A Mother's dissapointment

A Mother's dissapointment

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Jill walked into what felt like a normal day at the office; the office surroundings gave no indication that it was the last day of work before the Christmas break. Their boss was a strict short man, who had no Christmas cheer about him. The workers knick named him Scrooge behind his back, due to the sheer lack of generosity especially at this time of year. Jill knew Scrooge had a bit of a thing for her, as he would always go beetroot red when he spoke to her. Jill thought she could exploit this on the last day by dressing provocatively, in hope her and her friends could finish early. Jill wore red high heels, with black waist high pantyhose, a mid thigh red skirt and low-cut style black top to show off her very ample cleavage. But scrooge didn’t even acknowledge her even though her trim figure was to die for.

Jill had just heard from her boss, which she and the rest of the office were allowed to leave work early as the festive holidays were starting. She had been waiting for the news all day. She still had some filing to do but that could wait until after Xmas. Her work colleagues had asked if she wanted to go out for a drink, but she politely turned them down, after all she still had Xmas presents to wrap up, and with Lucy still being at school for a few more hours it would be the perfect chance to finish off Lucy’s gifts.

On the way home the drive was quicker than usual, as she didn’t have to battle the 5pm rush and it was just after the lunch time rush as well. She couldn’t wait to get home, the house had been hectic over the last few weeks, with making arrangements for family coming to visit, buying gifts and getting the house pristine clean.

Jill lived on the outside of town. The house was a large 7bedroom retreat, once renovated from a dilapidated bed and breakfast. Each bedroom in the house had its own en-suite, a large open plan kitchen, a dining room which was converted from an old bar. The house was festively decorated and had a wall of portraits in the main corridor of Jill and her family. Jill’s husband Derek was due back home in a week’s time. He worked away a lot with his job as an airline pilot and had been trying to convince Jill to become a kept wife, but Jill wanted her own independence.

Jill arrived at her home, she had a couple of bags of groceries that she collected on the way back, from the local super market. As she stepped up to the front door she heard some noises. She panicked as no-one should be home but she could have sworn she heard voices. As the panicked swept over her so did her curiosity she slowly turned the key in the door and quietly opened the door. Jill crept silently into the house leaving the front door ajar. Jill approached the arch leading into the television room and seen Lucy and her boyfriend James kissing each other on the sofa. The panic passed and quickly turned to anger.

Jill shouted “what are you doing? You little slut. James get out of here” James scarpered sheepishly out of the house like the cockroach he is. Lucy saw the rage in her mother’s eyes. Lucy tried to explain but her mother wouldn’t have any explanation. Lucy stood up her white blouse undone and hanging off her hard pink nipples. But Jill was thankful that Lucy had still kept her skirt on, she didn’t want her daughter to put out easy. “You call yourself my daughter, when you bunk off school! You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope for your sake your wearing some underwear under that skirt.” Lucy started to sob and answered “no mum, I’m sorry.” “You what” screamed Jill “get up them stairs now, into your room, I’ll be up shortly.”

Lucy waited silently in her room, she daren’t have locked herself in as her mum would be even angrier. She heard her mother coming, a cold shiver tingled her spine, she knew she was in trouble and fearful of what her mother would do.

Jill entered the room and in one hand, she had 4 lengths of rope and in the other a plastic carrier bag. Lucy could only see the hand to a riding crop but couldn’t see what else was making the bag bulge. Jill said “right you’re not my daughter anymore you’re a little slut who needs to be taught a lesson.” Lucy was horrified and left gob smacked.

“Now, lie on the bed with your legs and arms spread, resist me and I will beat you senseless” Lucy reluctantly did as she was asked holding back the tears of sorrow, she couldn’t figure out what her mum was going to do to her, but new it was going to be unpleasant. Jill tied her to the four corners of the bed frame and pulled the ropes tight to restrict any possible movement.

Jill stepped back after bounding her daughter to the bed, her eyes scanned her daughter’s body, she thought wow, I’ve never thought she looked this good and started to become aroused at the sight of her lying there, awaiting punishment.

“Listen and listen well, I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. You will never speak of this again to anyone. Do you understand?” “Yes mum” Lucy sobbed. Jill lent forward and lifted up Lucy’s skirt, her pussy was still slightly wet from when James was with her.

Jill stepped back and taken out the riding crop. Jill started to crack the riding crop against her daughter’s delicate nipples, Lucy cried out for Jill too stop, but Jill ignored her and carried on. Lucy’s breasts started to redden as the blood rushed to her areolas and nipples. Jill looked into her daughter’s weeping eyes. Jill was overwhelmed with emotion, thinking how could she do this do her own flesh and blood, on the other hand she was enjoying this far too much to stop. Jill moved the riding crop down her daughter’s body. Lucy shivered with anticipation which made her goose pimples stand to attention down her young body. The riding cropped stopped as it reached Lucy’s pussy. Jill stared into Lucy’s eyes and seen the fear, she thought to herself “I need to control myself” Jill moved away, and Lucy breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s not over yet, I wouldn’t be breathing any sighs of relief if I was you, no you’re going to eat your mother’s pussy, the quicker I cum, the quicker it will be over with.” With that Jill straddled Lucy’s face and lowered herself down. Lucy started to lick but her mom’s pantyhose were partially preventing her. Jill loved the feeling of having her pussy ate out through her pantyhose. Feeling the tongue trying to push through the nylon was a major turn on.

Jill rocked her hips in motion to the flickering of Lucy’s tongue; Lucy could smell her mom’s juices coming through the pantyhose but carried on as her mum had ordered. Jill started to grope at her own chest, moving her hands down her low cut top and teasing her nipples. A few moments later Jill started to get frustrated she didn’t know why she couldn’t cum, she was close but kept on losing her orgasm. Maybe it was the thought of her daughter licking her pussy or the lack of penetration; she just couldn’t figure it out. She got off Lucy and could feel the wetness between her legs.

Jill got off the bed and looked at Lucy, Lucy had her eyes closed and didn’t want to observe the reality of what was taking place, Lucy thought it could all be a bad dream and hope the ordeal would finish shortly.

Jill reached into the carrier bag, and raised a 6inch dong; she approached Lucy and said “open wide darling, I have something for you.” Lucy’s eyes opened and seen the dong, she opened her mouth wide, and felt the dong being plunged into her mouth. Lucy started to gag, but Jill wouldn’t take it out and told her to breathe through her nose.

Jill started to slowly thrust the dong in and out of Lucy’s mouth Lucy just laid there motionless thinking about James and that it was James’ cock throbbing in and out. Lucy could feel herself getting wet at this and hoped her mother wouldn’t realize.

Jill stood back leaving the dong in Lucy’s mouth, Lucy watched intensively as Jill pulled out a vibrator and tape, uncertain as to what the tape was meant for Lucy’s face expression was more puzzled than scared. “ok Lucy, your lesson is nearly over all you have to do now is have an orgasm, and this will be over but, I’m going to leave you be for a few hours in peace, so you can have this in private.” Jill knelt on the bed and positioned the vibrator length ways over Lucy’s clit, and then with the tape she strapped it in place, and switched the vibrator on. Lucy’s screams were muffled through the dong. Lucy tried to struggle but the bonds were too tight, no matter how much she tried she couldn’t get free and the vibrator showed no signs of coming loose.

“Ok Lucy I’ll be back in two hours, have fun” and with that Lucy’s door slammed shut.

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