going to try to take him on” I asked “If I can” she answered, again wagging her ass. The dog went to mount her, but was so big that he almost walked over her so she went to the arm chair and lay over the arm. Damion could now mount her with his paws around her waist and hugged her tight to his chest. As he moved from one leg to another as his prick started out from its sheath into her cunt. When I first went into her fanny it looked like a long wet rather fat finger, she moved her ass back toward the dog so he could get more in.

Her arse was well stuck out as the dog began to become more worked up, I asked her what it was like, and “I can feel his prick beginning to swell at the end” she said. Even from where I was sitting I could see I could see that his stem had grown into almost a trunk but still not as thick as when he was in David. She started to keep a running commentary of what was happening “Ohhh, I can feel his cock head really, Oh, Oh, ahahahh, it’s almost like a fist in me, aaahhgghh, Shit I don’t know if I can take it”. The dog was really pummeling it into her, its tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth and the slobber was dribbling on her back. She tried to stand up but every time she moved away, the dog jumped and rammed the prick as far up her as he could. “ Ya, ya, ya, fuck, fuck I can feel him coming, I can feel it coming, ya, ah, ah, oh, oh, ,oh, here it is, here it comes Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, Ooooooow wwwweeee, fucking hell, its like a fucking fire hydrant going off inside me, shiiiiiit its still coming, coming, commmmming, Oh, Oh, Oh, I can’t believe it he’s still spraying me”.

She went on for about three minutes “Ohhh ing” and “Ahhhhh’ing”, the dog was still pumping but slowly as he tried to drop his last load into her twat, then he dropped down onto all fours, but his prick was still trapped inside Jean who followed him to the floor, she sat with her legs wide open and hips slightly raised but you could see the dogs flange caught up inside Jeans enlarged cunt hole. He was trying to pull it free as he backed off, when suddenly it popped out like a cork from a bottle. Jean sat there completely whacked breathing very hard. “Well, did you enjoy it?” I asked, “It was an experience, but I don’t think I want to do it again” she said. When she recovered she went for a shower. I had a wash and slipped into bed, I was starting to doze when Jean slipped in beside me and snuggled her firm little ass into my crotch, I reached my arms round her and cuddled her too me and was almost asleep when I felt her playing with me I didn’t react, when it was nearly hard I felt her move it to her asshole and I suddenly realized that her asshole was open like the boys, it hadn’t closed after the dog. She held it at the entrance to her hole and then wriggled back on it, the thing just slid in without touching the side’s right up to my balls, she didn’t move or try to get me going and that is how we fell asleep.

I remember waking during the night and realizing that her asshole had retracted to its normal tight ring around my now flaccid prick which was still held snuggly in her anus, it felt so comfy that I went off to sleep again awaking at about seven o’clock the next morning. As I came awake, I realized that Jean had already got up. I jumped out of bed and found her in the kitchen, she looked up from the stove as I walked in, “Go and get a shower, I’ll have the breakfast ready when you get back” she said, “OK, and by the way you can dress anytime you want, as far as I am concerned you are now a partner in this little game”. I told her, “Gee, thanks PARTNER!” she answered in a joking way. When I got back from the shower, I had just my gown on, because I knew that I would be getting my kicks in a very short time, Jean was still nude and as she served up breakfast said that she felt comfortable this way, so she hadn’t bothered.

After we finished eating, we went to the hidden door where Damion was laying, as we opened the door he squeezed past us and went straight to David’s cubical, the boy was still asleep. I gave him a shake and he woke up with a start. I told Jean to take Carol to the shower and not to forget her asshole. She went off as I turned to the boy. “Right then, do you want me to strap you down again?” I asked “No please don’t, I’ll do anything you want” he said. I told him to stand up face the bench, lean over and put his hands on the lower rail, when he was in position I told him to sick his ass higher and place his legs wider apart. I stood back and studied him, pulled his cheeks apart and looked at his ringpiece which seemed to have closed up to almost what it had been when he arrived. I told him to turn round kneel down and open his mouth. I put my flaccid prick in his mouth and told him to suck which he did without and comment. As my prick began to grow, he sucked harder.

When I decided I was hard enough, I told him to take his former position, then pulled his cheeks apart and put the head of my cock to his brown ring and pushed in, at the same time the boy pushed back and the bulb of my cock slipped inside. “Your beginning to like this aren’t you?” I said “Yes, it turns me on” “Doesn’t it hurt?” I asked him, he told me that it still hurt a little but not for long, so I shoved it up his ass as far as I could. Although I worked it back and forth a few times, fucking him didn’t really do anything for me now as he was too loose inside. After a little work in his shit passage, I pulled out. I asked him what he wanted to do, go back to bed or fuck the dog. “I want Damion” he said. I said “OK”. He called to the dog and stroked him; Damion wagged his tail and licked the lad’s prick that was standing up harder than mine.

