A Peasant Girl – Chapter 1

A Peasant Girl – Chapter 1

Anna's father had never forgiven her for being a girl. He had wanted another son for insurance, in case, God forbid, her brother Vladimir should die. That was the way of things in the country; a son was worth his weight in gold, while a daughter was a burden, to be married off at the lowest price for the best result as soon as possible.

Anna was twelve, so she was still too young to be pawned off on anyone. Her mother loved her, but her father ruled the house, and so Anna did the dirty jobs. She had been doing the work of a grown man since she was barely old enough to walk, and it should have made her old and bent, but somehow she grew into a beautiful young girl.

"That's something anyway," her father said to her uncle as they sat on stools, drinking vodka and watching Anna haul dung from the barn. "If she were ugly, not even a Jew would want her."

"Only a rich man can afford an ugly wife," agreed Uncle Fyodor with a grunt. "But Anna is a fine sight, and that will surely help you find her a husband."

Anna could hear all of this; they didn't keep their voices down because they didn't care if she heard. She didn't think of herself as beautiful, but she was happy to know that her father was pleased at something she had done. Her brother Vladimir walked by and cruelly tripped her as she was walking, causing her to fall flat on her face. "Beautiful Anna, fit for the Tsar," he laughed. She fought away tears, knowing that if she cried it would only encourage him. But when she didn't cry, he grew angry. "Think you're better than me, huh?" he scowled. "Watch this." With that, he turned and called out, "Father, watch this!" Then he shoved Anna hard, and she fell again, but this time into a patch of muddy ground.

"That Vlad, always playing games," laughed their father. Then he stood and marched down to where Anna was just now sitting up, her eyes filled with tears, her lip bloody, and her dress covered in mud. "Now just look at what you've done you little bitch!" he shouted at her, and slapped her hard. "You pull that frock off right now and take it to be cleaned, or it'll stain, and then I'll really tan your hide."

So Anna had to work in her underclothes for the rest of the day. She noticed her brother watching her with an unpleasant look in his eye. Her father and Uncle Fyodor, thankfully, went to town and didn't return until dusk had fallen, so Anna escaped further violence.

When she finally was finished with her day's work, she staggered into the cottage where her mother silently hugged her close, wiped the tears from her eyes, and gave her some supper. They both dared not be caught talking if a man was around. When they heard the footsteps of the two men returning from town, Anna rushed off to bed to avoid a confrontation.

The next day, her father made Anna do her work in her underclothes again as a punishment for the previous day. She felt naked only wearing a shift, but she did as she was told. But when she entered the darkness of the barn for the first time, she was startled to hear the door slam behind her. "Anna, I've got a new chore for you," she heard her brother say, soft and low, from the darkness.

As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she could see him leaning against the horse's stall with a wicked look on his face. "What is it Vladimir?" she asked, dreading the answer.

"I've been looking at you in that shift, and I see you're growing into a woman," he said, leering. "So I want to see."

She stood silent a moment, trying to figure out what he meant. "You heard me," he commanded. "If Father and Uncle Fyodor think you're such a pretty thing, I want to see." He waited, expectantly, then he lost his patience. "Come on you little bitch, lift up your shift and let me see you."

Anna was terrified; if she didn't, he would make life miserable for her, but if she did, God only knew what would happen. Finally, she decided that whatever would happen couldn't be as bad as being beaten by her father, so she slowly reached to the hem of her cotton shift and nervously pulled it up. Her knees gave way to white lengths of thigh, and then her hips, before she hesitated. "Come on you harlot, all the way," he commanded harshly.

So she exposed her juvenile pubic hair, only newly sprouted, and then kept going, up over her pale stomach, quivering with fear, past her barely-formed breasts, then over her head and off. And then she was standing there in the barn naked as her brother came closer, eying her up and down. "Very nice, Anna, very nice," he said in a dangerous tone. Vladimir was sixteen, almost a man, and Anna supposed he knew about naked women, so she almost thanked him for the compliment.

"Now, stand there and don't move," he ordered sharply. "And if you so much as smile, I will have you beaten so hard you'll be lucky to survive." This was more than an idle threat, so Anna composed herself and tried to stay perfectly still. This became harder and harder as her brother pulled his breeches down, exposing himself to her. His cock was hard already, and he began stroking it slowly, looking at her breasts, then at her pubis. He kept increasing the tempo until he said breathlessly, "Turn around and bend over."

