A party

A party

My family was sitting down at the dinner table. We didn’t normally have dinner together, so my mother asked us to dress up. Why is beyond me. I’d chosen a black mini, and a sky blue halter. I also had on my black strapped heals with a little rose on the end.
“You look sexy today Kat” My step-brother said as he walked into the room, wearing a sweatshirt and baggy jeans, “That’s a first” He sat next to me. I took opportunity in this small dismay. I slugged him in the arm. “Ouch, what the hell Kat”
“You’re my step-brother you perv” I told him, punching him again, “You can’t say that”
“God” He said rubbing his arm, “Dad, make her stop”
“Kat don’t punch Jake in the arm” My step-father, Tom, said, “Jake, don’t call her sexy. That constitutes as incest” We all laughed.
“Jake” My mom sighed, noticing his outfit, “I told everyone to dress up, it would make this household a whole lot better if you would listen”
“Kat looks like a slut” Jake said, “She dresses like that every day, why can’t I?” He whined. I punched him again, harder. This made him shut up.
“Don’t call me a slut” I told him. Both our parents looked at each other and shook there heads.

My mom, Jen, married Tom, who is Jakes dad, when I was 14. Jake is 17 now and I’m 16. He’s a pervert, and always will be.

“Mom” I asked, excusing my self from the table, “I’m going to hang out with Sky this weekend, is that okay?” I asked, knowing it was a big question, considering she was holding a big party this weekend, and my parents knew about it.
“Sure fine whatever” She answered, “Be home by 3:00 at least though. Ok honey? Oh, Tom and I are going to see a movie”
“Yes mother” I said walking to my room to find something to wear to one of Sky’s infamous parties. Jake walked in as I was changing my top. “Jeez Jake” I squealed, pulling a sweater on, “Would it kill you to knock”
“Oh come on” He said, leaning against the wall casually, “I’ve seen you naked before” he said that in a hushed tone. Jake and I used to screw each other when we were younger, but I stopped it when my mom started to work at home. Jake closed the door and locked it. He started to walk towards me with a grin on his face.
“Jake what the hell are you doing” I whispered loudly, “I told you, I didn’t want to do this anymore”
“Who said I was going to do that” He had a puzzled look on his face. Jake was getting closer to me, he backed me into a corner “I just wanna go to this party that your friend’s holding, the cute one” He put his hands up on the wall so I couldn’t escape, “Please Kat” He planted a kiss on my lips.
“Jake get away from me” I tried to push him off of me, “The answer is no”
“Aw, come on” Jake took one of his hands down and started to rub my crotch, “Please Kat” He knew this would get me to say yes. I would to, just to get him to stop.
“Jake” I moaned a bit, “Don’t” My breathing picked up, “Stop, Jake, stop” I tried to push him off. It didn’t work.
“Please baby” He said, kissing me again. His hand slipped into my panties, “Kat”
“Jake” I was powerless under his touch, “Stop, now” His finger entered my pussy; he started to move it in and out. Jake picked up speed as he progressed. He soon inserted two fingers. I moaned, “Oh god, Jake” Keep going, oh god, oh god. Right there” I screamed as he fingered me harder, “Uh, oh yeah. Oh god Jake, keep going, keep going, Uhhh, oh yeah. Finger fuck me”
“You like that don’t you” He said to me as he pushed his fingers in as far as they would go, “You dirty little whore” His inserted a third and fourth finger, causing me to squirm under him. I bucked my hips into his hand.
I went into an amazing orgasm. His hands got soaked with my juices. Jake pulled his hand out of my pussy and my pants.

He kissed me and started to move towards my bed. His tongue searched my mouth. I lay down on the bed, Jake still kissing me. His hands moved off my waist long enough to unzip my sweater and pull it off. My bra was the next to go. My pants left my body He used my thong to tie my hands together.
“Jake” I said in protest, “This needs to…” He kissed me again to stop me from talking. He started to suck on my tits.
“I love your boobs” Jake said liking and biting them. He removed his shirt and pants, while still kissing me, “You know you like this you slut” He moved his head down to my pussy. Jake started on my inner thigh and worked his way toured my crotch. His tongue moved up and down my already wet slit. He rubbed my clit while tongue fucking me. I screamed out in pleasure, I used my tied hands to push his head into my pussy,
“Lick my fucking pussy” I moaned, “Oh yeah, oh god, keep going. Just like that, just like that” I squirted for the first time in my life.
“Nice Kat” Jake said lifting his head up and kissing me. I could taste my juices in his mouth, “Time to fuck your tight little cunt” He held my wrists above my head with one hand. “Spread your legs” He moved them for me. He placed himself in between my legs and put his cock up into my well lubricated pussy. Jake started slow, picking up the pace quite quickly.
“Fuck me” I shouted, “Fuck me hard” I didn’t want this, but it felt so good. He stopped. Jake never had me suck him off. He left my room with his clothes and went back to his room.

I went and took a shower and clean my self up. I had a party to get to. Jake came out of his room. “You finished jacking off” I snickered.
“So, who’s driving to the party” He asked following back to my room.
“You’re not going” I told him, reaching my room, “And that’s final” I shut the door, or at least tried. Jake stuck his foot in the door.
“What?” He said, “Come on, I just fucked your brains out. And it’s still a no” I pretended to think.
“Yep” I shut the door on his foot and began to change.

Okay, some things to think about before the next part comes out.
1. Will Kat let Jake fuck her again?
2. Is Jake going to go to the party any way?
3. What’s going to happen at this party?

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