A Holiday in Paradise Chapter 2

A Holiday in Paradise Chapter 2

The next week passed in a whirl for Lindsay. Each afternoon she would slip away from her family and run to the oddly shaped rocks. More often than not she would find Luis and Anna Maria and the three of them would make love for hours. Lindsay was ecstatic – each time seemed to be better than the last and all she feared was the end of her holiday and the breaking of the spell.

Inevitably her actions raised some suspicion, although her parents were willing to cut their daughter a little slack as she was bubbly & communicative when she was with the family. However, Jim Junior was desperate to know where his sister was going and began to make his own plans as to how he could find out.

Amy guessed she had found a friend, maybe even a boy, but as her daughter was so content she did not pry further, relying on Lindsay’s innate common sense to keep her out of trouble.’

On this particular afternoon, Jim and Amy had a quick lunch at the farmhouse and then drove their rented car to the small village a few kilometres away for supplies, leaving the kids to themselves for a few hours. Lindsay watched them go and then skirted around the back of the sheds hoping to slip away unnoticed down the narrow path to the beach, but Jim Junior had been watching carefully and as his sister moved out of sight he padded down the path after her, keeping to the sides where he stood a chance of being able to hide behind rocks or bushes if she looked back.

When they arrived at the beach, keeping hidden was more difficult so young Jim took a parallel path to his sister, losing sight of her on occasion as he traversed the dunes before she reappeared further up the beach. On arriving at the rocks, Lindsay waved at Luis and Anna Maria and skipped lightly down to the sand to join them while Jim Junior skirted around the rocks until he found a gap where he could view his sister.

‘Ah so you do have a boyfriend then’ he said to himself ‘and who is the hot bitch in the swimsuit’ he muttered drinking in Anna Maria’s beauty from his hiding place.

For a while, nothing much seemed to be happening – he couldn’t hear what was being said and they just appeared to be sunbathing and chattering. He was just about to leave as his legs were feeling cramped when he saw Luis start to stroke his sister’s hair and then lean over her to give her a passionate kiss.

‘This is more like it’ murmured Jim ‘get her tits out, I wanna see her tits’.

He saw Lindsay lean forward, pull her tee shirt over her head and unfasten her bra at the back.

‘Yes’ he exclaimed through clenched teeth.

His sister now peeled off her shorts and panties and sat astride the boy who had a big lump in his swimming trunks. Jim gaped open mouthed as he had a perfect view of his sister’s big tits and sexy pussy for the first time. He felt himself getting hard, reached down his trunks to pull his cock out and looked at it proudly.He had the biggest dick in his class by a long way and measurement had shown it to be a thick 7 incher even though he was only 13.

He started to pump at his cock as the boy played with Lindsay’s tits. He could see his sister was becoming excited as she wriggled her bare pussy on Luis bulge.

Fuck her, fuck my sister’ he hissed quietly.

Anna Maria now slipped out of her swimsuit and Jim thought he would come on the spot as he watched her remove her brother’s trunks and start to lick and suck on his long, fat cock, bringing him quickly to a full erection. Jim watched his sister lean forward while Anna placed the cock at the entrance to her pussy and then sit back and impale herself upon his swollen dick. Lindsay started moving back and forth on Luis cock while he played with her tits and sucked her nipples.

‘Ooh yes, yes’ panted Jim.

Anna Maria was behind Lindsay using her tongue to lick alternately at his pumping shaft and Lindsay’s juicy young cunt. Jim felt his orgasm rising quickly and quickened his stroke, grunting as the sperm spewed from his large boy cock on to the surrounding rocks. At this moment his foot slipped sending a shower of small pebbles down and the three teenagers were startled from their lovemaking.

Jim hurriedly pulled his leg back, stuffed his prick into his trunks and started to back away towards the edge of the rocks. Luis quickly put some trunks over his wilting dick and leapt up the hill after him while Lindsay and Anna Maria hurriedly dressed and then headed down the path. As Lindsay reached the crest she could see Jim’s retreating body, closely followed by Luis.

He turned and saw her, shouting ‘Get your boyfriend off me, I’ll tell Mum and Dad’.

Luis caught hold of Jim Junior. ‘Let him go Luis’ said Lindsay and Luis pushed him away.

Jim looked relieved and scurried up the path.

