There was no denying my horrifying tendencies. I coudnt help myself. After my husbands death I had lost all interest in other men. For years my desires were dried up until recently. My darling little girl was making me very horny. I know its sick and wrong but its been so long.
She had just turned twelve and very involved with her friends, fashion and of course boys. I had watched her grow up to be a very desirable little girl and knew that the boys in school would be on her like honey to a bee.
We loved each other like mother and daughter and shoped together. She was into the Britney Spears look with low riders and tight tops with no bra but was still a virgin surprisingly.
Her body was shaping up nicely. Like mine she had those boyish hips and lean tight look. Her long blonde hair went to her waist and her tight little ass filled the jeans she wore snugly. Her blue eyes were brilliant and her small morsel size breasts were firm and no doubt dreamed of by the boys in school.
I dreamed of them also.
I tried not to but each day was getting more and more dificult for me as I watched her around the house half naked or laying out in the sun covered in tanning oils in her skimpy thong and top.
At thirty five I still looked good with just a hint of body fat but I was working hard to lean up again at the gym. My dark short hair looked pixy with my almond eyes and many men hit on me often. But I didnt want any of it.
I wanted my baby girl. Tonight would be the night. I had it all arranged.

I rented a special video and bought liquor and set up the living room with plenty of pillows. She knew that I had planned to spend an evening together like we sometimes did as mother and daughter. She always looked forward to them. But tonight would be very different.
That night we sat on the floor eating takeout, her favorite, and I poured her her first glass of liquor. She looked at me her eyes wide and I smiled and told her it was ok and that tonight was special. A smile broke out on her face and I knew that it was going to be a great night.
Several glasses later and she feeling a nice buzz I proceeded to put the movie in. It was a soft porn film but filled with excellent sex scenes that Id hoped would get her nice and wet. It started out with a young girl that looked much like her going to a large castle. As time went on she spied on several very sexual situations. A woman giving the lord of the manor a great blowjob. The maid letting the son fuck her from behind. My baby just sat on the couch next to me her eyes glued to the screen her mouth a little open and bitting her bottom lip lightly.
I looked at her and asked her if this movie was inapropriate and wanted me to shut it off. But she just smiled shyly and said it was alright and she liked it. I moved closer making sure we were snug to each other. I kissed her cheek and said that it was a very hot film. She nodded yes.
On the screen the young girl was being visited by the maid and soon they were pasionately embracing and the maid had her hand inside the girls panties. My baby girl was breathing quickly and excitedly. I whispered to her softly…
"Have you ever done that to another girl?"
"No mommy. But some of my friends have." Came her soft reply.
"Do you like it?"
She was licking her wet lips and nodded.
The movie was showing both girls naked one atop the other in the act of fucking and rubbing against each other. They were moaning loudly as they built up to an orgasm.
I moved my babies hair away from her ear and kissed it lightly and watched her close her eyes. Her breathing was heavy and excited and I watched as her hand went slowly to the crotch of her jeans resting over her mons. I wanted to motivate her, push her to her first sexual contact.
"Go ahead baby, touch yourself, its ok sweetheart." I encouraged her as I continued to kiss her ear and then her lovely neck.
"Oh mommy……: She moaned thru her pouty lips.
Her hand dipped between her legs and began to rub up and down over her pussy covered jeans.
My kisses slowly moved to her cheek and then she turned to look at me. Her eyes half closed her mouth wet and full and I knew it would be now. I leaned in and placed my lips over hers. Her lips were so hot and wet and open. I pressed closer as we shared our first passionate kiss. I heard her moan into my mouth as I sent my tongue deeply inside her. She reciprocated by giving me her soft wet tongue and then, boldly, I replaced her hand with my own between her legs. I began to un-zip her jeans and slide my hand inside her very wet panties. I felt her sopping pussy and began to rub her clit which was swollen and sticking out like a tiny cock.
This made her even more excited pressing into me as I sent a finger inside her tight wet cunt. Her vaginal muscles clamping onto my digit like a vise.
"Ohhhhhhh mommy….ohhhhhhhh" She cried out as I began to fuck her slowly deeply. I pushed her jeans down making them puddle onto the floor and then kicking them away. I wanted her legs wide open and ready for anything I wished to do.
I began to slide another finger inside her making her wince at first but soon she was bucking back trying to get more of the two fingers inside her. God she was so wet that a river of cum was dripping down her little thighs to the couch below.
"Thats right honey dont stop cumming for mommy. Yes baby like that…" I encouraged as she moaned loudly pushing her ass off the couch capturing my fingers deep and cumming hotly. Hot spurts of cum shot from her little pussy over my hand and arm.
I fucked harder driving my fingers faster into her juicy cunt feeling her muscles tighten and loosen in orgasm. My thumb was pressed over her clit rubbing it contstantly. My kisses moved from her mouth to her neck to her breasts. I pulled her t-shirt up exposing them and hungrily devoured each nipple making them swell up and stick out a full inch. God I was about to cream inside my pants as she bucked hard against me again cumming wetly. I added yet another finger spreading her wide as I pumped my hand into her inviting pussy.
This went on for another hour as I fucked her over and over. She would cry out in pleasure and I would kiss her hotly. Soon we lay there satiated both naked. I taught her how to lick my pussy and showed her how to assfuck. She took to it well.
Now we have mother/daughter night almost every night.


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