Anna was terrified but at the same time strangely fascinated, so she turned and bent at the waist, looking back between her legs to see him continue to pump his fist up and down. It was only a few moments more of this before he grunted and his cock began to spurt streams of white goo, some of which landed on her calves and heels. When he finally stopped, he looked spent. "Now, put your clothes back on and keep quiet about this," he said, pulling his trousers back up. Anna did as she was told, even stopping to wipe her brother's goo from her legs before venturing into the open again.

So from that day on, every day at some point her brother would pull her into the barn, make her pull off her clothes, and masturbate while he had her pose for him. After the first few times Vladimir began demanding that she lie on her back when he approached climax, and then he would shoot his semen all over her body. The warm touch of it disgusted her and yet she found she looked forward to it. On those days when Vladimir was away for whatever reason, she wished he could return so they could have their daily ritual. It was the closest she had been to him in her whole life, and ever since it had begun, he had been almost kind to her throughout the rest of the day.

So the seasons changed and with them their relationship. They were almost like brother and sister, although he was still her master. And yet, as time went by, Vladimir began to be more and more demanding of her during their daily ritual. He made her degrade herself in front of him, spreading her legs wide so he could gaze at her pink tight opening, or smearing her young breasts with dirt or dung, even kissing his feet. She was becoming used to all this, and she regarded it as a small price to pay for her continued happiness, or at least continued non-misery.

Anna turned thirteen on a day like any other, the event unmarked by anyone but her mother, who secretly made her a tiny sweet and hugged her extra-close. Her brother certainly didn't mark it; he had her squat in front of him and piss on the ground, which was nothing she couldn't handle. He came very quickly at the sight of that, his white fluid arching from his pulsing cock and splashing onto her naked body.

A few weeks later she was shocked when her brother did not show up for their daily ritual. It became dusk, and she knew he was at home, but she finished her chores without interruption. Something in the back of her mind said that this was worrisome, but she was disappointed. Lately Vladimir had been making her stroke herself while he watched, and this was the first fun she'd had, fun she longed for. As she was trudging back from the field in the twilight, she felt her brother's hand on her arm, and her heart jumped.

"Come on, move it, you're late whore," he said in a low voice, and she obediently followed him until she realized they were not going to the barn.

She decided to risk his wrath. "Where are we going?" she asked softly.

"To visit a friend," he said, and though she couldn't see his face, she could hear the leering tone in his voice. When they got there, they were in another barn, and she could sense other people around her. "Okay, the coast is clear, bring out the light," her brother said to the darkness, and suddenly a candle illuminated the group.

She was surrounded by four boys, people she vaguely recognized as Vladimir's friends. Boris she new, but the others were vague. They were all sitting on stools, and a bottle of vodka was open to one side. This they began to pass around, taking swigs and gasping at the strength. They were still new to liquor, she could see.

"Well," said one, "when's she going to show us Vlad?"

"Yeah," muttered another. "I've got to be home soon or my old man will skin me."

"Okay bitch," said her brother, the cruel tone she had seldom heard in past months returning to his voice. "These guys want a show, and you're going to give it to them. So get naked and then we'll tell you what to do next."

Anna was frightened by the presence of four other boys besides her brother, but she obediently stripped her frock off, then pulled her shift over her head, and stood in the flickering light, pale and weak, and the five boys hooted and cheered.

"She's something all right!"

"How long have you been keeping her to yourself?"

Her brother growled, "Look, shut up and get busy. We all know why we're here, and I'm not afraid to go first." He dropped his trousers to the floor, his half-hard cock bobbing in front of him. "Go on, I'll make her put on a show for you but you've got to have your cock in hand.

Anna could tell that the other boys were less experienced than her brother, and they nervously shucked their pants, displaying four raging hard-ons, the kind that teenage boys get at the mere thought of a girl. "Okay you chumps, now watch this," Vladimir crowed. "Bitch, bend over and spread, give my pals a good look."

Anna did as she was told, seeing first her brother, than the other boys begin to furiously masturbate. She put on the show they wanted, squatting, spreading, stroking, until, one by one, they all blew their loads, only a few spurts making it onto her prostrate body. "That was great," said Boris after they had all been spent. "I wish I had a kid sister. The best I've got is sneaking looks up the milkmaid's skirt while she's bent over milking. But having the real thing right there…"

Anna looked at her brother, who nodded at her clothes, so she got dressed again, and soon after he was leading her back home. "I'm starting to get bored with you," he said softly as they walked through the fields. "There's almost nothing you can do that gets me hard any more. Even your tits getting bigger isn't enough."

"I'm sorry," Anna said genuinely. She was a bit worried; if he was unhappy with her, he might go back to his old ways.

"Oh, don't be," he said, almost kindly. "See, I've got some other ideas I think you might like."

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