He lent down and rubbed the dogs balls, then got into the position he had for me, the dogs immediately started nosing and licking the crack of the young lads ass, then mounted him, its red slim prick sliding straight up the lads hole and started a slow hump, I left them to it and went to see how the other two were getting on. Carol was lying on her bench, in a curled up position, I told her lay flat with her legs wide apart, and as she hesitated, I quickly added “Or; do you want to be strapped down?” She stretched her legs wide but slowly, her cute little bare cunny slit slightly open. “Now then Carol, you are going to be fucked today whether you want or not.” She started crying and sobbing. “Right, you can stop that right now, there is more than being fucked to worry about.” I nodded to Jean and pointed to the lovely little crack, Jean looked back at me and indicated her prick which was standing proud, I shook my head, stuck out my tongue and wiggled it. She smiled and nodded in understanding. “Just going to warm you up Carol don’t struggle and you’ll be fine,” I told her.
Jean lent over her and opening the young lass’s cunt lips and slipped her tongue into the sweet little slit, Carol stiffened “Uhh” she went as the tongue sank further in. I slipped a well greased finger under her and insinuated the digit into her tight little asshole with much wiggling of her hips, which helped me to push my finger deeper, now she was being seen to at both ends. As Carol became carried away with delving her invading tongue into that sweet honey pot, her tits rubbed across the girls legs. Carol suddenly realized that it was a woman with a tongue up her cunt and started to jump about screaming a muffled “Nooooo!” as she raised her ass I shoved my finger all the way to my knuckles, hooking my finger as snarling in her ear “Shut up now!” I jerked my hooked finger in shit channel.

She uttered an “Arrrrgg” and lay still, Jean was sucking her clit and I started to pump my finger in and out of her ass and her ring began to relax. Jean stepped back and I climbed up onto the table and before she could do anything shoved my prick into her while it was still slick from the tonguing she had just received. Carol was whimpering as I told her to put her legs around my waist and as her legs came up I shoved hard into her fuck pot and felt her hymen, she was trying to scream as I rammed my stiff prick through the remaining barrier to her virginity feeling the tearing of that thin film as my rampant cock plowed its way up her virgin channel. I roll over pulling her with me and told her to sit up, she was crying and trying to get off me, but I held onto her hips as she managed to get her knees under her and I her hands each side of my head.

Just as she raised her ass to lift her self off me, Jean who had climbed up behind her, stuck her standing prick up her little brown hole, much to the young girls surprise and apparent pain, as she gave another muffled scream. She didn’t know which way to go as I yanked her down onto my prick and Jean rammed hers as far up her back passage as she could, keeping her tits well out of the way. Behind her gag, Carol was screaming blue murder as we both plunged our shafts into her, I could feel Jean’s pounding cock through the thin screen of flesh between, every ridge, flange and wrinkle on that most unusual yet fantastic prick and I was hoping she could feel the same. At the same time I was greatly aware of the way every inch of Carol’s fuck tube grabbed every inch of my engorged prick, each time I plunged into her, it was like doing it for the first time, and her wriggling and jumping trying to escape from her impalement.

As she struggled, her firm little breasts were shaking just above my waiting lips, and as the pretty pink nipples swayed above me I tickled the tips with my tongue, watching them slowly harden to concrete tips. I felt the touch of Jeans hand on my leg, which was the sign that she was close, and as I could feel the my juices boiling from my balls, I kept pace with her as we speeded up our pumping, stuffing her full of prick back and front faster and faster until I could hold it no longer, my spunk flooded her in jet after jet and feeling the jerking of Jeans prick as she spewed her com into Carol’s intestines as Carol screamed (whether in ecstasy or agony I don’t know and cared even less) and went ridged as blast after blast plastered her inside for the first time. When we had finished, we got off the table, telling the whimpering girl to relax for a few moments on the bench, as we went to see how the boy and dog were getting on. David was now on the floor under the dog, still attached to that gargantuan prick, his asshole distended beyond belief. He had a silly goggled eyed look on his face as he waddled forward on hands and knees sliding his ass off the massive hunk of meat, till the ring pulled outward under the pressure of that terrific prick head, Then Damion moved forward hunkering down so his prick slid back into the boys over extended asshole. “Has he com yet?” I asked the lad, “Three times so far” said the lad in a dreamy voice. “Would you fancy fucking someone?” I asked noticing his tumescent member. “As long as it’s not Damion” said the boy with a touch of humor. “Well when you’ve finished there, we’ll set you up” I told him.