‘Will this be trouble?’ asked Anna Maria.

‘I don’t know’ said Lindsay slowly ‘he can be a right little sod sometimes’. ‘Look I’m sorry but I guess I’d better get back’ she continued.

‘I understand’ said Luis and kissed her tenderly. ‘Shall we meet again?’.

Lindsay’s mind was in turmoil and she simply didn’t know how this would play out. ’Come again tomorrow’ she said ‘If I can’t make it I’ll try to get a message to you somehow’.

‘How’? asked Luis.

‘Oh I don’t know look I have to take things one at a time’ she said. ‘First job is to try and straighten things with my brat of a brother’.

She kissed Luis and Anna Maria and returned to the farmhouse. Her parents had not yet returned so she slipped inside and went to Jim’s room. He was not there so she continued to her own room where Jim lay on her bed looking through her underwear.

’Ah there you are’ he said. ‘Didn’t expect you back so soon – enjoy your fuck?’ he smirked.

Lindsay went bright red. ‘Put my panties down you pervert and get the hell out of my room’ she shouted.

‘I’m sure Mum and Dad would be very interested to know what you get up to in the afternoon’ he carried on smoothly. ‘I bet they don’t know you’re a lezzy either’ he said nastily ‘although I have to say I thought it was fucking hot’.

Lindsay felt her face burning again. Somehow it seemed so natural and right when the three of them were together and yet Jim made it sound so crude.

‘Look, please don’t tell Mum and Dad’ she said using a more conciliatory tone.

‘What do I get?’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t mind having a go at that hot Spanish bitch, bet I could make her moan’ he said pulling his dick out of his trunks.

‘With that little thing?’ said Lindsay although she had to admit to herself that her brother’s cock was huge for his age.

Jim went red ‘Well if you’re just going to be nasty I’ll tell’ he said sarcastically.

‘OK so what do you want’ sighed Lindsay getting bored of her brother’s boasting.

Jim lay in silence for a few seconds. ‘Take your top off so that I can see your tits’ he said.

Lindsay bit her bottom lip. She felt like slapping her kid brother round the face but for the moment she held herself back, removed her tee shirt and unclipped her bra, revealing her large breasts and puffy nipples to his gaze.

‘Lovely’ whispered Jim Junior ‘you’ve got fantastic tits sis’. ‘Now take the rest off’ he said. Lindsay blushed again but pushed her shorts and panties down in one movement and then straightened up. She stepped out of her shorts and was completely naked before him.

‘Fucking lovely’ he said ‘I always wondered if your pussy hair was blonde too’ he grinned. Lindsay’s pubic hair was quite sparse and a few shades darker than the natural white blonde hair on her head – more of a honey blonde or pale brown she thought. The light covering meant that the pouting lips of her teen slit were clearly visible to Jim’s voracious eyes. They stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity to Lindsay but was probably only thirty seconds or so.

‘Play with your tits’ ordered Jim Junior.

‘Jim, please don’t make me’ pleaded Lindsay but her brother just grinned at her.

‘Go on’ he said.

Lindsay moved her hands to her breasts with tears in her lovely eyes and began to rub them, making her nipples tingle and become erect in the process. Jim was now stroking his cock as he watched her, bringing himself to full erection.

‘Now play with your pussy’ he said ‘I want to see inside it’.

Tears rolled down Lindsay’s cheeks. ‘You bastard’ she sobbed ‘I won’t do it’.

‘Oh yes you will’ he smirked and motioned her to the chair by the bed. Lindsay sat in the chair and pulled her legs up revealing the full spread of her pussy. She traced her fingers around the outer labia until she could feel the heat grow in her quim and then peeled her cunt lips back so Jim could see right into her pussy. Sliding her fingers upwards she parted her sweet hood to reveal her clit. She then proceeded to finger herself with one hand while playing with her clit with the other.

Jim gaped open mouthed at his sister as she played with herself, he could see that her pussy was getting wet and his cock was so hard it hurt so he got up and went over to the chair. ‘Suck on this’ he said, pushing his swollen organ towards his sister’s mouth.

Lindsay felt powerless, she had wondered how far Jim would go but the answer was becoming increasingly clear, her little brother wanted to fuck her. She took his cock and kissed the tip before peeling back his foreskin and running her tongue around the sensitive head. Jim thrust forward and rammed his dick right inside her mouth.

‘You’re a great cocksucker’ he gasped as he began to fuck her mouth.

Lindsay was gagging as he tried to push his entire length down her throat but slowly she found she was able to take it and deep throated his entire length. Jim was enjoying himself and the power he had over his beautiful sister.

‘Get on the bed’ he ordered.

Lindsay complied, her tears drying as she realised she had no control over this situation and was totally at the mercy of her little brother. Jim roughly pushed her thighs wide apart and began to rub his fingers up and down her wet slit paying special attention to the nub of her clitoris. Lindsay began to moan with pleasure, relishing her brother’s touch and her totally submissive situation. Jim was becoming more and more excited by his sister’s obvious arousal and started to penetrate his sister’s hot young pussy with his fingers, first with one, then two, three and finally four fingers pumping in and out of her wet hole, stretching it round his hand. Lindsay was thrashing around on the bed and came noisily, covering her brother’s hand with her sticky love juices.

‘Little slut, you loved that’ croaked Jim as he withdrew his hand and licked his fingers. ‘Mmmmm’ he said ‘let’s see how you like this’ and rolled on top of his sister, entering her sopping pussy easily.

There was nothing gentle about Jim’s lovemaking as he pumped Lindsay’s pussy mercilessly with his big cock and squeezed her tits, pinching the nipples. Lindsay felt the tears well in her eyes, on the border between pleasure and pain but the pain felt both sharp and good. Jim pushed his sister’s legs high in the air so he could watch his dick plunging in and out of her hole, keeping up a frantic pace until his felt his own orgasm coming. He slid his cock out of Lindsay’s pussy and, sitting astride her, moved up her body to put his manhood back into her mouth. Lindsay sucked on Jim’s cock, feeling it pulse in her mouth as she stroked his shaft before he filled her with his seed. Lindsay choked and then swallowed, relishing the taste of her little brother’s come almost as much as Luis’s.

‘What the hell is going on here’ thundered her father from the doorway. Her parents had come home and neither Lindsay nor Jim had heard them. Her mother appeared at his shoulder looking shocked.

‘She made me do it’ said Jim as his father dragged him off the bed and out of the room, administering a stinging cuff to the ear as he did so. Her mother looked as if she was about to burst into tears and Lindsay felt wretched and cheap under her gaze as she picked up her clothes and put them on. Her father came back into the room, his face displaying confusion and deep anger.

’Right’ he demanded. ‘I want the whole story, now!’ ‘No bullshitting’ he shouted.

Lindsay’s mother sat on the chair. ‘Everything please’ she said in an even voice that was strangely emotionless.

Lindsay waited a few seconds to compose herself, looked straight at her father and began to tell her story. She started with the chance meeting on the beach, telling him about Luis, Anna Maria, her lost virginity, her lesbian experience, everything. She spoke quietly but firmly, explaining everything that was in her heart and what she felt for the two strangers who had made this holiday so special for her. She finished by telling him how Jim had followed her and subsequently blackmailed her for sex but even then she left nothing out, recognising her own complicity in the sex act itself.

When she had finished her father was a lot calmer. He knew instinctively he had heard the whole truth with nothing further to add but he was also confused. Despite his deep shock at her story he had to admit a certain justice and sense in her words and the fact that her story turned him on as well was causing him some consternation.

Amy stared at her daughter and realised that she was a child no longer. Her tale had brought back the joys of young love to Amy’s mind and she was glad that her daughter had found such loving partners for her first sexual adventure although she wished Lindsay was older. The description of Anna Maria held a special poignancy as she remembered a brief and passionate affair with a room mate at college that had thrilled her but worried her at the same time. Amy had broken off the affair and changed rooms, thus ending her sole lesbian experience.

Jim senior rose and went to the next room. Lindsay and her mother could hear him giving Jim Junior absolute hell for his role in the day’s events and threatening him that if he ever breathed a word to anyone his life would not be worth living.

‘She wanted it too’ wailed Jim Junior.

His father grabbed him by the throat and told him in no uncertain terms that he considered him mainly to blame and advised him to shut his mouth before he shut it for him. Jim Junior fell silent. Presently he came into Lindsay’s room without prompting and apologised profusely to his sister. Lindsay cuddled her brother and her mother did too, amazed at how forgiving she was after what he had done.