He waggled his ass and moved back onto the dogs prick, with that the dogs front legs went around his waist and hugged him close and started to really plunge that huge slab of dog meat, into his enlarged rectum, and within seconds, from the look and actions of the boy, was emptying it’s fourth load into the boys back passage. They stayed attached until the dog had deflated somewhat, but still, as the dog withdrew that still massive cock, the flange at the base of the cockhead caught inside the boys distorted ass ring, and pulled it out alarmingly until with an audible “Pop” it sprang free and flopped to the floor as the dog began to lick it’s receding cock.. You could see the dog comm. leaking out of the boy’s still gaping arsehole as he asked “Can I go to the loo, please?” Giving him a cloth to block his hole, I helped him up and lead him to the toilet, as he sat down it sounded as though his insides had fallen out.

Before I flushed, I noticed that there were hardly any solids, but a terrific amount of dog comm. filled the pan. I took him over to the shower and allowed him to wash himself, then used the tube to flush him out. Dried him off then applied some of the healing ointment to his extended ring. It was really weird looking right the way up inside him. Jean and I decided that we would let them have a rest and something to eat, so took them both to the table and let them eat and drink as much as they wanted, David was ravenous but Carol only picked at her food still sobbing. When they had finished we let them return to their cubicles.

While they rested, Jean and I discussed what should happen next, the boy had done well and deserved a reward, Carol was obviously not enjoying the experience, and I felt that she had served her purpose. Carol wanted to know who David was going to fuck. I said nothing but just looked at her. She smiled and said “Great, it will be another first, being fucked by a virgin”. I went in and told Carol that she had no more to worry about, to take the pill which would help her sleep and that tomorrow she would be going home, I also told her that she was to count to twenty and then she could remove her blindfold and gag, but to also remember that we were watching on camera. Just to relax and cover herself up.

Then we went to David and I asked him “Do you want to fuck her in the fanny or ass?” “Both if I could” he answered hopefully. “OK, but there is one proviso, you can play with her tits but not her cunt”, he agreed. Carol had strapped her prick into a pocket which fixed around her waist so David (hopefully) wouldn’t feel it. She got on her hands and knees and the boy was positioned in front of her, she took his shriveled prick into her mouth and began to suck him to erection. When he was nice and hard I took him behind her and when he knelt I guided his prick into her fanny. It was as though a switch had been thrown, as soon as he felt the warmth and wetness of her fanny entrance, he went mad plunging his cock into her so fast that she grunted in surprise, then he was hammering away as though there was no tomorrow, in no time he started coming, and I thought that was the end of it, but when he withdrew his cock it was still hard. “Can we lean on the bench?” he asked and they rose and Jean draped her self over the bench, he opened the cheeks of her ass and feeling with his hand found her bum hole, without any lubrication he pushed it up that tight hole as far as he could, then he called Damion to him.

The dog was already excited with the smell of sex in the air and was on a lazy lob, his prick just showing. As the dog came up behind them, David shouted “Mount boy” and the dog jumped aboard. Whether David had planed it or not, the dogs prick went under the boy and slid into Jean’s cunt and before she could stop it, the dog was well in. “Fuck!” said Jean as the dog rooted in, with its fore paws around the boys waist pushing him further into Jean’s asshole. Jean was trying to struggle to get a hand hold on something so she could stand up and get rid of the dog, but with the combine weight of boy and dog it was impossible, all she could do was flap her legs wildly whilst shouting expletives at everyone. The dog and boy were now pumping in unison, the dogs prick thickening enormously. “Jeez, I can feel his big prick almost crushing mine” Shouted the boy gritting his teeth but keeping up the momentum, “And I’m coming, he’s forcing it out of me, SHIT..IT’S COMMMMMMING, Ahhhhhhh, and again and again Yaaaahhhhh, fantastic, fantastic.” He almost screamed. Then he flopped over Jean’s back as though he had passed out. The dog continued to pound away at Jean’s cunt, the girth of his prick was truly awesome, as it withdrew each time you could see how slick it was with her seminal juices, thick veins and muscles standing out as he rammed it in again, to the shouts and groans of Jean. He moved his shanks faster and faster as he reached his climax then his head went straight up and he let out a howl as though of triumph as he jerked time and time again shooting his jizz into that receptive hole.

When he had dumped his whole load into her womb, he clambered off and pulled his prick out of Jean, it came out easy enough even with that tremendous knob at the end. But Jean stayed over the bench as the dog jizz trickled from her wide open snatch. Poor girl was exhausted and looked it, “Are you alright?” I asked “Ya, I’m alright, but if we are going to carry on with this we’ll have to get slightly smaller dogs” she said with a grin.

It just needs for me to say, that we drugged both of them, dressed them in some cloths I had picked up from a second hand shop, and drove them to a little motel I know about a hundred miles from were I was living, and left them sleeping peacefully in each others arms. They were quite safe. No gags or blindfolds. And nothing to prove that anything had happened except David’s enlarged rectum and the fact that Carol was no longer a virgin.

The end

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