That night Jim and Amy talked for hours about their children. They agreed quickly that there was no real problem with her making love with Luis although they were aware she was still under the legal age. So many young girls slept with their boyfriends now and they had been deeply impressed by her story. Anna Maria generated more of a discussion although they ended up agreeing there was no real harm in that either as the sex was obviously consensual on both sides.

Most of their discussion centred around Jim Junior and incest in general.

At length, Jim said ‘OK, enough’. ‘How do we really feel about this?’.

‘What do you mean?’ replied Amy.

Jim took a deep breath before replying ‘When I saw my daughter getting humped by my son, sure I was angry’ he said. ‘I was also jealous’. These last words hung in the air as Amy tried to gather her thoughts.

‘Jesus Jim, she’s 15 and your daughter’ she said despairingly.

‘She’s 15, my daughter and one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen’ said Jim.

Amy raised herself on one elbow and realised from Jim’s face how painful it had been for him to admit this. Now she thought about it, hadn’t her eyes rested on her son’s large, bouncing cock for longer than was strictly necessary. Her thoughts gradually coalesced and they frightened and excited her.

‘We can’t do this to our children’ she started.

‘I wouldn’t dream of doing anything that they didn’t want to’ said Jim ‘but God help me I fancy my daughter more than just about any woman I know’. ‘Except you’ he added hurriedly.

‘Hmmm’ said Amy arching her eyebrows, ‘well from the look of it our son could certainly do with a few lessons on treating women with a bit of respect’.

Jim looked at Amy and realised that she was as turned on as he was by this idea that just a few hours ago would have seemed totally crazy.

‘Well let’s just take things coolly and see how they turn out’ he said, ‘I don’t want to lose my daughter or son in all of this’.

Amy nodded her agreement and they kissed and made love, more passionately than for ages, both of them imagining they were with a different partner.

The following day, the family went out to the local town of Nerja to do some shopping. Lindsay and Jim Junior were surprised that their parents seemed to be so calm and downright nice, almost as if the previous day had never happened. Lindsay also considered it a little odd that her father was spending so much time chatting to her – not that she didn’t like it, it was just that naturally she tended towards small talk with her mother these days.
Her father told her that she could continue seeing Luis and Anna Maria but just asked her to be careful and at this news Lindsay’s eyes had brightened as she hugged her father and said she loved him.

Jim Junior was also surprised but pleased at the attention from his mother, who seemed to him to be especially fun and full of joie de vivre that afternoon. After lunch they looked in some of the local shops, Jim and his wife for souvenirs and the kids for anything they fancied. Lindsay was looking for a new bikini, preferably a sexy one she could wear for Luis, while Jim Junior poked around, slightly bored with the whole experience.

‘Found anything’ Jim said to his daughter.

‘Not really’ she said.

Jim noticed her eyes alight on a little yellow bikini that was a real stunner consisting of three little triangles of material and some laces.

’Hmmmm ’ she said selecting an altogether more modest blue one that was nevertheless an attractive high cut pattern and holding it up to her. ‘I think I’ll take this one’ she said.

Jim chuckled to himself and waited until his daughter was at the other side of the shop looking at tops before taking the yellow bikini from the rail and paying for it without her noticing.

Amy had engaged Jim Junior in looking at tee shirts for her. The shop had some new and different styles using a mix of materials, and Amy selected a few to try on. As she pulled on the first shirt in the changing room she noticed that as the material stretched it became translucent so with a wicked smile into the mirror she removed her bra and called Jim Junior from behind the curtain. He looked round and went over to his mother looking slightly puzzled. As he arrived she parted the curtain.

There were few other people in the shop and having Jim Junior stood in front of her limited the chance of being seen still further.

’What do you think?’ she asked.

Jim’s jaw nearly hit the ground – he had been dying to see his mother’s tits for ages and now here she was showing them to him.

‘Its great Mum, you are beautiful’ he said finding the words catching in his throat.

Amy’s small firm breasts were clearly visible behind the thin material, Her thick, large nipples sitting upon the large, dark pink aerolae were erect from the tweak she had just given them. Jim was in a trance – he couldn’t quite believe it. His mother turned around and went back into the changing room, leaving the curtain open. She removed the tee shirt and cupped her naked breasts, smiling at him in the mirror as she rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Jim swallowed, he had a huge boner on now and as his mother closed the curtain to get changed he looked around desperately for somewhere to hide his tenting shorts. He also kept an eye out for his father – surely he would be dead meat if dad caught him.

Soon the trip was completed and the family returned to the farmhouse. Jim presented his daughter with the bikini as she lay in her room.

‘I hope you like it’ he said.

‘Oh Dad’, said Lindsay – she was grateful but slightly embarrassed. ‘I love you’ she said.

‘I love you too darling ‘said Jim.

Dinner that evening was served with a glass of wine and afterwards the family lounged on the two sofas in the living room. Jim was next to Lindsay and put this arm around her. Lindsay put her head on her father’s chest perfectly content. His constant attention to her throughout the day had left her deeply flattered and more than that his tone had changed, he hadn’t been talking to her as a father but more like……..like well……..Luis. This realisation would have repelled her a week ago but now when she thought about it a tingle went up and down her spine. However, she resolved that her father would have to do the chasing as the penalty for making a mistake as to his intentions would be severe let alone what her mother would think.

Amy sat next to Jim Junior and swung her legs on to his lap. She was wearing a short skirt and giving Jim a good view of her legs. She parted them slightly and Jim could see up her skirt to the tiny white vee of her panties. As he became hard his mother reached down and caressed his dick through his shorts. Jim was excited but panicked – his father was just across the room!. Amy read the signs, took her son’s hand and led him to her bedroom.

Jim was caressing his daughter, using his finger tips expertly to find all those little erogenous zones on her neck, the sensitive parts of her arms, her knees and other parts of her body. He was an old hand at this – it was a slow, gentle method of foreplay that Amy loved and he was pleased to see that it was having the same effect on his daughter.

’That feels lovely Dad, don’t stop’ she sighed.

‘Why don’t you show me what you look like in that yellow bikini’ he whispered to her.

Lindsay looked at him and smiled. Jim leant down and kissed his daughter, slipping his tongue between her lips and tasting her sweet mouth. They kissed passionately for a long time and as they broke, Lindsay got up from the sofa and hurried to her room. As she passed her parents room she could hear her mother and Jim Junior making love and this excited her still further but she wanted to get back to her father.

She hurriedly undressed and put the yellow bikini on before looking in the mirror. The effect made her gasp – the tiny triangles of the top hardly covered her nipples , leaving the rest of her breasts naked while the tiny vee at her crotch barely covered Lindsay’s sparse growth, a few honey blonde hairs peeping round the sides. At the back the bikini was little more than a lace, showing off her firm shapely ass. She walked back to the living room and stood before her father before twirling around to show him the back.

‘Come closer’ said Jim, studying his daughter’s beautiful form.

His dick was threatening to rip through his shorts and Lindsay’s eyes widened as she noticed the monstrous bulge. Jim took her gently by the hand and lay her on the sofa, resuming his fingertip caress and kissing his daughter passionately once more. At length he moved his fingertips to her breasts and brushed them across the thin material covering her nipples. Lindsay shuddered as if a jolt of electricity had gone through her as she was so sensitised by her father’s touch.

Jim reached behind her and gently pulled the lace at the back, grabbed the little top and dropped it on the floor. As Jim gently caressed her breasts and nipples, Lindsay thought she had never felt as turned on as she felt now. Her father knew exactly where to touch her and exactly what pressure to apply to her flesh for maximum effect. She gasped with pleasure as Jim fastened his lips round her nipple and sucked it slowly into his mouth while teasing it with his tongue. He repeated the act on her other nipple, leaving the first erect and gleaming wetly with his saliva.

Jim kissed down his daughter’s body until he got to the little triangle obscuring her pussy, pulling the lace at the side so it fell away revealing her to his gaze. The pubic hair around her slit was already damp and the outer lips had opened like a flower, to show her arousal. Jim inhaled the musky scent and started to lap at her cunt. His tongue wriggled around, revealing her clitoris and making her jump before it continued its journey in her pussy. Lindsay orgasmed as Jim expertly tongued her, filling his mouth with her love juice which he drank down with relish.

Jim started to use his fingers as well, at times his touch as light as a feather while sometimes he would plunge two of his large fingers deep inside her. Lindsay moaned and writhed in ecstacy under his touch.

‘Oh god, Oh god, fuck me’ she whimpered ‘fuck your little girl daddy’.

Jim was taken aback by her language but was even more turned on. While his daughter watched he peeled off his shirt showing his broad muscular chest and then his shorts and underpants. Lindsay couldn’t help a little scream of surprise at the size of her father’s cock. It was fully nine inches and massively thick. It stood up like a flag pole four inches above his navel.

‘Oh daddy, you’ll split me in two’ she whispered, a little daunted by the size of his massive tool.

He caressed her hair and kissed her. ‘Don’t worry babe’ he said ‘just take your time’.

Jim swapped positions with Lindsay so he was on his back and his daughter astride him facing his cock. Lindsay lowered her pussy on to his waiting mouth while she contemplated his huge manhood. She began by peeling back the foreskin and running her fingers along the bulging ridged vein on his shaft before kissing the sensitive head and wiggling her tongue into the sensitive opening making Jim groan beneath her.

Lindsay licked the bulbous head, slowly pumping the thick shaft in her tiny hand, tracing her tongue down the vein to Jim’s balls and gently sucking each one into her mouth. Jim was amazed at her expertise and her touch as he continued to probe her pussy. Lindsay returned her mouth to the cock head and put her lips right round its circumference, feeding it in slowly. Jim groaned, the feeling of his daughter’s mouth & tongue was incredible against the sensitive skin. Lindsay withdrew her head and then moved down again, repeating her actions but with each successive movement feeding a little more of her father’s organ into her mouth. Jim could feel he was about to explode so he gently lifted her head, turned her around and kissed her.

‘That was just too good’ he murmured ‘you suck cock better than your mother’.

Lindsay glowed with pride and kissed her father, feeling his hand pass underneath her and place the tip of his glans against the wet opening to her pussy. Lindsay began to push back but the head would not engage her sex.

‘It’s too big’ she said with a little frustration.

‘Take your time’ said Jim gently. He pushed his hand back underneath her to hold his shaft so it would not slip and Lindsay pushed back again.

This time she felt the head engage and stretch her young pussy as it began to enter her. She let out a low moan as the first two or three inches went into her cunt, filling her up as she had never been filled before. Jim gently raised her buttocks and then Lindsay sank down again taking more of his huge phallus inside her. As she sank lower she wondered how much more of his dick she could take but Jim was gentle with her, as gentle as Luis had been the first time and after several motions she felt him bottom out in her womb as their pubic hair meshed at the base of Jim’s cock.

Lindsay began to raise her hips up and down while her father reciprocated with circling motions that caused him to stimulate her clit at the end of each stroke. Lindsay panted towards her climax, lubricating her father’s dick.

‘I’m coming, I’m commmmiiiinnnnggg’ she moaned as she felt her juices flood out.

Jim continued humping her until he felt his own jizz rising and then moved his cock between her tits, pumping it to his climax. Long streams of spunk flew out of his prick and hit Lindsay in the face and into her open mouth. She swallowed greedily, taking everything her father could give her until the two lay side by side, totally exhausted.

As the bedroom door had closed behind Amy and Jim Junior, he had grabbed her in a passionate embrace, running his hand up her dress.

‘Not so fast tiger’ she said ‘you need to learn how to do this properly’.

Amy guided Jim’s hands to the nape of her neck. She shivered as he caressed her while she removed her blouse and bra, making him run his fingers up and down her spine in a continuous gentle sweep before taking them to the more intimate area of her breasts . While Jim felt her breasts and played with her nipples she supplied continuous feedback, encouraging her son to experiment and develop his technique.

‘Oh this feels so good Jim, just a little harder baby’ she crooned as he pinched her nipples and pulled on them, arousing her with the gentle pain.

Jim bent his head and took her nipples in his mouth one at a time sucking down until his mouth covered most of her breast. Amy’s breath came more rapidly and she could feel a moistness in her pussy as her son’s fingers found the clasp of her skirt, undid it, and let the skirt fall to the floor. At her bidding Jim Junior now kissed slowly down her body using his tongue to explore her navel before continuing. As he reached her white cotton panties, Jim inhaled his mother’s musky scent and licked at the front of them.

Amy moaned, letting his fingers between her legs to rub her mound over her panties. Jim was a fast learner as she encouraged him to slow down and arouse her completely with skilful foreplay and by the time he slid her panties to the floor she was soaking wet. Jim stared at his mother’s dense bush that had been trimmed slightly for the summer and ran his fingers through her pubic hair. He propelled his mother gently backwards on to the bed so that her legs were hanging off and parted her thighs, tracing his fingers along the thick outer lips of her sex.

Amy could feel his breath on her cunt and this was turning her on even more. She instructed Jim to play with her whole pussy and not just concentrate on her clit – a mistake too many men made in her opinion as this area was so sensitive and gasped as she felt her orgasm building. Jim started to use his tongue on her as well, relishing her taste and gauging the reaction as he probed the different areas of her sex. He felt her pussy contract against his fingers and tongue as she came in his mouth, filling it with her juices.

Jim came up for air and quickly stripped off his clothes, his mother raising herself gracefully, taking his bobbing semi erect penis into her mouth. She sucked at Jim greedily making him fully hard immediately and continued to play with his balls while lashing her tongue around his head and shaft. Jim closed his eyes and gritted his teeth – the feeling was out of this world and he didn’t want her to stop but he didn’t want to come either. Amy anticipated this and when Jim’s cock started to throb she removed it from her mouth and gripped it tightly at the base to stop him coming.

After a little while she relaxed her grip, smiled at him and moved backwards on the bed, opening her thighs wide to receive him. Jim plunged his cock into her wet fanny all the way until he could go no further and they seemed joined at the pelvis. He pumped in and out of his mother, changing his movements at her command, feeling the different sensations in his loins and watching her face intently.

As Amy became more excited, Jim started to take command as he found he was able to control not only his body but hers. As her cunt began to contract around his cock, Jim would slow up and deny her the orgasm her body craved.

‘Jim, Jim make me cum’ she wailed.

‘Beg for it’ he whispered in her ear, ‘Beg for it you little slut’.

Amy was furious but so turned on she couldn’t resist.

‘Jim fuck me, make me cum, please Jim, I’ll do anything’ she whimpered.

Jim began to screw her again and Amy knew how her daughter had felt the previous night and was both attracted and repelled by her submissive role as he brought her to the edge of orgasm again.

‘Anything was it?’ he said and rolled off her. He reappeared moments later with a large cucumber they had bought in the market.

‘I want to see you use this’ he said ‘and imagine you are being fucked by a porn star’.

Amy wanted to say no, she should have said no but her son held a strange power over her and as she stared into his eyes she found herself grabbing the huge vegetable and placing it at the entrance to her pussy. As she began to slide it in she started to fantasise.

‘Oh no sir, its sooo big, please don’t push it in sir’ she moaned.

‘Oh I love your big, meaty cock, its stretching me far more than my husband’ she continued.

In this she was right – as big as Jim was, this outsize dildo was noticeably thicker and a few inches longer than her husband.

‘Ah, your tearing my pussy’ she whimpered as she started to pump the cucumber in and out to its full extent. Jim stroked his cock and looked at his mother beneath him, enjoying her servility. Amy pumped the cucumber faster as she reached the orgasm she craved and as she came she swore she had never had a better fuck in all her life.

Jim removed the cucumber with a slurp and turned his mother over. He parted her ass cheeks and poked his stiff cock against her rectum.

‘Ohhh’ she moaned feeling panicked by the unfamiliar intrusion.

‘Relax’ said Jim, guiding the head up her ass. As he eased his cockhead into her puckered opening he felt Amy relax a bit and pushed in another few inches.

‘Oh Jim, please be gentle’ she sobbed ‘I’ve never done this before’.

Jim moved his cock down until he was fully inside her and began to shaft her ass, the thrill of raping his mother’s virgin asshole driving him wild. Amy gasped as the pain turned to pleasure and she started to meet his strokes, coming in the process. The sensation of fucking his mother’s tight butt was bringing Jim to climax too and he could not hold back as he shot his load right up his mother’s ass. Withdrawing his softening dick he could see his come leaking from her hole, and gathering some on his fingers, fed it in into her eager mouth.

As he lay back on the bed he embraced his mother and reflected that this was turning out to be one hell of a holiday.

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